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20:00:06 <sbalukoff> Hello!
20:00:09 <johnsom> Hi folks
20:00:10 <minwang2> o/
20:00:14 <madhu_ak> o/
20:00:15 <bharathm> Hi
20:00:17 <TrevorV> o/
20:00:33 <bana_k> hi
20:00:35 <dougwig> o/
20:00:39 <johnsom> #topic Announcements
20:00:47 <johnsom> Priority patches needing review
20:01:01 <johnsom> L7 tracking etherpad
20:01:02 <Aish> o/
20:01:09 <johnsom> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/lbaas-l7-todo-list
20:01:10 <fnaval> o/
20:01:16 <sbalukoff> On that one:
20:01:20 <johnsom> Neutron LBaaS independent pools
20:01:28 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/218560/
20:01:34 <johnsom> L7 CLI
20:01:36 <sbalukoff> Please note that everything listed there is not WIP anymore. So I'm ready for reviews on aaaall that stuff.
20:01:47 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/217276
20:01:57 <johnsom> Ok, good to know.  I made the list yesterday
20:02:01 <rm_work> o/
20:02:05 <johnsom> Add spec for active-active
20:02:11 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/234639
20:02:19 <johnsom> Horizon panels
20:02:25 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/neutron-lbaas-dashboard+status:open
20:02:25 <xgerman> o/
20:02:30 <sbalukoff> And yes, I'm not sure who on the neutron-lbaas project to harass for reviews on the independent pools and CLI patches there.
20:02:33 <johnsom> CSR openssl fix
20:02:40 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/272708/
20:02:59 <xgerman> sbalukoff try blogan
20:03:08 <bharathm> CSR fix has +2.. Needs another +2 and workflow
20:03:15 <blogan> sorry in a meeting, split attention
20:03:28 <fnaval> same
20:03:41 <xgerman> bharathm link? dougwig?
20:03:54 <johnsom> Grab the list from gerrit and start pinging folks
20:04:03 <bharathm> xgerman: https://review.openstack.org/272708/
20:04:07 <sbalukoff> Ok.
20:04:20 <xgerman> #link  https://review.openstack.org/272708/
20:04:39 <xgerman> mestery? dougwig? armax?
20:04:43 <dougwig> just replied.
20:04:46 <xgerman> thanks
20:04:53 <johnsom> Ok, Summit talks....
20:05:00 <johnsom> Load Balancing as a Service, Mitaka and Beyond
20:05:09 <johnsom> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/austin-2016/vote-for-speakers/Presentation/6893
20:05:14 <johnsom> Vote early, vote often
20:05:21 <johnsom> Hands On Lab: Install and Configure OpenStack Octavia
20:05:28 <johnsom> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/austin-2016/vote-for-speakers/Presentation/7238
20:05:35 <johnsom> Kosmos - Global Load Balancing for OpenStack
20:05:41 <johnsom> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/austin-2016/vote-for-speakers/Presentation/8186
20:05:42 <xgerman> thanks
20:05:49 <johnsom> Neutron Advanced Services Flavor Framework
20:06:01 <johnsom> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/austin-2016/vote-for-speakers/Presentation/7856
20:06:08 <johnsom> Any others I missed?
20:06:36 <sbalukoff> Oh, there's this one put together by the IBM Haifa team:
20:06:47 <sbalukoff> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/austin-2016/vote-for-speakers/presentation/8243
20:07:07 <johnsom> Oh yeah, thanks
20:07:14 <sbalukoff> And here's one that Dustin and I are on:
20:07:17 <sbalukoff> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/austin-2016/vote-for-speakers/presentation/6875
20:07:38 <johnsom> Oh, that was the one I was thinking of
20:08:08 <xgerman> mmh, active-active already works… must have missed the patch set :-)
20:08:19 <sbalukoff> Oh hey-- can I get added to the LBaaS: Mitaka and beyond talk?
