20:00:33 <xgerman> #startmeeting Octavia
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20:00:40 <xgerman> #chair johnsom
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20:00:42 <diltram> hey
20:00:42 <openstack> Current chairs: johnsom xgerman
20:00:43 <rm_work> o/
20:00:46 <fnaval> o/
20:00:52 <Frito> o/
20:00:53 <xgerman> We gotta start on time ;-)
20:00:53 <sbalukoff_> Howdy, folks!
20:01:10 <TrevorV|Home> o/
20:01:19 <sbalukoff_> Here's the agenda:
20:01:20 <eezhova> hi
20:01:21 <perelman> hi
20:01:23 <sbalukoff_> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Octavia/Weekly_Meeting_Agenda#Meeting_2016-06-15
20:01:24 <xgerman> now since I don’t pay attention the the agenda would be good if johnsom shows up
20:01:48 <xgerman> #topic Announcements
20:02:02 <xgerman> Octavia / Neutron-LBaaS mid-cycle
20:02:14 <xgerman> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/lbaas-octavia-newton-midcycle
20:02:19 <sbalukoff_> So, last week we decided on the mid-cycle dates and location, correct?
20:02:29 <xgerman> think so
20:02:39 <sbalukoff_> Any updates from the RAX folks on the availability of space in SA for us to meet?
20:03:07 <Frito> TrevorV|Home: --^
20:03:10 <sbalukoff_> (We've all been assuming we could do it there...  I think someone was going to make inquiries on that?)
20:03:14 <xgerman> I know I will regret that
20:03:19 <xgerman> #chair sbalukoff
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20:03:21 <openstack> Current chairs: johnsom sbalukoff xgerman
20:03:28 <sbalukoff_> Heh!
20:03:28 <xgerman> #chair sbalukoff_
20:03:29 <openstack> Current chairs: johnsom sbalukoff sbalukoff_ xgerman
20:03:38 <TrevorV|Home> Yes, we're able to host for those dates
20:03:42 <sbalukoff_> Ok, sounds good.
20:03:47 <sbalukoff_> Any other announcements?
20:03:57 <fnaval> Week of Aug 22
20:03:59 <dougwig> ha, i booked tickets, so i hope that's a formality
20:04:07 <sbalukoff_> fnaval: Correct.
20:04:15 <sbalukoff_> Week of Aug 22 in San Antonio at the Castle.
20:04:25 <sbalukoff_> Ok, moving on...
20:04:26 <fnaval> @Rackspace HQ
20:04:30 <sbalukoff_> #topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review
20:04:31 <TrevorV|Home> dougwig, it wasn't a formality, last week I think I had asked for a week before anyone set it in stone, but it won't be a problem either way
20:04:53 <sbalukoff_> Looks like we got a bunch of stuff reviewed / merged last week. So.. yay!
20:04:58 <xgerman> I think getting meeting space is a precondition for johns starting at RAX
20:05:04 <xgerman> johnsom
20:05:08 <fnaval> Working mostly on internal stuff; but I have a few outstanding reviews
20:05:15 <fnaval> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/306669/
20:05:15 <perelman> i have sme fixed bug that already has +2 but needs to be merged
20:05:20 <perelman> here is the link
20:05:21 <fnaval> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/308091/
20:05:30 <fnaval> also need help on this one:
20:05:35 <fnaval> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/321087/
20:05:46 <perelman> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/321398/
20:06:07 * Frito has been working on internal RAX billing stuff.
20:06:31 <Frito> Also been distracted with interns and another project I was / am on?? lol
20:06:33 <eezhova> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/329924/
20:06:41 <sbalukoff_> Note that I will certainly be working on internal stuff mostly over the next week, though of course I'll try to make some time for reviews and stuff as well.
20:06:54 <perelman> by the way, regarding Active Active blueprint and upload of code. I am currently uploading many patches of implementation as WIP because we wait for approve of the blue print
20:06:57 <TrevorV|Home> I've finished my internal-focused task this week, so I'll be doing more reviews/contributions coming up
20:07:23 <perelman> I think a guy from our team has answered to all the comments. Could anyone look at the blueprints?
20:07:26 <eezhova> ^this a fix for failing stable/mitaka jobs in neutron/neutron-lbaas/octavia
20:07:35 <sbalukoff_> I notice there have been a ton of comments on that blueprint in the last week. So thank y'all for doing that, eh!
20:07:55 <sbalukoff_> eezhova: Ok, high priority fix then.
20:07:55 <diltram> perelman: I will take a look after the meeting
20:08:02 <eezhova> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/329973/
20:08:16 <eezhova> and that's for liberty
20:08:33 <sbalukoff_> Ok.
20:08:56 <sbalukoff_> Anyone else want to report on progress and / or links for stuff needing reviews?
20:09:12 <diltram> I'm a 100% Octavia/LBaaS contributor so I will make a lot of reviews
20:09:15 <perelman> thanks!
20:09:22 <sbalukoff_> diltram: Awesome!
20:09:26 <xgerman> diltram thanks
20:09:36 <kobis> diltram: great!
20:09:42 <sbalukoff_> diltram: Also, which company do you work for?
