16:00:39 <gthiemonge> #startmeeting Octavia
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16:00:45 <gthiemonge> Hi!
16:00:48 <johnsom> o/
16:00:53 <QG> hello !
16:00:54 <oschwart> o/
16:01:44 <gthiemonge> #topic Announcements
16:01:55 <gthiemonge> ** OpenStack Zed schedule
16:02:05 <gthiemonge> we have passed the Feature Freeze for Zed!
16:02:25 <gthiemonge> we have merged 3 important features in Octavia
16:02:30 <gthiemonge> - Failover circuit breaker
16:02:34 <gthiemonge> - Multi-VIP support
16:02:44 <gthiemonge> - Notification support
16:03:03 <gthiemonge> so, thanks for the hard work on these patches!
16:03:55 <gthiemonge> I have proposed these 3 features as cycle highlights for Octavia Zed
16:04:56 <gthiemonge> FYI I had to request a Feature Freeze Exception for the python-octaviaclient patch for multivip, it was merged in time, but the related releases patch was still opened
16:05:04 <gthiemonge> now everything is fine
16:05:29 <johnsom> +1
16:06:04 <oschwart> Good to hear, it was a lot of work
16:06:08 <gthiemonge> RC1 is next week, it should be our final release of Octavia Zed
16:06:22 <gthiemonge> so we still have one week to review/merge bugfixes ;-)
16:06:27 <gthiemonge> #link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/octavia-priority-reviews
16:07:58 <gthiemonge> any questions? or other announcement I missed?
16:10:29 <gthiemonge> alright
16:10:33 <gthiemonge> #topic CI Status
16:10:51 <gthiemonge> I need to double-check, but I saw multiple failures of the -tips jobs on stable/ussuri
16:11:12 <gthiemonge> #link https://zuul.openstack.org/builds?job_name=octavia-tox-py37-tips&project=openstack%2Foctavia&skip=0
16:11:48 <gthiemonge> I will take a look later, or maybe someone can check what happened?
16:14:02 <gthiemonge> #topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review
16:15:14 <gthiemonge> FYI the multi-vip patch introduces a regression with amphorav1 (which is now deprecated and should not be used in Zed), but anyways, I have proposed a fix for it:
16:15:21 <gthiemonge> #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/octavia/+/855963
16:15:35 <gthiemonge> johnsom already gave me a +2
16:15:46 <gthiemonge> I need another core reviewer, maybe rm_work?
16:16:20 <johnsom> Yeah, recently I have just focused on reviews/work for the feature freeze.
16:21:28 <gthiemonge> #topic Open Discussion
16:22:53 <gthiemonge> any other topics?
16:23:14 <QG> i've got a question about octavia persistence database, what type of deployment are you using ? Are you deploying it with the octavia database ?
16:23:46 <johnsom> Which persistence database?
16:24:11 <gthiemonge> taskflow/jobboard?
16:24:30 <QG> used to store tasks states
16:24:32 <QG> yes
16:24:57 <gthiemonge> it should not use the same DB
16:25:14 <gthiemonge> (I guess the alembic migrations would fail)
16:26:23 <QG> we have deploy it on a separate Mariad DB cluster but it seems a little bit overkill so that why i was asking
16:27:16 <gthiemonge> ah ok, in tripleo deployments, we use the same DB cluster as the octavia services
16:27:18 <johnsom> I thought it was using redis
16:27:33 <gthiemonge> it uses both
16:28:24 <QG> you must also have Redis but it is only for the assignment of tasks to the worker and their ttl
16:29:18 <QG> thanks gthiemonge for the info, i will look in the tripleo deployments
16:29:37 <gthiemonge> QG: https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tripleo-heat-templates/+/820530/11/deployment/octavia/octavia-api-container-puppet.yaml
16:30:35 <gthiemonge> QG: don't hesitate to ping us in case of issues, and to give us some feedback about it ;-)
16:31:23 <QG> gthiemonge: thanks i will have a look tomorrow and let you know
16:32:25 <gthiemonge> QG: my advice would be to wait for this patch: https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/octavia/+/838438/
16:32:30 <gthiemonge> or to cherry-pick it
16:34:01 <gthiemonge> ok folks, anything else? I think my dog wants to take a break
16:35:05 <oschwart> Nothing from me, enjoy with your dog!
16:35:36 <gthiemonge> thank you ;-)
16:35:42 <gthiemonge> #endmeeting