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20:01:02 <rm_work> o/
20:01:05 <nmagnezi> O/
20:01:05 <colin-> o/
20:01:05 <johnsom> Hi folks!
20:01:13 <cgoncalves> o/
20:01:25 <johnsom> #topic Announcements
20:01:41 <johnsom> I continue to update the PTG topics etherpad
20:01:47 <johnsom> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/octavia-stein-ptg
20:02:05 <johnsom> Please add your topics and attendance to the etherpad
20:02:18 <johnsom> Rocky RC2 Octavia projects has been released
20:02:32 <johnsom> We will talk below about if we want an RC3.
20:02:52 <johnsom> Also, I have posted a patch for stable/queens 2.0.2, but it is waiting for release team merge
20:03:21 <johnsom> Any other announcements today?
20:04:34 <johnsom> Oh, I should note, I will be on vacation on Friday this week.
20:04:44 <johnsom> So limited availability this coming weekend
20:04:49 <nmagnezi> Enjoy :-)
20:05:01 <johnsom> Going fishing....
20:05:07 <johnsom> #topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review
20:05:09 <cgoncalves> so much vacations. tsss, tsss :P
20:05:27 <johnsom> lol, cgoncalves look who is talking....
20:05:36 <colin-> nice, enjoy
20:05:50 <johnsom> I have been focused on making sure we get stuff merged for the Rocky release
20:06:30 <johnsom> The OpenStack demons threw a bandit change, a KVM breakage, and a stable/rocky nova breakage at us....
20:06:39 <johnsom> So, a bit of a dance to get our stuff in.
20:07:16 <johnsom> I also worked on our octavia-tempest-plugin to make it aware of the API version it is testing.
20:07:30 <johnsom> I have a patch up for that, but it looks like I have a py3 bug to fix.
20:07:37 <cgoncalves> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/594786/
20:07:49 <johnsom> ha, faster than I was
20:07:52 <johnsom> Yeah, that one
20:08:13 <cgoncalves> also octavia-tempest-plugin jobs for stable/queens
20:08:14 <johnsom> Comments welcome, unless you are just mocking me for my poor py3 form....
20:08:18 <cgoncalves> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/595257/
20:08:21 <cgoncalves> cool stuff!
20:08:47 <johnsom> Otherwise, still busy with internal stuffs.
20:08:55 <johnsom> Any other updates from folks?
20:10:14 <johnsom> ok....
20:10:18 <cgoncalves> resuming work on CI jobs moving to v2, etc now that cut stable/rocky
20:10:48 <johnsom> Yes, thanks for that work cleaning up some of the zuul configs.
20:11:06 <cgoncalves> it also came to my attention that we may have issues when deploying octavia on a ipv6 service network
20:11:22 <johnsom> For lb-mgmt-net or VIP?
20:11:34 <nmagnezi> The octavia api service
20:11:42 <nmagnezi> Fails to bind to an IPv6 address
20:12:02 <johnsom> Oh, so you aren't deploying as a wsgi app????
20:12:18 <cgoncalves> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1618689
20:12:18 <openstack> bugzilla.redhat.com bug 1618689 in openstack-octavia "[OSP13][Octavia] octavia-api fails to start with IPv6" [Urgent,New] - Assigned to nmagnezi
20:12:30 <cgoncalves> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/594078/
20:12:45 <nmagnezi> cgoncalves, you have a live setup to double check?
20:12:54 <cgoncalves> I do not
20:13:00 <johnsom> Yeah, so you are running with the python "simple-server"
20:14:04 <johnsom> hmmm, cgoncalves We had originally decided to integrate the IPv6 tests into the existing tests. That is how it is setup today.
20:14:37 <johnsom> But I guess this is control plane IPv6 in this test?
20:14:47 <cgoncalves> yes, control plane
20:14:53 <cgoncalves> better yet, all ipv6
20:15:16 <johnsom> Yeah. I found a bug with IPv6 VIP running in active/standby recently too
20:15:27 <johnsom> #link https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2003451
20:15:43 <johnsom> It works fine in standalone, but not active/standby
20:15:58 <johnsom> I will be looking at that in the next week or two
20:16:41 <cgoncalves> "DAD went out to buy a pack of cigarettes"
20:16:52 <johnsom> FYI, you might want to consider moving away from using simple-server to a better wsgi app server.
20:17:02 <johnsom> lol, yeah, that error
20:17:28 <cgoncalves> ok, thanks
20:17:33 <johnsom> We use Apache2 with uwsgi in the gates
20:18:09 <openstackgerrit> boden proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas master: use setup_extension in unit tests  https://review.openstack.org/595345
20:18:20 <johnsom> lol
20:18:29 <johnsom> Ok, any other updates?
20:18:54 <colin-> nothing to share :)
20:18:57 <johnsom> #topic Do we want to cut an RC3?
