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20:00:19 <johnsom> Hi folks
20:00:50 <johnsom> Pretty light agenda today
20:01:00 <cgoncalves> hi
20:01:19 <nmagnezi> o/
20:01:26 <johnsom> #topic Announcements
20:02:00 <johnsom> I don't have much for announcements.  The summit was last week. There are lots of good sessions up for viewing on the openstack site.
20:02:31 <johnsom> Octavia was demoed and called out in a Keynote, so yay for that!
20:02:48 <nmagnezi> :-)
20:02:58 <johnsom> We also came up in a number of sessions I attended, so some good buzz
20:03:16 <johnsom> Nir, I think you have an announcement today....
20:03:22 <nmagnezi> :)
20:03:32 <nmagnezi> I'm happy to announce that TripleO now fully supports Octavia as a One click install.
20:03:39 <nmagnezi> That includes:
20:03:44 <nmagnezi> 1. Octavia services in Docker containers.
20:03:50 <nmagnezi> 2. Creation of the mgmt subnet for amphorae
20:04:00 <nmagnezi> 3. If the user is using RHEL/CentOS based amphora - it will automatically pull an image and load it to glance.
20:04:15 <nmagnezi> Additionally, the SELinux policies for the amphora image are now ready and tested internally. Those policies are available as a part of openstack-selinux package.
20:04:26 <nmagnezi> some pointers (partial list):
20:04:38 <nmagnezi> 1. I'll find the related tripleO docs and provide it next week (what we do currently have is release notes ready for Rocky
20:04:47 <nmagnezi> 2. SELinux:
20:04:53 <nmagnezi> #link https://github.com/redhat-openstack/openstack-selinux/blob/master/os-octavia.te
20:05:11 <xgerman_> o/
20:05:25 <nmagnezi> Many people were involved with this effort ( cgoncalves amuller myself bcafarel and more) . And now we can fully support Octavia as an OSP13 component (Based on Queens).
20:05:41 <johnsom> Ok, cool!  So glad to see SELinux enabled for the amps
20:05:59 <xgerman_> +1
20:06:17 <johnsom> +1000 There are people looking for it.  I also mentioned OSP 13 a number of times at the summit
20:06:24 <amuller> I do expect this to drive up Octavia adoption pretty significantly
20:06:40 <xgerman_> :-)
20:07:15 <nmagnezi> yup. I'm sure operators that are still using the legacy n-lbaas with haproxy will migrate
20:07:15 <cgoncalves> it takes less than 2 people to deploy octavia with tripleo now
20:07:16 <johnsom> Way to go RH/TripleO folks. I know it's been a journey, but it is great to have the capability.
20:07:53 <johnsom> 2 people?  I thought it was one-click?  One to click the mouse and one to open the beverages?
20:08:20 <johnsom> grin
20:08:32 <nmagnezi> haha
20:08:40 <cgoncalves> johnsom, I said "less than" ;) one is enough to do both jobs :)
20:08:49 <johnsom> Nice.  Any other announcements today?
20:09:41 <johnsom> #topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review
20:10:05 <johnsom> I was obviously a bit distracted with the summit and presentation prep.
20:10:39 <nmagnezi> yup :)
20:10:48 <johnsom> We have started merging the provider driver code and the tempest plugin code. We are co-testing the patches as we go.
20:11:08 <rm_work> o/
20:11:25 <johnsom> rm_work Did point out a race condition in my amp driver last night, so he is working on fixing that.
20:12:08 <johnsom> It's kind of a migration issue, as I wanted to incrementally migrate the amphora driver over to the new provider driver ways.
20:12:32 <johnsom> Today my focus is on adding the driver library support (update stats/status).
20:12:58 <johnsom> I have been chatting with Kobi in the mornings about the VMWare NSX driver, which it sounds like is in-progress.
20:13:22 <nmagnezi> Nice!
20:13:29 <johnsom> He has been giving feedback that I have been including in the cleanup patch.
20:14:27 <johnsom> Along the lines of drivers, it's not clear when we will get an F5 driver. They have had some re-orgs from what I gather, so it may delay that work.
20:15:07 <nmagnezi> good to know. at least we have feedback from one vendor for now.
20:15:42 <johnsom> Yeah, sad that the vendor that was the key author of the spec may not be able to create their driver right away
20:15:47 <openstackgerrit> Adam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia master: Allow DB retries on controller_worker creates  https://review.openstack.org/571107
20:16:43 <johnsom> Any other progress updates today?
