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20:00:24 <rm_work> o/
20:00:26 <johnsom> Helps if I can type the room name....
20:00:27 <TrevorV> NOW you do the "I'm here" line :D
20:00:27 <bana_k> hi
20:00:28 <fnaval> o/
20:00:29 <sbelous_> hi
20:00:37 <TrevorV> Then you're in there for the roll call :P
20:00:46 <bharathm> hi everyone
20:00:54 <Frito> meh ;-)
20:00:57 <blogan> hi
20:01:10 <johnsom> Hello everyone.  I have a short agenda for today, so could be a quick one.
20:01:17 <johnsom> #topic Announcements
20:01:38 <dougwig> o/
20:01:44 <johnsom> I will be traveling next week and cannot host this meeting.  Does someone want to chair or should we cancel?
20:01:54 <dougwig> i can cover.
20:01:59 <sbalukoff> Hey folks!
20:02:08 <johnsom> Ok, thank you dougwig!
20:02:09 <sbalukoff> I'm also traveling next week.
20:02:14 <sbalukoff> Thanks dougwig!
20:02:35 <johnsom> Any other announcements?
20:02:55 <TrevorV> I'm awesome.  That is all.
20:03:14 <blogan> he did ask for any other lies
20:03:14 * johnsom glares at TrevorV
20:03:16 <blogan> didnt
20:03:19 <dougwig> i guess announcements can technically be fiction.
20:03:29 <johnsom> FYI, newton-1 is May 30th
20:03:32 <TrevorV> why so mean....
20:03:36 <Frito> TrevorV meant he's awesome in the sense of that song by Spose
20:03:50 <TrevorV> You hush, FNG
20:03:54 <TrevorV> o_0
20:03:55 <rm_work> I always forget how soon those milestones are...
20:04:03 <sbalukoff> Heh!
20:04:14 <johnsom> #topic Brief progress reports
20:04:35 <evgenyf> o/
20:04:36 <dougwig> i still owe spec re-spins on the spinout. no progress, but good comments.
20:04:50 <rm_work> 90% of my time has been spent in meetings since I got back, so I haven't gotten much done with trying to get a smaller amp image
20:04:58 <johnsom> I have been poking at the failover bug with the namespace driver.  There is still something strange going on, so still WIP sadly.  Internal stuff as grabbed a chunk of my time.
20:05:06 <fnaval> I'm still working on some new neutron-lbaas v2 tests.   these have +2's already, it'd be great to get more +2's on them
20:05:12 <Frito> I've been working on getting the amphora / listener data loss thing done. The first part is out for review; the second part I'll probably bring up to discuss some later.
20:05:20 <fnaval> #link https://review.openstack.org/305525
20:05:28 <fnaval> #link https://review.openstack.org/306182
20:05:31 <TrevorV> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/310667
20:05:38 <johnsom> fnaval Thank you again for the work on the session persistence stuff!
20:05:40 <TrevorV> Hah, wrong review...
20:05:49 <TrevorV> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/257201/
20:05:50 <TrevorV> That one
20:06:02 <fnaval> yeah thanks for the quick review turnaround too
20:06:18 <johnsom> We still need to adjust some timeouts as I'm seeing amp boot times ~11:37 so our scenario tests are timing out failed.
20:06:22 <sbalukoff> I haven't anything to show the group. Been in meetings, working on internal stuff, or riding a motorcycle across the country since the conference. :/
20:06:31 <rm_work> Yeah, lot of reviewing of the spec for spin-out going on, but more needed
20:06:41 <sbalukoff> Ok.
20:06:42 <rm_work> I'd link it but TrevorV already did :P
20:07:06 <rm_work> johnsom: yeah if i can actually get further on minimal image, those issues might just go away :/
20:07:17 <xgerman> o/
20:07:18 <rm_work> I think that's the correct direction to be working
20:07:21 <johnsom> sbalukoff I got one doc to review from Leslie, but I'm not sure it was in gerrit (if I remember right).  It would be easier for me to review if it was
20:07:22 <blogan> 11 minutes!!!!!
20:07:33 <rm_work> I think I saw her propose something
20:07:43 <sbalukoff> johnsom: I think she got a revision of something in gerrit on Monday evening.
20:07:49 <sbalukoff> In the neutron-lbaas project.
20:08:06 <johnsom> Agreed, if we can find a way around the qemu/tsg issue and get the boot times down life would be better
20:08:26 <johnsom> sbalukoff Ok great!
