15:51:40 <fungi> #startmeeting opendev-maint
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15:52:02 <fungi> clarkb: well, looks like it doesn't update the channel topic
15:52:07 <fungi> so maybe not quite done yet
15:52:09 <clarkb> hrm
15:52:26 <fungi> does that rely on direct +o and not chanserv commands?
15:52:30 <fungi> i bet it does
15:52:38 <clarkb> "You're not channel operator"
15:52:43 <clarkb> says the log
15:53:10 <fungi> yeah, that's probably it. opendevmeet has chanop access according to chanserv, but needs to be auto-opped i suppose
15:53:46 <fungi> i think statusbot won't have this problem because it talks to chanserv to set topics
15:57:24 <fungi> #endmeeting