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20:00:05 <sbalukoff> Greetings, y'all!
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20:00:09 <johnsom> o/
20:00:10 <xgerman> #chair blogan, johnsom
20:00:11 <openstack> Current chairs: blogan johnsom xgerman
20:00:18 <ajmiller> hi
20:00:22 <xgerman> #topic Announcements
20:00:37 <minwang2> o/
20:00:46 <xgerman> Our design session: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/mitaka-neutron-next-adv-services
20:01:07 <blogan> hello!
20:01:13 <bana_k> hi
20:01:15 <rm_work> o/
20:01:57 <xgerman> also next week is no meeting
20:02:19 <xgerman> #info skipping 10/28 meeting due to summit
20:02:23 <sbalukoff> well, next week is one big meeting. ;)
20:02:45 <xgerman> yeah, IBM throwing a party?
20:02:56 <johnsom> lol
20:03:00 <sbalukoff> Are we going to do a groupme again?
20:03:04 <rm_work> I assume so
20:03:06 <xgerman> I hope so
20:03:08 <rm_work> i usually just rename the old one
20:03:09 <johnsom> +1
20:03:13 <xgerman> +2
20:03:13 <rm_work> so everyone is already on it
20:03:21 <rm_work> i'll do that now
20:03:27 <sbalukoff> xgerman: I find out tonight. I've not been following IBM's stuff on the summit that closely
20:03:41 <sbalukoff> rm_work: Excellent!
20:04:14 <rm_work> done
20:04:17 <xgerman> #topic Design session planning/recap
20:04:34 <rm_work> remember to install / unmute groupme
20:04:35 <xgerman> so dougwig told us from an airport that we totally need to have this topic
20:04:49 <rm_work> so... a planning meeting for our planning meeting?
20:04:54 * rm_work is down
20:05:08 <xgerman> apparently
20:05:16 <sbalukoff> Er...
20:05:17 <sbalukoff> Ok.
20:05:31 <dougwig> Stealth illegal cellular
20:05:38 <rm_work> lol dougwig
20:05:38 <johnsom> Hahaa
20:05:42 <xgerman> lol
20:05:46 <rm_work> are you AIRBORN?
20:05:48 <sbalukoff> Haha
20:05:52 <dougwig> Heh, I just wanted a head up for folks to provide input.
20:06:00 <dougwig> No, waiting for runway
20:06:01 <xgerman> that actually gives me hope for my flight ;-)
20:06:01 <rm_work> because I thought cell signal just *wouldn't work* on airplanes.... due to like.... PHYSICS
20:06:03 <rm_work> lol k
20:06:20 <dougwig> It works fine, you just cycle towers too fast.
20:06:23 <rm_work> right
20:06:25 <rm_work> that's the issue
20:06:26 <johnsom> yep
20:06:31 <rm_work> you are moving too fast :P
20:06:36 <rm_work> handoffs can't happen quickly enough
20:06:43 <dougwig> This flight has international gogo anyway.
20:06:55 <rm_work> yep, how much is that for international?
20:07:00 <rm_work> I usually pay like $15
20:07:02 <sbalukoff> Yay for satellite internets.
20:07:03 <blogan> im pretty sure my flight does not have wifi
20:07:03 <dougwig> So I'll disappear for 20 mins.
20:07:07 <rm_work> k
20:07:11 <xgerman> k
20:07:12 <sbalukoff> Ok.
20:07:16 <rm_work> I am assuming it'll be more for a 12 hour flight
20:07:20 <dougwig> $4 for a smartphone pass
20:07:31 <rm_work> dougwig: not bad
20:07:33 <johnsom> Score
20:07:35 <xgerman> can’t you expense it?
20:07:38 <rm_work> ... i wonder if i can share that via USB
20:07:46 <sballe> o/
20:08:15 <xgerman> anyway, are all the topic we want to talk on that pad?
20:08:16 <johnsom> So, back on topic, is there another etherpad of topics we need to update or something?
20:08:26 <xgerman> rm_work ssl passphrase?
20:08:38 <johnsom> Or, just the one LBaas/FWaas
20:08:39 <dougwig> The Lbaas one, linked above.
20:08:56 <rm_work> yeah we'll need to discuss that passphrase issue
20:09:01 <rm_work> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/237807/1/specs/mitaka/neutron-lbaas-store-tls-passphrase.rst,cm
20:09:12 <xgerman> yep, so it should be a topic?
