20:00:02 <sbalukoff> #startmeeting Octavia
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20:00:08 <sbalukoff> #topic Roll Call
20:00:10 <dougwig> o/
20:00:12 <johnsom> o/
20:00:23 <sbalukoff> Hi folks!
20:00:26 <xgerman> o/
20:00:28 <sbalukoff> This is the agenda for today!
20:00:30 <sbalukoff> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Octavia/Weekly_Meeting_Agenda#Agenda
20:00:49 <barclaac> o/
20:00:50 <ajmiller> o/
20:01:12 <blogan> \o/
20:01:21 <rm_work> o/
20:02:12 <jorgem> o/
20:02:19 <sbalukoff> #topic sbalukoff stepping down as PTL
20:02:28 <TrevorV> o/
20:02:36 <dougwig> -1 !
20:02:39 <blogan> quitter
20:02:41 <dougwig> (seemed appropriate)
20:02:43 <TrevorV> #vote no
20:02:47 <sbalukoff> As I'm sure most of you have heard at this point, I'm being transferred to another internal project at Blue Box which is very likely going to eat up all of my time.
20:02:53 <sbalukoff> :)
20:03:01 <sbalukoff> As such, I'm stepping down from my role as interim PTL
20:03:01 <xgerman> thank you for your service!!
20:03:06 <jorgem> +1
20:03:09 <jwarendt> +1
20:03:11 <jorgem> yes thank you
20:03:12 <johnsom> +1
20:03:14 <mwang2__> +1
20:03:17 <blogan> yeah it was good working withyou, hopefully its not the last time
20:03:27 <sbalukoff> It's been great to work with y'all, too!
20:03:35 <TrevorV> I'll play devil's advocate and say good riddens.  :P
20:03:36 <ptoohill> 0/
20:03:46 <barclaac> There's always one
20:04:00 <dougwig> it had to be trevor.
20:04:01 <barclaac> Thanks for your efforts Stephen
20:04:05 <sbalukoff> Even though I wasn't able to stay long enough to see this project produce the v0.5 release, I still feel like we accomplished a whole helluva lot in the last year, and I'm confident in y'all's ability to see it through.
20:04:09 * rm_work sheds a tear for sbalukoff
20:04:40 <jorgem> but…but…what will I ever read from now on?
20:05:04 <sbalukoff> Believe me-- I'm really proud to have worked with y'all on this, and am excited to see OpenStack get an open source load balancing solution that doesn't suck. :D
20:05:37 <sbalukoff> Also, I will be lurking here, and will try to occasionally review code and such. I'm not being forbidden from working on Octavia, I'm just going to be very busy with this other project.
20:05:39 <TrevorV> It was really great working with you.
20:05:52 <sbalukoff> And thanks, y'all!
20:05:55 <sbalukoff> Ok!
20:06:00 <jorgem> Is BB still going to be interested once we do have runnable code?
20:06:52 <sbalukoff> jorgem: I can't say for sure at this point. BBG definitely wants to see OpenStack get a load balancer that doesn't suck, but I can't say for certain whether there will be enough interest to invest another full-time position into seeing the project move forward.
20:07:02 <sbalukoff> (It's still pretty early on this front)
20:07:15 <jorgem> no worries I'm sure time will tell
20:07:21 <sbalukoff> Indeed.
20:07:47 <blogan> well the intention of this project has been to create a product that any operator can run
20:07:50 <johnsom> Ahh, so he is going to work on some fancy quantum load balancer project....  I see
20:08:11 <sbalukoff> Heh!
20:08:16 <rm_work> can his QLB do UDP?
20:08:40 <johnsom> I bet it does....
20:08:41 <sbalukoff> rm_work: UDP? *puts on shades* where we're going, we don't need UDP.
20:08:48 <rm_work> :P
20:09:10 <sbalukoff> Anyway, let's move onto the next logical step: Team discussion.
