16:00:12 <gthiemonge> #startmeeting Octavia
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16:00:20 <gthiemonge> Hey
16:00:22 <johnsom> o/
16:00:44 <gthiemonge> Oops I forgot to update the agenda in the wiki
16:01:10 <tweining> hi
16:01:54 <gthiemonge> #topic Announcements
16:01:59 <gthiemonge> * Yoga release schedule - RC1
16:02:56 <johnsom> Wahoo
16:03:09 <gthiemonge> This week is the RC1 for Yoga, there's a proposed commit in releases for Octavia:
16:03:15 <gthiemonge> #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/releases/+/832414
16:03:21 <gthiemonge> also for octavia-dashboard
16:03:31 <gthiemonge> #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/releases/+/832413
16:03:47 <gthiemonge> I will CR+1 the commits unless you think we can merge some other bugfixes
16:05:19 <tweining> what about https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/octavia/+/828724 ?
16:06:15 <johnsom> I don't think devstack changes are critical for a release go/no-go
16:06:37 <tweining> ok
16:07:02 <gthiemonge> tweining: yeah this is not really important for the release, of course it will be merged on master soon, and we could backport it on stable branches
16:07:20 <gthiemonge> any other announcements?
16:09:57 <gthiemonge> nop
16:09:58 <gthiemonge> ok
16:10:03 <gthiemonge> #topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review
16:10:17 <gthiemonge> Hey, I have this change in octavia-tempest-plugin
16:10:23 <gthiemonge> #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/octavia-tempest-plugin/+/810660
16:10:47 <gthiemonge> it already got a CR+2, it fixes a simple bug that was caught while working on "Fix plugging member subnets on existing networks"
16:11:27 <gthiemonge> We need another core reviewer so we could move forward with these commits (tests are broken for the fix member subnets and multi-vip feature changes)
16:11:33 <gthiemonge> thanks ;-)
16:12:52 <tweining> you have my +1, even if it doesn't really help ;)
16:13:15 <gthiemonge> it helps for visibility ;-)
16:13:27 <johnsom> +1
16:13:33 <johnsom> +1's definitely help
16:13:41 <johnsom> As do -1's
16:13:42 <johnsom> grin
16:15:16 <gthiemonge> #topic Open Discussion
16:15:33 <tweining> but zuul is -1 there still
16:16:29 <gthiemonge> yeah there are still random ipv6 failures on stable branches, we need to merge the backports on xena and wallaby
16:16:52 <gthiemonge> #link https://review.opendev.org/q/Ie859e9911dfc54c327476ee9925d0c9046fed832
16:17:03 <gthiemonge> #link https://review.opendev.org/q/Iaa8ea5255b225ef87461c1f85b80f36210b1bde4
16:17:29 <tweining> yes, they block one change from me as well
16:17:34 <gthiemonge> anyway I will recheck the octavia-tempest-plugin commit if it gets a CR+2/W+1
16:17:40 <johnsom> I will look through those after the meeting
16:17:49 <gthiemonge> johnsom: thanks
16:19:17 <gthiemonge> ok, I think that will be all for today!
16:19:22 <gthiemonge> Thank you Folks!
16:19:27 <gthiemonge> #endmeeting