20:08:21 <sbalukoff> ;)
20:08:22 <ptoohill> o/
20:08:23 <johnsom> Cool, so lots of talks in.  Please remember to vote
20:08:53 <johnsom> sbalukoff You have a topic?
20:09:25 <dougwig> he needs a certain number of speaking slots per year or he loses his superpowers.
20:09:29 <johnsom> Only if you don't talk over me this time.... grin
20:09:44 <sbalukoff> Haha!
20:09:54 <johnsom> Ok, on to more serious topics
20:09:57 <johnsom> #topic Mitaka blueprints/rfes/m-3 bugs for neutron-lbaas and octavia
20:10:20 <dougwig> this will overlap priority reviews a tad, but let's see where we are for mitaka.  first up...
20:10:25 <johnsom> We need to discuss what is going to land for Mitaka and what to cut
20:10:27 <dougwig> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/lbaas-l7-rules
20:10:40 <dougwig> sbalukoff: how is this looking?
20:11:25 <sbalukoff> It's looking really good.
20:11:36 <johnsom> Reminder of the schedule:
20:11:39 <johnsom> #link http://releases.openstack.org/mitaka/schedule.html
20:11:47 <sbalukoff> I need to get documentation done and run a crap-ton of manual scenario tests... but I think the code is really close
20:11:58 <johnsom> M-3 is Feb 29th - Feature freeze
20:12:00 <dougwig> are you getting enough reviews?
20:12:10 <sbalukoff> dougwig: Not yet on the L7-specific stuff.
20:12:14 <johnsom> I will answer that, NO
20:12:21 <sbalukoff> Though it was WIP until 5:00am this morning. :)
20:12:27 <ptoohill> ^
20:12:29 <ptoohill> :)
20:12:41 <dougwig> ok everyone and especially cores, that's a big one that we don't want at the last minute (yells at self.)
20:12:50 <sbalukoff> My plan is to finish up the docs, do those scenario tests, then concentrate on bug fixes and reviews of other stuff while I continue to harass the rest of y'all for reviews. :)
20:12:55 <dougwig> https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1463202
20:12:57 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1463202 in neutron "[RFE] Create a full load balancing configuration with one API call" [Wishlist,In progress] - Assigned to Brandon Logan (brandon-logan)
20:13:00 <dougwig> blogan?
20:13:03 <sbalukoff> (First bugs will be those assigned to me due to the shared-pools patch)
20:13:14 <ptoohill> blogan: may not be here today
20:13:25 <dougwig> https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1522142
20:13:26 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1522142 in neutron "pylint needs to be re-enabled in neutron-lbaas" [Medium,Confirmed] - Assigned to Adam Harwell (adam-harwell)
20:13:26 <dougwig> rm_work: ?
20:13:36 <ptoohill> but, TrevorV has taken that over, it was left in a decent position and shouldnt be much longer before it's done
20:13:40 <ptoohill> hopefully before cutoff
20:13:45 <rm_work> ah, so, that was a pet peeve of mine, i can look at it
20:13:45 <dougwig> or do we want to collectively say "down with pylint" ?
20:13:46 <rm_work> kinda forgot
20:13:50 <rm_work> but
20:13:54 <rm_work> i will take a look
20:14:01 <dougwig> https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1541670
20:14:01 <blogan> im here
20:14:02 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1541670 in neutron "lbaas tests gate on dib" [High,Confirmed]
20:14:03 <rm_work> should be easy
20:14:14 <dougwig> johnsom: not sure who should/can work on this one.
20:14:19 <dougwig> sec blogan, i'll backup in a sec.
20:14:26 <blogan> dougwig: ok
20:14:29 <johnsom> Is 1541670 ours?  I thought that was putting a gate on DIB....
20:14:43 <dougwig> i filed that one ,after our second breakage.
20:14:54 <dougwig> dib isn't gated anywhere in real-time except us.
20:15:01 <johnsom> I can take a look at 1541670
20:15:04 <dougwig> ok
20:15:15 <dougwig> blogan, status of get-me-an-lb ?
