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20:00:14 <johnsom> Hi folks
20:00:47 <johnsom> Not a big agenda today, will probably be mostly talking about security groups
20:00:48 <jniesz> hello
20:01:01 <johnsom> Hi jniesz, welcome
20:01:06 <xgerman> o/
20:01:40 <nmagnezi> o/
20:01:41 <johnsom> #topic Announcements
20:01:52 <johnsom> I don't have much for announcements this week.
20:02:12 <johnsom> The octavia v2 API is merged/merging through pools so that is awesome.
20:02:19 <diltram> o/
20:02:36 <johnsom> The diskimage-builder project is now an infrastructure project.  Hopefully that will bring some stability.
20:02:59 <johnsom> Any other announcements?
20:03:17 <johnsom> #topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review
20:03:32 <xgerman> not so fast wanted to brag about being +2 on os-oansible-octavia
20:03:40 <johnsom> I have been focused on testing the API patches and working on PTL-ish things
20:03:52 <johnsom> Ha, ok congrats!
20:04:07 <jniesz> yes that has helped us a lot. thanks xgerman!
20:04:15 <xgerman> y.w.
20:04:26 <xgerman> still some work todo over there :-)
20:04:50 <rm_work> o/
20:05:01 <johnsom> Really nice to have OSA support.  I want to try that out.
20:05:51 <johnsom> I should also mention the service type is now load-balancer.  That patch went in for infra and octavia.  Maybe still pending on OSA
20:06:02 <johnsom> Hopefully that is behind us now.
20:06:20 <johnsom> Any other updates/patch discussions before we jump into security groups?
20:06:58 <johnsom> #topic Continue discussion about security groups
20:07:03 <jniesz> only update I had is that working on L3 active-active spec
20:07:06 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/445274
20:07:22 <jniesz> have most of the framework
20:07:31 <jniesz> still need work on data model changes
20:07:36 <johnsom> jniesz Excellent.  Is it posted for review yet?
20:08:43 <jniesz> did you want me to post what I have or wait until more of the details for data model and specific Octavia changes?
20:09:06 <johnsom> jniesz incremental is fine.  You can post and mark it WIP.
20:09:12 <xgerman> +1
20:09:24 <jniesz> ok
20:09:26 <johnsom> That way if we have time we can get started reading it.
20:09:40 <johnsom> Work In Progress (WIP) is a good way to go
20:09:59 <johnsom> That way we know it's not yet ready for full review
20:10:10 <johnsom> but being worked on
20:10:30 <jniesz> ok, I will mark it as WIP
20:10:31 <johnsom> Ok, so security groups.  We ran out of meeting time last week discussing this.
20:10:55 <xgerman> yeah, so I checked with the author of the patch
20:11:25 <johnsom> Ok, it doesn't look like there are updated comments on the patch
20:11:56 <xgerman> no, he basically wants to restrict access to a list of servers
20:12:16 <xgerman> so access control lists would solve hois use case
20:12:20 <johnsom> So source IP ACLs basically
20:12:25 <xgerman> yep
20:12:40 <johnsom> Ok, that makes sense to me.
20:12:58 <xgerman> https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/lCaLWl9C/lbchain.png
20:13:06 <xgerman> he drew me a picture
20:13:23 <johnsom> We had a proposal last week about doing a policy/rules implementation similar to how we do L7.  Is that still on the table?
20:13:38 <xgerman> I think this is what we ought to do
20:14:11 <rm_work> so... they're using LBs as Firewalls?
20:14:17 <rm_work> That is all I see here <_<
20:14:20 <xgerman> the securoty_group model is just too rich to reasonably map it to a load balancer ACL and most people only want an ACL
20:14:31 <johnsom> I like that approach as well.
20:15:16 <johnsom> rm_work we currently firewall down to the TCP port(s) on the load balancers.  This would extend that to be able to restrict the source IPs for the VIP port as well.