20:09:22 <sbalukoff> #topic Team discussion (dougwig)
20:09:24 <xgerman> I thpugh we were already there ;-)
20:09:31 <dougwig> yo
20:09:33 <sbalukoff> I think dougwig wanted the floor.
20:09:54 <dougwig> i wanted to nominate Adam (rm_*) to be a core member of octavia.
20:09:54 <blogan> to mop with you
20:09:59 <dougwig> here's the process: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Governance/Approved/CoreDevProcess
20:10:16 <dougwig> but since we're in stackforge, i'm hoping the cores can just vote here and skip the ML and waiting a week.
20:10:39 <rm_work> :)
20:10:47 <TrevorV> -1
20:10:58 <dougwig> i need a +1 / -1 from each of the existing cores.  since we only have 4, it'll need to be unanimous.
20:11:02 <TrevorV> No feedback.  I'm just going to sit on my -1 for a while
20:11:06 <rm_work> >_<
20:11:08 <xgerman> +1
20:11:13 <blogan> +1
20:11:14 <sbalukoff> (Note that I approve the nomination, but am abstaining from voting on leadership positions, eh.)
20:11:17 <dougwig> +1
20:11:34 * rm_work is glad TrevorV doesn't count
20:11:35 <sbalukoff> Looks like it's unanimous among the current cores, eh.
20:11:47 <dougwig> please note the unwritten rule that the same company should not double +2.
20:11:50 <sbalukoff> Well. That was unexpectedly simple.
20:11:54 <rm_work> dougwig: alright
20:12:17 <dougwig> that's all i've got.
20:12:23 <rm_work> thanks all :)
20:12:29 <sbalukoff> Ok, do y'all want to have a PTL discussion right now?
20:12:38 <TrevorV> Yesh
20:12:39 <jorgem> Brandon doesn't
20:12:43 <jorgem> lol
20:12:46 <rm_work> we don't want to be PTL-less for too long
20:12:51 <sbalukoff> It's really up to you (and the cores, primarily, I would think) how you want to do this.
20:13:16 <blogan> im all for just doing it now, but understand if anyone wants to take some time thinking it over
20:13:20 <sbalukoff> That's right-- someone needs to be the belligerent asshole dictator.
20:13:31 <dougwig> in openstack projects, any contributor can vote for a PTL.  we could just do an IRC vote right now.
20:13:34 <blogan> well only you can fulfill that role
20:13:45 <rm_work> it's still "Interim PTL" right?
20:13:49 <blogan> yes
20:13:49 <jorgem> yes
20:13:51 <sbalukoff> rm_work: Yep.
20:14:10 <rm_work> then yeah, we could probably do a vote now, if we have a majority of the community contributors
20:14:16 <rm_work> how many are we missing?
20:14:26 <sbalukoff> Ok, I guess it's worth asking: Does anyone have any objections for having a vote on this in this meeting? And would anyone like to nominate anyone other than blogan for this role?
20:14:47 <sbalukoff> rm_work: I think we have almost all the people who have contributed code here.
20:14:47 <rm_work> I would object if we are missing more than a few of our main contributors
20:15:13 <barclaac> I'd like to nominate xgerman
20:15:22 <xgerman> Thanks!!
20:15:31 <sbalukoff> And I've seen people from all the main companies involved talking here, so I think we have good coverage on that front, too.
20:16:18 <sbalukoff> Ok, so we have two nominations here:  blogan and xgerman
20:16:26 <jorgem> question?
20:16:31 <blogan> and openstack usually does the voting anonymously
20:16:32 <jorgem>20:16:34 <blogan> doesnt it?
20:16:43 <blogan> (i realize this isnt openstack)
20:16:51 <sbalukoff> blogan: I think so.
20:17:02 <dougwig> jorgem: what's the question?
20:17:09 <jorgem> What are the responsibilities again? I realize this is interim but it would be nice to know if the nominees have the bandwidth
20:17:10 <sbalukoff> I'd be willing to run an e-mail based election on behalf of y'all if you want.