20:15:25 <TrevorV> Hey sorry, did I miss the part about single-api-create-lb call?
20:15:34 <TrevorV> dougwig I'm in progress on that
20:15:35 <dougwig> happening now.
20:15:37 <ptoohill> I just mentioned that you were taking it over TrevorV
20:15:38 <TrevorV> The rebase has been a nightmare
20:15:38 <blogan> dougwig: put a comment on that rfe the other day
20:15:54 <dougwig> ok, m-3 cutoff is 2/29, and i don't think that one will get an extension. how is it looking?
20:15:59 <blogan> dougwig: basically, i'm going to have to depend on L7 now because we want the get me a lb to support L7 as well so it'll have to wait until L7
20:16:06 <xgerman> why not extension?
20:16:16 <ptoohill> lol
20:16:22 <ptoohill> ext of ext?
20:16:41 <dougwig> xgerman: because it's already not loved, since it's orchestration.  ok, will boot it out of mitaka on blogan's comment, but keep cranking.
20:16:53 <dougwig> https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1523231
20:16:54 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1523231 in neutron "[RFE] Add string/pattern checks to LBaaSv2 HTTP/HTTPS health monitors" [Wishlist,Incomplete]
20:16:55 <xgerman> oslo-orchestration
20:16:57 <dougwig> kobis around?
20:17:07 <blogan> dougwig: its not orchestration if all drivers support it in one call!
20:17:18 <dougwig> blogan: true.
20:17:21 <TrevorV> dougwig the honest to god truth is I'm hoping to have the dev work on the Octavia side completed this week.
20:17:29 <TrevorV> As in not WIP and ready for reviews
20:17:34 <xgerman> cool
20:17:38 <dougwig> TrevorV: ok.  and neutron-lbaas side?
20:18:01 <dougwig> anyone know status of the kobis ones?  xff, hm's, and tls re-encryption?  if not, i'll skip for now
20:18:12 <TrevorV> That's exactly next after that.  I haven't even touched it yet though, but I can keep us updated accordingly.  Apparently blogan left it in a good state so it might not take all that long either
20:18:19 <blogan> havent seen him un a while
20:18:24 <johnsom> xff he updated recently, but I don't know the status.  I haven't seen patches for the others
20:18:25 <TrevorV> dougwig ^^^
20:18:29 <dougwig> TrevorV: including warts like rollback on error?
20:18:45 <TrevorV> dougwig that's definitely on my list.
20:19:11 <dougwig> ok, can you ping me when you start on lbaas and get a feel for how long that's going to be?
20:19:21 <blogan> the only thing to rollback would be db
20:19:22 <TrevorV> I can do that
20:19:27 <dougwig> https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1521783
20:19:29 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1521783 in neutron "RfE: Cascading delete for LBaaS Objects" [Wishlist,In progress] - Assigned to German Eichberger (german-eichberger)
20:19:42 <dougwig> i think this is xgerman?
20:19:49 <xgerman> LBaaS part is done
20:19:56 <xgerman> now driver need to support it
20:20:17 <blogan> xgerman: octavia doesn't yet?
20:20:17 <dougwig> looking good for this month?
20:20:27 <xgerman> blogan no
20:20:54 <dougwig> two more, then johnsom can rip through octavia if desired.  :)
20:21:03 <dougwig> xgerman: you on track for this month completion?
20:21:20 <xgerman> it’s optional for drivers to support it so we are done fro LBaaS
20:21:27 <xgerman> now need to add that to Octavia
20:21:42 <dougwig> i consider octavia, the ref, part of the feature.
20:21:56 <xgerman> I was afraid you would say that
20:22:06 <xgerman> ok, we will get that done this month
20:22:10 <dougwig> ok
20:22:11 <dougwig> https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1457556
20:22:12 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1457556 in neutron "[RFE] [LBaaS] ssh connection timeout" [Wishlist,In progress] - Assigned to Reedip (reedip-banerjee)
20:22:18 <dougwig> reedip ?
