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20:00:13 <bharathm> o/
20:00:16 <johnsom> Hi everyone
20:00:17 <minwang2> o/
20:00:19 <blogan> hello!
20:00:37 * Frito waves
20:00:40 <johnsom> #topic Announcements
20:00:48 <TrevorV> o/
20:00:57 <johnsom> I don't have anything beyond the Summit topics today.  Anyone else?
20:00:58 <fnaval> o/
20:01:34 <Frito> negative
20:01:36 <johnsom> It was nice to see you all in Austin.  Getting out of Austin was a bit interesting with the storm.
20:01:42 <dougwig> o/
20:01:46 <TrevorV> I do!  STill have a single-create review to tear through......
20:01:56 <TrevorV> but that's not an announcement
20:01:57 <TrevorV> :D
20:01:59 <johnsom> #topic OpenStack Summit
20:02:22 <johnsom> I wanted to highlight the Neutron Stadium discussions going on:
20:02:23 <johnsom> Evolution of the Neutron Stadium
20:02:36 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/312199/
20:02:40 <eranra> .
20:03:00 <johnsom> Discussion about what it takes to be in the Neutron stadium, etc.
20:03:13 <johnsom> Long discussions on this topic at the summit
20:03:31 <johnsom> And, on that note:
20:03:32 <johnsom> OpenStack LBaaS project (AKA LBaaS spinout)
20:03:41 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/310805/
20:03:56 <dougwig> I owe a timeline to the ML on that this week.
20:04:10 <xgerman> o/
20:04:14 <blogan> dougwig: what do you need to construct a timeline?
20:04:28 <johnsom> We discussed and verbally decided that we should merge the neutron-lbaas and octavia projects into a new combined "OpenStack LBaaS" project
20:04:32 <TrevorV> johnsom I'm confused.  Will Openstack LBaaS be part of the "Neutron Stadium" or something?
20:04:41 <TrevorV> What's the relationship between these two reviews?
20:04:46 <blogan> TrevorV: no, it'll be spun out
20:05:04 <johnsom> Good question, the proposal is no, it will be a top level OpenStack project and not under neutron
20:05:29 <blogan> the relationship is that the stadium specs mentions octavia and neutron-lbaas will be out of the stadium
20:05:34 <johnsom> You will see mention of that in the first patch
20:05:35 <blogan> bc they're currently in
20:05:45 <johnsom> Correct
20:06:35 <johnsom> So, both good reads and please feel free to comment.  I just wanted everyone to be aware if you were not at the summit, etc.
20:07:00 <TrevorV> Oh okay, I thought something else changed and we were back under Neutron... was really sad
20:07:05 <rm_work> o/ sorry wasn't paying attention, i'm here
20:07:06 <TrevorV> But awesome, I'll keep track of both
20:07:22 <johnsom> #topic Brief progress reports / patches needing review
20:07:40 <johnsom> Ok, moving on.   I'm pretty sure we still have a bunch of stuff to review....
20:08:01 <blogan> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/311586/
20:08:06 <blogan> that goes in line with the spin out
20:08:11 <bank> link: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/286365/
20:08:15 <rm_work> I think I'm going to abandon my Ansible-amp change, wasn't getting any traction with people I talked to at the summit
20:08:32 <rm_work> and probably we're better off just using a better (smaller) image
20:08:33 <blogan> one of the things needed for the spin out is octavia to be able to easily absorb the current neutron-lbaas drivers
20:08:50 <minwang2> i am working on failover scenario test
20:08:56 <Frito> I took a swing at fixing the missing amphora_id from the listener_statistics table. Changeset is out there at link: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/312595
20:08:59 <dougwig> Ssh driver!
20:09:18 * johnsom I'll give you ssh
20:09:34 <xgerman> REST forever!
20:09:55 <TrevorV> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/306084
20:09:59 <johnsom> dougwig I didn't see you jumping in to maintain that ssh driver, so....
20:10:00 <TrevorV> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/257201/
20:10:06 <TrevorV> I have those two reviews that could use some attention
20:10:23 <dougwig> johnsom: shots fired!!
20:10:23 <TrevorV> Phil is currently helping dig into the single create, but the health monitor one isn't related, and is fairly simple to review.
20:10:37 <fnaval> i have a bunch of neutron-lbaas tests in review.  but it seems like i'm going to have to migrate them over to octavia soon
20:10:44 <rm_work> I'm tempted to volunteer to maintain the SSH driver <_<
20:10:57 <blogan> ssh driver wouldn't solve any of these issues
20:11:05 <rm_work> it bloats the amp image a ton
20:11:06 <johnsom> It's gone now
20:11:08 <blogan> unless you ssh into and start doing package manager installs
20:11:17 <dougwig> Was a joke. :)
20:11:23 <rm_work> can build a much leaner image with just haproxy and no python :P
20:11:31 <johnsom> dougwig See what you started
20:11:33 <xgerman> blogan isn’t that ansible?
20:11:35 <blogan> how is the agent code bloating?
20:11:44 <xgerman> ??
20:11:51 <blogan> it still needs haproxy which is much larger
20:11:59 <dougwig> It's bloated because it exists.
