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20:00:16 <xgerman> #chair blogan
20:00:16 <openstack> Current chairs: blogan xgerman
20:00:18 <johnsom> o/
20:00:19 <ptoohill> o/
20:00:43 <ptoohill> It's possible blogan is running a bit late
20:00:50 <xgerman> getting towed?
20:00:58 <ptoohill> :)
20:01:29 <xgerman> #topic Announcements
20:01:54 <xgerman> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/LBaaS-FWaaS-VPNaaS_Summer_Midcycle_meetup
20:02:04 <xgerman> Mid cycle has a date and a location
20:02:27 <blogan> i'm back
20:02:30 <blogan> just got otu of meeting
20:02:31 <ajmiller> o/
20:02:41 <jwarendt> o/
20:02:42 <xgerman> blogan hi
20:02:47 <fnaval_> o/
20:02:53 <dougwig> o/
20:03:13 <xgerman> please add yourself to the attendee list if you can come otherwise we will try to broadcast
20:03:26 * TrevorV|Home is late
20:03:30 <TrevorV|Home> o/
20:03:45 <xgerman> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/lbaas-vancouver-planning
20:03:59 <dougwig> xgerman and sballe, can you remove your parens at some point?
20:04:10 <xgerman> next week is OpenStack but we still need to collect more topics for the Octavia session
20:04:15 <blogan> dougwig: i just add my own set of parens
20:04:28 <dougwig> the title of the session is "octavia as ref driver", fiy
20:04:50 <blogan> dougwig: is octavia the working group or the fishbowl?
20:04:58 <dougwig> wg
20:04:58 <blogan> and honestly what is the difference
20:05:15 <blogan> working group gets more done i assume?
20:05:25 <rm_work> o/
20:05:40 <xgerman> we rock either way
20:06:23 <xgerman> the other two links I copied from last time so will just skip
20:06:44 <xgerman> any other announcements?
20:07:06 <xgerman> #topic Joined neutron as an openstack project
20:07:19 <xgerman> so welcome our new overlord mestery
20:07:35 <rm_work> all hail overlord mestery
20:07:48 * dougwig genuflects
20:08:13 <TrevorV|Home> I shall hail NOTHING
20:08:30 <johnsom> I feel like a minion all of a sudden
20:08:33 <ptoohill> banished him
20:08:37 <TrevorV|Home> Poof
20:09:26 <blogan> we've all been pawns in his game of world domination
20:09:30 <xgerman> anyhow, not sure if we are now in Advanced Services under Lt. dougwig or not
20:09:44 <blogan> lt danwig
20:10:27 <dougwig> some details, btw:
20:10:39 <dougwig> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/182748/
20:10:49 <dougwig> our rename will likely happen after the summit.
20:10:59 <xgerman> ok
20:11:03 <dougwig> which means if you reference octavia by link, be sure to mention both, and the rename.
20:11:07 <blogan> happens durign the talk adn everying breaks
20:11:10 <blogan> i mean during the demos
20:11:24 <dougwig> haha, i already spoke to infra, it'll be after the summit.
20:11:26 <TrevorV|Home> During both.  Happens multiple times, including roll-backs
20:11:41 <xgerman> yep, can’t we just have a redirect
20:11:57 <xgerman> L7 rukes
20:12:17 <ajmiller> What happens to unmerged patches after the rename?  Do they automatically get fixed?
20:12:31 <dougwig> is anyone concerned about governance?  the spec that russel merged said that new repos have oversight from the neutron ptl (and lt's, if passed), but day-to-day is completely unchanged.
20:12:45 <dougwig> ajmiller: good question, i'll ask.
20:13:02 <xgerman> not at all I just like clarity
20:13:10 <blogan> yeah i have no problem with the governance
20:13:11 <xgerman> in governance
20:13:20 <dougwig> should be transparent, except now your commits get atc creds.  :)
20:13:34 <russellb> right, i think in practice it'll be no different, personally
20:13:42 <xgerman> awesome! no more import reordering for me...
20:14:23 <dougwig> any questions here, or should we move on?
20:14:28 <russellb> dougwig: i was wondering how to propose the rename ... thanks for that link
20:14:30 <xgerman> move on
20:14:38 <xgerman> #topic Brief progress reports
20:14:43 <johnsom> dougwig thanks for your help on making this happen
20:14:48 <xgerman> +100
20:14:50 <dougwig> russellb: also add yourself to the infra meeting agenda.  there's a rename section.