20:09:21 <dougwig> Yes
20:10:09 <xgerman> done + done
20:10:24 <xgerman> though I could just -2 the proposal ;-)
20:10:36 <blogan> and then i can -4 it
20:10:45 <sbalukoff> Haha!
20:10:58 <dougwig> I'll scrub that into the template format tonight, so please add ideas today if you can.
20:11:19 <xgerman> cool! Are you doing FWaaS, too?
20:12:05 <dougwig> I'll prep for both. I don't care who moderates.  Can be anyone.
20:12:15 <xgerman> ok, cool
20:12:41 <xgerman> so any other topic?
20:12:48 <dougwig> Imo, if the moderator does all the talking, the session was a bust. :)
20:13:08 <sbalukoff> Unless that moderator is me. :)
20:13:12 <sbalukoff> Just sayin'
20:13:15 <dougwig> Lol
20:13:19 <blogan> or the moderator got 100% consensus
20:13:21 <blogan> and wsa amazing
20:13:37 <xgerman> well, as a co-chair I will not give you the talking token
20:13:44 <sbalukoff> Aaw!
20:13:49 <dougwig> sbalukoff will get the hot seat for active active.
20:14:01 <xgerman> yep, with a trap door
20:14:06 <sbalukoff> Which I'm sure we will all agree on immediately.
20:14:10 <sbalukoff> Haha!
20:14:12 <johnsom> I want the shocker
20:14:42 <johnsom> Heat = Buzz
20:14:45 <dougwig> Rough crowd. :)
20:14:56 <dougwig> Ok, on the runway.
20:14:59 <xgerman> yeah, I guess we need gavels to call the room to order
20:15:05 <sbalukoff> johnsom: You might discover I agree with you on some of this, eh. ;)
20:15:12 <sbalukoff> Seeya, dougwig!
20:15:16 <johnsom> I know, but it still sounds like fun
20:15:20 <xgerman> have a safe flight!!
20:15:36 <sbalukoff> johnsom: What's a little electrocution between friends, eh. ;)
20:16:02 <dougwig> And there go the engines spinning up...
20:16:10 <dougwig> See y'all in a few.
20:16:14 <blogan> adios
20:16:21 <xgerman> bye
20:16:45 <xgerman> so any other topics we need to talk about in that session or topics we can remove ?
20:17:12 <blogan> oh i have one, let me add it
20:17:18 <blogan> multiple controller workers
20:17:26 <xgerman> that’s good one
20:17:34 <sbalukoff> Oh, right!
20:17:54 <johnsom> How long is the session???
20:18:00 <sbalukoff> Let's call that: Fully redundant / horizontally scalable controllers.
20:18:04 <xgerman> 40 minutes or so
20:18:07 <sbalukoff> Because it'll be more than just the worker.
20:18:12 <sbalukoff> Wow...
20:18:12 <blogan> yeah
20:18:23 <johnsom> We need to scope out space we can crash
20:18:23 <sbalukoff> Ok, so... yeah. We're going to be lucky to get through all this.
20:18:29 <sbalukoff> johnsom: +1
20:18:43 <johnsom> Well, there are two topics there, which or both?
20:18:44 <sbalukoff> I propose we coordinate that on groupme.
20:18:44 <blogan> doesn't hurt to get a list and then moderator prioritizes
20:19:01 <johnsom> Controller worker drivers and/or control plane HA
20:19:49 <sbalukoff> (Coordinate finding crash space on groupme, I mean-- since none of us know the layout well enough to say where to meet.)
20:20:08 <sballe> +1
20:20:10 <xgerman> I am there Sunday night… so can scout it out until johnsom gets there
20:20:22 <sbalukoff> xgerman: Awesome! Let us know what you find.
20:20:24 <johnsom> Yep.  I was thinking we just keep our eyes open for good spots
20:20:27 <sbalukoff> I'm there...  I think on Tuesday.
20:20:33 <sbalukoff> Or something.
20:20:37 <blogan> you get there on tuesday?
20:20:37 * xgerman wonders if I should crash WoOS
20:20:40 <blogan> the day of teh talk?
20:20:57 <sbalukoff> blogan: Wait, no! I get there on Monday.