20:08:55 <johnsom> #link http://logs.openstack.org/74/278874/13/check/gate-neutron-lbaasv2-dsvm-scenario/0374f53/logs/screen-o-cw.txt.gz
20:09:10 <blogan> i think the scenario tests would be much more reliable
20:09:12 <johnsom> That was the log from a test run where end-to-end the boot took 11:37
20:09:14 <blogan> and maybe one day, be voting
20:09:21 <rm_work> yeah i'm targetting <= 2m for boots even without vtx
20:09:30 <rm_work> but we'll see if that's feasible
20:09:35 <blogan> and with fnaval adding more scenario tests, we're going to hit the 2 hour timeout if it remains currently
20:09:36 <sbalukoff> That would be great!
20:09:42 <johnsom> That would be excellent.  Yeah, it's about 37 seconds with virt
20:10:00 <rm_work> yeah and that scales, so maybe would be down to like 10 with virt :P
20:10:26 <johnsom> Ok, any other progress reports etc?
20:10:27 <fnaval> nice
20:10:48 <johnsom> #topic Open Discussion
20:10:57 <johnsom> Other topics?
20:11:11 <Frito> I have some +1's on #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/312595 and would love some more reviews
20:11:17 <xgerman> there was something about topology on lb create
20:11:40 <Frito> I have a follow up on that regarding aggregating the amphora / listener stats and bubbling them up to Neutron LBaaS.
20:11:45 <johnsom> I feel a bit guilty as the weeks since the summit have been low cycles for me.
20:12:06 <TrevorV> So blogan rm_work ptoohill and I just got out of a meeting talking about work efforts for the Octavia Parity with Neutron LBaaS
20:12:11 <sbalukoff> johnsom: +1
20:12:18 <sbalukoff> And I'm not quite out of the woods yet. :/
20:12:23 <TrevorV> One of the requirements in the list right now is "Fields by query parameter"
20:12:24 <dougwig> do we want a mid-cycle for newton?
20:12:27 <TrevorV> Is this an optional field?
20:12:28 <sbalukoff> So, sorry, folks!
20:12:41 <sbalukoff> dougwig: Yes.
20:12:44 <rm_work> same johnsom / sbalukoff T_T
20:13:15 <johnsom> TrevorV I think that is the query filter right?
20:13:15 <rm_work> ^^ what TrevorV said
20:13:32 <johnsom> Or just the list of fields to return?
20:13:37 <rm_work> ^^ second one
20:13:39 <TrevorV> johnsom there is a "list query filter" and then there is "give me these fields for this resource I want"
20:13:43 <johnsom> Ok
20:13:49 <TrevorV> I'm talking about the second
20:13:50 <TrevorV> Yeah
20:13:56 <johnsom> Can't we steal that code from LBaaS/neutron?
20:13:58 <TrevorV> I'm thinking this is optional, but is it?
20:14:09 <sbalukoff> No idea.
20:14:19 <johnsom> It's optional from a query perspective, but for parity is would be required
20:14:26 <rm_work> it's not really "breaking" to give MORE info than required is it? >_>
20:14:39 <johnsom> I think there is an "OpenStack API guideline" somewhere
20:14:40 <rm_work> i mean... i guess if someone did some REALLY bad coding
20:15:00 <sbalukoff> rm_work: What? People code badly around OpenStack APIs? Never!
20:15:05 <rm_work> T_T
20:15:24 <blogan> i would put it at a low priority, filters are a higher priority
20:15:53 <johnsom> Speaking of, we need to talk about single create/delete.  We need to get that stuff merged soon and I want to get the client change done before we get told only in osc
20:15:56 <fnaval> heh
20:16:04 <johnsom> blogan +1
20:16:19 <rm_work> same
20:16:22 <rm_work> to both
20:16:42 <rm_work> client work should be FAIRLY straightforward there, I assume
20:16:47 <TrevorV> Yeah, please review my single-create that's Neutron LBaaS
20:17:01 <rm_work> since all the stuff is there already individually, just need to kinda cobble it together into a new single call
20:17:02 <johnsom> The client is basically done, it's just pending the API side being done
20:17:02 <TrevorV> Its up there, been there a month now :P
20:17:09 <rm_work> ah lol
20:17:13 <rm_work> shows how much I've seen
20:17:16 <blogan> TrevorV: is it working?
20:17:20 <rm_work> I guess I only look at Octavia reviews these days
20:17:27 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/288187/
20:17:39 <TrevorV> blogan I have 1 known bug for l7rule, but I'm working that out.  Everything else gets through octavia and in the haproxy config.
20:18:03 <johnsom> Is that just create or is delete in it's final(ish) api form?
20:18:47 <blogan> just create
20:18:53 <rm_work> who was working on delete? that's a separate effort right?
20:18:54 <blogan> another review needs to add the delete
20:19:02 <rm_work> I know xgerman WAS working on it, but did someone take over?
