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20:00:13 <johnsom> Hi folks
20:00:16 <jniesz> hi
20:00:41 <johnsom> #topic Announcements
20:00:55 <johnsom> We have a new core reviewer Jacky Hu (dayou)!
20:00:59 <nmagnezi> o/
20:01:03 <xgerman_> o/
20:01:07 <xgerman_> Congrats!!
20:01:15 <jniesz> congrats
20:01:19 <nmagnezi> congrats :-)
20:01:36 <johnsom> Yes, congratulations are in order. It is great to expand our core reviewer team
20:02:04 <johnsom> Other than that, I don't have any more announcements. Anyone else?
20:02:27 <johnsom> The summit schedule is now published and includes all of the sessions. I think we have three.
20:03:06 <johnsom> I plan to do an on-boarding session this time. If anyone else is attending and would like to help, let me  know.
20:03:35 <johnsom> #topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review
20:03:53 <rm_work> o/
20:04:09 <rm_work> yeah i can help
20:04:22 <johnsom> I have been busy looking at gate issues, fixing bugs, reviewing patches, and trying to make some progress on my patches.
20:05:57 <johnsom> We saw a nasty little bug in health manager when nova goes out to lunch.  When we were deleting amps nova would acknowledge, we would mark it DELETED, then move on. However, in nova the amp was stuck in "deleting" and was still running. It would post a health heartbeat, we would expect it to be deleted and delete it again.
20:06:03 <johnsom> The cycle continued....
20:06:35 <johnsom> This eventually pushes the process CPU usage up and then memory as the failover backlog grows.
20:07:06 <johnsom> So, anyway, unique situation. I pushed a patch to stop the cycle. I think there is another patch up that would help here too.
20:07:35 <johnsom> Today I am working through our dashboard patch review backlog. Then back to tempest fun.
20:07:45 <johnsom> Any other updates from folks?
20:08:28 <johnsom> #topic Other OpenStack activities of note
20:08:36 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/523973/
20:08:52 <johnsom> Keystone is working on a common RBAC policies spec
20:09:11 <johnsom> I have commented there once, but this might be of interest to others.
20:09:25 <johnsom> It's very similar to the current Octavia default RBAC config
20:09:54 <johnsom> #topic Octavia deleted status vs. 404
20:10:06 <johnsom> This was from last week.
20:10:34 <johnsom> The patch is still up for review. It looks like it needs a rebase.
20:10:52 <johnsom> I had a quick look at the SDK and I think it will be ok.
20:10:59 <johnsom> Any other updates here?
20:11:35 <johnsom> #topic Open Discussion
20:11:45 <johnsom> Ok, either a quiet bunch or netsplit...  ha
20:11:51 <johnsom> Other topics for this week?
20:12:27 <johnsom> Please remember to add release notes to you patches if they warrant one.
20:12:37 <xgerman_> hi
20:12:46 <xgerman_> still here — just. not much news
20:12:58 <nmagnezi> likewise
20:13:17 <johnsom> Ok, then we can have a quick meeting and get back to work.
20:13:18 <nmagnezi> I'm still making progress in Rally, but no news just yet
20:13:39 <johnsom> Nice.
20:13:46 <nmagnezi> I wanted to raise something about storyboard in general but I want cgoncalves to also be around
20:13:51 <nmagnezi> so will wait for next week
20:13:55 <johnsom> Ok
20:14:00 <cgoncalves> I am actually
20:14:20 <nmagnezi> haha
20:14:22 <nmagnezi> okay..
20:14:23 <nmagnezi> so
20:15:10 <nmagnezi> we kinda looked into it again in the past week, in the context of finding stories we would like to mark for backport potentials
20:15:28 <johnsom> release team recently moved over, requirements team is moving soon. FYI
20:15:40 <nmagnezi> but since storyboard has no option (to the best of my knowledge) to mark priority / severity
20:15:47 <nmagnezi> that.. can't of a problem..
20:15:57 <nmagnezi> s/can't/kind
20:15:58 <nmagnezi> sorry
20:16:02 <nmagnezi> was a long day.
20:16:56 <johnsom> Yeah, the "storyboard" way of doing priority is to create a worklist or board and prioritize by sort order.