20:20:57 <xgerman> sounds like sbalukoff
20:20:58 <sbalukoff> Durr.
20:21:02 <johnsom> The talk moved to Thursday remember they asked us about it
20:21:03 <blogan> sbalukoff: whew
20:21:06 <sballe> xgerman: I know mestery will be at WoOS
20:21:08 <sbalukoff> Sorry, off by one error.
20:21:09 <blogan> johnsom: ohhh yeah
20:21:12 <sballe> and so will I
20:21:13 <blogan> i forgot about that
20:21:15 <johnsom> I get there on Monday too
20:21:18 <blogan> johnsom: thansk for reminder
20:21:42 <sbalukoff> Actually--
20:21:42 <blogan> first time this talk hasn't been on the first day
20:21:49 <xgerman> :-)
20:21:50 <sbalukoff> could we announce the times of the talk and the lab here?
20:21:53 <johnsom> Hands on is Wednesday, talk is Thursday
20:21:56 <xgerman> what about tradition...
20:21:56 <rm_work> yeah when is the lab
20:21:58 <rm_work> ah k
20:21:58 <sbalukoff> I've not yet heard final scheduling on that.
20:22:06 <rm_work> we are looking at imaging the USB drives
20:22:10 <johnsom> Sure, let me look it up again so I don't get it wrong
20:22:10 <rm_work> did you guys link an image for them?
20:22:13 <rm_work> I seem to recall
20:22:16 <xgerman> yeah, we did
20:22:18 <sbalukoff> Thanks, johnsom!
20:22:22 <rm_work> can you re-link that as a #link
20:22:41 <xgerman> #link http://tinyurl.com/octavia-workshop
20:23:15 <xgerman> #topic Brief progress reports
20:23:22 <xgerman> let’s move on
20:23:24 <blogan> main conference lbaas talk is thursday at 240
20:23:38 <johnsom> Hands on lab - Wednesday @2:50pm
20:23:40 <johnsom> #link https://mitakadesignsummit.sched.org/mysessions?iframe=yes&w=&sidebar=yes&bg=no
20:23:45 <sbalukoff> Nice!
20:23:51 <johnsom> Oh, that didn't work
20:24:06 <sbalukoff> Well, we've got the dates and times now.
20:24:07 <johnsom> #link http://sched.co/49HH
20:24:13 <sbalukoff> That works too.
20:24:34 <rm_work> wow, slow DL :/
20:24:35 <johnsom> Load Balancing as a Service - Thursday @ 2:40pm
20:24:37 <rm_work> is this HP's CDN?
20:24:37 <johnsom> #link http://sched.co/49HH
20:24:41 <rm_work> <_<
20:25:13 <rm_work> maybe local network is bad
20:25:33 <blogan> so back on topic
20:25:35 <blogan> lol
20:25:49 <johnsom> For the USB, I think we want the image, the trial VMware workstation, trial VMware fusion, and putty on the stick right?
20:26:00 <xgerman> yep, it’s all on that link
20:26:07 <johnsom> Oh cool
20:26:14 <xgerman> download, unpack or not and put on the drive
20:26:16 <rm_work> i assumed this would be a single iso to flash with dd
20:26:21 <rm_work> but that works too
20:26:22 <blogan> i've just been workign as much as i can on the containers flows, also adding in bug fixes
20:26:28 <rm_work> just rsync to USB drive
20:26:45 <xgerman> yep, or drag & drop if you are on Mac OS X
20:27:02 <rm_work> still rsync <_<
20:27:12 <rm_work> checksum verification FTW
20:27:16 <sbalukoff> Haha!
20:27:22 <xgerman> I did some TLS verification and then ended up roping in johnsom
20:28:06 <xgerman> so we need some reviews for his patch
20:28:06 <bana_k> One of my other team at my company took over my work for heat support for LBaaS v2. So I am available for other tasks if we have any.
20:28:08 <johnsom> Yep.  I have been working on VRRP.  killing bugs.
20:28:29 <sbalukoff> ...are we onto the progress reports now?
20:28:33 <xgerman> yep
20:28:34 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/237707/
20:28:36 <sbalukoff> Ok!
20:28:38 <johnsom> ^^ TLS bug
20:28:38 <sbalukoff> Yay!
