20:01:20 <johnsom> #startmeeting Octavia
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20:01:31 <xgerman> o/
20:01:34 <nmagnezi> o/
20:01:41 <johnsom> Hi there
20:02:16 <johnsom> #topic Announcements
20:02:23 <johnsom> Ocata-rc1 is this week. We are now in feature freeze.
20:02:47 <johnsom> I am waiting for the last review to land on the RH patch and then I will cut our stable/rc1 branches.
20:03:07 <blogan> o/
20:03:32 <johnsom> The process is a bit different this round, so octavia will have an RC1 release, but I don't expect we will have changes so it will probably be the same as the final 0.10.0
20:03:55 <johnsom> Any questions about where we are in the release process?
20:04:01 <nmagnezi> johnsom, may I ask a release related question?
20:04:28 <johnsom> Yep, grin
20:04:48 <nmagnezi> johnsom, just re: tag number. I know it was discussed before (when you asked about what we think about the 0.10.0 number) but why in general we don't follow the other project tag numbers?
20:05:07 <nmagnezi> johnsom, no need to grin, a simple question :)
20:05:42 <johnsom> We do follow the standard format, but each project has it's own release number chain.
20:06:04 <johnsom> #link https://releases.openstack.org/newton/index.html
20:06:34 <johnsom> If you look at the newton release page,  you will see most projects have a different version number chain
20:06:52 <nmagnezi> oh, alright. yay for consistency in openstack projects
20:07:00 <nmagnezi> that answers my question, thanks :)
20:07:07 <johnsom> Sure, NP.
20:07:28 <johnsom> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/octavia-ptg-pike
20:07:44 <johnsom> Just a reminder, PTG is coming up.  We have an etherpad up
20:08:14 <johnsom> Any other announcements?
20:08:27 <nmagnezi> ack, I cannot attend but ajo from my team will.
20:08:29 <johnsom> Other than I think nova is broken on master right now....
20:09:22 <johnsom> #topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review
20:09:56 <johnsom> Ok, I have been focused on release, planning, and helping out with the RH patch this last week.
20:10:15 <johnsom> I'm taking a quick look at the py3x gates, but ran into this issue with nova so....
20:10:51 <johnsom> The py3x gates kind of look like the cirros instances aren't getting their ssh keys, but I'm not sure why yet.
20:11:33 <johnsom> Any other updates?
20:11:42 <nmagnezi> strange.. how can this be reproduced in a local node? maybe I can also give it a shot
20:12:15 <johnsom> Well, the nova issue showed up after I did a git pull on devstack and  run localrc with reclone=True.
20:12:43 <johnsom> For the py3x issue, I added  USE_PYTHON3=True to my localrc and stacked
20:13:20 <nmagnezi> and after it is stacking (when they fix the nova issue) just run tempest?
20:13:50 <johnsom> I just booted a cirros image
20:13:53 <nmagnezi> actually, I will just boot an instance
20:14:08 <johnsom> nova boot --key-name octavia_ssh_key --image cirros-0.3.3-x86_64-disk --flavor 1 --nic net-id=$TENANT_NET_1_ID webserver1
20:14:12 <nmagnezi> is it using nova metadata or config drive?
20:14:21 <rm_work> urg IRC client just crashed, did I miss anything related to me?
20:14:45 <johnsom> rm_work just nominating you to fix everything....
20:14:46 <johnsom> grin
20:14:52 <rm_work> T_T
20:15:03 <nmagnezi> :D
20:15:11 <perelman> Hi all
20:15:17 <johnsom> we are in progress reports time
20:16:10 <johnsom> I was just mentioning that nova seems broken on master right now and cirros isn't coming up with ssh keys when I stack with USE_PYTHON3=true   in localrc
20:16:16 <johnsom> Stuff I am looking into
20:16:50 <perelman> Ok
20:17:07 <nmagnezi> johnsom, re python3, any bug / patch tracking this? So I can see tomorrow morning (my timezone) if it is still an issue
20:17:48 <rm_work> the py3 is still nonvoting though so gates are fine right?
20:17:54 <rm_work> so I can merge the RH Amps stuff?
20:17:55 <johnsom> nmagnezi I am tracking out gate issues here: https://review.openstack.org/424890
20:17:57 <rm_work> I was about to +A
20:18:03 <johnsom> I don't have them yet for nova, etc.
20:18:13 <johnsom> rm_work yes
20:19:04 <johnsom> I don't have bugs for nova yet, trying to track down specifics and launchpad was failing on me
20:19:14 <johnsom> I will pick that up after the meeting.
20:19:29 <johnsom> #topic Open Discussion
20:19:35 <johnsom> Other topics for today?
20:20:01 <nmagnezi> not for me
20:20:24 <perelman> I have updated our ether pad on Active-Active with new changes on gerrit
20:21:24 <johnsom> perelman sounds good
20:21:28 <xgerman> +1
20:21:35 <perelman> Please if you have already time - anyone start giving us feedbacks.  I want to start fixing things fast
20:22:07 <perelman> Thanks!
20:23:10 <perelman> By the way - what is the current state of the project.
20:23:40 <perelman> Are we in freeze .? Or have we passed
20:24:00 <johnsom> perelman I discussed that at the beginning.  We are still in freeze, this is rc1/stable week
20:24:02 <perelman> The release and start working on the next release?
20:24:30 <perelman> Ok. I am sorry I was late :( thanks
20:24:56 <johnsom> We can probably open up early pike work towards the end of the week if we don't find bugs with rc1
20:25:20 <perelman> Ok.
20:26:02 <johnsom> Any other topics for today?
20:27:11 <johnsom> Ok, thanks folks.  Have a good week!
20:27:15 <johnsom> #endmeeting