16:50:50 <keerthi> #startmeeting nova_cells
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16:51:30 <keerthi> need help in multi-cell deployment ?
16:54:47 <keerthi> hi makowals, need help in multi-cell deployment
16:59:57 <keerthi> ?
17:00:22 <openstack> dtantsur: Error: Can't start another meeting, one is in progress.  Use #endmeeting first.
17:00:48 <dtantsur> ooops, sorry. anyone still here?
17:00:58 <TheJulia> o/
17:01:00 <TheJulia> err
17:01:07 <TheJulia> ugh
17:01:21 <TheJulia> keerthi: you here?
17:01:22 <dtantsur> well, we can finish the ongoing meeting, I just wonder if people are still talking
17:01:30 <keerthi> yes julia
17:01:42 <Nisha_Agarwal> o/
17:01:57 <TheJulia> Hi, this is the scheduled time slot for the ironic weekly team meeting.
17:02:10 * TheJulia blinks
17:02:17 <fellypefca> o/
17:02:20 <dtantsur> sooo, ending the previous meeting in a few seconds, if nobody objects
17:02:25 <ricardoas> o/
17:02:26 <dtantsur> 3...
17:02:28 <dtantsur> 2...
17:02:30 <dtantsur> 1...
17:02:32 <dtantsur> #endmeeting
17:02:42 <jlvillal> o/
17:02:45 <dtantsur> hmm, I guess it's not THAT easy
17:02:47 <TheJulia> dtantsur: it requires the chair I believe
17:02:53 <jlvillal> dtantsur, You are not allowed to end it
17:04:21 <jlvillal> TheJulia, and I have asked for assistance over in infra
17:04:25 <pabelanger> #endmeeting
17:04:34 <NobodyCam> humm
17:04:54 <pabelanger> odd
17:04:56 <pabelanger> checking logs
17:04:58 <jlvillal> pabelanger, needs more power! :)
17:05:14 <dtantsur> we can pretend ironic is a nova cell!
17:05:20 <TheJulia> lol
17:05:36 <jlvillal> Now we know how easy it is to DoS the meeting channel ;)
17:05:38 <TheJulia> That might cause confusion
17:05:48 <TheJulia> jlvillal: We should keep it a secret ;)
17:05:50 <rloo> will it be logged?
17:06:00 <jlvillal> Yeah, in something called nova-cells
17:06:20 <TheJulia> That is if the bot is happy, seems like it might not be
17:06:45 <dtantsur> there is a log, yes
17:06:45 <jlvillal> I think the bot is doing what it is supposed to do. Sadly for us.
17:06:54 <rloo> in the meantime, i hope folks have updated their statuses :)
17:07:01 <dtantsur> ++
17:07:06 * TheJulia is lost is the abyss of expense reporting
17:07:07 <NobodyCam> node-set-provision-state rebuild
17:07:12 <rloo> did anyone go to nova channel to ask?
17:07:17 <dtantsur> yes
17:07:22 <dtantsur> I don't think they have power here
17:07:31 <jlvillal> Update your statuses: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/IronicWhiteBoard
17:07:36 <jlvillal> Starting at line 142
17:07:41 <rloo> who chaired the prev nova-cells meeting?
17:07:56 <NobodyCam> #chait
17:07:59 <NobodyCam> #chair
17:08:11 <jlvillal> rloo, It wasn't really a meeting. I think
17:08:21 <jlvillal> "keerthi" is the offender
17:08:31 <jlvillal> Starting meeting at 08:50:49 PST
17:09:04 <TheJulia> I would call an offender, maybe just not understanding the ways of meetings in openstack.
17:09:20 <jlvillal> I think we could go to another channel though.
17:09:21 <rloo> can we see if another channel is free for the meeting?
17:09:23 <jlvillal> And start a meeting there.
17:09:27 <dtantsur> we can use our channel even
17:09:32 <jlvillal> Like -5
17:09:40 <jlvillal> Can use the meetbot there.
17:09:40 <TheJulia> I was thinking our channel might work well
17:09:41 <rloo> well, we should get it logged
17:09:46 <NobodyCam> s/would/wouldn't/ ??
17:09:47 <dtantsur> our channel is logged IIRC
17:09:56 <TheJulia> It is
17:09:57 <dtantsur> I recall people having links to discussions there
17:09:59 <jlvillal> dtantsur, But not as a "meeting"
17:10:07 <rloo> not logged/avail from http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/ironic/
17:10:17 <dtantsur> rloo: it may be, if I start it.
17:10:19 <dtantsur> wanna try?
17:10:23 <rloo> sure, try
17:10:56 <jlvillal> #openstack-meeting-5 is an available channel
17:10:59 <rloo> sweet looks like it works. lets all go to #openstack-rionc
17:11:15 <rloo> #openstack-ironic (our regular water-cooler place)
17:12:40 <pas-ha> btw, the standard log of this channel is off currently too
17:13:44 <keerthi> #endmeeting