20:15:25 <rm_work> right, but
20:15:27 <xgerman> +1
20:15:32 <rm_work> isn't what they're looking for ... FWaaS?
20:15:47 <rm_work> I mean, we'd just be adding in FWaaS-Lite
20:15:57 <rm_work> sure, it's something we CAN do at our layer
20:16:12 <rm_work> but it violates the UNIX pipeline principle IMO
20:16:17 <rm_work> do one thing and do it well
20:16:25 <xgerman> that has always been the argument if we should just slap the other service on our port, or expose our port to the other servcie, or roll our own and make the othr service a driver
20:16:34 <johnsom> I think the issue with FWaaS is the VIP ports are owned by octavia/neutron and are not visible to the user to add FWaaS to them.
20:16:35 <rm_work> adding in firewalls-lite to LBs seems odd
20:16:39 <xgerman> we also don;t make you pass in a nova vm
20:16:46 <rm_work> hmm
20:17:08 <rm_work> ok, so if FWaaS *isn't usable* with LBs, that's a problem
20:17:17 <rm_work> maybe we should be addressing that?
20:17:30 <johnsom> Implementation wise, the default would just be implement them as security groups on the port.
20:17:31 <rm_work> or is there just no way to make that work, and adding this is just the compromise?
20:18:12 <xgerman> FWaaS/SG/QoS all work on the port
20:18:13 <rm_work> I just want to caution against increasing our scope to overlap the scope of another project
20:18:21 <xgerman> so we would need to expose the port somehow
20:18:36 <rm_work> unless we can show a clear reason why we need to
20:18:43 <johnsom> xgerman I'm not up to speed on FWaaS v2, is the blocker there that they don't own the port?  Would our SG still be enforced under FWaaS?
20:18:44 <rm_work> ok, so maybe that's the clear reason? It is impossible to allow FWaaS to work with an LB?
20:19:22 <xgerman> johnsom FWaaS and SG complement each other so only hat both allow on the port would come through
20:20:17 <johnsom> So the issue is the user can't see the port to apply a FWaaS to it
20:20:25 <xgerman> yep
20:21:02 <xgerman> now if we look at the use case: the use wants an ACL. he doesn’t care if we do it with haproxy, SG, or GWaaS
20:21:09 <xgerman> which looks like a driver to me
20:21:14 <nmagnezi> maybe this could be implemented as an optional driver somehow? (as suggested above)
20:21:30 <nmagnezi> i mean, optional driver in octavia
20:22:07 <johnsom> Yeah, I think with ACLs there is flexibility as to how it's implemented.  It could be an SG on the port or could be implemented by the vendor appliance.
20:22:10 <rm_work> i mean, i'm not saying we ABSOLUTELY CAN'T implement it the way suggested above
20:22:18 <rm_work> I just want us to be very certain it makes sense to do so
20:22:26 <johnsom> +1
20:22:37 <diltram> +1
20:22:49 <xgerman> +1 I think being able to apply SG, FWaaS, on our port is also valuable
20:23:07 <xgerman> but I think we can split that into a different problem
20:23:20 <xgerman> and we might be able to leverage SFC
20:23:38 <johnsom> I think allowing the user to pass in a SG is out of the question.  I think it has too much potential to do harm to the amps.
20:24:08 <johnsom> Plus it gets very strange with port owned by project A and SG owned by project B
20:24:10 <xgerman> yep, I think those things on a port should be solved through SFC
20:24:13 <rm_work> like, actual harm somehow? or just "shoot self in foot" harm
20:24:33 <xgerman> like opening holes and making security hard
20:24:35 <rm_work> actually yeah i'm not sure neutron ALLOWS that
20:24:47 <rm_work> well, again, that'd be of the "shoot self in foot" variety
20:24:53 <rm_work> no?
20:24:59 <nmagnezi> rm_work, the latter, i think. for example an SG that conflicts with a lb listener
20:25:03 <johnsom> Well, right now we lock it down to the listener ports.  We know that if any of the packages in the namespace open something it won't be exposed to the internet, etc.