20:19:09 <xgerman> blogan did
20:19:13 <rm_work> lol
20:19:22 <blogan> i rushed a quick spin on it before the Mitaka deadline but it got axed
20:19:32 <rm_work> but review is still up
20:19:35 <sbalukoff> Right.
20:19:43 <rm_work> do you have it handy to link?
20:19:56 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/287593/
20:20:02 <blogan> i may have abandoned it bc its not the right way to do it now
20:20:09 <rm_work> cool
20:20:21 <rm_work> oh, lol, so it'll need to be scrapped and redone?
20:20:33 <blogan> it should be put into the same endpoint as the single create
20:20:44 <TrevorV> cascade delete will need to be updated to be off "/graph" endpoint.
20:20:47 <blogan> well a lot of the code can probably be reused
20:20:53 <TrevorV> The actual cascade changes may not actually need updated.
20:20:54 <TrevorV> Yeah
20:20:59 <blogan> like below the plugin layer should remain the same
20:21:04 * xgerman shudders about graph
20:21:09 <johnsom> I'm just saying Armando is on a hunt for client things to push into OSC (see his comment on my patch), so if we want cascade delete in the client, we likely need to move soonish
20:21:11 <sbalukoff> Heh!
20:21:35 <johnsom> I will sign up to update the client code, I just need to know the new endpoint plan
20:22:31 <blogan> DELETE /graphs/<lb_id>
20:22:43 <sbalukoff> +1
20:22:46 <johnsom> Ok
20:22:53 <TrevorV> Yep.
20:23:05 * johnsom waits for dougwig to throw paint on it
20:23:17 <TrevorV> Ha ha.
20:23:46 * dougwig 's paint bucket is empty
20:23:48 <blogan> i thought dougwig is happy with that call
20:23:52 <blogan> and i did just put words into his mouth
20:23:56 <blogan> he is my puppet
20:24:22 <johnsom> Ok, cool.  I will take an action to make the required client changes for that.  Who can take the API side?
20:24:32 * blogan looks around
20:24:43 * johnsom steps back
20:24:44 <sbalukoff> Sorry, I can't just yet. :/
20:24:49 <TrevorV> johnsom are those separate efforts for neutron lbaas?
20:24:59 <blogan> TrevorV: teh client and api?
20:25:09 <TrevorV> Oh oh oh the CLI versus the API you mean?
20:25:10 <xgerman> will never work on an endpoint called graph for deleting as loadbalancer
20:25:22 <johnsom> I think create, delete, and client are all separate patches.
20:25:43 <TrevorV> Uh... I'm now lost.
20:25:46 <blogan> yes they are all
20:25:55 <blogan> xgerman: such a downer
20:26:12 <xgerman> I thought people knew my position on this
20:26:12 * blogan watches xgerman take his ball and go home
20:26:16 <sbalukoff> Haha
20:26:27 <sbalukoff> I think he's just looking for an excuse to do just that. ;)
20:26:44 <sbalukoff> Like being moved to a team that will eat up all his time with containers. ;)
20:27:11 <blogan> TrevorV: can you work on the cascade delete?
20:27:11 <johnsom> I would comment as well, but I have to get on stage and present with him next week
20:27:18 <sbalukoff> Hahaha!
20:27:40 <xgerman> yeah, we are coming to San Antonio :-O)
20:27:46 <TrevorV> blogan I think I can do that...
20:27:56 <johnsom> TrevorV You are the man!
20:27:58 <blogan> TrevorV: okay cool thanks
20:28:10 <TrevorV> Sure thing.
20:28:15 <xgerman> +1 TrevorGraph
20:28:20 <TrevorV> Ouch xgerman
20:28:21 * johnsom Hands xgerman's ball to TrevorV
20:28:28 * TrevorV pops the ball
20:28:28 <blogan> whoa
20:28:45 <TrevorV> (our meeting minutes have to be weird to other readers....)
20:28:56 <johnsom> Hahaha, yes, yes they do...
20:29:05 <blogan> i got another discussion topic
20:29:11 <blogan> if we've wrapped up that one
20:29:11 <sbalukoff> Uh-oh.
20:29:12 <Frito> me too
20:29:21 <blogan> Frito: dibs
20:29:26 <Frito> go for it
20:29:46 <johnsom> Ok cool.  I will work on that in some off hours and get the client update.  TrevorV let me know if you are going to adopt the current patch or start a new one.  I will need a depends-on link
20:30:12 <johnsom> Sigh, blogan....  grin
20:30:13 <TrevorV> johnsom sure thing.