20:17:10 <dougwig> i'm in favor of an irc vote.
20:17:34 <jorgem> And we do a formal vote when we have runnable code?
20:17:50 <xgerman> define runnable
20:17:52 <dougwig> jorgem: running meetings, setting milestone priorities, keeping LP up-to-date, booting cores, mediating debates.
20:17:55 <johnsom> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/PTL_Guide
20:18:04 <sbalukoff> jorgem: Doing a formal vote was something we had planned to coincide with the v0.5 release.
20:18:12 <sbalukoff> Of course, y'all are free to change that if you want.
20:18:12 <johnsom> ^^ responsibilities
20:18:28 <jorgem> okay just wanted to make sure we were on the same page
20:18:34 <crc32> stick it on blogan.
20:18:53 <dougwig> let's vote and move on.
20:19:25 <dougwig> choppers circling overhead; obama must be landing soon for his speech at BSU.
20:19:30 <jorgem> and doug I'm assuming you are too busy now?
20:19:50 <sbalukoff> So, the PTL can end up being the "face" of the project. Primary evangelist, as well as the person with the vision to drive it forward. They should be contributing significant amounts of both ideas and code and review time. PTL also facilitates discussion, works with people to get consensus on ideas where there's confict, and ultimately is the one making architectural decisions for the project.
20:20:05 <dougwig> jorgem: i'm not sure it'd be the best idea for me to split focus so much.
20:20:25 <jorgem> dougwig: I figured. Worth asking though
20:20:42 <sbalukoff> ok!
20:20:47 <sbalukoff> I'm going to call a vote then.
20:20:56 <dougwig> jorgem: ty
20:21:10 <sbalukoff> #startvote Who should be the next interim PTL? blogan xgerman abstain
20:21:10 <openstack> Begin voting on: Who should be the next interim PTL? Valid vote options are blogan, xgerman, abstain.
20:21:11 <openstack> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
20:21:20 <sbalukoff> #vote abstain
20:21:24 <dougwig> #vote blogan
20:21:26 <xgerman> #vote abstain
20:21:29 <johnsom> #vote xgerman
20:21:34 <barclaac> #vote xgerman
20:21:36 <crc32> #vote blogan
20:21:36 <ajmiller> #vote xgerman
20:21:41 <rm_work> #vote blogan
20:21:42 <blogan> #vote abstain
20:21:56 <mwang2__> #vote xgerman
20:22:03 <jorgem> #vote blogan
20:22:03 <crc32> this is kinda big though shoulden't we wait
20:22:12 <jorgem> its interim crc32
20:22:15 <rm_work> i am worried about this basically going down to company lines (and essentially coming out as a tie <_<)
20:22:27 <sbalukoff> Looks like that's what's happening.
20:22:33 <jorgem> rm_work: Yeah that seems like what is obviously going to happen
20:22:44 <dougwig> is anyone in this project (besides me), not in rax or hp?  :)
20:22:58 <dougwig> we'll have to deal with this eventually.
20:22:59 <blogan> not anymore
20:23:00 <barclaac> It sounds like dougwig is the vote that matters
20:23:00 <jorgem> dougwig: Hence me asking you :)
20:23:02 <xgerman> dougwig - you are the swing vote
20:23:07 <TrevorV> I haven't voted either
20:23:08 <rm_work> is there a "#vote sbalukoff has to quit and work on Octavia on his own" option?
20:23:15 <dougwig> xgerman: i voted already.
20:23:37 <xgerman> yep, but you are in none of the blocks ;-)
20:23:39 <crc32> so who won this fiat vote. :)
20:24:09 <TrevorV> #vote blogan
20:24:14 <xgerman> we are missing bedis
20:24:20 <sbalukoff> And rohara
20:24:24 <rm_work> yes
20:24:26 <barclaac> time to wind it up.
