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20:01:27 <johnsom> Hi folks
20:01:31 <diltram> o/
20:01:39 <xgerman> o/
20:02:34 <johnsom> #topic Announcements
20:02:48 <johnsom> Happy new year!
20:02:55 <xgerman> +1
20:03:01 <diltram> Happy :)
20:03:18 <johnsom> Just a reminder, PTG registration is still open.  A number of us are planning to go.
20:03:40 <johnsom> It looks like there are 179 tickets left
20:04:01 <xgerman> uh, oh, better get on it then
20:04:07 <johnsom> Also, just a reminder Ocata-3 is week of January 23rd
20:04:27 <johnsom> So, the end of our Ocata journey is coming up soon.
20:04:32 <m-greene> I planning to attend PTG now and bringing along one of senior engineers
20:04:56 <johnsom> I would really like to see a working nlbaasv2 API on the octavia API process make it into Ocata.
20:05:09 <johnsom> m-greene Great
20:05:35 <johnsom> As we get a little closer I will put up an etherpad where we can start gathering topics we want to discuss, etc.
20:05:53 <johnsom> Also two other notes:
20:06:11 <johnsom> Call for presentations at the Boston summit is now open.
20:06:26 <johnsom> I plan to put one in for Octavia/n-lbaas
20:06:42 <xgerman> you are doing a lab? or should I put that in?
20:06:48 <johnsom> Hopefully now that we are a top level project politics will not get in the way of having a session or two
20:07:16 <johnsom> Hmm, we could do a lab.  We should ask internally about hosting that again....
20:07:33 <johnsom> Maybe rm_work can give us some pointers about setting that up.
20:07:58 <xgerman> yeah, or maybe some other hosting provider will step up ;-)
20:08:08 <johnsom> Ha, true...
20:08:28 <johnsom> Also, PTL elections are coming up soon.
20:09:17 <johnsom> So, watch the mailing list for details on that if you are interested in running.
20:09:28 <diltram> :P
20:09:49 <johnsom> We have two known issues with the gates/upstream that are being worked.
20:10:20 <johnsom> One is around a tenant_id/project_id and the other is a barbican issue.
20:10:52 <diltram> barbican is fixed
20:10:54 <johnsom> If you are having problems ping us in the openstack-lbaas channel and we can give you tips.  Hopefully fixes will merge soon for all of that fun.
20:10:55 <diltram> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/406033/
20:11:02 <diltram> this one please revie and merge
20:11:03 <johnsom> Ah, cool.
20:11:07 <diltram> will fix nlbaas
20:11:14 <diltram> the same I'm just pusing into octavia
20:11:35 <johnsom> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/octavia-ocata-merge-review-priority
20:11:49 <johnsom> We still have our merge patch priority review list.
20:12:00 <johnsom> Please help us review
20:12:26 <johnsom> I think that is it for my announcements.  Anyone else have anything?
20:13:19 <johnsom> #topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review
20:14:14 <johnsom> I have continued to work on the quotas patch.  I am down to adding test coverage now.  I will have a "working" patch posted today, but I expect the test work will continue tomorrow as well.
20:14:27 <johnsom> Any other patches/updates of note?
20:15:31 <johnsom> Crickets..   Another net split?
20:15:49 <xgerman> no update.. just revieiwing…
20:16:00 <johnsom> #topic Open Discussion
20:16:16 <johnsom> Any other topics for today?
20:16:39 <diltram> from just that we need to find some way for making our gates stable
20:17:06 <johnsom> Is it our gates or outside projects that are breaking things
20:17:07 <johnsom> ?
20:17:12 <diltram> we need - maybe we should do this on PTG - find a way to work with DIB, tempest and others
20:17:24 <diltram> it's outside
20:17:36 <johnsom> Yeah.  I can think of a few things.
20:18:07 <diltram> it looks like every 10 lines of code changed in any projects results in week or two of failing tests in Octavia
20:18:14 <johnsom> We could have liaisons that attend their meetings like I do for Oslo/Release/TC.  I don't think I can cover all of those however.
20:18:34 <diltram> yeah, maybe it's good idea
20:18:55 <johnsom> The other thing we can do is encourage them to include better gate tests in their code that exercises their code similar to how we use it.
20:19:30 <johnsom> Sadly, this is the nature of OpenStack and our project leveraging all of these other projects.
20:19:31 <diltram> for the last two days I'm trying to catch guy from Barbican to fix this issue
20:19:41 <m-greene> 2 goals for my dev team this quarter: contribute bug fixes, contribute new tests to the upstream effort
20:19:47 <johnsom> I do think we are planning to talk about DIB testing at the PTG.
20:19:47 <diltram> but his not even responding for pings
20:20:05 <m-greene> maybe we can find time with a few of you at PTG to figure out how we can contribute quickly to the cause
20:20:16 <johnsom> m-greene Awesome.  An area we can use help.
20:20:27 <diltram> +1
20:20:47 <diltram> especialy that with barbican we have also other topics - ACL
20:20:51 <m-greene> or said differently, out mantra is “no new code with a corresponding test”
20:21:04 <xgerman> +1
20:21:09 <diltram> so we should have some close cooperation team with them
20:21:10 <johnsom> diltram Yeah, if you aren't getting a response, maybe ping rm_work as he has worked with that team and might have insights on who to ping.  Otherwise sometimes patches speak louder than words...
20:21:49 <johnsom> m-greene I fully support that.
20:22:03 <diltram> johnsom: ok, I will ping rm_work about this and maybe I will just start yelling at their IRC channel :P
20:22:08 <johnsom> Feel free to comment on patches while reviewing if you seem missing tests
20:23:08 <johnsom> It's clear that a lot of teams are slowing down.  I've had some infra patches open for four weeks now.  They are minor, but also should be easy merges
20:23:21 <xgerman> diltram is redrobot still with RAX?
20:23:28 <xgerman> That might be an in with Barbican…
20:23:36 <johnsom> The holidays are not our friends in this case
20:23:46 <johnsom> Yes, redrobot is still with Rackspace
20:24:00 <xgerman> he is the PTL of bbq
20:24:02 <johnsom> Last time I checked
20:25:33 <johnsom> Hmm, I see the PTL of barbican being Dave Mccowan from Cisco
20:25:42 <diltram> I will ping him later
20:26:00 <xgerman> hmm, he was PTL last year…
20:26:33 <johnsom> Yeah, I think that has changed
20:27:35 <johnsom> Any other items to discuss?
20:28:48 <johnsom> Cool.  Happy new year!
20:29:01 <johnsom> #endmeeting