16:01:00 <gthiemonge> #startmeeting Octavia
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16:01:12 <gthiemonge> Hi everyone! welcome back ;-)
16:01:16 <johnsom> o/
16:01:27 <johnsom> Happy new year!
16:01:45 <gthiemonge> Yeah, this is the first meeting of 2022, Happy new year!
16:02:44 <gthiemonge> #topic Announcements
16:02:51 <gthiemonge> * Yoga-2 milestone
16:03:02 <gthiemonge> this week is Yoga-2 milestone
16:03:19 <gthiemonge> I'll check if we need intermediate releases for python-octaviaclient and octavia-lib
16:03:33 <gthiemonge> but I don't think we make notable changes in those repos
16:04:24 <johnsom> Yeah, they may still need a release for the release team policies.
16:04:32 <gthiemonge> hmm ok
16:04:51 <johnsom> I think they are going to do a automated patch blast for it though
16:06:10 <gthiemonge> ok, I'll check with the releases team, there are a bunch of open reviews for Yoga-2 clients, but not for octavia
16:06:28 <johnsom> Sounds good
16:07:32 <gthiemonge> any other announcements?
16:09:36 <gthiemonge> ok
16:09:44 <gthiemonge> #topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review
16:10:03 <gthiemonge> well... I'm still working on amphorav2+persistence
16:10:31 <gthiemonge> one concern with the use of the redis backend is that if a task takes too much time (is longer than jobboard_expiration_time sec)
16:10:46 <gthiemonge> it might be re-scheduled on another controller while it's still running
16:11:16 <gthiemonge> so I'm proposing a keep-alive-like approach while the controller is waiting for a task to be completed
16:11:41 <johnsom> Yes, that has been an open issue in the amphora_v2 driver.
16:11:44 <gthiemonge> it periodically notifies taskflow that the job is still running, and then taskflow extends the expiration time of the job
16:11:52 <gthiemonge> #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/octavia/+/823415
16:12:21 <johnsom> I look forward to reviewing that.
16:12:43 <gthiemonge> thanks
16:13:46 <gthiemonge> I've also worked on an issue in the failover flow in active-standby that was reported by a user
16:13:52 <gthiemonge> #link https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2009761
16:14:06 <gthiemonge> if both amphorae are deleted, it takes too much time to complete the failover
16:14:35 <gthiemonge> the failover flow defines a custom timeout for rest_api_driver that is not used in some cases
16:14:46 <gthiemonge> #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/octavia/+/823414
16:15:30 <gthiemonge> now the failover takes only a few minutes (~3) instead of 30min
16:15:49 <johnsom> Yeah, that was a bad oversight
16:17:10 <gthiemonge> this issue has motivated me to work on the keepalive thing in amphorav2 ;-)
16:19:05 <gthiemonge> #topic Open Discussion
16:19:13 <gthiemonge> any other topics Folks?
16:22:27 <gthiemonge> ok
16:22:32 <gthiemonge> thanks everyone!
16:22:38 <johnsom> Thanks Greg!
16:22:40 <gthiemonge> #endmeeting