16:00:26 <gthiemonge> #startmeeting Octavia
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16:00:32 <gthiemonge> Hi!
16:00:37 <johnsom> o/
16:00:45 <tweining_> o/
16:01:07 <oschwart> o/
16:01:55 <gthiemonge> #topic Announcements
16:01:59 <gthiemonge> ** OpenStack Zed schedule: RC1
16:02:06 <gthiemonge> This is RC1 week!
16:02:20 <gthiemonge> (RC1 == Release Candidate-1)
16:02:36 <gthiemonge> this RC1 should be our final release, unless we find a major bug before the GA
16:02:53 <gthiemonge> I think the last open patch that could make it is:
16:02:58 <gthiemonge> #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/octavia/+/838438/
16:03:03 <gthiemonge> (it got a +2 from tweining)
16:03:11 <gthiemonge> johnsom: could you take a look?
16:03:21 <johnsom> Ack
16:03:30 <gthiemonge> then I will update the releases patch for Octavia (need to update the sha for the RC1)
16:03:34 <gthiemonge> johnsom: thanks
16:05:33 <gthiemonge> any other announcements?
16:08:16 <gthiemonge> #topic CI Status
16:08:33 <gthiemonge> last week I mentionned an issue with the -tips jobs on stable/ussuri
16:08:53 <gthiemonge> Elod proposed a fix for similar issues in other projects, so I proposed the same patch in Octavia
16:09:04 <gthiemonge> the patch was merged 30 min ago ^^
16:10:40 <gthiemonge> #topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review
16:11:42 <tweining> #info I started updating the user guide for octavia in the devstack repository
16:11:50 <tweining> https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/devstack/+/857726
16:11:55 <gthiemonge> tweining: thanks!
16:12:05 <johnsom> tweining Awesome, thanks!
16:12:41 <tweining> I tested that config briefly. it seems to work.
16:15:25 <gthiemonge> FYI while we were merging patches on master, I have created a _lot_ of backports, I think that starting next week, we should take care of them
16:15:36 <gthiemonge> (and I will probably add more backports in the meantime ;-)
16:17:28 <tweining> https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/octavia/+/854609 will also need to get backported once merged
16:18:05 <gthiemonge> yeah, down to train
16:18:39 <oschwart> gthiemonge Should non core reviewers review backports as well? Or other patches are more important?
16:20:12 <gthiemonge> oschwart: of course you can review backports, they are as important as the patches on master. Sometimes, we forgot things when backporting, so we need to review them carefully too
16:20:53 <gthiemonge> oschwart: and you can also propose backports for your patches that are merged on master
16:21:12 <tweining> when there was no merge conflict (see commit message) the review should be quick normally.
16:23:09 <oschwart> ack, thanks
16:25:39 <gthiemonge> #topic Open Discussion
16:27:35 <gthiemonge> anything else?
16:28:09 <tweining> not from me I think
16:28:32 <oschwart> Nothing from me
16:28:44 <johnsom> Nope
16:28:54 <gthiemonge> Ok!
16:28:58 <gthiemonge> thanks everyone!
16:29:01 <gthiemonge> #endmeeting