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20:00:58 <johnsom> Hi there folks
20:01:21 <johnsom> #topic Announcements
20:01:24 <xgerman> o/
20:01:38 <johnsom> Just a reminder that Ocata-3 is the week of January 23rd.
20:01:51 <johnsom> We need to have all feature patches in by then.
20:01:55 <ankur-gupta-f> \o/
20:02:13 <johnsom> Also, a reminder of our priority patch review list:
20:02:21 <johnsom> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/octavia-ocata-merge-review-priority
20:03:05 <johnsom> The PTG is coming up.  I have setup an etherpad for topics we might discuss at the PTG:
20:03:08 <johnsom> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/octavia-ptg-pike
20:03:30 <johnsom> Any other announcements?
20:04:13 <johnsom> #topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review
20:04:27 <johnsom> Ok, how are things going?
20:04:42 <johnsom> I have wrapped up the quota patch.  It is ready for review.
20:04:52 <diltram> o/
20:04:54 <xgerman> yeah
20:05:34 <diltram> I'm gonna update pagination/sorting patch today
20:05:40 <johnsom> I have been working on testing the sort/pagination patch which is next on the review list.  I have hit a few issues there.
20:05:44 <diltram> so tomorrow we can maybe merge it
20:06:02 <diltram> yep, saw it
20:06:16 <johnsom> Also, in discussions about the v2 API it sounds like we have more work to do there, but work is progressing.
20:06:28 <diltram> and also I'm working currently on health monitor aligning with NLBaaS API
20:06:40 <diltram> +1
20:06:41 <johnsom> Nice!
20:07:01 <diltram> I'm gonna try to upload this also today
20:07:11 <johnsom> Cool.
20:07:36 <johnsom> I think after I get back on top of reviews I might start work on the api reference again.
20:07:37 <diltram> this patch should show amount of work required to completely align that apis
20:07:54 <diltram> awesome :)
20:07:57 <perelman> Hi
20:08:03 <diltram> o/
20:08:13 <ankur-gupta-f> sweetness
20:08:16 <johnsom> Hi perelman
20:08:29 <johnsom> Any other updates?
20:08:41 <nmagnezi> hello everyone
20:08:46 <nmagnezi> sorry for being late
20:08:47 <nmagnezi> :)
20:08:54 <johnsom> Hi nmagnezi
20:09:00 <perelman> Is it OK to ask nowhat questions.
20:09:16 <perelman> ?
20:09:23 <perelman> Now
20:09:27 <johnsom> #topic Open Discussion
20:09:31 <perelman> Sorry d
20:09:36 <johnsom> Sure, you have the floor perelman
20:09:37 <diltram> go ahaid perelman
20:09:38 <perelman> For my keyboard
20:10:09 <perelman> We are pushing changes related to active-active
20:10:20 <perelman> Couldso
20:10:22 <johnsom> Yes, I have seen updates!
20:10:34 <diltram> maaany of them
20:10:35 <perelman> Could someone see them.?
20:10:51 <johnsom> You are looking for reviews again?
20:10:56 <nmagnezi> perelman, are those patches ready for code-review? (i know this is a work in progress)
20:11:17 <perelman> Yes
20:11:26 <perelman> If we puc
20:11:28 <perelman> S
20:11:50 <johnsom> Ok, I will start at the top again.  I was just looking for the review list etherpad for Act/Act
20:11:51 <perelman> I wanted also to ask about time schedule
20:12:13 <perelman> How long is it still OK to push
20:12:16 <johnsom> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Active-_Active_Topology_commits
20:12:26 <perelman> SorryI 2ill
20:12:50 <perelman> I will update the list thanks!
20:13:12 <nmagnezi> perelman, a question about those patches, are there any instructions about how I can cherry-pick all of those and make this feature work in devstack?
20:13:14 <perelman> Till when can we push the first release of active active
20:13:16 <perelman> .
20:13:31 <johnsom> perelman You can keep working on the patches all you want.  The last week we could possibly merge one of those is January 23rd for Ocata.  Then we would start merging for Pike after we cut the Ocata release.
20:13:54 <perelman> I will tomorrow add instructions into the etherpad
20:14:02 <diltram> but just some of those
20:14:16 <perelman> Now it is night in israll:)
20:14:19 <diltram> there is no way that we will push the whole code into project in Ocata
20:14:47 <perelman> OK. Got it
20:14:54 <diltram> if there will be no more gate breakages and we gonna speed up with API
20:15:07 <diltram> we probably should target Pike
20:15:25 <diltram> but again all dependence on API and gates
20:15:25 <perelman> We also today open bug regarding some network test delta calculation
20:15:43 <diltram> if there will be again some breakage for longer that week we're ...
20:16:02 <perelman> I understand
20:16:42 <perelman> Thanks!
20:16:55 <johnsom> perelman I don't really want to merge much of the Act/Act until Pike.  Maybe some of the base stuff that doesn't change functionality.  But, we could start merging that stuff for Pike.  They have not announced the Pike schedule yet, but I would guess early February.
20:17:22 <perelman> OK. I understand
20:17:27 <perelman> Thanks
20:18:09 <johnsom> Yeah, we have had a lot of outside breakage.  This week it was openstackclientsdk that broke us by breaking neutron security group creation.   This has slowed us down a lot.
