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20:00:20 <johnsom> Hi folks
20:00:24 <nmagnezi> o/
20:00:32 <colin-> hello
20:00:45 <johnsom> #topic Announcements
20:01:12 <johnsom> The TC election question and answer period is now open.
20:01:27 <johnsom> You can ask questions of the candidates on the discuss mailing list.
20:02:05 <johnsom> The OpenStack-> Open Infrastructure Summit schedule has been posted.
20:02:24 <johnsom> You should have received an e-mail if one of your talks was accepted.
20:02:37 <johnsom> I know we had one accepted: OpenStack Load Balancing New Features Deep Dive
20:02:49 <johnsom> I haven't had a minute to look for others.
20:03:15 <johnsom> Next up in announcements is the end-of-Stein planning.
20:03:31 <johnsom> I plan to start making a cut line next week for features to make Stein.
20:03:57 <johnsom> Please contact me if you have must-have features for Stein that have not yet merged and are ready for review
20:04:19 <johnsom> Along those lines, I am updating the priority review list to break out items by deadlines.
20:04:25 <johnsom> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/octavia-priority-reviews
20:04:37 <johnsom> I should have that updated in an hour or two.
20:04:47 <johnsom> The first deadline is for octavia-lib next week.
20:05:03 <johnsom> Followed by feature freeze the week after.
20:05:20 <johnsom> That is all I have for announcements. Any other announcements today?
20:05:39 <nmagnezi> I picked up 'Encrypt certs and keys' again today. Will finish it early next week
20:05:54 <johnsom> nmagnezi "early" is key there
20:06:04 <nmagnezi> Noted :)
20:06:21 <nmagnezi> johnsom, will let you know when it is ready for more feedback
20:06:30 <johnsom> It seems like feature freeze deadline is early, but I guess it always feels that way
20:06:49 <rm_work> Yep
20:07:13 <johnsom> #topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review
20:07:35 <johnsom> I have been heads down trying to help get the TLS patches ready for the feature freeze.
20:08:01 <johnsom> I am pretty close to having client authentication done. The first three patches are ready for review.
20:08:22 <johnsom> Yesterday I tracked down the gate breakage to an oslo.service release that pulled in a broken package.
20:09:03 <johnsom> Hopefully we can get a requirements update merged today and get our gates going again. Sadly, even though we don't use it, oslo.messaging pulls it in.
20:09:42 <johnsom> I poked the SDK folks today so the reset of our SDK patches should merge today(if their gate issues don't block it).
20:10:24 <johnsom> Otherwise, it's going to be time trying to prioritize the patch reviews and make sure we don't miss something.
20:10:52 <johnsom> Also, don't forget, after feature freeze, we can still work on bug fixes for another two weeks
20:11:49 <nmagnezi> johnsom, thank you for maintaining that etherpad. It really helps!
20:11:50 <johnsom> Any other progress updates?
20:13:24 <johnsom> Also the tempest stuff can happen at any time, so we don't need to prioritize those
20:13:49 <johnsom> Ok, no other updates?
20:14:23 <johnsom> #topic Open Discussion
20:14:29 <johnsom> Other topics today?
20:14:51 <colin-> I'd like to share some feedback, for the benefit of the project, about our experience discovering the bug detailed in this story last week https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2004993 and attempting to work through it in this change https://review.openstack.org/#/c/636428/
20:16:00 <johnsom> Ok, go for it
20:16:30 <colin-> I was hoping for a much simpler experience for everybody involved in the linked change, and while I recognize the benefits that extreme scrutiny in code reviews brings to a project, I feel that in this case the project would have been better served by moving forward with the identified bug fix and tabling ancillary concerns for follow-up (read: non bug fix) changes related to other objectives.
20:18:13 <colin-> Our efforts to adopt Octavia are going to be most successful if we feel confident in our opportunity to contribute specific, atomic changes that directly affect our own deployment. Deeply appreciate all of the effort so far to encourage us, hope we can emphasize that in the future if we are able to get some of our developers onto an Octavia task again. If I could offer one suggestion it would be to differentiate opportunities for feature enrichment
20:18:18 <johnsom> Fair feedback. I will say, less than a week turn around for an OpenStack patch is pretty good. grin.
20:19:07 <johnsom> I think one of the strengths of open development is the diversity of perspectives and experiences that the teams can bring.
20:19:37 <johnsom> So I do want to champion that as well.
20:20:22 <johnsom> Any other feedback on how that patch went or our processes?
20:20:31 <colin-> that's all from me, thanks for reading :)
20:20:40 <nmagnezi> I was not involved in the linked patch specifically, but fully agree with johnsom here. We are very happy to have you guys her :)
20:20:45 <nmagnezi> Here*
20:20:49 <jiteka> just ack what colin said as I followed a bit this story
20:21:14 <johnsom> colin- Thank you for bringing up the topic. We should continue to evolve as a team and identify things we can do better.
20:21:33 <jiteka> I don't think it's really about how long it take but more how to get situation unstuck when some different dev philosophy collide
20:23:02 <johnsom> Yeah, I think dialog is the best way to keep things moving forward. Both on the patch and in the channel.
20:24:29 <johnsom> Those of us that have worked in OpenStack for a while all know of some of the discussions I have had about my patches...  I think it is just part of the "open" process and helps us all produce better code.  I know I have had significant discussions myself.
20:24:47 * johnsom coughs "Stephen"
20:25:38 <johnsom> Ok, any other comments or topics today?
20:26:44 <jiteka> all good for me
20:27:00 <johnsom> Ok, then I am going to hop over to the requirements channel and see if we can get this oslo.service thing fixed. Their meeting starts in a few minutes.
20:27:39 <johnsom> Thanks folks. Have a good week!
20:27:41 <jiteka> time for yappy to take a nap(py) :D
20:27:52 <johnsom> #endmeeting