16:00:01 <rm_work> #startmeeting Octavia
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16:00:07 <rm_work> o/
16:00:12 <johnsom> o/
16:01:25 <ataraday_> hi
16:01:27 <gthiemonge> Hi
16:02:06 <rm_work> hey all, happy pre-holidays
16:02:53 <rm_work> #topic Announcements
16:03:22 <rm_work> There will be no meeting next week. Many of us are out for the holidays, and I hope everyone has a good one. :D
16:03:38 <rm_work> that is all I have for announcements. Anyone else?
16:05:09 <rm_work> guessing no
16:05:10 <rm_work> ok
16:05:15 <rm_work> #topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review
16:05:29 <rm_work> AZ stuff is mostly done merging! thanks everyone!
16:05:39 <rm_work> looks like jobboard stuff is moving along nicely too
16:05:49 <rm_work> ataraday_: any updates on your end? we just need to review? :D
16:05:50 <johnsom> I have been working on AZ patch reviews and the failover flow fix
16:06:33 <johnsom> Sadly I have paused doing jobboard reviews after I fixed that listener issue. I am just out of available cycles for a bit.
16:07:07 <johnsom> Which, I should set expectations in that I am on vacation until the 6th of January after today.
16:07:36 <ataraday_> I found issue with spare amphora and retry flow (it is not getting ignored as nested subflow) - hope will have time this week to fix it - added it to etherpad
16:07:52 <rm_work> i am taking essentially no vacation. I'll be on most days excepting christmas day and new years :D
16:08:00 <rm_work> cool, will be around to review then :)
16:08:16 <rm_work> hoping the lack of folks being around internally will give me more upstream time o/
16:08:35 <johnsom> +1 to that hope, lol
16:08:54 <rm_work> that or i'll get pulled into anything/everything happening since i'm the only one around lol
16:10:56 <rm_work> ok so i guess that's it?
16:11:09 <rm_work> #topic Open Discussion
16:11:31 <rm_work> oh, i do have one more AZ patch left, as well as the client + tempest patches, but those are less of a rush
16:11:51 <rm_work> anyone else have any topics? we can make this a short one and let people get back to work :D
16:12:25 <johnsom> Have a great new year and other holidays if you have them!
16:14:03 <rm_work> yeah ok, silence seems to abound :)
16:14:11 <rm_work> happy holidays, see you in 2020!
16:14:14 <rm_work> first meeting will be ....
16:14:31 <rm_work> Jan 8
16:14:41 <johnsom> +1
16:14:44 <rm_work> no meeting on Christmas or New Years day XD
16:14:53 <johnsom> rm_work I assume you are going to send out an e-mail?
16:14:59 <rm_work> that's a bold assumption
16:15:00 <johnsom> I can update the agenda
16:15:07 <rm_work> but I can do it :D
16:15:20 <johnsom> I was going 50/50 with you.... lol
16:15:31 <rm_work> well if you hadn't SAID anything... >>_>
16:15:46 <rm_work> alright
16:15:54 <rm_work> see ya'll in... three weeks?
16:16:12 <rm_work> #endmeeting