20:12:02 <rm_work> no, the python install / deps / venv is MUCH larger than all of haproxy
20:12:07 <johnsom> I think it's the python modules it needs that makes it "larger"
20:12:09 <rm_work> order of magnitude I think
20:12:23 <blogan> oh good point...i forgot about that :(
20:12:29 <johnsom> Just compile the python into a binary...   Grin
20:12:29 <xgerman> we can always rewrite it in Go
20:12:30 <blogan> taht ship has sailed!
20:12:39 <Frito> haha @ blogan
20:12:42 <rm_work> lol i might unsail it by proposing the SSH driver again as a CR :P
20:12:44 <rm_work> we'll see
20:12:45 <xgerman> that’s the in-thing todo
20:13:09 <johnsom> Oh look!  A shiny ball with "Go" on the side....
20:13:28 <dougwig> Perl!
20:13:37 <johnsom> Ok, moving on....
20:13:42 <xgerman> the 90s called and want their Perl back...
20:13:45 <johnsom> #topic Open Discussion
20:13:55 <johnsom> Other topics for today?
20:13:58 <blogan> dougwig: do you need anything to construct a timeline?
20:14:11 <dougwig> Mostly an estimate from you
20:15:40 <xgerman> what’s this trove|sahara|octavia on the ML about?
20:15:49 <blogan> well we need to figure out how much developer manpower we have to do the things
20:16:08 <blogan> unless you expect me to do all of it, which i can do a good amount but i don't know if i can do all of it in a timely manner
20:16:18 <dougwig> blogan: I'll ping you offline. I'm on my phone now.
20:16:25 <johnsom> Trove is "commenting" that the elements don't do what they want, so they want to create a new "DIB".  That is my take
20:16:32 <blogan> dougwig: quit traveling!
20:16:42 <xgerman> blogan +1
20:16:57 <xgerman> use more teleconferencing
20:17:17 <TrevorV> dougwig blogan johnsom however that action item list is generated, I'm really passionate about the spinout, so let me know what we need and I'll dive head-first into getting it done
20:17:18 <johnsom> Personally, I have issues with the current elements too (bloated Ubuntu cloud image), but overall DIB works pretty well
20:17:42 <blogan> TrevorV: you're welcome to start working on any of those at any time
20:17:53 <Frito> idiot question: DIB?
20:18:00 <dougwig> We could also hand create a tiny image.
20:18:02 <johnsom> DIB = Disk Image Builder
20:18:05 <blogan> maybe we should prioritize them
20:18:16 <TrevorV> blogan is it already prioritized and listed in dependent order?  Meaning top of the list requires being done first?
20:18:18 <johnsom> It's part of the triple-o project that Octavia uses to create the amphora image
20:18:36 <johnsom> dougwig I think that is what rm_work is looking at right now
20:18:39 <TrevorV> The moment we know "this is the first thing to do", I'm on it.  Period.
20:18:45 <rm_work> I am looking at some of our DIB elements
20:18:52 <rm_work> but I haven't started to really mess with them yet
20:18:55 <Frito> thx johnsom. That gave me enough to google :-)
20:19:12 <blogan> TrevorV: no, which i just mentioned, but some of it could just be done, they all need to be done to get be done with the spinout
20:19:16 <blogan> so they're kind of all equal priority
20:19:28 <blogan> i have an optional section for things that don't need
20:19:40 <johnsom> Do you all want to track this in launchpad or RFE bugs?
20:19:44 <xgerman> did we even +2/A that spec?
20:19:54 <johnsom> No yet
20:19:57 <xgerman> putting the carriage before the horse, are we?
20:20:01 <blogan> xgerman: no i think it still needs some more thoughts from the community, like you :)
20:20:30 <blogan> but yeah putting the definite stuff in launchpad would be a good idea
20:20:43 <TrevorV> Yeah, if we definitely need to hash out the review more, I'll take a look and ask questions I'll have, but I will definitely get started.
20:21:01 <johnsom> Ok, everyone please look at:
20:21:07 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/310667/
20:21:25 <johnsom> Comment, etc.  Somewhere along here I will load up launchpad
20:22:31 <TrevorV> I'll do exactly that.
20:23:16 <johnsom> Ok, cool.  Any other open discussion topics
20:23:17 <johnsom> ?
20:23:45 <TrevorV> johnsom when is official last day of HP in lbaas?
20:23:47 <TrevorV> Do we know?
20:24:10 <xgerman> HP will stay — just the work will migrate to a new team-ish
20:24:26 <johnsom> Well, just to clarify, we will still be around, it's just the scope of work and number of people participating will decrease.
20:24:50 <johnsom> Right, there is in theory some new people that might get involved.
20:24:51 <TrevorV> Oh, okay gotcha.  Misunderstood.
20:25:03 <Frito> Love it: "in theory"
20:25:26 <dougwig> I'm not counting chickens.
20:25:38 <johnsom> Yeah, well, I haven't met them yet, so, right, not counting what I don't have
20:26:00 <dougwig> We all hope it works out, of course.
20:26:01 <blogan> brains?
20:26:03 <blogan> BOOM!!!
20:26:07 <Frito> understood :-)
20:26:11 * blogan slithers back into his hole
20:26:20 * blogan aplogizes
20:26:21 <johnsom> blogan Look who is talking towgan
20:26:26 <dougwig> Trollgan
20:26:59 <blogan> s/towgan/Trollgan/g
20:27:15 <johnsom> Ok, on that note...  I will close out the meeting.
20:27:21 <dougwig> Heh
20:27:22 <johnsom> #endmeeting