20:28:43 <sbalukoff> So! There's this:
20:29:01 <sbalukoff> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/234639/
20:29:04 <dougwig> o/
20:29:22 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/215359
20:29:22 <sbalukoff> Active-active topology. Y'all were told about it last week. Please definitely review before the design session...
20:29:31 <johnsom> cert rotation still needs some reviews
20:29:56 <sbalukoff> But if you can also get some comments added prior to that that would be great: The IBM team is already putting together POC code, and it's annoying to have to back-track if we're not going the right direction with this, eh.
20:30:09 <sbalukoff> Also!
20:30:14 <sbalukoff> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/232173/
20:30:15 <minwang2> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/215359/ ——cert rotation
20:30:16 <johnsom> Optimistic aren't they
20:30:22 <sbalukoff> That's documentation updates.
20:30:46 <sbalukoff> I have to add diagrams still (and hate all our options there)... but most importantly I've got the quick start guide first draft done.
20:30:56 <minwang2> also the doc about neutron-lbaas
20:30:58 <sbalukoff> PLEASE have a look at that and tell me where I'm lying and where I've forgotten stuff.
20:30:58 <minwang2> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/224929/
20:31:26 <rm_work> johnsom: I'm willing to workflow 237707 right now
20:31:36 <sbalukoff> (I tried to balance between specificity when deploying Octavia in production, and having a "quick start" guide that was way too long.)
20:31:51 <johnsom> Also, I need the slides done before noon pacific on Saturday so I can fix formating, etc. on the plnae
20:32:03 <sbalukoff> johnsom: For the talk? the lab? both?
20:32:08 <xgerman> both
20:32:11 <sbalukoff> Ok.
20:32:22 <xgerman> I will fix the lab on the plane as well ;-)
20:32:36 <rm_work> augh i haven't even been able to spin octavia in devstack yet, much less look at troubleshooting it or updating the slides for that section
20:32:46 <rm_work> did someone say that section would be sort of a group effort to create anyway?
20:33:07 <sbalukoff> rm_work: Use your script!
20:33:14 <rm_work> right
20:33:23 <rm_work> i have only run it to debug that it works for other people :P
20:33:27 <sbalukoff> rm_work: That's what I did in the quickstart guide. ;)
20:33:32 <rm_work> haven't actually *used* the resulting devstack
20:33:32 <rm_work> lol
20:33:35 <sbalukoff> rm_work for the devstack portion of it anyway. ;)
20:33:40 <rm_work> yeah
20:34:07 <xgerman> ok, let’s make it a group effort then
20:34:24 <xgerman> I can at least show them how to change the debug level an d where the logs are
20:34:44 <rm_work> looking forward to the planning session tonight just so i can see how to set it all up :P
20:34:53 <johnsom> Maybe some pointers around that fire hose of a debug log
20:35:01 <rm_work> I can do presentation and actual hands-on helping no problem
20:35:12 <rm_work> if people are better at making slides than presenting them
20:35:15 <sbalukoff> rm_work: Ditto!
20:35:31 <xgerman> presenting is the prize for making slides ;-)
20:35:35 <rm_work> heh
20:35:40 <rm_work> or the curse (blogan)
20:35:53 <xgerman> lol
20:36:03 <blogan> this is very true
20:36:16 <xgerman> ok, guess we are at
20:36:20 <xgerman> #topic Open Discussion
20:36:41 <johnsom> If you don't help with slides we will just put you on stage with a white title screen.  Your name in big letters
20:37:07 <minwang2> lol
20:37:11 <johnsom> Maybe even a "email this person with questions"
20:37:11 <xgerman> yep, and some lorem ispum
20:37:20 <sbalukoff> Just to reiterate: I really do want y'all's input on that quick start guide. I think it's going to be important for getting Octavia adopted... and if it's wrong (which parts of it probably are right now), that doesn't help us at all!
20:37:40 <rm_work> yeah i'll review that too
20:37:45 <xgerman> +1
20:37:50 <sbalukoff> Thanks! I very, very much appreciate it!
20:38:23 <johnsom> I will try.  I'm getting into crunch time with the demo.  I have round_robin up and running, but I want to demo session persistence which has at least one bug.
20:38:29 <xgerman> also if you have trouble installing it there are vendors who provide commercial support ahem
20:38:44 <xgerman> or fanatical support ;-)
20:38:55 <sbalukoff> johnsom: I totally understand. We're down to the wire and getting the demo right is really important.