20:09:53 <diltram> In next few days probably I will upload a patchset with LXD installation as gate_hook in lbaas
20:10:16 <diltram> sbalukoff_: OSIC
20:10:23 <sbalukoff_> diltram: Cool beans!
20:10:34 <diltram> but Intel is paying my paystubs :P
20:10:42 <xgerman> sweet
20:10:46 <sbalukoff_> Nice.
20:10:54 <fnaval> thanks diltram - if you need more reviews, I got plenty
20:11:08 <diltram> fnaval: send them to me :P
20:11:08 <sbalukoff_> Any other progress reports?
20:11:24 <sbalukoff_> #topic LBaaS spinout
20:11:44 <sbalukoff_> Who added this agenda item?
20:11:56 <dougwig> that was me
20:11:59 <sbalukoff_> Apparently this is the link for the latest spec:
20:12:02 <sbalukoff_> #link  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/310805
20:12:16 <sbalukoff_> dougwig: Cool beans. The floor is yours, eh!
20:12:24 <dougwig> spec has been updated, and it now links some reviews from brandon to actually get things moving.
20:12:38 <dougwig> i just wanted to highlight, plus any spec discussion anyone wanted to have here.
20:13:07 <dougwig> if there's none, then just read that at some point, and we can move on.  :)
20:13:52 <sbalukoff_> I need to read through the latest version of that.
20:14:05 <sbalukoff_> Thanks for bringing it out our attention. Anyone have comments they want to share at this time?
20:14:39 <rm_work> i need to look again >_>
20:14:43 <dougwig> if we make enough progress, that governance change may happen in newton, so please don't let it catch you offguard.
20:14:45 <kobis> same
20:15:02 <rm_work> but, that is a very high priority for us I think, so that is what I will be focusing us on for OSIC I think
20:15:09 <sbalukoff_> Let's try to make enough progress then! :D
20:15:22 <rm_work> once more OSIC people get spun up on Octavia soon
20:15:32 <sbalukoff_> Nice!
20:15:33 <dougwig> that work is why the a10 ci has appeared in octavia reviews, btw
20:15:39 <xgerman> the O in OSIC stands for Octavia then
20:15:44 <rm_work> heh
20:15:47 <sbalukoff_> Haha
20:15:53 <Frito> lol
20:16:15 <sbalukoff_> Ok, moving on...
20:16:21 <sbalukoff_> #topic Newton Priorities
20:16:24 <sbalukoff_> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/lbaas-octavia-newton-priorities
20:16:42 <sbalukoff_> This is getting nicely fleshed out.
20:16:49 <sbalukoff_> If you have something to add to it, please do.
20:16:59 <sbalukoff_> If you're looking for work to do, this is a great place to find it.
20:17:32 <sbalukoff_> Did anyone have anything they'd like to say about the above etherpad or the list thereon?
20:17:49 <fnaval> will we be working on the list during the midcycle?
20:17:49 <xgerman> I would move Docs as priority #1
20:18:08 <fnaval> +1 xgerman
20:18:20 <sbalukoff_> xgerman: I don't think it's been prioritized yet.
20:18:41 <xgerman> ok, it looked that way :-)
20:18:52 <sbalukoff_> And I agree. Our lack of good docs here is hindering adoption.
20:19:27 <sbalukoff_> Anything else on that?
20:19:59 <sbalukoff_> #topic Open Discussion
20:20:04 <xgerman> where
20:20:08 <xgerman> ’s blogan?
20:20:20 <sbalukoff_> No idea. Also no idea where johnsom is.
20:20:26 <diltram> xgerman: on vacations
20:20:37 <diltram> will be back next week
20:20:45 <xgerman> previously that would have meant for blogan to be his most productive
20:20:54 <sbalukoff_> Haha
20:21:04 <sbalukoff_> Maybe he's figuring out how to actually take a break from work?
20:21:09 <xgerman> guess he’s growing into being a dad ;-)
20:21:11 <sbalukoff_> Or maybe he's just working on Neutron. XD
20:21:30 <sbalukoff_> Anyone have anything else they'd like to discuss?
20:21:37 <diltram> no no, he's spending time with family on vacations
20:21:51 <dougwig> HP has him in a room, with a car battery and no shirt.
20:21:56 <sbalukoff_> HAHA
20:22:10 <xgerman> lol
20:22:37 <fnaval> oh no
20:22:46 <Frito> lol
20:22:49 <sbalukoff_> Man, without blogan or johnsom to harass, it seems this is going to be a short meeting...
20:22:59 <Frito> +1 for short meetings!
20:23:42 <rm_work> o/
20:23:46 <TrevorV|Home> Sorry sbalukoff_ I do my best to harass, but I pick my battles :P
20:23:49 <xgerman> yeah, and no shed to paint
20:23:59 <sbalukoff_> Well, Ok folks. Please have a look a the active-active blueprint again, and also the LBaaS spin-out spec!
20:24:00 <sbalukoff_> Haha!
20:24:09 <sbalukoff_> Ok, have a good rest of the day, and thanks!
20:24:14 <xgerman> +1
20:24:15 <fnaval> thanks!
20:24:17 <sbalukoff_> #endmeeting