20:16:05 <russellb> dougwig: ack
20:16:19 <johnsom> I have been working on slides in prep for the presentation, should have those done today.  At the same time I have been stacking and building up a script for the demo.  Thanks for all the help on testing/bug fixes
20:16:33 <dougwig> octavia neutron driver is code complete, and has loaded successfully in neutron-server once. i'm expecting to test basic operations this evening, definitely before the weekend.
20:16:45 <xgerman> awesome
20:17:10 <johnsom> It would be super cool to use the nuetron client in the demo
20:17:16 <xgerman> REST driver/server get’s deployed; uses the SSL cert scheme we devised, and can boot a VM with it
20:17:21 <blogan> dougwig: does it act asynchronously or synchronously?
20:17:28 <dougwig> blogan: synchronously
20:17:51 <blogan> dougwig: okay, so create load balancer call will be slow, but the rest will be relatively fast
20:17:59 <johnsom> dougwig is the current patchset up on gerrit the code complete?
20:18:31 <dougwig> yes, but i don't recommend trying it yet.  gimme today.
20:18:37 <johnsom> Ok
20:18:40 <dougwig> blogan: i can live with that for the demo.
20:18:40 <xgerman> Ok
20:19:51 <xgerman> ptoohill?
20:20:06 <xgerman> any progress?
20:20:07 <ptoohill> I've been working on fixes, tweaks and tests in prep for summit/demo.
20:20:18 <xgerman> awesome!!
20:20:37 <ptoohill> I have patches up that are working i believe, and im hoping to have this scenario test working soon to verify things throughly
20:20:41 <johnsom> I think blogan was going to add a section to ptoohill patchset.  Any idea when we could consider merging that stuff?
20:21:09 <ptoohill> Yea, think he has update for the postPlug method
20:21:16 <blogan> johnsom: we can merge ptoohill's stuff now, i ahvet added my stuff to it, i can add it in a nother reveiw as its not modifying what he's done
20:21:27 <blogan> i just thought i coudl get it out quickly enough, but ran into some issues
20:21:39 <xgerman> ok, sounds good
20:21:53 <johnsom> Ok, ptoohill good with merging after the meeting?
20:21:56 <blogan> after that there's one bug i'd like to get fixed for the demo
20:22:03 <ptoohill> Works for me
20:22:05 <xgerman> demo 1
20:22:14 <blogan> https://bugs.launchpad.net/octavia/+bug/1453951
20:22:14 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1453951 in octavia "Cannot send traffic to VIP on global namespace, but can on the VIP network's dhcp namespace" [Undecided,New]
20:22:36 <ptoohill> aliens
20:23:37 <blogan> oh and another thing, the defautl config value for base_path under the amphora driver section requires sudo to write the files to, so i've been just changing it to the ubuntu user's home, TrevorV has a patch otu to fix this, its just prepending the commands with sudo
20:24:03 <xgerman> ok
20:24:06 <blogan> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/180336/
20:24:11 <johnsom> I thought that merged already
20:24:17 <blogan> nope
20:24:31 <ptoohill> some comments left on it I believe
20:24:37 <xgerman> and a -1 isn’t addressed
20:24:47 <blogan> yeah address it TrevorV
20:24:48 <johnsom> Oh, yeah, there is an ownership issue too
20:25:10 <ptoohill> TrevorV|Home:
20:25:17 <blogan> oh
20:25:51 <TrevorV|Home> Sorry, I can update those.  I was certain I had tested it, but may have had faulty logic when I tested :(
20:25:52 <TrevorV|Home> My bad
20:26:05 <TrevorV|Home> I make a new patch set after meeting
20:26:15 <johnsom> Excellent, thanks!
20:26:49 <xgerman> well, I am still not thrilled we prepend things with sudo and not just have a method which does it programmatically (aka root wrap or so) but...
20:27:07 <TrevorV|Home> I already commented addressing that concern, xgerman.
20:27:17 <xgerman> yep, saw it...
20:27:31 <blogan> well the method would still prepend it with sudo anyway because you can't just switch to root in one command and execute antoher command under root
20:27:46 <blogan> but yeah wrapping it and cleaning it would be great
20:27:55 <blogan> though i think most of these commands will run as root
20:27:56 <xgerman> brogan that;s true but it might look cleaner then prepend manually
20:28:08 <xgerman> yeah, what you said
20:28:23 <ptoohill> brehgan
20:28:30 <xgerman> lol
20:28:30 <ptoohill> :)
20:28:40 <TrevorV|Home> bruh bru
20:29:00 <xgerman> next topic?
