09:00:03 <anteaya> #startmeeting nova-net-to-neutron-migration
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09:00:10 <anteaya> hello
09:00:11 <obondarev> hi
09:00:17 <anteaya> how are you today?
09:00:24 <obondarev> great, thank you
09:00:25 <mikal> Hi
09:00:29 <anteaya> hi
09:00:35 <anteaya> how are you this evening?
09:00:41 <anteaya> gus: ping
09:00:52 <mikal> I am tired to be honest, its been a hard couple of days
09:00:55 <mikal> But such is life
09:01:02 <anteaya> thanks for being honest
09:01:07 <anteaya> and yes I hear that
09:01:15 <anteaya> so here is our agenda: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Nova-nettoNeutronMigration
09:01:33 <anteaya> so to speed things along, lets just address what, if anything, is new
09:01:40 <anteaya> obondarev: anything new?
09:01:50 <obondarev> no updates from my side this week..
09:01:57 <anteaya> okay none from mine
09:01:58 <obondarev> seems everybody is busy with end of cycle stuff
09:02:11 <mikal> Yeah, its hard to get non-release stuff done at the moment
09:02:13 <anteaya> obondarev: yes, it is a hard time of the cycle for work like this
09:02:17 <anteaya> okay
09:02:18 <obondarev> and I'm afraid we can't move forward without enough feedback
09:02:27 <anteaya> obondarev: that is true
09:02:35 <obondarev> anteaya: thank you for bringing attention to nova-net proxy patch during nova team meeting
09:02:51 <anteaya> also I am concerned about sdague's comment in his email coming form the ops meetup
09:02:59 <anteaya> obondarev: thanks, I tried
09:03:04 <obondarev> anteaya: yep, mee too
09:03:09 <anteaya> but understandably noone has time
09:03:42 <anteaya> I talked to mestery today and he talked to sean last week, hopefully they will post something to the mailin glist this week
09:04:11 <anteaya> but since there is nothing yet I figured we should just continue
09:04:12 <obondarev> generally ops are not sure about the parity, right?
09:04:21 <anteaya> as party of the problem is stopping and starting
09:04:27 <mikal> No, I think its that some ops have no desire to move, ever
09:04:28 <anteaya> not exactly sure
09:04:35 <anteaya> yeah, more that
09:04:43 <anteaya> so since we wont' decide that tonight
09:04:50 <mikal> We either need to convince them to move, or somehow meet their desire to not move
09:04:50 <anteaya> and mikal needsd his sleep and so do I
09:04:54 <mikal> Which is ... unexpected
09:04:58 <anteaya> yes
09:05:10 <mikal> Yeah, I think a nova summit session is a good idea here
09:05:13 <anteaya> anything we can accomplish in this meeting, do you think
09:05:18 <mikal> I don't think we'll solve this in an IRC meeting with three people
09:05:23 <anteaya> mikal: as long as you lead it, I'm for that
09:05:28 <anteaya> mikal: agreed
09:05:36 <mikal> I would fall on that grenade
09:05:37 <anteaya> obondarev: any thoughts before we call it a wrap
09:05:43 <anteaya> mikal: its all yours
09:05:46 <obondarev> anteaya: nope
09:05:48 <mikal> Heh
09:05:49 <anteaya> okay
09:05:52 <anteaya> thanks for showing up
09:06:01 <anteaya> enjoy the rest of the day/evening
09:06:04 <obondarev> thanks
09:06:04 <anteaya> talk to you anon
09:06:09 <anteaya> #endmeeting