20:25:12 <rm_work> right
20:25:31 <rm_work> so ... how much do we want to protect the user from themself, but in the process reduce functionality
20:25:33 <johnsom> Since we are owning the lifecycle of the amp, it seems risky
20:25:34 <xgerman> but id the user manages the SG he has to know if there are ports in pur implementation which should never be exposed
20:25:48 <rm_work> well
20:25:50 <rm_work> it's for the VIP right?
20:25:53 <rm_work> so...
20:25:56 <johnsom> VIP
20:25:58 <rm_work> we don't ever expose anything
20:26:01 <rm_work> or rather
20:26:03 <rm_work> there's nothing else open
20:26:09 <nmagnezi> johnsom, plus, think what happens if the sec group blocks the traffic between the amp agent to octavia services.. yikes.
20:26:13 <johnsom> Shouldn't be
20:26:34 <johnsom> nmagnezi That is a different port so wouldn't be impacted
20:26:35 <rm_work> nmagnezi: again, it's just the VIP
20:26:37 <rm_work> ah, though they could block HM
20:26:42 <rm_work> HM goes over VIP, no?
20:26:49 <rm_work> or just vrrp
20:26:50 <xgerman> keepalived goes over vip
20:26:54 <nmagnezi> oh, right.
20:26:55 <johnsom> No, but the VRRP and sticky do
20:26:57 <rm_work> yeah k
20:27:02 <rm_work> so they could block vrrp
20:27:07 <rm_work> which is a "shoot self in foot" situation
20:27:21 <johnsom> which triggers failover, which....
20:27:22 <xgerman> well, which requires them to know what we do under the hood
20:27:35 <rm_work> does it trigger failover?
20:27:40 <xgerman> so let’s get back on the rail
20:27:47 <rm_work> yeah k agree
20:27:47 <xgerman> 1) ACL - yes/no
20:28:04 <xgerman> 2) Way to apply FWaaS, etc. on port - which might be SFC
20:28:56 <johnsom> With FWaaS and SFC it gets back to the user experience argument of having to do something in three places where ACL is all in one place/call.
20:29:16 <johnsom> Granted, I think that is why there are automation tools, but I hear this argument
20:29:18 <xgerman> that’s why I separated them into two issues
20:29:20 <xgerman> :-)
20:29:54 <rm_work> if we really can't TECHNICALLY expose the port for them to add SGs to
20:29:59 <rm_work> which I think is actually true
20:30:05 <rm_work> then ... 1) Yeah, I guess that's fine
20:30:09 <xgerman> we can have ACL in Octavia and expose SFC for more complex use cses
20:30:26 <johnsom> Yeah, maybe
20:30:39 <xgerman> one day we need to play nice with others
20:30:51 <johnsom> HA
20:30:58 <johnsom> We try to....
20:32:12 <johnsom> What it comes down to is what we want is the ability to share a port, with restrictions, to the user.   But I don't think OpenStack is there yet.
20:32:55 <xgerman> well, I wouldn;’t necessarily share the port as long as we can bring it into a SFC they can slap FWaaS whatever on it
20:33:08 <rm_work> what is SFC again?
20:33:21 <xgerman> Service Function Chain
20:33:34 <rm_work> ah k
20:33:35 <rm_work> yeah
20:34:12 <xgerman> yeah, they basically forward packages through different services which is basiclaly waht we want. Full control of our port and the traffic gets filteretd elsewhere
20:34:43 <xgerman> but there might be other ways to achieve that since SFC isn’t doing that hot
20:35:09 <xgerman> but I like to tackle that independent from the ACL problem
20:36:37 <johnsom> I haven't kept up with SFC, so I'm not sure what the state is or how easy/hard that would be
20:37:04 <xgerman> yeah, I think that is a future thing how we expose us to FWaaS and other servcies
20:39:11 <xgerman> I think it makes sense to have ACLs in Octavia since haproxy supports it
20:39:26 <xgerman> deep-packet-inspection likely not
20:40:29 <johnsom> It does support both actually.  I think how it's implemented should be flexible.  Default is SG in neutron on the port, with a way drivers can do something different if necessary
20:41:11 <xgerman> ok
20:41:23 <xgerman> as long as we make it a driver we should be good
20:41:37 <johnsom> Do we want another week to investigate other options or are we to a point we can give guidance on the RFE?
