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20:00:07 <xgerman_> o/
20:00:13 <johnsom> Hi folks
20:00:44 <cgoncalves> hi
20:00:55 <johnsom> #topic Announcements
20:01:17 <johnsom> If you haven't already seen the e-mail, the voting for the "T" series name is open.
20:01:34 <johnsom> You should have received an e-mail invite with your unique voting link.
20:02:25 <nmagnezi> o/
20:02:26 <colin-> o/
20:02:26 <johnsom> There does appear to be more drama around this naming as two more names on the ballot are apparently invalid, but it's a ranked vote, so shouldn't hurt things too much
20:02:46 <xgerman_> isn’t T already named Train?
20:02:53 <johnsom> Probably some other cloud vendor meddling in the election....
20:03:12 <johnsom> Nope, that was the first round of drama, however it is on the ballot.
20:03:39 <cgoncalves> I have not received such email
20:03:50 <johnsom> Next up, I am taking a long weekend and will be on vacation Friday and Monday.
20:04:36 <cgoncalves> enjoy! holiday tomorrow for me
20:05:12 <xgerman_> ha, gotta move back — my work/life balance would be so much more balanced
20:05:46 <johnsom> It should have been an e-mail from Tony Breeds around the 29th with subject: "[openstack-dev] [all]Naming the T release of OpenStack -- Poll open"
20:06:01 <johnsom> If you didn't get one to your OpenStack registered e-mail, ping Tony
20:06:24 <johnsom> He should be tonyb in #openstack
20:07:12 <johnsom> Also of note, November 4th is the daylight savings time switch for those that use it.
20:07:34 <johnsom> Our meetings are in UTC time, so will shift an hour if your region does DST.
20:08:20 <cgoncalves> Europe switched last Sunday already
20:08:32 <johnsom> Finally, the foundation found a slot for us to do an on-boarding session in Berlin. It is now on the summit schedule and I have created some draft slides based on our last session.
20:09:19 <xgerman_> yeah, summit is upon us
20:09:19 <johnsom> Cool, and you still made it. Better than some in the past where I was the only person in the meeting since folks didn't set their reminder to UTC time.
20:09:54 <johnsom> Yeah, we have some great sessions for Berlin.
20:10:07 <johnsom> Any other announcements today?
20:10:46 <johnsom> #topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review
20:11:43 <johnsom> I would really like to see if we can merge the first IPv6 patch soon. I've now had at least two duplicate bugs reported on this issue, so people are looking for this fix.
20:11:45 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/589292
20:12:35 <johnsom> Other than doing patch updates and some docs work, I have been focused on the octavia-lib work and moving the driver_lib parts out to octavia-lib.
20:12:42 <xgerman_> at he risk of repeating myself each week
20:12:45 <xgerman_> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/585864/
20:12:55 <xgerman_> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/604479/
20:12:59 <xgerman_> and hot of the press
20:13:00 <johnsom> I'm using debtcollector, so this should be a non-breaking change. (lots of deprecation warnings though)
20:13:14 <xgerman_> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/613685/
20:13:24 <johnsom> Right now I am working on moving constants out to octavia-lib.
20:13:58 <johnsom> I hope to have the driver agent patch and the octavia-lib patch that will become 1.0 up for review this week.
20:14:22 <johnsom> Then, when I return I can focus on the flavors work and more reviews.
20:15:34 <johnsom> I also worked on the slides for the project update session and the onboarding session. I have drafts of those shared with the presenters.
20:15:51 <cgoncalves> from my side, the TripleO and surroundings saga continues which has blocked me from doing almost any reviews -- apologies...
20:16:13 <johnsom> Isn't TripleO "done" yet?
20:16:15 <cgoncalves> thank you, much appreciated, Michael
20:16:16 <johnsom> grin
20:16:56 <xgerman_> I though it’s now done by Watson?
20:16:56 <johnsom> Our core reviewer review rates have dipped. I hope we can bounce back soon as we do have a backlog of patches needing review.
20:17:10 <johnsom> There you go.
20:17:16 <cgoncalves> it keeps evolving. why stopping now? ;)
20:17:27 <johnsom> "TripleO powered by Watson" ha
20:17:46 <xgerman_> Jeopardy…
20:17:54 <johnsom> Maybe Watson can do some reviews for us.....
20:18:20 <xgerman_> I heard he does cancer stuff so this should be easy for him
20:18:21 <johnsom> Ok, any other status updates today?
20:18:25 <cgoncalves> German has been very vocal on Twitter about it. it even sounds like he's jealous of not being on the red side ;)
20:18:34 <xgerman_> blue side
20:20:28 <johnsom> Ok then
20:20:36 <johnsom> #topic Open Discussion
20:20:40 <johnsom> Other topics today?
20:22:29 <colin-> curious if anyone is actively working on lxc/lxd for amphora? see notes from denver that sahara is interested in that and dulek may look but don't often see those names in chat
20:22:42 <colin-> have interest in it but haven't looked into integration yet
20:23:13 <xgerman_> good question. Our system is very nova oriented so if nova-lxc is a drop in replacement we are good ;-)
20:23:25 <johnsom> Yeah, there is a lot of interest, but the last few attempts ran into bugs in lxc or nova-lxd. Granted those are now well over a year ago and are likely fixed.
20:23:55 <johnsom> The two issues we had open from the last attempt was network ports were not reliably plugging and config-drive was failing.
20:23:58 <xgerman_> yeah, someone just needs to configure and run it + report back
20:24:25 <johnsom> It really is pretty straight forward of a container solution for our needs, assuming it works....
20:24:40 <johnsom> It would super help out our gate test run times as well.
20:24:41 <xgerman_> yeah, didn’t hear from the zune guy neither…
20:25:13 <cgoncalves> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/579405
20:25:13 <colin-> ok, well if i don't hear anything else i'll take a look at nova-lxc and see if i can figure out what the gaps are today
20:25:18 <johnsom> I see he is working on the Zun stuff, but I don't know how much progress he has made. That is a lot harder of an integration to do IMO
20:25:31 <cgoncalves> a few patch sets have been sent this and past weeks
20:25:35 <johnsom> colin- That would be awesome
20:26:26 <colin-> be really cool to bring that to bear when we think about carving up compute resources for amphora in terms of density
20:26:47 <johnsom> Yep, and boot times
20:28:00 <johnsom> Cool! Any other topics today?
20:29:21 <johnsom> Alright then.  Thirty minutes back into your day to do patch reviews!
20:29:30 <johnsom> Thanks folks.
20:29:38 <johnsom> #endmeeting