20:38:56 <blogan> oh i wanted to mention the horizon dashboard
20:39:03 <rm_work> johnsom: yeah, demo useful for actually finding and squashing bugs, eh? :P
20:39:19 <blogan> im thinkign that we shouldn't show what we plan to do over what has already been done
20:39:25 <sbalukoff> rm_work: Haha! Too true!
20:39:29 <johnsom> rm_work See above testing topic for the design session....
20:39:39 <sbalukoff> blogan: Oh?
20:39:56 <xgerman> well, designs are also a work product...
20:40:15 <blogan> sbalukoff: yeah people worked on the current dashboard, i dont think we shoudl mitigate what they've done by showing something else
20:40:39 <xgerman> ok, so does the current thing work?
20:40:54 <johnsom> blogan I am confused.  So, no octavia Active/Standby demo?
20:41:06 <sbalukoff> Ok... but  I suspect that astute observer will realize that LBaaS v1 dashboards are mostly going to be incompatible with LBaaS v2 dashboards.
20:41:11 <xgerman> yes, Active-Standby demo...
20:41:34 <johnsom> I think it is a good demo and will hopefully land in M1
20:41:42 <blogan> im talking about the horizon dashboard images
20:41:43 <xgerman> yes, demo it
20:42:09 <blogan> but we discussed demo'ing what has been done versus what we realy want in the end
20:42:14 <blogan> which isn't done, just some mock up images
20:42:17 <sbalukoff> blogan: I'm still trying to understand: Is that so we don' t piss of people who worked on the old dashboard?
20:42:19 <blogan> multiple listeners
20:42:31 <sbalukoff> Oh!
20:42:33 <sbalukoff> Right.
20:43:06 <blogan> ok just to be clear, the neutron-lbaas-dashboard repo is for v2, and the dashboard that has in it does not support multiple listeners on a load balancer?
20:43:08 <blogan> xgerman: ^^
20:43:40 <xgerman> it  supports them in a convoluted way + but leaves barbican out, etc.
20:43:53 <sbalukoff> I'm confused, but I don't think I'm helping to clarify anything, so I'll shut up for once.
20:43:58 <blogan> xgerman: yeah so we discussed in our hangout not showing that but just shwoing what we wanted the end product to look like
20:44:05 <xgerman> yep
20:44:05 <rm_work> i am also confused T_T
20:44:12 <blogan> sbalukoff: i'm trying to clear it up here too
20:44:14 <rm_work> but we'll hash it out in our pre-meeting meeting?
20:44:24 <sbalukoff> Yeah-- let's hash it out then.
20:44:35 <xgerman> well, we have mocks of what we think it should look like
20:44:51 <xgerman> and we have some reality which works well for eBay...
20:44:53 <johnsom> Well, the next meeting is for the lab.  So, if it's going in the slides we need to decide now
20:44:56 <blogan> well my point is, i think it woudl be a bit slap in the face to not show what the people who worked on the current v2 dashboard, and show mock ups of something we havent even worked on
20:45:25 <blogan> we can talk about this afetr the meeting to move everyting else along
20:45:39 <blogan> but would like a decision today
20:45:40 <sbalukoff> Actually, what else do people want to discuss now?
20:46:05 <xgerman> yeah, i think we had nothing else anyway
20:46:09 <sbalukoff> I've said my two bits... so if we can hash this out now, it sounds like it might be worthwhile in preparation for the meeting later today.
20:46:41 <xgerman> well, I am fine with showing the eBay stuff — wouldn’t be the first time we demo that ;-)
20:46:50 <sbalukoff> xgerman: +1
20:47:04 <johnsom> blogan I hear you on that.  Is there a way we can show what's in the repo and then some WIP content?  Do a dance?
20:47:20 <xgerman> +!
20:47:26 <sbalukoff> johnsom: +1
20:47:39 <blogan> okay
20:47:43 <sbalukoff> If ultimately we plan on scrapping the UI work that ebay has done we should be honest about that.
20:48:00 <xgerman> well, it needs to be angularJS one day
20:48:11 <xgerman> that’s just the way Horizon rolls
20:48:30 <sbalukoff> But it also goes to show-- any operator / vendor can develop their own UI for this stuff if they want. In theory, the UI should only be manipulating APIs on the back-end anyway.