20:18:36 <perelman> Us too :(
20:18:40 <johnsom> It would be great if we are ready to go for the start of Pike and can land most of Act/Act in Pike-1
20:19:02 <diltram> +2
20:19:06 <perelman> Ok
20:19:25 <nmagnezi> johnsom, openstackclient for the win :D
20:19:57 <johnsom> Ugh, yeah....   Big fail there.  Commented out the tests that were failing so they could merge.  Ugh.
20:20:20 <nmagnezi> yup.. a very bad call.
20:20:39 <johnsom> I think some of the port commands were also impacted, but we do all of that via the API, so really it was just the security group create that broke us.
20:20:47 <johnsom> Ok, other questions?
20:20:59 <nmagnezi> my question about active active
20:21:07 <nmagnezi> is how exactly to review this?
20:21:17 <nmagnezi> cherry-pick all patches to a single devstack and it should work?
20:21:29 <nmagnezi> should I cherry-pick by a specific order?
20:21:33 <nmagnezi> perelman, ^^
20:21:41 <johnsom> nmagnezi I think perelman said she would add instructions to the review etherpad: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Active-_Active_Topology_commits
20:21:51 <nmagnezi> oh, I missed that. sorry
20:22:07 <perelman> We have a chain I will add instruction into the page
20:22:19 <nmagnezi> perelman, toda :)
20:22:26 <perelman> I think checkout of the last change
20:22:49 <johnsom> Yeah, that is a big chain.  Usually you can checkout the last patch in the chain and get the whole thing.
20:22:59 <perelman> But ithe is not enough. Some settings in configuration file must be changed
20:24:25 <nmagnezi> aye
20:24:27 <johnsom> Other questions/topics?
20:24:30 <nmagnezi> I have no more questions
20:25:27 <johnsom> m-greene I saw you added testing to the PTG list.  Is there a topic we could chat about here to get that discussion started?
20:25:28 <xgerman> I am good as well
20:26:13 <m-greene> I have a couple of folks on my team tasked with a top-down black-box review of the API to see what tests we would write….
20:26:36 <m-greene> part 2 is a gap analysis with existing neturon-lbaas and octavia tests to cough up a list of “missing” tests
20:27:08 <m-greene> would like to socialize with all of you to help prioritize where we could start contributing new tests, assuming that is desired and beneficial
20:27:37 <johnsom> Ok.   Yeah, that would be helpful.  We should be moving the existing tests from nlbaas to octavia to test the new API.  Also, if you all are starting development, it might be worth doing it in the octavia repo.
20:28:16 <m-greene> The driver? RCA of recent customer-found bugs is showing that we could/should have caught in regression testing, but did not have or run the right tests
20:28:22 <johnsom> Yeah, gaps I am aware of are around TLS, failover scenarios, probably some L7 tests are missing.
20:28:47 <diltram> and even that limit functionality is missing some tests
20:28:51 <m-greene> we have a gerrit review open for TLS tests… a restart of the tests from Frankiin last year
20:29:02 <m-greene> also have a new set of L7 tests that we’d like to contribute
20:29:06 <diltram> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/303304/
20:29:10 <johnsom> Ok, cool.  Sounds great!
20:30:11 <johnsom> Other topics for today?
20:30:33 <diltram> m-greene: we can just somehow meet even before PTG
20:31:03 <diltram> to align how and when we can unlock you possibility to add those tests
20:31:09 <diltram> based on API merge activity
20:31:16 <m-greene> that’d be great.. my team needs an Octavia jumpstart (arch, design, etc.) - we know things need to happen or move there now
20:31:21 <diltram> and moving tests from nlbaas to octavia
20:31:22 <johnsom> That is true, if you want to chat before then we, as an octavia team, have done hangouts before
20:31:58 <johnsom> m-greene I am also happy to do an intro/overview training series for new folks over hangout.  I have done them for a number of companies.  Just let me know.
20:32:00 <m-greene> great- I’ll ping you on the octavia channel or email to move this forward..
20:32:19 <diltram> awesome :)
20:32:29 <nmagnezi> johnsom, count me in as well :)
20:33:01 <nmagnezi> johnsom, we have a new guy that can also benefit from such hangout (he will also join me and work on octavia)
20:33:14 <xgerman> cool
20:33:18 <johnsom> The testing discussions we need to advertise on the mailing list so the whole team can join the discussion.  For intro training and stuff, that is just scheduling with your team, etc.
20:33:21 <xgerman> so many new people ;-)
20:34:03 <johnsom> nmagnezi Ok, NP.  Maybe we can do a wider training, or, due to timezones maybe we can setup one just for each group.
20:34:25 <nmagnezi> johnsom, great :)
20:34:26 <johnsom> More than happy to spread the knowledge.
20:34:30 <nmagnezi> xgerman, this is good, isn't it? :)
20:34:39 <xgerman> it is!
20:34:42 <ankur-gupta-f> On separate note. I know its been tried and failed before. But can we make the PTG sessions Video accessible for those who cant go :'(
20:35:39 <johnsom> ankur-gupta-f Hmmm, I'm not sure about that.   We are going to be in the neutron room, so I'm not sure if that can work without disturbing everyone else.
20:35:59 <johnsom> Not to mention, wifi has left a lot to be desired at previous summits.
20:36:15 <ankur-gupta-f> k. Was worth a shot :|
20:36:23 <johnsom> Best I can say is we will keep it in mind and see if it is possible when we get there
20:36:49 <xgerman> +1
20:37:35 <johnsom> Anything else?
20:38:01 <johnsom> Ok, thanks folks!
20:38:05 <johnsom> #endmeeting