20:30:24 <blogan> so with a certain company scaling back their involvement in lbaas, that leaves us with 2 cores who will not be as active
20:30:38 <sbalukoff> Ok.
20:30:39 <johnsom> Three actuall
20:31:01 <blogan> we previously kind of all had a gentlemen's agreement that features would not be merged with 2 cores from teh same company only reviewing it
20:31:12 <xgerman> yep
20:31:13 <blogan> well only 2 +2's from the same company
20:31:13 <johnsom> But one will still be semi-active.  How is that for vague
20:31:35 <sbalukoff> Heh!
20:31:49 <johnsom> there are still five companies with cores, four of which are semi-active
20:31:51 <blogan> so with THREE cores now being that way, i think we should do away with that, because its really just ibm and rackspace at that point and half an HP'er
20:32:05 <dougwig> or we could just merge octavia-core and neutron-lbaas-core
20:32:06 <xgerman> A10?
20:32:08 <sbalukoff> And I hope to be more active than I have been for the last 4 weeks or so. Trying to get more IBM people to show up to the IRC channel and meetings, but obviously haven't had much success with that yet.
20:32:14 <blogan> dougwig doesn't count
20:32:19 <sbalukoff> Haha!
20:32:21 <xgerman> of course not
20:32:25 <dougwig> now you sound like my wife.
20:32:37 <Frito> lol
20:32:43 <blogan> dougwig: if we merged them wouldn't just net  another racker and another HP'er?
20:32:47 * johnsom give dougwig permission to -2 the world to prove a point
20:32:56 <dougwig> plus an ibm
20:32:56 <TrevorV> So maybe not necessarily a "do away with", but what about a time-limit?  What about waiting for a period of time before the second +2+A for it to merge?
20:33:00 <TrevorV> Like, say, 48 hours
20:33:04 <blogan> so same situation almost
20:33:08 <sbalukoff> I'm not a neutron-lbaas-core right nowl
20:33:25 <sbalukoff> But yes, it's close to the same situation.
20:33:28 <dougwig> ibm, a10, rax, at a minimum.  that's more spread than we started with in n-l.
20:34:08 <blogan> very well, although i never agreed with that rule anyway, at least not until someone abused it
20:34:26 <sbalukoff> We could also go with the gentleman's agreement that if a patch sits there for, say, more than 2 weeks with a +2 on it, and no -1 from another core, then a core from the same company should feel free to +A.
20:34:30 <sbalukoff> As a stop-gap anyway.
20:34:32 <johnsom> Ok, so I am ok with a time limit.  One condition would be if any core -1's it doesn't +A.  I.e. give someone a chance to hold a merge for review.
20:34:48 <dougwig> i'm fine with the "we'll deal with it if it's a problem" approach.
20:34:53 <blogan> sbalukoff: fine with that but maybe a shorter time frame
20:34:59 <TrevorV> Alright, but sbalukoff 2 weeks could be a really long time when we start iterating on bug fixes and the like
20:35:04 <blogan> johnsom: i think everyone mostly does that anyway
20:35:12 <rm_work> sbalukoff: +1
20:35:19 <sbalukoff> I'd be happy for a much shorter time frame for bug fixes.
20:35:26 <rm_work> yeah
20:35:29 <sbalukoff> but new features... probably ought to go 2 weeks.
20:35:30 <rm_work> maybe 1 week for bug fixes
20:35:37 <fnaval> thanks for talking about this - it's important! ;-)
20:35:38 <TrevorV> That's still a long time...
20:35:40 <rm_work> but since this is all gentlemen's agreement anyway... just be good about it
20:35:42 <johnsom> I'm fine with that
20:35:50 <sbalukoff> Yep.
20:35:50 <rm_work> yeah but if it's really urgent, ping people
20:35:58 <sbalukoff> rm_work: +1000
20:36:04 <TrevorV> I've pinged a million times for single-create reviews... haven't seen anyone but phil
20:36:05 <dougwig> rm_work: +2
20:36:06 <TrevorV> o_0
20:36:14 <sbalukoff> I can sometimes be reached even when I'm underwater working on internal stuff. :)
20:36:17 <xgerman> I am in the channel - so would see it
20:36:17 <rm_work> yeah that isn't ... urgent
20:36:23 <johnsom> My biggest drag is I want to install and try these things, which I don't always have the resources available to do.
20:36:25 <TrevorV> You hush your mouth rm_work
20:36:37 <sbalukoff> Haha
20:36:40 <sbalukoff> johnsom: +1
20:36:42 <blogan> i just ahven't seen any of "push this in because our company needs it and it breaks everyone else, but so what" attitudes so i'm not worried about it either way
20:36:47 <TrevorV> Alright, so about a week for any changes, or 2 weeks for changes and 1 week for bugs?