20:16:57 <nmagnezi> so the question / rant is: what do we think of the results of that migration? aren't we missing features we just to have in LP?
20:17:00 <cgoncalves> one of many things where storyboard falls short
20:17:13 <johnsom> That said, it's a pain so I haven't really done that yet.
20:17:49 <johnsom> Yeah, I kind of liked LP better myself. But....
20:18:15 <johnsom> We can give the storyboard team feedback.  You can open stories for them.  They have IRC meetings (it was earlier today).
20:18:22 <cgoncalves> people are neglecting opening bugs in storyboard and linking that to commit msgs, me included
20:18:35 <johnsom> As for backport potential there are a couple of options:
20:19:07 <johnsom> 1. Create a worklist and add the stories there.
20:19:23 <johnsom> 2. Use the tags feature to add a "backport potential" tag to the story
20:19:38 <rm_work> i mean... i find it takes me longer to deal with opening a story and linking it, than actually fixing the bugs, in many instances :P
20:19:45 <rm_work> or maybe I just hate dealing with it for trivial stuff
20:19:49 <johnsom> 3. Ignore storyboard and mark it on the patch commit message.
20:19:50 <rm_work> so I normally don't >_>
20:20:45 <johnsom> You can also have the worklist automatic and pull in all stories with the "backport" tag
20:21:01 <nmagnezi> johnsom, the things is (this might add more context): in Neutron we created a proactive backport process, in which we pull the list of high severity bugs from LP so humans can manually triage an backport
20:21:07 <johnsom> If it would be a benefit for you guys I can set that up
20:21:16 <nmagnezi> in storyboard.. it's more difficult to do that..
20:21:46 <xgerman_> I would like some more robust backport ptocesses, too
20:22:02 <xgerman_> I though last week we elected cgoncalves  to be our stabel team lead
20:22:07 <xgerman_> so he should set that up
20:22:18 <johnsom> Yeah, I think the best option for a workflow like that is to use the tags. If we think it's high priority and should be backported, add the backport tag to the story. Then work against the worklist to do the backports.
20:22:48 <xgerman_> +1
20:22:56 <cgoncalves> xgerman_: storyboard does not provide the means to accurately retrieve relevant data
20:23:40 <nmagnezi> johnsom, +1. worth  the try. worst case we contact the storyboard team to add stuff if that does not work for us
20:23:51 <xgerman_> +1
20:24:02 <nmagnezi> cgoncalves, what do you think?
20:24:05 <johnsom> Yeah, it looks like other teams are doing it this way, there are already tags for release backports.
20:24:33 <cgoncalves> nmagnezi: tags would be a workaround
20:24:35 <nmagnezi> johnsom, to me it looks like tags are kind of a workaround
20:24:38 <nmagnezi> haha
20:24:41 <nmagnezi> yeah
20:25:15 <nmagnezi> LP had both tags and bug severity metadata
20:25:28 <johnsom> Well, I don't disagree.  It's a short term solution until you get the storyboard team to add the feature you want.
20:25:44 <cgoncalves> johnsom: ... or we could move back to LP :P
20:25:57 <johnsom> So, let me ask, are you advocating moving back to LP?
20:26:45 <cgoncalves> at this point in time I don't believe it would be well received/accepted by TC
20:26:45 <johnsom> That would be something you would need to bring up with the foundation.
20:27:02 <nmagnezi> well, it worked well for us. if we can sort things out in storyboard that would be okay too
20:27:03 <johnsom> There are a couple of reasons they are moving everyone off launchpad
20:27:19 <cgoncalves> but I am personally not happy with storyboard as I can't find a single feature that I prefer over LP
20:27:28 <nmagnezi> cgoncalves, +1
20:27:36 <johnsom> One, it's not really supported and has some big bugs that people can't fix.
20:27:55 <johnsom> Two, they want to have other ways to authenticate people that isn't one vendor
20:28:35 <johnsom> Three, people wanted a more "agile/scrum/kanban" like tool. (a former Octavia PTL was in that camp)
20:29:11 <johnsom> So, we as a team need to make a choice:
20:29:37 <johnsom> 1. We work with the storyboard team (and/or submit patches) to improve it in a way that works for us.
