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20:00:10 <johnsom> Hi folks!
20:00:25 <cgoncalves> hi
20:00:39 <johnsom> I always worry that I start the meeting in the right channel... lol
20:00:39 <xgerman_> o/
20:00:57 <johnsom> #topic Announcements
20:01:12 <johnsom> Same story, new week, we have a priority bug list for Rocky
20:01:17 <johnsom> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/octavia-priority-reviews
20:01:30 <johnsom> We have made a lot of progress!
20:01:37 <johnsom> But more work to do....
20:02:14 <johnsom> Also a reminder, python-octaviaclient needs it's final Rocky release by the 26th
20:02:44 <johnsom> And finally: Berlin summit presentation deadline is July 18th
20:03:10 <johnsom> So if you want to submit a talk for Berlin, you have a week to do it.
20:03:18 <johnsom> Any other announcements today?
20:03:55 <xgerman_> if you need soccer scores…
20:04:35 <johnsom> Sigh, I am so buried with work right now I haven't even had lunch yet let alone see who is playing...
20:04:49 <johnsom> #topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review
20:05:19 <johnsom> I have been working on a bunch of stuff.
20:06:11 <johnsom> Fixed the connection limit issue, added a port cleanup that was missing from the provider driver setup, testing UDP patches,
20:06:57 <johnsom> Currently I am focused on internal stuff, but will be starting work on an Active/Standby tempest test.
20:07:50 <johnsom> I started looking at the flavors patch and getting the API reference parts in, but there is more work to do there. I'm not sure it will land for Rocky
20:08:41 <johnsom> Any other updates today?
20:08:53 <xgerman_> I have been putting some cycles into privsep but not sure if I will finish it in Rocky
20:09:34 <cgoncalves> no much from my side. backporting bug fixes to stable branches and some other integration and CI work in TripleO land
20:09:39 <johnsom> Oh, and I wrote a test gate for the migration tool. That was way more work than it's worth, but...  So many Ansible bugs/issues
20:09:59 <johnsom> Thanks for staying on top of the backports.
20:10:54 <johnsom> I would like to see this merge so we can start backporting it: https://review.openstack.org/577344
20:11:29 <cgoncalves> we have to apologize for the asking for a test gate. we probably underestimated the effort required
20:12:10 <johnsom> Oh no worries. it's done now. maybe the code will be useful in the future if we have a need for a "special" gate test.
20:12:54 <cgoncalves> how can we easily reproduce the issue?
20:13:01 <johnsom> I'm just grumpy about it because it took ~50 patches and a week to make a test run....
20:13:10 <cgoncalves> deleting the two amphorae instances would do?
20:13:28 <johnsom> Yes, just nova delete both amps at the same time.
20:13:50 <johnsom> without the patch the LB will go down in a ball of flames
20:14:15 <cgoncalves> ok. I'll try
20:14:16 <johnsom> with the patch, it will "do the right thing" and repair the LB and both amps
20:15:03 <johnsom> It's a nasty bug that I know people have hit, that is why I want to make sure we get it backported
20:15:37 <johnsom> #topic Versioning patch
20:15:44 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/559460
20:16:12 <johnsom> I have put up another proposal for versioning our API and communicating that.  Please have a look and comment on this approach
20:16:50 <johnsom> As discussed before, I switched the endpoint to be /v2 with an alias for the old /v2.0 path
20:17:52 <johnsom> Any other discussion on that or just review comments?
20:18:15 <johnsom> #topic HMAC hexdigest patch
20:18:22 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/571333/
20:18:40 <johnsom> It has come to my attention that we have a compatibility issue with this change
20:19:01 <johnsom> It has also be backported, so even more sad face
20:19:27 <xgerman_> but not released? silver lining?
20:19:37 <johnsom> We have backward compatibility if the control plane is updated, but the amp is an old version.
20:20:12 <johnsom> But, if the amp is new and the control plane is old, the amps get ignored and failed over.
20:20:53 <johnsom> I see a few options here:
20:20:58 <johnsom> 1. revert the patches
20:21:15 <xgerman_> mmh, I am ok with just documenting - this is an odd case (why would you not update amps with control plane)
20:21:24 <johnsom> 2. Add a release note warning the deployer the order things need updating
20:21:58 <johnsom> 3. Throw up our hands and run for the hills
20:22:10 * johnsom thinks 3 sounds good about now
20:22:32 <xgerman_> CRO:ENG 2:1
20:22:46 <johnsom> Yeah, it is an odd case. I might be ok with adding release notes if you all think that is an ok upgrade requirement
20:22:47 <cgoncalves> 3 sounds exhausting. climbing hills is not easy, but the price we may have to pay
20:23:22 <xgerman_> I am fine with (2)
20:23:25 <xgerman_> #vote ?
20:24:20 <johnsom> Do we have enough people for that? grin Seems quiet today
20:24:32 <cgoncalves> what would be an use case where the operator would upload new amp and keep same control plane version?
20:24:53 <cgoncalves> I can think of 1 or 2 maybe
20:25:27 <johnsom> At least our handy upgrade guide points out the right procedure
20:25:35 <johnsom> #link https://docs.openstack.org/octavia/latest/admin/guides/upgrade.html#cold-upgrade
20:26:29 <johnsom> Yeah, I think it's really people that are grabbing the nightly build image and dropping it into a cloud that doesn't have the updated control plane
20:26:48 <johnsom> The issue will likely go away once we do a stable branch release that includes it
20:27:30 <cgoncalves> I'd need to think a bit more. maybe it's not something one would face in a normal day 2 using tripleo at least
20:28:01 <johnsom> Ok, I'm leaning towards #2 and adding a release note
20:28:06 <cgoncalves> +1
20:28:16 <johnsom> Ok, I will do that.
20:28:26 <johnsom> #topic Open Discussion
20:28:27 <cgoncalves> thanks
20:28:38 <johnsom> That is all I had on the agenda for today. Any other items?
20:29:40 <johnsom> Ok, thanks folks!  I'm going to go make lunch...
20:29:54 <johnsom> #endmeeting