20:24:32 <jwarendt> #vote xgerman
20:24:43 <rm_work> It might be a good idea to call this a draw and consider options....
20:25:06 <sbalukoff> One more minute for people to vote...
20:25:09 <crc32> who is that?
20:25:26 <sbalukoff> He works for RedHat.
20:25:36 <ptoohill> rockem sockem robots
20:25:41 <xgerman> rohara = Ryan
20:25:50 <xgerman> you met him at the Seattle hackathon
20:25:52 <TrevorV> Its a dead tie.  Not sure who jwarendt is, but that made it a tie.
20:26:00 <sbalukoff> #endvote
20:26:01 <openstack> Voted on "Who should be the next interim PTL?" Results are
20:26:02 <openstack> xgerman (5): barclaac, mwang2__, johnsom, ajmiller, jwarendt
20:26:04 <openstack> abstain (3): xgerman, sbalukoff, blogan
20:26:05 <openstack> blogan (5): crc32, dougwig, rm_work, jorgem, TrevorV
20:26:15 <jorgem> yay
20:26:17 <blogan> co-ptls
20:26:19 <rm_work> sooo yep
20:26:24 <barclaac> I'm OK with that
20:26:31 <rm_work> welcome our new co-interim-PTLs, xgerman and blogan!
20:26:32 <xgerman> sounds good
20:26:39 <jorgem> week by week lol
20:26:44 <xgerman> lol
20:26:46 <jorgem> It's kind of moot really
20:26:56 <dougwig> that tends to be a horrible idea.
20:27:05 <sbalukoff> dougwig: +1
20:27:06 <TrevorV> I disagree with co-PTLs myself
20:27:37 <rm_work> I think this is kind of a mock-vote anyway
20:27:44 <dougwig> we run a longer-term vote, or narrow the voters down to contributors and make sure we get everyone, or let the current ptl pick, or ...
20:27:46 <rm_work> we could all see how it was going to go
20:27:47 <jorgem> If we had a larger community I'd be worried. However, we are a small-knit group so we should be able to handle any disagreements
20:27:51 <dougwig> /we run/we can run/
20:28:02 <rm_work> yeah I don't think it's an issue for now
20:28:05 <dougwig> if they're cool with it, we can try it and see how it goes.
20:28:07 <johnsom> Rax picked up another core, maybe the PTL should go to HP
20:28:39 <dougwig> just me, but it bothers me when discussions of cores or ptl's is based on company and not the individual.
20:28:45 <rm_work> yes
20:28:47 <TrevorV> What difference does that make johnsom ?  We've already discussed 2 rax people not +2-ing to pass code
20:28:57 <johnsom> Well, we voted for the individual already
20:29:05 <sbalukoff> dougwig: +1
20:29:13 <johnsom> Just throwing out a tie breaker idea
20:29:28 <rm_work> I liked it when the PTL wasn't from either HP or Rax :P
20:29:39 <ptoohill> +100
20:29:49 * rm_work would have voted for dougwig if that were an option
20:30:29 <jorgem> looks like sbalukoff is still PTL lol
20:30:33 <dougwig> i have faith in either candidate.
20:30:34 <sbalukoff> ...
20:30:37 <rm_work> yeah, that's the only outcome i see
20:30:42 <jorgem> you have the handcuffs muahahah
20:30:46 <ptoohill> it all comes down to a good ol fashioned game of rock,paper, skissors
20:30:49 <rm_work> sbalukoff continues as PTL and has to quit his job and work on Octavia full time
20:31:17 <xgerman> indygogo?
20:31:18 <jwarendt> And bring his hats too.
20:31:21 <ptoohill> peanuts as pay
20:31:23 <sbalukoff> Haha
20:31:31 <sbalukoff> I like peanuts!
20:31:37 <ptoohill> Perfect, we have a deal!
