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16:00:05 <rm_work> #chair johnsom
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16:00:12 <rm_work> #chair cgoncalves
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16:00:19 <rm_work> o/
16:00:33 <haleyb> o/
16:00:35 <johnsom> o/
16:00:57 <cgoncalves> o/
16:02:07 <ataraday_> hi
16:02:26 <rm_work> #topic Annoucements
16:02:54 <johnsom> #link https://releases.openstack.org/ussuri/schedule.html
16:03:06 <rm_work> I see nothing in the agenda wiki
16:03:11 <rm_work> so open floor
16:03:22 <johnsom> Final octavia-lib release needs to happen the week of Mar 30th
16:03:59 <johnsom> Also of interest might be:
16:04:02 <johnsom> #link https://review.opendev.org/712696
16:04:10 <cgoncalves> there are a few octavia-lib patches up for review
16:04:10 <johnsom> "No longer elect PTLs"
16:04:12 <cgoncalves> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/q/project:openstack/octavia-lib+status:open
16:04:19 <rm_work> Woo! I can escape!
16:04:27 <cgoncalves> never!
16:04:49 <johnsom> Personally I think that is a bad idea trying to solve a different problem
16:05:24 <johnsom> Also note, #openstack-infra is going to slowly die. The new channel is #opendev
16:05:32 <rm_work> ah, kk
16:06:05 <haleyb> johnsom: we'll become an Autonomous Collective :)
16:06:06 <cgoncalves> I'm also not a fan of not having PTLs
16:06:35 <johnsom> Yeah, of "someone else will take care of that"....
16:06:58 <rm_work> Yeah, I just realized if we can't have PTLs, then we can't re-elect johnsom and make him do everything again next cycle...
16:07:15 <rm_work> D:
16:07:29 <johnsom> I also think there is some health in acknowledging that projects that don't get PTL volunteers are dying.
16:08:36 <johnsom> I will not name names.... lol
16:09:13 <johnsom> Ah, one other item, cirros 0.5.1 is available and may become default in devstack
16:09:37 <johnsom> If someone has time to test our tempest with it, thank you and please provide feedback on the e-mail list.
16:10:03 <johnsom> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/711425/
16:10:14 <johnsom> So far it seems other projects have not had trouble with it
16:10:53 <rm_work> cool
16:11:02 <johnsom> Wrong link, this one
16:11:04 <rm_work> yeah i suppose we should try as we do some ... edge things
16:11:04 <johnsom> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/711492
16:11:14 <rm_work> (like apparently copying more than a megabyte into it)
16:11:40 <johnsom> Yeah, cirros has dropped broken releases before.
16:11:58 <johnsom> I know SSH file copy broke in one release, disk space disappeared in another.
16:12:04 <johnsom> I think this one requires more RAM
16:12:20 <johnsom> We have had to pin it a few times
16:14:08 <haleyb> johnsom: i can create an octavia patch that depends on that devstack one, and fix the examples, don't see any direct cirros image name otherwise
16:15:23 <rm_work> i thought we named it in the plugin settings for devstack
16:15:26 <rm_work> maybe not anymore
16:15:31 <rm_work> anywho
16:15:33 <johnsom> Ok, yeah, or just specify it in our devstack config in the job. I'm not sure depends on that chain will actually pick it up, but there is a devstack config line that sets the cirros version.
16:15:37 <rm_work> we about done with annoucements?
16:15:45 <johnsom> All I have
16:16:30 <rm_work> ok
16:16:45 <rm_work> #topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review
16:16:54 <rm_work> hmmm i think i had something for this...
16:17:11 <rm_work> https://review.opendev.org/#/q/topic:az-tweaks+status:open
16:17:15 <rm_work> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/q/topic:az-tweaks+status:open
16:19:14 <ataraday_> Thanks for reviews! And highlight for jobboard change
16:19:20 <ataraday_> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/647406/
16:20:29 <cgoncalves> I started work on fixing listeners with SNI containers. I reported 4 stories in storyboard, and have a patch in Gerrit that covers two stories
16:20:31 <cgoncalves> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/712790/
16:21:14 <cgoncalves> earlier today we got feedback from sapd that patch ^ works for him
16:21:32 <johnsom> Ugh, so let's see, failover is up for initial reviews. I will be doing some cleanup passes.
16:22:07 <johnsom> I worked on the "healthcheck" patch to make it actually test something. It now tests the API framework and the database is reachable.
16:22:26 <johnsom> #link https://review.opendev.org/711127
16:23:33 <johnsom> We should add another patch that does an oslo messaging test, but I'm not 100% sure how to do that with oslo messaging and have expired the time I have to go research it. So, if someone wants to figure out *how* to have it ping the rabbitmq, I am happy to help/write the plugin that executes the test.
16:24:41 <johnsom> I am now looking at the tempest plugin to make things cleaner/better for the provider drivers to use it.
16:25:20 <johnsom> Also, some gate cleanup, remove the mock module, etc.
16:25:55 <johnsom> Docs cleanup too
16:25:56 <johnsom> lol
16:27:02 <rm_work> \o/
16:27:08 <rm_work> i'm sure i've done something
16:27:18 <rm_work> but mostly just waiting on those two AZ bugfixes to merge
16:28:15 <haleyb> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/701290/
16:28:35 <haleyb> rm_work, johnsom - can i just get a consensus on that 'latin-1' comment?
16:28:55 <rm_work> uhh, change it to UTF-8 and we'll merge that
16:29:44 <haleyb> ack
16:29:45 <johnsom> I will try to review that patch today
16:30:21 <johnsom> Yeah, IF it can go utf-8, that is really the best solution. But some libraries are strange and I don't know if that is possible everywhere or not.
16:30:42 <openstackgerrit> Brian Haley proposed openstack/octavia master: Remove all usage of six library  https://review.opendev.org/701290
16:31:00 <haleyb> we'll see what the non-unit tests think
16:34:28 <openstackgerrit> Brian Haley proposed openstack/octavia master: Update cirros image to cirros-0.5.1-x86_64  https://review.opendev.org/713693
16:34:38 <rm_work> \o/ thanks
16:35:00 <rm_work> it seems like we're done with that so
16:35:04 <rm_work> #topic Open Discussion
16:35:09 <rm_work> correct me if we have something I missed
16:46:47 <rm_work> ok soooooo
16:46:58 <rm_work> I forgot we were in a meeting for a minute. I think this means there is nothing else.
16:47:04 <rm_work> thanks everybody :)
16:47:15 <rm_work> #endmeeting