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20:01:27 <rm_work> o/
20:01:27 <johnsom> o/
20:01:29 <fnaval> o/
20:01:35 <xgerman> #chair blogan, dougwig
20:01:36 <openstack> Current chairs: blogan dougwig xgerman
20:01:48 <xgerman> (I am in the lunch room not sure when they kick me out)
20:01:50 <dougwig> o/
20:01:50 <TrevorV> o/
20:02:02 <blogan> hi again
20:02:07 <xgerman> #topic Announcements
20:02:18 <xgerman> Midcycle: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/LBaaS-FWaaS-VPNaaS_Summer_Midcycle_meetup
20:03:30 <xgerman> Protected instances- https://openstack.nimeyo.com/47616/openstack-neutron-octavia-protected-openstack-resources
20:03:43 <sballe> o/
20:03:56 <xgerman> it seems the nova guys are very self assured of their abilities ;-)
20:04:16 <xgerman> Lastly, Global Load Balancing - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1016shVnPaK8l8HxMpjADiYtY2O94p4g7JxjuIA-qv7w/edit
20:04:28 <xgerman> anyhting else?
20:05:35 <blogan> sounds like a resounding no
20:05:49 <xgerman> I have been under a rock the last three days)
20:05:57 <xgerman> #topic Brief progress reports
20:05:57 <blogan> have you?
20:06:22 <johnsom> I have been filling in for folks for the last few days and feel like I was under a rock
20:06:26 <xgerman> well, internal conference — today is the first day I figured out how to use the Internet
20:06:28 <rm_work> still working on internal stuff, but let me know if there are reviews that need eyes
20:06:53 <TrevorV> I need reviews on 3 reviews that I'll put in links in a second
20:06:58 <rm_work> kk
20:06:58 <xgerman> cool
20:06:59 <TrevorV> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/170989/
20:07:01 <johnsom> I have sonar and jenkins installed for our sonar gate pilot.  I need to work on getting the plugins setup
20:07:07 <TrevorV> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/187237/
20:07:14 <TrevorV> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/190269/
20:07:20 <xgerman> johnsom +1
20:07:59 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/187658/
20:08:26 <johnsom> Could use some eyes.  The first fix solved the taskflow issue, but uncovered a model issue
20:08:50 <johnsom> If someone has spare cycles feel free to mess with it.
20:09:21 <blogan> johnsom: if its a data model issue i might take a look
20:09:49 <johnsom> My quick test showed it was erroring while deleting the member from the model
20:10:18 <xgerman> mmh
20:12:02 <blogan> ill take a look, ive got the data model changes for the networking and amphora drivers almost completed
20:12:07 <blogan> seems like al ogical next step
20:12:12 <xgerman> guess moving on...
20:12:13 <xgerman> #topic Open Discussion
20:12:31 <blogan> ive got one
20:12:36 <xgerman> shoot
20:13:07 <blogan> so the flows we have right now assume that the amphora can be hot plugged
20:13:18 <blogan> we, rax, are going to be using containers
20:13:33 <xgerman> we might, too
20:13:35 <blogan> and the current flows will not work in this case so we'll need to create some alternate flows
20:13:44 <blogan> what do yall think is the best way to do that
20:13:57 <johnsom> Yeah, that is interesting
20:14:09 <blogan> do if statements in the controller worker, implement a new controller worker based on containers, etc
20:14:19 <xgerman> I was thinking in the beginning to make the flows configurable in the config file
20:14:23 <johnsom> So, basically we have to define all of the plugging at creation time?
20:14:38 <johnsom> xgerman +1
20:14:42 <blogan> johnsom: yep, so that might mean not creating the amphora until the first member is created
20:14:55 <blogan> xgerman: explain that in more detail
20:15:08 <TrevorV> xgerman, that sounded like "flow drivers"
20:15:08 <blogan> like have a hot_pluggable config option?
20:15:24 <blogan> and we just do if statements based on that value?
20:15:34 <xgerman> well, you could say: Create_Amphora_flow: and then list the tasks
20:15:43 <xgerman> and the system would read and build that flow that way
20:15:51 <xgerman> at the startup time
20:16:00 <xgerman> and you do that for all flows
20:16:17 <xgerman> that allows you to have different tasks for different operators
20:16:35 <johnsom> Yeah, that was a longer term goal
20:16:54 <blogan> yeah that sounds very ambitious right now
20:17:04 <blogan> good idea though
20:17:41 <johnsom> Is plugging on the roadmap for the container tech you are planning to use?  LX*?
20:18:03 <blogan> its on a very distant roadmap and im not sure if once we get around it if it will ever be done
20:18:10 <blogan> but if magnum gets it in then we might
20:18:19 <blogan> but magnum doesn't have any immediate plans eitehr
20:18:33 <blogan> from a quick conversation with adrian
20:19:00 <johnsom> Hmm, so limits members to a single network
20:19:22 <blogan> not necessarily but it does make it more complicated
20:19:23 <xgerman> not necessarily, you might be able to plug multiple networks at creation
20:19:30 <blogan> yeah you can do that
20:19:42 <blogan> but then you have to worry about killing the machine and respinning it everytime
20:19:57 <blogan> a new member on a new network is added
20:19:58 <xgerman> or task flow does ;-)
20:20:05 <johnsom> I would prefer we get creative, for example configurable flows, than putting a bunch of 'if' statements in.