20:30:02 <johnsom> 2. We approach the foundation and ask to move back.
20:30:36 <xgerman_> 3. We use trello
20:30:39 <cgoncalves> 99. We propose Bugzilla
20:30:47 <nmagnezi> lol
20:30:49 * johnsom glares at xgerman.
20:30:57 <johnsom> I am not a fan of trello
20:31:24 <nmagnezi> johnsom, I would say that 2 is probably less likely to actually happen. so for 1 lets start maybe something like an etherpad and write down everything we are missing from storyboard
20:31:45 <nmagnezi> when we finish we can communicate that to them..
20:31:51 <johnsom> Ok
20:32:34 <johnsom> There is a #stroyboard IRC channel too BTW
20:32:39 <nmagnezi> If we start stories for things we miss there may be a change they will miss them (since the search engine of storyboard is sooooooooo lacking)
20:33:01 <johnsom> Yeah, and broken IMO.  I keep getting stories for other projects
20:33:09 <johnsom> I opened a story on that....
20:33:29 <nmagnezi> </rant>
20:33:49 <nmagnezi> johnsom, how did they react you the story you submitted?
20:33:57 <nmagnezi> s/you/to
20:34:14 <johnsom> #link https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2001468
20:34:38 <cgoncalves> you have to raise priority/severity on your stories. oh, wait.... xD
20:34:54 <xgerman_> just put [URGENT] in the title
20:35:15 <johnsom> Please don't do this for octavia stories...
20:35:22 <cgoncalves> [++URGENT]
20:35:24 <nmagnezi> xgerman_, feels like we moved back in time :D
20:35:45 <johnsom> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/storyboard-issues
20:35:50 <johnsom> There you go
20:35:53 <xgerman_> some approaches are timeless
20:36:01 <johnsom> Who wants to take the lead on this with the storyboard team?
20:36:14 <nmagnezi> I need to drop. will catch up with the log later guys
20:36:26 * xgerman_ takes step back
20:36:29 <nmagnezi> johnsom, I don't mind
20:36:32 <nmagnezi> *but*
20:36:34 * johnsom steps back
20:36:41 <nmagnezi> we do need to start an etherpad
20:36:47 <johnsom> I just did
20:36:53 <johnsom> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/storyboard-issues
20:36:53 <xgerman_> we let nmagnezi drop and then assign him - problem solvd
20:37:07 <cgoncalves> johnsom: I can add a few issues to the list and ask other folks to do the same
20:37:14 <xgerman_> +100
20:37:16 <johnsom> Also, do you want to try the backport tag? I will  volunteer to set that up
20:37:59 <cgoncalves> aren't tags a free-form text thing everyone could create?
20:38:59 <johnsom> Yes, but I meant setting up the work list based on the tag. (plus adding the tag as I review at stories)
20:39:21 <johnsom> We also need to agree to the tag, something like backport-candidate?
20:39:36 <cgoncalves> sure, why not :) thanks!
20:40:14 <cgoncalves> I fear, though, we will not have many stories to tag since people don't use storyboard that much
20:40:42 <johnsom> Oh, they do
20:40:52 <johnsom> I think we got ~12 in the last week
20:41:40 <cgoncalves> ok, I was not aware of
20:42:19 <johnsom> You can "favorite" projects and setup e-mail notifications for stories like we had in LP
20:42:53 <johnsom> I try to look through those and comment. In fact I fixed one from Alex that was reported recently about the log level issue
20:42:59 <cgoncalves> I thought I had set that. checking
20:43:29 <cgoncalves> I'm aware of that story. thanks for the patch!
20:43:30 <johnsom> Alex seems perfectly happy to add stories...  Grin
20:44:49 <johnsom> Ok, any other items today?
20:45:12 <xgerman_> #link http://tarballs.openstack.org/octavia/test-images/
20:45:25 <xgerman_> our images are building
20:45:29 <johnsom> Ah, nice
20:46:00 <cgoncalves> centos image size is smaller than ubuntu's \o/
20:46:15 <johnsom> lol
20:46:24 <xgerman_> I haven’t tested those images (yet)
20:47:30 <johnsom> Ok, thanks folks!
20:47:39 <johnsom> #endmeeting