20:31:40 <ptoohill> :D
20:31:53 <jorgem> How about no PTL and we share responsibilities until we have a formal vote
20:32:05 <TrevorV> I think we should stop entertaining invalid ideas and sort out this issue appropriately
20:32:32 <dougwig> email vote to a larger audience, ballots to sbalukoff?
20:32:44 <TrevorV> How many different companies do we have involved in the project?
20:33:27 <jorgem> How many contributors do we have? per the voting guidelines
20:33:57 <TrevorV> I'm honestly not so concerned about contributor votes, why not let each company include a vote, and vote for the representatives as a company opinion.
20:34:10 <dougwig> jorgem: 15   http://stackalytics.com/report/contribution/octavia/180
20:34:15 <sbalukoff> I'm happy to do that. Do we want to limit voting rights to people who have contributed to the code and / or discussion?
20:35:29 <sbalukoff> (My default thought there is: Yes!)
20:35:43 <jorgem> sigh it honestly doesn't matter that much right now so its your call
20:35:54 <sbalukoff> Ok.
20:36:39 <rm_work> yeah it's kind of moot at the moment
20:36:50 <rm_work> both candidates are already cores
20:37:05 <rm_work> it's basically "who wants to groom the LaunchPad stuff and run meetings" IMO
20:37:18 <johnsom> Yep
20:37:22 <sbalukoff> Ok.
20:37:23 <jorgem> yeah the big stuff has been figured out at the hackathon
20:38:38 <sbalukoff> Ok, it's been suggested that I run a vote via e-mail. I realize people are saying it's kind of a moot point-- but without a PTL if there's a serious disagreement among the cores you don't presently have a good way to resolve that. Would you like me to run an e-mail based vote over, say, the next week?
20:39:05 <TrevorV> sbalukoff do you have the bandwidth for that?
20:39:13 <rm_work> can't we just call you back to resolve the disputes?
20:39:15 <rm_work> <_<
20:39:29 <sbalukoff> TrevorV: The project I'm being moved to is still bootstrapping, so I have time over the course of the next week, yes.
20:40:07 <TrevorV> Alright just checking
20:40:12 <sbalukoff> rm_work: That would work for the short to medium term if that's what people want. But as the project moves along my opinion is going to have increasingly less relevance.
20:41:21 <sbalukoff> rm_work: But that might also work until y'all have a formal PTL election.
20:41:46 <rm_work> I still think we do the co-PTLs for now and we vote again when we actually need a REAL PTL
20:41:54 <dougwig> let's get to a next steps here and move on...  :)
20:42:04 <sbalukoff> I'm beginning to agree that it probably doesn't matter much until you've got v0.5
20:42:19 <blogan> whenever it matters we'll know
20:42:52 <sbalukoff> Indeed, but it's a good idea to have an agreement on how to resolve disputes before you run into a big one. :)
20:43:03 <xgerman> +1
20:43:14 <sbalukoff> Ok...
20:43:15 <rm_work> right
20:43:22 <rm_work> sbalukoff is the arbiter of disputes
20:43:23 <blogan> xgerman and I wrestle?
20:43:23 <rm_work> moving on
20:43:27 <jorgem> non rackspace and non hp will be our tiebreakers
20:43:32 <jorgem> no?
20:43:52 <jorgem> i.e dougwig lol
20:44:00 <sbalukoff> Or bedis
20:44:04 <jorgem> true
20:44:08 <jorgem> so there are two
20:44:09 <xgerman> #1 job for the co-PTLs is to recruite more contributors
20:44:11 <sbalukoff> Or rohara if he continues on this project.
20:44:14 <TrevorV> If we're looking for an octavia bouncer we can ask anyone to do that
20:44:38 <jorgem> and you sbalukoff, just for tie breaking decisions
20:44:42 <sbalukoff> Sure.
20:44:44 <sbalukoff> Ok!
20:44:46 <jorgem> == little time
20:45:00 <sbalukoff> Let's move on then.