20:20:09 <blogan> (also why a single create call is so valuable, we get the networking configuration up front)
20:20:41 <xgerman> I don’t think configurable flows are that tough to do
20:20:45 <xgerman> but I am also naive
20:20:58 <blogan> yeah i dont like the if statements either, and the controller worker already adheres to interface, which is why implementing a container controller worker was an option
20:21:30 <johnsom> I am warming to the configure it up front and kill/rebuild for plugs.  If we have active/standby that could be transparent.
20:22:21 <xgerman> that might be a way we can go ahead right now and then fill in the other stuff later as an optimization?
20:22:40 <xgerman> (aka if you can hot plug use that flow)
20:23:28 <xgerman> but it feels we have three options and we dislike one (ifs)
20:23:47 <xgerman> so do we need to do a “spike” - or can we make some decision right away?
20:23:53 <blogan> unless ifs are super simple right now and not ugly :)
20:24:35 <johnsom> Let's think about and research loading flows.  Do we have the flows defined in a way that we can swap those two use cases in and out, etc?
20:24:51 <xgerman> +1
20:25:03 <xgerman> we would need to figure out if we need additional tasks anyway
20:25:11 <xgerman> or change tasks
20:25:34 <blogan> yeah thats a good research task
20:25:55 <blogan> ill probably research taht too bc i'd like to get something like that in asap bc we've got a lab all set up ready to go with what we need
20:26:03 <blogan> just need to get the code in there to handle containers
20:26:10 <xgerman> cool!!
20:26:23 <xgerman> do you think you can share performance numbers?
20:27:39 <blogan> i don't see why not, but id probably have to ask someone first
20:28:45 <blogan> it is getting very interesting rihgt now though and id love to share everything
20:28:48 <TrevorV> Nope.  Sharing isn't supported in the Openstack Community.  RIP
20:28:52 <TrevorV> lulz jp jp, we can check
20:29:35 <xgerman> thanks — I am hoping we can do some work with vms to get some numbers, too
20:29:57 <blogan> it is nice to have a container immediately
20:30:02 <johnsom> Yeah, and try out the various tech, lxd, docker, vms, etc.
20:30:13 <blogan> nova boot, nova list, its already ACTIVE
20:30:28 <xgerman> neat
20:32:20 <blogan> im sure the first pass at doing this for containers will change drastically over time
20:32:29 <blogan> same with VMs as well
20:32:42 <xgerman> yep
20:33:19 <blogan> alright anyone have anything else?
20:33:25 <johnsom> Yeah, and whatever else comes around
20:33:30 <TrevorV> When is the next mid-cycle again?
20:33:38 <blogan> xgerman linked it above
20:33:46 <blogan> and its on the agenda wiki
20:33:50 <xgerman> yeah, scroll to the top
20:34:07 <johnsom> 7/15 - 7/17
20:34:30 <xgerman> but make sure to book soon - hotels are real tight - otherwise you will live in Tukwila
20:34:43 <blogan> or a dog house
20:34:53 <xgerman> yep, we can ask Hank
20:35:06 <TrevorV> Its okay, we'll party-crash dougwig's room
20:35:13 <xgerman> (Hank outs dog pictures in all his powerpoint)
20:35:30 <blogan> hank the hound dog
20:36:02 <xgerman> barclac offered his yard
20:36:14 <blogan> ill take his plane
20:36:51 <johnsom> blogan you haven't seen the size of his plane have you...
20:37:08 <xgerman> but he doesn’t have a dog house
20:37:08 <xgerman> sleep in the hangar
20:37:21 <johnsom> You could sleep on the wing I guess
20:37:24 <blogan> would it be like an elephant in a dog house?
20:37:53 <blogan> okay i think we've digressed enough :)
20:37:53 <johnsom> Only other topic to raise, dougwig mentioned the octavia rename is Friday.
20:38:16 <xgerman> yeah, I think I volunteered to watch and eat popcorn
20:38:22 <johnsom> Me too
20:38:22 <TrevorV> Who actually handles the renaming?
20:38:26 <xgerman> infra
20:38:35 <dougwig> i gave anteaya your names, xgerman and johnsom
20:38:40 <TrevorV> So they'll update devstack with appropriate endpoints and such as well or no?
20:39:02 <xgerman> most importantly they will invite me and johnsom to the core party
20:39:06 <dougwig> TrevorV: no.  they handle the git rename, gerrit patch updates and such.
20:39:23 <dougwig> anywhere we've hardcoded a git url is on us to fix.
20:39:55 <xgerman> ok, probably in our devstack config samples
20:40:00 <xgerman> and on the wiki
20:40:04 <johnsom> I don't think we have octavia in devstack proper yet, right?  You still have to manually add the plugin into local*
20:40:18 <xgerman> well, we have a sample config in tree
20:40:27 <johnsom> Yes
20:40:28 <xgerman> our tree
20:40:47 <xgerman> that should be fixed but people are smart enough to not rely on samples :-)
20:41:00 <TrevorV> Oh yeah, I forgot about that.
20:41:07 <TrevorV> Gotcha, thanks for clearing that up.
20:41:34 <xgerman> cool
20:41:42 <xgerman> they started to remove the table clothes
20:42:02 <johnsom> Hahaha, ok, so time to wrap it up?
20:42:08 <xgerman> yep
20:42:12 <dougwig> bye
20:42:15 <sballe> bye
20:42:15 <xgerman> bye
20:42:16 <blogan> octavia has the devstack plugin correct, just enable_plugin in localrc
20:42:20 <TrevorV> bai bai
20:42:21 <xgerman> #endmeeting