20:37:23 <sbalukoff> 2 weeks for feature changes / additions... 1 week for bugs.
20:37:23 <TrevorV> (I like being explicit, that way I can't complain if it happens too fast, or I CAN complain if it takes too long)
20:37:28 <johnsom> Yeah, same here, if it's really blocking you, please feel free to nag me
20:37:30 <sbalukoff> Though, of course, just use good judgement.
20:37:55 <sbalukoff> If it's a bug fix that's like 1 line and it's holding you up and is very unlikely to break anyone else... just get the damned thing merged!
20:37:58 <johnsom> sbalukoff +1
20:38:09 <blogan> so lets use common sense!
20:38:13 <sbalukoff> Haha!
20:38:13 <TrevorV> Alright, well, apparently I'm the only one that wants a set value....
20:38:15 <TrevorV> Fine.
20:38:16 <TrevorV> Whatever.
20:38:17 <Frito> common sense isn't too common
20:38:19 <TrevorV> Hate you all.  Just a little.
20:38:20 <johnsom> Please two sets of eyes though, rage merges are still un-cool
20:38:28 <sbalukoff> TrevorV: We have "wet concrete guidelines"
20:38:31 <blogan> decision: we are good stewards of the project and use common sense
20:38:39 <sbalukoff> johnsom: +1
20:38:56 <xgerman> blogan +1
20:39:11 <rm_work> oh, did anyone say what they actually thought of merging the core groups?
20:39:21 <rm_work> It'll happen anyway when we finish the spinoff
20:39:31 <xgerman> sure,  sounds good
20:39:31 <johnsom> Yeah, to me that is just a timing thing
20:39:33 <rm_work> sooo... i don't care -- though i won't be +2ing anything n-lbaas anyway prolly
20:39:34 <sbalukoff> I'm OK with that.
20:39:43 <rm_work> but go ahead IMO
20:39:54 <rm_work> it does make us a very large core group
20:39:57 <xgerman> I could -2 graph…
20:40:01 <rm_work> ... do we need to do any pruning?
20:40:09 <sbalukoff> xgerman: We know where you live.
20:40:12 <rm_work> or are we just going to worry about that later
20:40:26 <rm_work> we should have an official vote / proposal for this on the ML right?
20:40:27 <xgerman> sbalukoff I have combat chicken
20:40:39 <rm_work> since I don't think we have a majority here actually :/
20:40:50 <sbalukoff> xgerman: I see you combat chicken and raise you a combat duck.
20:41:01 <sbalukoff> We're going amphibious, baby!
20:41:08 <dougwig> nah, we can skip the bureaucracy.
20:41:26 <fnaval> i wonder those animals taste like
20:41:37 <sbalukoff> fnaval: Delicious.
20:41:45 <fnaval> lol yeah my thoughts too
20:41:48 <rm_work> ok
20:42:06 <TrevorV> There was so little information in the last 10 lines....
20:42:09 <TrevorV> ha ha ha
20:42:26 <blogan> i have o idea what just happened
20:42:33 <johnsom> Ok, so are we good on cores/+A?
20:42:45 <sbalukoff> TrevorV: You have to read between the lines. The message there reads, "Nobody is against this, so let's do it."
20:42:52 <TrevorV> I see...
20:42:53 <dougwig> mid-cycle, i heard one yes.  if we had one, how many would attend?
20:43:09 * dougwig raises hand.
20:43:18 <rm_work> I probably would, though it depends on where it is
20:43:19 <TrevorV> Depending on location, Rackspace will probably attend
20:43:22 <sbalukoff> dougwig: I'm almost certain I could attend. Other IBMers attending would depend on location.
20:43:33 <TrevorV> Also, when?
20:43:37 <xgerman> nope
20:43:38 <rm_work> and when, yeah
20:43:44 * johnsom gets "the future is cloudy"
20:43:47 <xgerman> unless it’s in San Diego
20:43:48 <blogan> as always depends on where, though i'm not sure if i'd be allowed to attend now
20:43:49 <sbalukoff> Yes, when is important.
20:43:51 <dougwig> is 'depends on location' code for "if it's at rax" ?  or "if it's in seattle?"  :)
20:43:52 <fnaval> if at rackspace, i'd be there
20:43:54 <rm_work> so, we should try? but we need to propose a date and location to really get a firm idea
20:44:00 <rm_work> which may then tell us whether to do it or not
20:44:09 <rm_work> for me it's location
20:44:24 <rm_work> I may *be* in WA already depending on when it is, planning to spend some time up there this year prolly
20:44:29 <blogan> i'd like to attend but with my new role i dont know how likely that is, rm_work, TrevorV, and/or ptoohill might be better to go over me
20:44:31 <sbalukoff> No, IBMers showing up would probably be best with San Jose. However, I don't see any of those IBMers here voicing their opinion, so... San Antonio it is!