20:22:32 <dougwig> i'm not sure he's on.
20:22:45 <dougwig> last one....  neutron-lbaas-dashboard
20:22:48 <dougwig> how's that looking for mitaka?
20:23:23 <johnsom> We don't have doug-fish, but I think most of the panels have landed
20:23:39 <dougwig> is it going to be shippable?  docs?  i18n?  devstack plugin?
20:23:40 <sbalukoff> Awesome!
20:23:46 <johnsom> ajmiller Any updates?
20:24:28 <xgerman> I think it is shippable
20:24:30 <ajmiller> Yesterday we merged a dashboard patch to support adding external (non-nova) members
20:24:44 <ajmiller> Last major functionality under review is TLS support.
20:25:04 <johnsom> I think the devstack plugin is merged, we have tested a lot of the panels and they are in pretty good shape.
20:25:05 <ajmiller> Anticipate that being ready to merge very soon.
20:25:10 <johnsom> Can't tell you about i18n or docs.
20:25:21 <dougwig> likely we need to ping the packagers as well.
20:25:42 <dougwig> ok, that's my list.  johnsom, any more?
20:25:58 <sbalukoff> ajmiller: If L7 lands (as we hope it will), any chance of UI support for it?
20:26:07 <johnsom> I didn't get time to do a bug list, but we should talk about a few high level things in Octavia
20:26:28 <ajmiller> sbalukoff No idea about development resources, I've just been testing and reviewing.
20:26:54 <sbalukoff> ajmiller: Ok. I'll poke doug-fish about it, eh.
20:26:56 <johnsom> sbalukoff Probably not.  L7 will need new mockups
20:27:31 <johnsom> But yeah, ping doug-fish
20:27:37 <sbalukoff> Ok.
20:27:41 <xgerman> sbalukoff he is IBM so your playpen
20:28:00 <sbalukoff> xgerman: Yep!
20:28:01 <johnsom> Ok, so I haven't seen any patches for active/active so I think we all agree to de-scope that for Mitaka?
20:28:15 <xgerman> I have seen a talk demoing it?
20:28:20 <sbalukoff> johnsom: Yep.
20:28:23 <sbalukoff> xgerman: Yeah...
20:28:43 <johnsom> We also didn't get started on HA control plane, so that is "out"
20:28:48 <xgerman> vaporware?
20:28:55 <xgerman> johnsom +!
20:28:57 <xgerman> +1
20:29:07 <johnsom> xgerman We aren't some other projects I won't name...
20:29:12 <sbalukoff> Not entirely. I suspect it's going to look somewhat like the e-bay lbaas talks in the past. :P
20:29:30 <sbalukoff> Haha!
20:29:40 <xgerman> shudder 0 I have seen their panels
20:29:48 <johnsom> Container support.  We have done work on it, but not a Mitaka feature?
20:30:09 <sbalukoff> I really wish it were!
20:30:14 <ptoohill> That has been put in the backseat for me johnsom
20:30:17 <ptoohill> I'm sorry :(
20:30:27 <sbalukoff> I suspect the major hurdle we're going to have to deal with with adoption is not reliability, but performance.
20:30:41 <xgerman> well, we should be able to chip in in N
20:30:52 <xgerman> for conatiner
20:31:14 <johnsom> No problem.  It happens to all of us.  Just wanted to call out the list of stuff we aspired for so we can focus our resources.
20:31:23 <sbalukoff> My hope was to help with performance after the L7 stuff merges (which means these improvements won't get into Mitaka, but I'm hoping we can get some in N)
20:31:45 <johnsom> Sounds good.
20:31:47 <ptoohill> Gotcha, and good deal xgerman. They've had me focused on specific internal things as of late
20:32:03 <johnsom> Ok, any other Octavia items?
20:32:48 <johnsom> I will try to go through the bugs this week and tag any I think we should try to fix for Mitaka so we can talk about them next week/in the channel
20:32:48 <blogan> ive got one for oopend iscussion
20:32:50 <blogan> open discussion
20:33:06 <sbalukoff> johnsom: Sounds good!