20:17:17 <nmagnezi> yes
20:17:24 <nmagnezi> I had some cycles, so I finished my Rally patch to add support for Octavia. it is ready for feedback now and worked okay for me: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/554228/
20:17:46 <johnsom> In case you are really bored, here is the link to my project update.  Feedback welcome.
20:17:48 <johnsom> #link https://youtu.be/woPaywKYljE
20:18:08 <nmagnezi> johnsom, i watched it. you did a great work with this.
20:18:58 <johnsom> Thanks
20:19:22 <johnsom> Rally, cool.  I need to look at that and refresh my memory of how those gates work
20:19:25 <nmagnezi> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/554228/
20:19:51 <nmagnezi> johnsom, yeah. the scenario i add now is a port of the existing n-lbass scenario to Octavia
20:19:59 <johnsom> I'm guessing it is the "rally-task-load-balancing" gate I should look at?
20:20:00 <nmagnezi> next up we can add more stuff
20:20:25 <nmagnezi> johnsom, yup
20:20:36 <johnsom> Cool, I will check it out
20:21:07 <nmagnezi> thanks!
20:21:30 <johnsom> Any other updates?
20:22:02 <johnsom> cgoncalves I saw the grenade gate was failing, but didn't have much time to dig into why. Are you looking into that?
20:22:43 <cgoncalves> johnsom, I submitted new patch set today (yesterday?) to check what's going on when we curl. it fails post-upgrade
20:23:01 <johnsom> Yeah, odd
20:23:15 <cgoncalves> not sure why yet. it successfully passes the same curl pre and during upgrade
20:23:34 <cgoncalves> it started failing out of the sudden
20:24:13 <johnsom> Well, let us know if we can provide a second set of eyes to look into it.
20:24:22 <johnsom> I really want to get that merged and voting.
20:24:27 <cgoncalves> thanks!
20:24:35 <johnsom> So we can start the climb on upgrade tags
20:24:47 <johnsom> Also, we discussed fast-forward upgrades a bit at the summit.
20:24:47 <cgoncalves> yes!
20:25:39 <johnsom> I'm thinking we need to setup grenade starting with Pike (1.0 release) and have gates for Pike->Queens, Queens->Rocky, etc. to prove we can do a fast-forward upgrade
20:26:28 <johnsom> I guess I am jumping ahead...  grin
20:26:38 <johnsom> #topic Open Discussion
20:28:22 <johnsom> fast-forward is running each upgrade sequentially to move from an older release to current. This is different from leap-frog which is a direct jump Pike->Rocky.  It sounds like fast-forward is going to be the supported plan for OpenStack upgrades
20:29:10 <rm_work> fast forward sounds like...  a normal upgrade process
20:29:25 <johnsom> Right, just chained together
20:29:32 <nmagnezi> and... fast :)
20:29:43 <rm_work> unless they add stuff like "you don't have to start/stop the control plane at each stage"
20:29:44 <johnsom> Eh, as long as we have a plan and a test I will be happy.
20:29:48 <rm_work> but yeah
20:30:20 <johnsom> I think it's the script of what is required to do that.
20:30:28 <johnsom> Other topics today?
20:30:34 <cgoncalves> IIUC, we could try that now in the grenade patch by changing the base version from queens to pike: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/549654/33/devstack/upgrade/settings@4
20:31:30 <johnsom> cgoncalves that would be a leap frog thought right?
20:31:43 <cgoncalves> if there are upgrade issues (e.g. deprecated configs), we create a per version directory with upgrade instructions
20:32:05 <cgoncalves> johnsom, ah right
20:32:45 <johnsom> yeah, we need to write up an upgrade doc that lays out the steps.  Maybe from their link to any upgrade issues or just link to the release notes
20:33:44 * johnsom notices the room going quiet....
20:33:50 <johnsom> lol
20:34:18 <nmagnezi> everyone like docs..
20:34:20 <nmagnezi> :)
20:34:42 <johnsom> In fairness, I think we can just pull the grenade back to the Queens  branch and set it up.  This would give us the FFU gates we need.
20:34:53 <johnsom> Once we get it stable on master
20:35:19 <cgoncalves> +1
20:36:27 <nmagnezi> yup. sounds right
20:38:00 <johnsom> Ok, if there aren't any more topics, have a good week and we will chat next Wednesday!
20:38:02 <rm_work> something is nagging at me about that... but sure, probably
20:38:26 <rm_work> o/ REVIEW STUFF
20:38:52 <johnsom> Yes, please.  I really hope to do a client release soon
20:39:03 <johnsom> Would love to get some reviews on that
20:40:00 <johnsom> #endmeeting