20:29:25 <xgerman> #topic Release roadmap
20:29:39 <xgerman> johnsom wants to make a side with the release roadmap
20:29:45 <xgerman> side=slide
20:29:53 <johnsom> I would like to have an Octavia slide that talks about our plans for releases.
20:30:24 <xgerman> so basically 0.5 would be Liberty? or are we aiming for 1.0?
20:30:32 <johnsom> xgerman and I are thinking the old plan with 0.5 match reference, 1.0 active/standby, 2.0 horiz scale might not match where we are
20:31:14 <johnsom> We could call our liberty release 0.5, to give it a "beta" feel, but include the active/standby you guys have started.
20:31:17 <johnsom> Thoughts?
20:32:00 <blogan> 0.5 is still planned to have one controller, but it manages the containers by heartbeats and will act upon a stale heartbeat right?
20:32:12 <dougwig> if it's stable enough to be the ref in liberty, i'd be tempted to call it the 1.0.
20:32:20 <johnsom> Yeah, current plan, 0.5 has spares failover
20:32:49 <xgerman> so we skip 0.5 and go straight to 1.0?
20:32:54 <johnsom> dougwig Good point
20:34:56 <ptoohill> I'm liking the sound of 1.0 in Liberty
20:35:05 <xgerman> ok, then let’s scarp 0.5
20:35:08 <blogan> and 1.0 to you is?
20:35:13 <xgerman> and make Liberty 1.0
20:35:29 <blogan> well whatever version we say it is, the roadmap should include what features are in that version
20:35:46 <xgerman> yeah, after we decided naming we can say features
20:35:53 <xgerman> so Liberty = 1.0
20:36:00 <blogan> sounds like we need an octavia session to decide this
20:36:02 <blogan> oh wait!
20:36:07 <xgerman> we have one!
20:36:11 <ptoohill> :)
20:36:20 <johnsom> Hahaha, the problem is the session is after the presentation....
20:36:26 <blogan> lol good point
20:36:26 <rm_work> T_T
20:36:42 <dougwig> it's not an octavia meeting without a #startvote, that takes three tries to get the syntax right.
20:36:52 <xgerman> lol
20:37:05 <blogan> #startvote should we all punch dougwig?
20:37:06 <openstack> Begin voting on: should we all punch dougwig? Valid vote options are Yes, No.
20:37:07 <openstack> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
20:37:14 <blogan> #vote yes
20:37:16 <xgerman> #voyte Yes
20:37:16 <blogan> #endvote
20:37:17 <openstack> Voted on "should we all punch dougwig?" Results are
20:37:30 <johnsom> I currently have: 0.5 = Feature parity with existing ref, service vms, spares failover; 1.0 active/standby amphora, HA control plane; 2.0 Act/Act and amp horizontal scale
20:37:32 <TrevorV|Home> He stacked the votes in favor of his opinion.
20:37:32 * dougwig weeps
20:37:57 <blogan> existing ref will be more scalable than what we would have
20:38:01 * TrevorV|Home noticed blogan didn't actually cast a valid vote... RIP
20:38:09 <xgerman> let’s move HA control plane into 2.0
20:38:28 <xgerman> scrpa 0.5 and we are good
20:38:36 <xgerman> ?
20:38:46 <blogan> well it'd just be renaming 0.5 to 1.0 no?
20:38:57 <blogan> and 1.0 to 2.0, etc
20:39:09 <xgerman> that’s fine with me, too
20:39:18 <rm_work> <_<
20:39:22 <xgerman> I just had the feel active/standby amphora was pretty far head already
20:39:32 <TrevorV|Home> rm_work, doesn't like renaming things, even if they make sense to rename
20:39:50 <rm_work> no, i don't like moving all of the features we had planned back a version T_T
20:39:58 <blogan> its not far enough, just need to try to get it in genericly if that makes sense
20:40:11 <blogan> i mean its not far off
20:40:13 <xgerman> k
20:40:25 <blogan> but we definitely should discuss it and what values we need to store
20:40:33 <blogan> multicast vs unicaste
20:40:33 <dougwig> we need codenames, clearly.  and all roman things.  vomitorium, crucifiction, ...