20:44:32 <rm_work> esp. around when the midcycle might be, lol
20:44:34 <dougwig> i'd lean towards june sometime, but it sounds like location is the harder part.
20:44:55 <blogan> boise!
20:44:56 <rm_work> so for me it might be easier if it's WA, heh
20:45:04 <sbalukoff> I would absolutely do Boise.
20:45:08 <dougwig> frankly, i'm fine with san antonio.
20:45:09 <TrevorV> location is a huge part.  I'm not even sure if Rackspace *will* host... We'd have to get that information
20:45:14 <dougwig> i'd also be fine with boise.  ;-)
20:45:14 <sbalukoff> Boise has some fun festivals and stuff in June, IIRC.
20:45:19 <rm_work> yeah I'm ok with Boise prolly
20:45:34 <rm_work> but that's me in a void without any knowledge of RAX's budget and where i'll be
20:45:40 <sbalukoff> We could do it at my parents' house.
20:45:48 <rm_work> lol
20:45:54 <sbalukoff> And I'm actually not even joking about that. They have space to host like 60 people.
20:45:57 <TrevorV> Only if we get pancakes
20:46:01 <rm_work> LAN Party at Stephen's parents place!!!
20:46:03 <dougwig> if it's in boise, the worst case is me sitting in an office, sad and alone. aka, every day.
20:46:05 <sbalukoff> HAHA!
20:46:10 <rm_work> I feel like I'm in highschool
20:46:23 <sbalukoff> rm_work: So what are your plans for the senior prom?
20:46:24 <TrevorV> I would totally crash sbalukoff 's family's house...
20:46:32 <TrevorV> He's going with me
20:46:33 <TrevorV> o_0
20:46:34 <rm_work> lol
20:46:38 <blogan> i'm not sure its safe to be around the people who spawned sbalukoff
20:46:43 <sbalukoff> HAha!
20:46:45 <TrevorV> ha ha ha ha
20:46:45 <dougwig> haha
20:46:47 <TrevorV> That's true
20:46:49 <johnsom> hahaha
20:47:05 <rm_work> these meetings
20:47:15 <fnaval> oh no you didn't
20:47:18 <dougwig> i expect there are a lot of bernie sanders signs.  or trump signs.  i doubt it's anywhere in-between.
20:47:23 <sbalukoff> Ok, well, I doubt we're going to get a decision this week on location or time.
20:47:23 <TrevorV> Every other team envies us, you know it/
20:47:34 <rm_work> ok, thoughts on time?
20:47:42 <sbalukoff> dougwig: To my surprise, it was Sanders signs.
20:47:43 <rm_work> even tentatively, just ... when would a "mid"cycle be
20:47:53 <xgerman> Corvallis is also nice any time of year ;-)
20:47:53 <sbalukoff> dougwig: Mostly because they absolutely cannot stand Hillary.
20:48:10 <sbalukoff> June sometime would be my vote.
20:48:13 <rm_work> no Gary Johnson fans? >_>
20:48:20 <sbalukoff> Like mid-June-ish.
20:48:49 <blogan> GJ!
20:49:01 <rm_work> ok, mid June is when I might already be visiting WA, depending on how my plans develop
20:49:07 <blogan> not August for me
20:49:14 <rm_work> so I could drive or fly from BLI to whatever Boise's airport is
20:49:16 <johnsom> Yeah, I can host in Corvallis.
20:49:16 <sbalukoff> Personally, I'm going with Vermin Supreme. I'm looking forward to a pony-based economy and going back in time to kill Hitler.
20:49:25 <rm_work> lol
20:49:35 <rm_work> What's the minimal pony-unit? one full pony?
20:49:37 <sbalukoff> Ooh! Corvallis is also nice.
20:49:38 <rm_work> that could be problematic
20:49:46 <blogan> I'd be fine with boise or corvallis, they're different
20:49:47 <rm_work> unless there are pony-derivitives markets
20:50:04 <blogan> we could also do Windcrest
20:50:11 <rm_work> rofl how is that different
20:50:15 <blogan> shhh
20:50:17 <rm_work> i don't think people want to get shot
20:50:21 <sbalukoff> Er... maybe we should have people look into serious options and come back next week (or in two, since johsom and I will be out next week)?
20:50:26 <rm_work> yeah
20:50:38 <blogan> corvallis and boise sound serious as long as they can host
20:50:42 <sbalukoff> I want to make sure that Frito gets time for his topic.