20:33:14 * johnsom tells blogan to sit back down in his seat and wait.
20:33:22 <ptoohill> boom
20:33:23 <johnsom> #topic Brief progress reports
20:33:45 <ptoohill> the smacketh has been laid
20:33:52 <sbalukoff> Please review the L7 code! We only have 19 days to get it in.
20:33:56 <TrevorV> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/271512
20:33:57 <fnaval> im still getting the scenario tests working - i hope to be done this week. it's going to be a big commit.
20:33:58 <TrevorV> I'm stalled on that
20:34:03 <johnsom> We have been rocking it this week, so thank you to everyone on the contributions.
20:34:08 * blogan sits down and pouts
20:34:13 <rm_work> I am still planning to look at the session persistence gate bug since that's still happening it seems
20:34:16 <TrevorV> By stalled I mean the single-create has taken priority, and if I find time in my evenings to work on it I will.
20:34:19 <sbalukoff> fnaval: woo-hoo!
20:34:34 <madhu_ak> fnaval: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/172199/ status of this one? I am about to review though
20:34:49 <fnaval> sbalukoff: sorry about not having it last week as I previously mentioned but i've been discovering some false assumptions. but making progress either way
20:34:52 <johnsom> Yeah, I looked at the session thing last night too.  It might be a missing wait-for-status after the member create, but not sure
20:35:05 <rm_work> johnsom: interesting, alright
20:35:11 <fnaval> madhu_ak: yes, i'm working on that actually. I'll mark it as WIP for now
20:35:13 <sbalukoff> fnaval: No problem. I had plenty of other things to work on. :)
20:35:13 <rm_work> i'll check that out
20:35:21 <rm_work> unless you solve it first :P
20:35:23 <blogan> false assumptions! they happen to everyone all the time!
20:35:27 <fnaval> once i have a working test, i'll remove the wip
20:35:41 <madhu_ak> fnaval: sounds good, pass my comments before you respin that one
20:35:56 <fnaval> kk thanks msd
20:35:57 <fnaval> madhu_ak:
20:36:01 <johnsom> rm_work short on cycles right now, so please if you have time
20:36:09 <rm_work> kk
20:36:28 <johnsom> #topic Open Discussion
20:36:30 * johnsom calls on blogan
20:36:42 <blogan> http://docs.openstack.org/liberty/networking-guide/adv-config-network-rbac.html
20:37:06 <blogan> alternative way to having ot use an admin account to create ports on another tenant's network
20:37:15 <blogan> just food for thought
20:37:28 <sbalukoff> blogan: Sounds like we should look into doing that.
20:37:32 <sbalukoff> Maybe in N?
20:37:46 <sbalukoff> Unless it'd be a simple change (I have no idea).
20:37:53 <xgerman> also we should see how well we work with: http://blog.episodicgenius.com/post/neutron-address-scopes/
20:38:03 <blogan> i don't think it'd be too hard, but depends on what we do
20:38:08 <blogan> xgerman: yeah saw that last night
20:38:11 <xgerman> seems you can make ports get routable IP addresses, e.g. no natting
20:38:22 <sbalukoff> xgerman: Rad!
20:38:37 <xgerman> well, we need to make sure it doesn’t break us
20:39:10 <johnsom> #link http://docs.openstack.org/liberty/networking-guide/adv-config-network-rbac.html
20:39:13 <blogan> we already have that at rackspace!
20:39:18 <johnsom> #link http://blog.episodicgenius.com/post/neutron-address-scopes/
20:39:26 <blogan> xgerman: by routable you mean publicly routable?
20:40:05 <xgerman> according to the blog the router will not NAT but route
20:40:17 <xgerman> so public is possible but also intranet
20:41:16 <johnsom> Any other topics?
20:41:51 <johnsom> Cool, thanks everyone.
20:41:53 <johnsom> #endmeeting