20:42:35 <johnsom> Don't everyone speak up at once....
20:43:12 <xgerman> I think  having ACL in Octavia makes a lot of sense
20:43:39 <xgerman> we are going a different route with QoS but I think that’s ok
20:43:46 <johnsom> Me too.  Does anyone else disagree?
20:44:21 <xgerman> (though in QoS we had comments to got he same route - add them to Octavia instead of taking a policy id)
20:44:30 <johnsom> I almost miss Stephen as he wasn't shy....
20:44:39 <xgerman> yep
20:44:56 <xgerman> but he might come up with something crazy
20:45:13 <xgerman> rm_work?
20:45:28 <johnsom> The ACL path would allow for more advanced ACLs to be implemented in the future, such as on HTTP header fields, etc.
20:45:35 <rm_work> yeah, that's fine
20:46:30 <johnsom> diltram nmagnezi jniesz Any comments?
20:46:46 <diltram> johnsom: I'm ok with this
20:46:48 <jniesz> I think it makes sense
20:47:06 <jniesz> it is a missing gap and user might need to program ACL on the VIP port
20:47:10 <diltram> until it's all gonna be a driver we can always change this behaviour
20:47:25 <johnsom> Ok, thanks for the feedback.
20:48:12 <nmagnezi> johnsom, i don't know much about haproxy ACLs but from what I do understand it seem more of a "in house" solution for octavia that answer the requested usecase, so i tend to agree with xgerman and rm_work
20:48:29 <johnsom> We will give guidance down the ACL path.
20:48:40 <johnsom> #topic Open Discussion
20:48:48 <johnsom> Any other topics for today?
20:48:55 <xgerman> do we need to chat QoS? Or are we good?
20:49:01 <jniesz> I just had one issue to bring up
20:49:08 <johnsom> I think we decided that last week
20:49:13 <xgerman> k
20:49:17 <johnsom> Unless something new came up
20:49:23 <xgerman> reedip commented
20:49:30 <johnsom> jniesz Go ahead
20:49:36 <jniesz> macros.j2 template for the newton stable branch
20:49:48 <jniesz> the time check is missing the 's'
20:50:00 <johnsom> yes, that could be
20:50:03 <jniesz> timeout check {{ pool.health_monitor.timeout }}
20:50:08 <jniesz> i noticed this was fixed
20:50:17 <jniesz> but never back ported
20:50:19 <xgerman> so we need to backport
20:50:27 <jniesz> is that something we could backport in?
20:50:38 <xgerman> absolutely!
20:50:48 <johnsom> Yeah, we can do that.
20:50:59 <jniesz> I noticed on our LB's today the backends were timing out : )
20:51:17 <jniesz> health checks set at 2 ms
20:51:20 <jniesz> vs 2s
20:53:02 <johnsom> Yeah, that falls into the stable policy for newton, so we can do that.  I will take a look.  I think we also need to fix some DIB issues on the stable branch and will need to do a release for that.
20:53:18 <jniesz> awesome, thanks!
20:54:00 <johnsom> Any other topics?
20:55:05 <nmagnezi> nop :)
20:55:15 <xgerman> I am good as well
20:55:27 <johnsom> Ok, thanks folks.  Catch you next week or in our IRC channel
20:55:34 <diltram> thx
20:55:36 <diltram> cu
20:55:37 <johnsom> #endmeeting