16:00:35 <gthiemonge> #startmeeting Octavia
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16:00:39 <gthiemonge> Hi!
16:01:02 <johnsom> o/
16:02:21 <gthiemonge> #topic Announcements
16:02:35 <gthiemonge> well I have no announcements this week, anyone?
16:03:03 <johnsom> The request for papers for the Berlin summit is open or will be soon.
16:03:33 <johnsom> #link https://cfp.openinfra.dev/
16:03:38 <gthiemonge> thanks johnsom
16:03:42 <johnsom> In case you have any topics you would like to present
16:04:09 <gthiemonge> ok
16:05:24 <gthiemonge> #topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review
16:05:36 <gthiemonge> reviews and backports for me
16:05:54 <gthiemonge> I also brought back to life the unmerged SCTP tempest commits
16:06:03 <gthiemonge> I believe that the API tests are ready for reviews:
16:06:10 <gthiemonge> #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/octavia-tempest-plugin/+/760305
16:06:22 <johnsom> Same, reviews. I have a few open patches I want to poke at, but priorities.....
16:06:33 <gthiemonge> The scenario tests depends on an open review for Cirros (for enabling SCTP support)
16:06:38 <gthiemonge> so it will have to wait
16:07:07 <johnsom> Yeah, cirros needs help moving from travisci to github actions for testing I guess.
16:07:14 <johnsom> If anyone is interested...
16:10:56 <gthiemonge> #topic Open Discussion
16:11:05 <gthiemonge> any other topics?
16:11:59 <johnsom> I don't think I have anything this week
16:12:30 <gthiemonge> ok
16:12:36 <gthiemonge> thanks everyone
16:12:39 <gthiemonge> #endmeeting