21:02:32 <dansmith> #startmeeting nova_cells
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21:02:38 <mriedem> o/
21:02:41 <tssurya> o/
21:02:55 <dansmith> sorry about that, I dunno what happened
21:02:57 <dansmith> #topic bugs
21:03:02 <dansmith> any new bugs?
21:03:08 <dansmith> there was the one mriedem fixed,
21:03:13 <dansmith> although it's not really strictly cells related
21:03:22 <dansmith> the marker one in build requests I mean
21:03:23 <mriedem> just noticed the fix was already approved, thanks
21:03:28 <mriedem> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/527564/
21:03:51 <dansmith> needs a recheck
21:03:54 <mriedem> i'll be backporting that one
21:03:57 <mriedem> yeah was just looking at the test results
21:03:58 <dansmith> any other boogs?
21:04:10 <mriedem> nothing else that's new in https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/NovaCellsv2#Agenda
21:04:19 <mriedem> but those bugs have changes up
21:04:29 <mriedem> tssurya: looks like cdent asked you to change one thing in one of yours
21:04:33 <dansmith> cool
21:04:41 <tssurya> mriedem : yes
21:04:58 <tssurya> training week, will work on it :D
21:05:10 <dansmith> moving on?
21:05:16 <mriedem> yup
21:05:19 <dansmith> #topic open reviews
21:05:28 <mriedem> they are just in that link above
21:05:40 <dansmith> yeah,
21:05:47 <dansmith> and some remaining bits of ed's alternates set right?
21:06:03 <mriedem> yeah, so on that,
21:06:18 <mriedem> i pushed https://review.openstack.org/#/c/527289/
21:06:25 <mriedem> which is an ironic change, dependent on ed's series,
21:06:36 <mriedem> to run ironic in superconductor mode since they need reschedules
21:06:44 <mriedem> it failed on a reschedule trying to go back up from the cell
21:07:01 <mriedem> so something busted there, but i have'nt dug through the logs to trace the request id to see that we're properly trying the alternate
21:07:08 <mriedem> was hoping ed would do that before i did :)
21:07:11 <dansmith> okay well good that you tested
21:07:21 * mriedem wags tail
21:07:25 <dansmith> and that'll give ed something to chew on
21:07:41 <dansmith> anything else worth noting?
21:07:51 <mriedem> don't think so
21:08:02 <dansmith> #topic open discussion
21:08:14 <dansmith> reminder I'm (effing) out the rest of the year after tomorrow
21:08:32 <dansmith> couldn't be happier about it
21:08:33 <mriedem> i have 2 things i'll be bugging you about tomorrow
21:08:39 <dansmith> oh?
21:08:48 <mriedem> well, i need to, but haven't started yet
21:09:04 <mriedem> 1. i need to go over yikun's multi-cell migrations paging thing again
21:09:16 <mriedem> and if i'm cool about it i was going to ask you to look
21:09:27 <dansmith> ack
21:09:34 <dansmith> forgot to circle back to that I guess
21:09:37 <mriedem> 2. not cells related, but i needed to start this thing in sean mooneys series about starting a wait thread for live migration (the vif plugged callback)
21:09:53 <dansmith> okay
21:09:55 <mriedem> i just haven't started it yet and might have some questions
21:09:56 <mriedem> but we'll see
21:10:19 <mriedem> otherwise have a happy gd holidays
21:10:23 <dansmith> heh
21:10:27 <dansmith> anything else from anyone else?
21:10:29 <tssurya> Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! since this is the last cells meeting for this year :D
21:10:33 <mriedem> o/
21:10:51 <dansmith> mriedem: is that a holiday cheer wave, or a raising your hand for something else?
21:11:32 <mriedem> cheer
21:11:38 <mriedem> i'm good to go
21:11:39 <dansmith> cool, carry on then
21:11:55 <dansmith> #endmeeting with prejudice