20:19:16 <johnsom> I see roughly three patches as candidates for an RC3 today:
20:19:24 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/594545/
20:19:38 <johnsom> Remove user_group option (deprecated cleanup)
20:19:45 <johnsom> and two translation updates:
20:19:54 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/594903
20:20:02 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/594059
20:20:07 <johnsom> which has merged already
20:20:22 <johnsom> Any reason to not add those to the Rocky release with an RC3?
20:20:34 <cgoncalves> I don't see a reason why not to
20:21:11 <nmagnezi> I'll vote: yes
20:21:18 <johnsom> Ha
20:21:25 <colin-> seems reasonable
20:21:29 <nmagnezi> We better remove options we don't want to support as long as we can
20:21:36 <nmagnezi> :)
20:21:37 <johnsom> Ok, just wanted to check with folks.  I will post a patch after the meeting
20:22:04 <johnsom> #topic Python 3 first goal
20:22:32 <johnsom> Doug is leading the Python 3 first goal for Stein. He has asked for volunteer projects that want to move sooner rather than later.
20:23:03 <johnsom> This is switching the bulk of the jobs to run under py3 by default (we currently run both, but things like docs, pep8 are p27 by default)
20:23:24 <johnsom> I have been holding off volunteering simply because my time to help/focus on that is limited.
20:23:53 <johnsom> I thought I would ask if anyone has strong enough feeling on this topic that they want to volunteer and lead the Octavia transition.
20:24:12 <cgoncalves> Stein has a long dev cycle. we could try to make it
20:24:38 <cgoncalves> we have py35 jobs today and have been on the green side AFAIK
20:24:39 <johnsom> Ha, yeah, it will happen by the end of stein, it's just if we want to be "early" (adopters)
20:24:55 <johnsom> Yes, we run the actual tests on both today
20:25:17 <nmagnezi> This kinda also relate to the fact that we will need to adapt to RHEL8 which should drop support of Python 2.x.
20:25:20 <nmagnezi> #link https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=RHEL-8-No-Python-2
20:25:27 <johnsom> It is mostly the 'other' jobs in our case, like docs/api-reg/pep8
20:25:51 <nmagnezi> But I personally can't make promises for early adoption since we internally are still very busy with queens and rocky
20:26:22 <johnsom> Ok, just asking if anyone wanted to jump on this. If not, we will pick it up in a bit.
20:26:41 <nmagnezi> Can it wait for a week or two so we'll know better?
20:26:53 * johnsom Watches everyone take a step back....
20:27:05 <johnsom> Yep, no rush really.
20:27:23 <johnsom> Ok, fair enough.
20:27:29 <johnsom> #topic Open Discussion
20:27:32 <nmagnezi> We only started the planning for OSP15 (Stein) now.
20:27:41 <johnsom> Other topics for today?
20:27:49 <cgoncalves> why not have a patch that switches open for couple of weeks where we every now and then rebase to get a sense on how it is doing?
20:28:36 <johnsom> Most of the jobs are infra owned in project-config, so not something we can just do without signing up to be "early"
20:29:11 <cgoncalves> uhm? we can override parameters in our jobs
20:30:19 <johnsom> I don't think so, I believe it is different parent jobs.  cgoncalves does this mean you have interest and want to volunteer?
20:30:27 * johnsom grins
20:30:33 <cgoncalves> time permitting, yes
20:31:04 <johnsom> There is a few e-mail chains on the dev mailing list from Doug if you want more details.
20:31:07 <cgoncalves> devstack_localrc: USE_PYTHON3: true
20:31:39 <nmagnezi> cgoncalves, may the force be with you
20:32:16 <nmagnezi> johnsom, you're going to lead that effort for neutron-lbaas? :D
20:32:29 <johnsom> Also, if someone has time, I could use a second set of eyes on why the py27 n-lbaas jobs are failing on stable/rocky.  I temporarily disabled them to get our gates going.  All I see is nova-compute throwing a critical error and exiting.  Asking for help in nova channel didn't go far.
20:33:05 <johnsom> cgoncalves We already do that setting for our gates....  That is the py3 gates we already run
20:33:48 <cgoncalves> johnsom, I know. so we move that to the base octavia job and for the today's py27 jobs we set it to False
20:34:00 <johnsom> Hahaha
20:34:11 <cgoncalves> dunno xD
20:34:27 <johnsom> If OpenStack was so easy
20:34:34 <cgoncalves> no? I'll try to find Doug's email
20:37:19 <johnsom> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2018-August/133232.html
20:37:34 <cgoncalves> https://media.giphy.com/media/3ohs7KViF6rA4aan5u/giphy.gif
20:37:50 <johnsom> Right....
20:38:13 <johnsom> Any other topics today?
20:39:54 <johnsom> Ok, then.... Going once
20:39:57 <johnsom> lunch time for me
20:40:10 <colin-> thx for hosting
20:40:17 <johnsom> Ok, thanks folks!  Have a great week.
20:40:20 <nmagnezi> o/
20:40:30 <johnsom> #endmeeting