20:40:48 <xgerman> +1
20:40:49 <johnsom> dougwig +1
20:40:58 <rm_work> +1
20:41:06 <blogan> i hate you dougwig
20:41:19 * dougwig basks in the love.
20:41:26 <TrevorV|Home> Can we agree to greco roman at a minimum?
20:41:44 <johnsom> Ok, so if we shift the numbers that means the specs will need updating too
20:41:51 <xgerman> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Roman_emperors#Emperors_after_395
20:41:58 <sballe> sorry for being late ;-(
20:41:59 <blogan> johnsom just convinced me not to rename
20:42:22 <ptoohill> Maybe renaming things is more difficult then it would be beneficial?
20:42:29 <xgerman> maybe
20:42:30 <ptoohill> ah, yea that :P
20:42:45 <blogan> if someone wants to tackle that and get it working, i'm all for it
20:43:33 <dougwig> i'd rather get the code working, and this isn't an external package, so we don't have any strict release requirements yet.
20:43:41 <sballe> dougwig: What parens?
20:44:04 <xgerman> in the mid cycle meetup
20:44:17 <sballe> oh yeah. I am coming ;-)
20:44:18 <xgerman> in the attendance section
20:44:35 <xgerman> so let’s sum up
20:44:58 <xgerman> the feature list stays but we might rename to some Roman codename
20:45:07 <johnsom> So, stick with what we have now for the presentation with caveats that this might change with the design session
20:45:22 <xgerman> +1
20:45:44 <blogan> +11
20:45:59 <johnsom> Done.  Thank you
20:46:30 <xgerman> #topic Open Discussion
20:47:01 <xgerman> so the stickers have been printed and will be delivered to barclay today
20:47:08 <sballe> +1000
20:47:08 <xgerman> barclac
20:47:09 <blogan> any issues anyone is having running the creates end to end?
20:47:16 <xgerman> tons
20:47:22 <ptoohill> ><
20:48:03 <johnsom> I have tried to capture everything I have seen.  I'm going to take another stack pass today.
20:48:48 <xgerman> https://s3.amazonaws.com/uploads.hipchat.com/8522%2F409386%2FLDXFN1XtBMau5R7%2FOctavia_sticker_die_cut_OS_09.png
20:49:23 <blogan> johnsom: have you been able to make requests to the vip?
20:49:28 <blogan> and have it load balance?
20:49:40 <xgerman> johnsom got it to loadbalance
20:49:47 <rm_work> woot
20:50:05 <xgerman> I am working the REST driver angle
20:50:20 <johnsom> If I put it all on one network.  I think I was doing it from the amphora node last time, but got a balance
20:50:33 <johnsom> There is some wonky routing going on from devstack host
20:51:05 <johnsom> At least that was my guess
20:51:18 <xgerman> well, it would be great if we could give people a link after the demo they can download, stack.sh and are in business
20:51:58 <blogan> well i'd like to be able to just do a curl <vip> from the single node devstack machine
20:52:10 <blogan> makes the demo easier to follow
20:52:14 <johnsom> blogan Agreed
20:52:18 <xgerman> +1
20:52:24 <johnsom> Do you have thoughts on what might be wrong?
20:52:25 <xgerman> also we have 2 demos
20:52:32 <blogan> right now you have to do sudo ip netns exec qdhcp-<vip-network-uuid> curl <vip>
20:53:09 <blogan> johnsom: i think it might have to do with security groups, but not sure, it seems to happen after an interface is hot plugged
20:54:02 <johnsom> Yeah, that is a thought, those new secgroups that come in with the port
20:54:39 <blogan> yeah but those sec groups would also block the traffic from the netns
20:54:42 <blogan> but it doesn't
20:55:48 <johnsom> Like I said, I plan to restack with the lateset merged code (including the two we are about to do) and keep looking into it.
20:56:01 <xgerman> k - sounds good
20:56:22 <xgerman> any advice what we should cover in the vBrownbag demo — or I should just redo it with the other driver?
20:57:27 <blogan> yeah this is soemthign we'llprobably have to consult some neutron experts with
20:57:55 <xgerman> +1
20:58:08 <xgerman> we are going g to place with a lot of them next week :-)
20:58:34 <xgerman> 2 minutes left...
20:58:35 <johnsom> Demo is monday though
20:58:46 <xgerman> :-(
20:59:06 <xgerman> ok
20:59:13 <xgerman> guess we are done
20:59:16 <blogan> yeah
20:59:17 <xgerman> #endmeeting