20:48:31 <rm_work> lol
20:48:33 <rm_work> well the ebay work is v1
20:48:35 <rm_work> so....
20:48:41 <sbalukoff> I know that IBM built their own UI against lbaasV1.
20:48:42 <rm_work> right?
20:48:52 <blogan> no its v2
20:48:54 <xgerman> nope, they gave us a v2
20:48:56 <sbalukoff> and I'm now putting the screws on them to update it to v2.
20:48:58 <rm_work> I mean, Rackspace uses our own UI entirely
20:48:59 <xgerman> which looks like their v1
20:49:07 <rm_work> it's pretty obvious it is possible to roll your own
20:49:12 <blogan> https://github.com/openstack/neutron-lbaas-dashboard
20:49:29 <sbalukoff> So, framed that way:  "Operators or Vendors may develop their own UI. Here are a couple examples."
20:49:36 <sbalukoff> It doesn't seem like a slap in the face to ebay.
20:49:36 <xgerman> yep, and does that actually work?
20:49:39 <blogan> sbalukoff: that works
20:49:50 <rm_work> yeah
20:49:56 <rm_work> ^^ are there screenshots for that UI
20:49:59 <rm_work> their docs link is broken
20:50:05 <rm_work> and I don't see any in the README
20:50:16 <rm_work> do I have to install it to see examples? :/
20:50:27 <xgerman> well, last time we check that UI creating a load balancer didn’t work but I have been told it has now been fixed
20:50:41 <sbalukoff> Ultimately, I'm guessing there will probably be a 'reference UI' of some kind. But I kind of doubt that anyone here ultimately is going to be using it primarily.
20:50:44 <xgerman> the mock-ups are just vaporware at that point
20:51:31 <xgerman> and the eBay, IBM people approached us for design guidance...
20:51:37 <sbalukoff> After all, when it comes to UI, our marketing people start to care. ;)
20:51:51 <sbalukoff> xgerman: Haha! Awesome!
20:52:21 <blogan> well my concern is just ignoring any work people put into the current v2 dashboard
20:52:42 <xgerman> agreed, we should try to show both
20:52:52 <sbalukoff> blogan: I don't think we have to ignore it. We can showcase it and the one we also plan to build in a positive light.
20:52:56 <johnsom> WIP is to be expected in OpenStack, so I think we give credit to work done and talk about WIP ideas floating around.
20:53:00 <blogan> i appreciate any work we get from anyone, especially when its done with horizon which we've all kind of stayed away from like the plague
20:53:11 <sbalukoff> Agreed.
20:53:15 <xgerman> agreed.
20:53:20 <xgerman> yeah, I think we agree
20:53:31 <blogan> okay i like sbalukoff's ideas
20:53:40 <sbalukoff> Ok, everyone, you heard it here first!
20:53:43 <sbalukoff> I'm so quoting that.
20:53:52 * xgerman had to read that twice
20:53:56 <johnsom> blogan is ill
20:54:21 <johnsom> bad lunch truck day?
20:54:34 <xgerman> truck towed?
20:55:04 * blogan is tired
20:55:54 <johnsom> Ok, just a reminder, summit lab hangout in an hour and a half 3:30 pacific
20:56:10 <sbalukoff> johnsom: Thanks!
20:56:17 <sballe> What's the hangout link?
20:56:34 <johnsom> #link https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hpe.com/summit
20:56:38 <sballe> thx
20:56:39 <sbalukoff> Sweet!
20:56:46 <xgerman> +1
20:56:50 <ajmiller> Also, what is the groupme info?
20:57:13 <xgerman> groupme is an app you need to install on your phone
20:57:18 <sbalukoff> rm_work: Can you add ajmiller?
20:57:18 <xgerman> will send you an invite
20:57:21 <ajmiller> I've got the app
20:57:23 <sbalukoff> Awesome.
20:57:26 <ajmiller> ok
20:57:28 <rm_work> yeah anyone can invite
20:57:33 <sbalukoff> Oh, handy!
20:57:39 <sbalukoff> The more you know.
20:57:54 <sbalukoff> (The less annoying you might be.)
20:57:57 <sbalukoff> ;)
20:58:03 <rm_work> https://media3.giphy.com/media/Y2nbrJyAR6RiM/200_s.gif
20:58:36 <sbalukoff> Anything else to discuss?
20:59:04 <xgerman> #endmeeting