20:59:59 <dansmith> #startmeeting nova_cells
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21:00:06 <mriedem> o/
21:00:13 <melwitt> yo
21:00:27 <dansmith> #topic boogs
21:00:29 <dansmith> so,
21:00:36 <dansmith> I cleared off the bugs on the agenda that were merged already,
21:00:44 <dansmith> and I think the rest have -1s or +2s on them
21:00:57 <dansmith> the ones with +2s are easy +Ws if anyone wants
21:01:14 <dansmith> several from surya cleaning up some nova-manage inconsistencies and such
21:01:43 <melwitt> cool, I'll look at those
21:01:54 <dansmith> any other boogs to bring up?
21:01:59 <mriedem> i went through the other bugs tagged with 'cells' and didn't see anything new really,
21:02:05 <mriedem> i found https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1726301 and added that to the ptg etherpad
21:02:06 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1726301 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "Nova should list instances even if it can't connect to a cell DB" [Medium,Confirmed] - Assigned to Surya Seetharaman (tssurya)
21:02:07 <dansmith> le woot
21:02:17 <mriedem> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/nova-ptg-rocky
21:02:21 <dansmith> that's still in progress I assume
21:02:28 <mriedem> what is?
21:02:35 <dansmith> that bug
21:02:40 <mriedem> no one is working on it
21:02:44 <mriedem> it's ptg fodder
21:02:47 <dansmith> surya was going to take a stab and poke me with questions
21:02:58 <mriedem> oh
21:03:16 <dansmith> like, she was going to put together a strawman so we had something to argue with API people about
21:04:13 <dansmith> okay anyway, sounds like nothing else
21:04:41 <dansmith> #topic open reviews
21:04:50 <dansmith> I think there's like one left in ed's series, IIRC
21:04:56 <dansmith> I keep meaning to go look and getting distracted
21:04:59 <mriedem> yeah, i reviewed it yesterday, found issues,
21:05:02 <mriedem> he updated but i haven't been back
21:05:05 <dansmith> ah okay
21:05:13 <mriedem> will do it again before i have to leave
21:05:16 <mriedem> this week i mean
21:05:20 <dansmith> and the migration cross-cell o-matic-9000 is moving along I htink
21:05:31 <mriedem> yeah alex is going to go over the api changes his next day time
21:05:32 <dansmith> you rebased it today or something
21:05:38 <dansmith> okay sweet, I was avoiding them :)
21:05:38 <mriedem> i addressed a -1 from him
21:05:43 <mriedem> simple change
21:05:45 <dansmith> the api changes that is
21:05:50 <mriedem> right
21:06:05 <mriedem> i have an open question about https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:instance-list+status:open
21:06:15 <mriedem> should we just close out that bp for queens? i think it's too late to do much else with it
21:06:31 <dansmith> oh, those
21:06:52 <dansmith> yeah, my head is totally not in those at the moment, so probably good to not force those through and break something
21:07:09 <mriedem> ok i'll close it out and we can defer any of that other stuff to rocky
21:08:16 <dansmith> yeah, I'm going to be out all next week aside from monday
21:08:19 <dansmith> and FF is the week after
21:08:32 <mriedem> yup
21:08:34 <dansmith> so I imagine we're all but feature frozen for cells stuff at the moment
21:08:47 <mriedem> wel,
21:08:52 <mriedem> we have mel's console stuff,
21:08:54 <mriedem> which is half merged
21:08:57 <mriedem> i need to get back on that too
21:09:00 <dansmith> assuming we get those two in that are almost done.. ed's and the migration list
21:09:08 <dansmith> oh, console stuff
21:09:21 <mriedem> i think ed's and the migration list stuff are going to get in, they are all very close
21:09:27 <dansmith> is it half merged? if so that is good
21:09:27 <mriedem> console just needs more review
21:09:27 <dansmith> yeah
21:09:41 <dansmith> okay
21:09:44 <melwitt> I was just thinking about the console devstack sandwich patches
21:09:48 <mriedem> there are some weird things with the console proxies and move operations
21:10:03 <mriedem> but mel said that was all latent and that she didn't care about my concerns
21:10:09 <dansmith> hah
21:10:21 <melwitt> lol I did not!
21:10:40 <dansmith> kinda sounds like you, tbh
21:10:48 <melwitt> -_-
21:10:50 <dansmith> heh
21:10:56 <mriedem> anyway, i have to read her reply again and check that patch
21:11:00 <dansmith> okay anything else for this section?
21:11:29 <dansmith> #topic open discussion
21:11:44 <dansmith> so, klindgren got one cell of one compute running on pike and declared us geniuses
21:11:49 <dansmith> within the last hour
21:11:58 <mriedem> i'm happy with any forward progress
21:12:01 <dansmith> heh, yeah
21:12:02 <mriedem> from ops people
21:12:14 <dansmith> I'd still like to see the network stuff working with multiples before I party,
21:12:25 <dansmith> but yeah, the fact that he got it working and didn't come for our heads is definitely good
21:12:33 <melwitt> yeah, that's awesome
21:12:45 <melwitt> cool news
21:12:49 <dansmith> so aside from that,
21:12:55 <dansmith> as I mentioned, I'm out after next monday
21:13:02 <mriedem> he did come for my head late last night about how chatty the RT is with placement
21:13:09 <mriedem> which is what i spent 3 hours on this morning
21:13:24 <dansmith> yeah
21:13:27 <mriedem> but that's a placement problem, not a cells problem
21:13:31 <dansmith> we blame that on placement people
21:13:32 <dansmith> right
21:13:39 <dansmith> and I'm only a placement person with things are going well
21:14:04 <dansmith> s/with/when/
21:14:22 <dansmith> and mriedem is out next week too right?
21:14:30 <melwitt> heh :D
21:14:32 <mriedem> yes
21:14:39 <mriedem> puerto vallarta
21:14:41 <dansmith> so, no cells meeting next week
21:14:42 <mriedem> no laptopo
21:15:03 <melwitt> I hope no one has cells v2 problems while yall are out
21:15:12 <dansmith> and I will have my laptop, but whatever the wireless equivalent of a wet noodle is, for internet
21:15:29 <dansmith> melwitt: you could schedule some last minute vacay if it happens
21:15:34 <dansmith> or get "the flu"
21:15:46 <melwitt> lol
21:15:53 <dansmith> the latter is a valid excuse for everyone these days it seems
21:16:06 <melwitt> true. everyone is sick right now
21:16:26 <dansmith> alright, anyway...
21:16:38 <dansmith> anything else for this meeting or can we go back to winter hibernation?
21:16:46 <mriedem> i'm still working hard these days
21:16:48 <mriedem> never sick
21:16:50 <mriedem> no sleep
21:16:52 <mriedem> suckas
21:17:01 <dansmith> except when you're in mexico
21:17:04 <mriedem> multiattach isn't going to fix itself
21:17:08 <mriedem> true
21:17:11 <dansmith> tanning on the beach or whatever
21:17:13 <mriedem> ceviches and the beach
21:17:41 <mriedem> alright well this was fun, we should talk more often
21:17:42 <mriedem> o/
21:17:51 <dansmith> #endmeeting