20:50:44 <fnaval> haha
20:50:46 <rm_work> though I'm tentatively ok with Boise or Corvallis June-ish
20:50:50 <blogan> oh god i forgot about Frito
20:50:55 <blogan> he should have been more pushy
20:50:55 <rm_work> yeah any other topics? lol
20:50:56 <Frito> whoots sbalukoff. I was wondering if the group forgot
20:51:04 * blogan did
20:51:07 <rm_work> Frito: you have to say something or we'll just BS forever and end it
20:51:08 <Frito> Regarding pushing listener statistics from Octavia to Neutron LBaaS. If we leave the propigation in the heartbeat handler as it is today we run the risk of increased likelyhood of race conditions and such.
20:51:09 <Frito> The other thing I can see doing is having a background process in HouseKeeping that rolls the data up before sending the message back up to NLBaaS.
20:51:11 <Frito> The risk here comes in from things like someone deleting a listener between rollup cycles and losing a little data. So this route might involve a soft delete until the rollup happens then a hard delete.
20:51:12 <Frito> So vote on rollup in heartbeat handler vs background process for rollup vs something else assuming this is the forum for it?
20:51:13 <rm_work> oh god actual work
20:51:14 <Frito> Also, sorry if this isn't the right forum for this question / discussion.
20:51:14 <blogan> whoa!
20:51:21 <blogan> quick typer
20:51:26 <rm_work> he was SOOOO ready
20:51:29 <Frito> I had it t yped up in notepad already assuming I'd be time crunched.
20:51:46 <sbalukoff> Heh!
20:52:04 <TrevorV> He's too ready... we don't have time for his readiness.
20:52:06 <rm_work> I am still not super worried about the heartbeat handler doing this stuff since it's a quick processing and bump to a queue
20:52:06 <rm_work> but
20:52:08 <fnaval> the long pause while everyone reads it
20:52:12 <sbalukoff> So, having had 30 seconds to think about this, I think data consistency is key here, and not worry too much about losing data from a very short-lived listener.
20:52:18 <blogan> nlbaas only needs the stats for customers to see right?
20:52:19 <Frito> I'm still thinking through it and all that. It's dependent on that other review I have out there but I wanted to bring it up.
20:52:21 <johnsom> Frito We already have a soft delete at the load balancer level
20:52:24 <rm_work> I think we'd need to really get an idea of scale and performance and when it'd really be a problem
20:52:37 <Frito> johnsom: this would be at the listener_statistics level
20:52:38 <sbalukoff> rm_work: +1
20:52:38 <blogan> I'm wondering if we even need to push stats up to nlbaas
20:52:51 <TrevorV> I don't think we need to push stats to nlbaas
20:52:53 <TrevorV> But that's me
20:52:54 <rm_work> yeah probably not
20:52:56 <Frito> blogan: that's another thought I had.
20:52:59 <sbalukoff> blogan: Oh, are you thinking people should query Octavia
20:53:02 <rm_work> because honestly either the driver can pull it
20:53:03 <sbalukoff> API directly?
20:53:10 <rm_work> or ... we're about to merge the twp
20:53:12 <rm_work> *two
20:53:14 <dougwig> " I think data consistency is key here" -- clearly a mission for mongo
20:53:17 <rm_work> lol
20:53:24 <blogan> currently, whenever a stats call is requested by a customer, nlbaas will ask teh driver for it and update the table in the db and return that to the user through teh API
20:53:27 <xgerman> cassandra?
20:53:27 <rm_work> I think our octavia driver can PULL the stats from octavia with n-lbaas
20:53:30 <Frito> lol @ nosql
20:53:32 <rm_work> don't think it needs to be in both places
20:53:34 <blogan> thats how V1 did it
20:53:38 <sbalukoff> dougwig: Oh, haha! I'd forgotten that some openstack systems use that pile of crap. Like the one that gathers stats. XD
20:53:44 <blogan> and since nlbaas is going away, should we really do more than that?
20:53:46 <blogan> for nlbaas
20:53:48 <rm_work> right
20:53:49 <johnsom> Can't we just do a stats pass through for nlbaas or the octavia api?
20:53:57 <rm_work> i don't want to devote too much effort working on n-lbaas stuff
20:54:00 <blogan> johnsom: thats essentially what its donig
20:54:00 <rm_work> johnsom: yes
20:54:04 <rm_work> that is what i am saying too
20:54:08 <sbalukoff> Well, the stats model in n-lbaas is really, really primitive.
20:54:17 <blogan> it still needs to handle listener stats
20:54:22 <sbalukoff> We didn't spend much time on that at all when we built the lbaas v2 api / model.