20:45:14 <sbalukoff> #topic Brief progress reports
20:45:39 <sbalukoff> Anyone have anything they'd like to share on this front, and / or things to point out that need reviewer eyes?
20:45:45 <jorgem> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/147699/6
20:46:05 <TrevorV> sbalukoff I'll be taking up the review you were working on with octavia API
20:46:11 <TrevorV> Sorry, amphora API
20:46:11 <dougwig> no progress on simple neutron driver. i'm slammed this week on an internal deliverable.
20:46:13 <TrevorV> **
20:46:26 <blogan> dougwig: you're donig that one?
20:46:30 <jorgem> xgerman, johnsom and I have talked about the Queue Consumer (formerly known as API Manager)
20:46:39 <dougwig> yeah, won't take long next week.
20:46:41 <xgerman> yep, great meeting
20:46:51 <xgerman> I think we are on the same page
20:47:05 <xgerman> nova-driver is good to go
20:47:11 <jorgem> so I just need some reviews on that from non-rackspace reviewers
20:47:14 <sbalukoff> TrevorV: Good man!
20:47:16 <blogan> dougwig: i was actually going to do that, but be my guest
20:47:29 <rm_work> I might make xgerman's nova review my first +2 :P
20:47:30 <dougwig> oh, it's all yours if you want it.
20:47:41 <blogan> dougwig: no you should do it
20:47:51 <xgerman> blogan +1
20:47:54 <blogan> dougwig: i can work on other things
20:47:57 <xgerman> rm_work +1
20:48:01 <ptoohill> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/145151/ Ive updated this, its now using bbqUtils and tlsUtils and configs are generated and calling the api.. so its ready for review i suppose. BAsh the heck outta it. Though its at the end of the chain there, and there are still some failures that causes my review to fail. But thats my update for now
20:48:32 <rm_work> yeah, still working on some other external blockers to get that chain to work through
20:48:39 <dougwig> bbqUtils.  love it.
20:49:31 <ptoohill> Oh, also, going to work on Agent-ified driver and work with TrevorV on the AmpAPI
20:50:17 <rm_work> I'm on a review spree today, and then I have stuff on Castellan / Barbican to make our integration actually... work
20:51:11 <mwang2__> i am working on the health manager , not submit the code yet
20:51:15 <sbalukoff> Just as an observation: It seriously rocks that y'all have been contributing so much in recent weeks. :D
20:51:15 <rm_work> anyone interested in the End-User experience for Barbican/LBaaS should check out https://review.openstack.org/#/c/127353/
20:51:44 <sbalukoff> (code-wise)
20:52:18 <ajmiller> I still owe an update to https://review.openstack.org/#/c/142633, been busy with another issue but will try to get that spec wrapped up ASAP.
20:52:53 <rm_work> ajmiller: i just posted comments on that today
20:53:07 <ajmiller> rm_work: thanks, I'll have a look.
20:53:24 <rm_work> mostly +1s to what other people said
20:53:31 <rm_work> i think mostly there is agreement now
20:53:41 <rm_work> so your next draft should be pretty good :)
20:53:59 <ptoohill> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/144348/
20:54:01 <ajmiller> OK, thanks
20:54:05 <ptoohill> meant that one earlier, sorry
20:54:30 <ptoohill> the other one was n-lbaas
20:55:06 <sbalukoff> Five minutes left...
20:55:20 <sbalukoff> #topic Open Discussion
20:55:45 <ptoohill> <3
20:57:08 <jorgem> so I'm guessing we are done
20:57:13 <xgerman> yep
20:57:24 <jorgem> reviews reviews reviews
20:57:32 <xgerman> +1
20:57:40 <jorgem> good stuff
20:57:48 <sbalukoff> Thanks folks!
20:57:57 <sbalukoff> And we'll see you around, eh!
20:58:02 <sbalukoff> #endmeeting