20:54:24 <blogan> sbalukoff: it is but why improve it and we're giong to throw it away?
20:54:30 <rm_work> yeah
20:54:31 <rm_work> ^^ this
20:54:34 <sbalukoff> Right.
20:54:37 <sbalukoff> Agreed.
20:54:50 <Frito> so many words to keep up with. I'll have to re-read after.
20:54:51 <rm_work> i'd rather spend the time towards finishing what we need to deprecate n-lbaas, rather than do yet more work in it
20:55:08 <blogan> it only ever served as af unction for the user to get the current stats for their load balancer, that can still easily happen without octavia sending stats up to nlbaas
20:55:09 <johnsom> blogan +1
20:55:10 <sbalukoff> Frito: I don't think anyone here really knows what the right answer is right now.
20:55:15 <Frito> Yea, this would just be moving the call that's in the bottom of the current heartbeat right now.
20:55:17 <Frito> Right
20:55:25 <blogan> i know the right answer!
20:55:28 <rm_work> i vote leave it for now
20:55:35 <Frito> makes sense. I wanted to toss it out there. We can follow up in #openstack-lbaas if need be
20:55:40 <sbalukoff> blogan: You don't count.
20:55:42 <rm_work> yeah i'll need to look
20:55:45 <blogan> add listener stats support to nlbaas, but leave it as a passthrough to the driver
20:55:52 <sbalukoff> Ok.
20:55:52 <blogan> sbalukoff: :(
20:56:05 <rm_work> yeah i mean, stats HAVE TO come in through the heartbeat sooo
20:56:09 <rm_work> just ... put them in our DB
20:56:11 <rm_work> and leave it at that
20:56:17 <blogan> rm_work: you mean octavia's db
20:56:20 <rm_work> yes
20:56:20 <sbalukoff> Sure.
20:56:22 <rm_work> our
20:56:24 <Frito> rm_work: they are already in octavias db
20:56:33 <rm_work> exactly
20:56:33 <rm_work> so
20:56:34 <johnsom> I think we should handle stats as they come into healthmanager in octavia, and just query pass through from nlbaas to octavia DB for requests.
20:56:38 <rm_work> don't change anything :p
20:56:44 <Frito> current implementation has some holes in it where Neutrons stuff gets overwritten and all that w/ multiple amphorae
20:56:45 <rm_work> yeah this ^^ johnsom ++
20:57:07 <rm_work> i don't think there's an actual problem
20:57:08 <Frito> johnsom: cool. Okay. I didn't think of that.
20:57:09 <blogan> yeah, octavia will still need some mechanisms to send stats off to something like ceilometer
20:57:16 <rm_work> yeah but that'll be separate
20:57:16 <blogan> that shouldn't be in nlbaaas
20:57:24 <sbalukoff> blogan: +1
20:57:26 <johnsom> Frito +1 yes, current implementation is not complete.
20:57:54 <blogan> ok 2 mins, sounds like we've got consensus on this
20:58:07 <blogan> Frito: got it?
20:58:11 <johnsom> Agreed, the celio or whatever part is separate from this.
20:58:24 <sbalukoff> Man, for a short meeting, we sure managed to fill the hour. Mostly with useless banter, but, eh...
20:58:25 <Frito> Consensus enough. Leave as is for the message back up and at some point in the future the API will get re-routed (for lack of a better term)
20:58:31 <rm_work> yep
20:58:37 <Frito> yea, driver is a different discussion for me
20:58:40 <rm_work> we don't need to be sending stats to n-lbaas IMO
20:58:45 <johnsom> sbalukoff I knew I was doomed as soon as I typed it.
20:58:51 <rm_work> essentially we should just NOT, and let n-lbaas query octavia
20:59:07 <Frito> Right on. Thx all
20:59:08 <rm_work> aaaanywho, meeting over then?
20:59:08 <johnsom> rm_work +1
20:59:10 <Frito> 30 seconds left :-D
20:59:11 <blogan> still need to add listeners to the nlbaas stats though
20:59:19 <sbalukoff> Heh!
20:59:34 <johnsom> Yeah, that API probably needs to be enhanced.
20:59:35 <sbalukoff> So it'll be a pass-through, as I (reluctantly) agree with blogan, eh.
20:59:37 <sbalukoff> ;)
20:59:51 <johnsom> Ok, thanks folks!
20:59:57 <sbalukoff> Thanks y'all!
20:59:58 <blogan> yes!
20:59:59 <fnaval> cool thanks! o/
21:00:03 <blogan> dance puppet
21:00:05 <johnsom> #endmeeting