21:01:02 <ttx> #startmeeting
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21:01:10 <zul> hi
21:01:15 <ttx> Welcome to the last weekly OpenStack team meeting of the Bexar timeframe...
21:01:25 <ttx> Today's agenda is at:
21:01:33 <ttx> #link http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings
21:01:44 <ttx> #topic Actions from previous meeting
21:01:54 <ttx> * ttx to sync with jaypipes wrt. glance milestones and RC buglists: DONE
21:02:09 <ttx> #topic Current release stage: Release
21:02:31 <ttx> #info We are now at the very last moments before release. In a few hours we'll reach RCFreeze, after which acts of God will be required to change anything.
21:02:50 <ttx> #info Tomorrow morning we'll have an release candidate cut, which has 99.9% chances of being the release.
21:03:11 <ttx> In addition to last minute testing to catch a kitten killer, you should be busy filing blueprints for the Cactus cycle.
21:03:27 <ttx> Between RC and release we'll work on documenting known issues on the release notes page:
21:03:33 <ttx> #link http://wiki.openstack.org/ReleaseNotes/Bexar
21:03:46 <ttx> I'll work on that, but feel free to participate
21:03:56 <ttx> Questions ?
21:04:24 <soren> Nope.
21:04:42 <ttx> ok then
21:04:44 <xtoddx> re: cactus blueprints, i can only see the approved ons?
21:04:46 <xtoddx> *ones?
21:05:01 <ttx> xtoddx: oh, you mean on the cactus page ?
21:05:04 <xtoddx> is there a way to see what others have proposed, even if they aren't accepted yet
21:05:06 <xtoddx> ttx:yea
21:05:18 <ttx> if you take the complete list and sort by series ,yes
21:05:30 <ttx> the ones accepted don't mean much currently
21:05:41 <ttx> those are mostly auto-accepted ones, nobody reviewed them yet
21:05:55 * ttx looks up URL
21:05:56 <xtoddx> so blueprints.launchpad.net/nova and not /nova/cactus, and then filter manually?
21:05:57 <zul> when is the cactus blueprints due again?
21:06:22 <ttx> xtoddx: that way you get all those proposed to cactus (accepted or not)
21:06:34 <ttx> (or at least you used to)
21:07:44 <ttx> xtoddx: right, click twice on series at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova
21:07:49 <ttx> other questions ?
21:08:08 <Tushar> IPV6 is supported for FlatDHCP and VLAN network model in Bexar,
21:08:12 <Tushar> Now for Cactus release, we(NTT PF Lab) want to support Flat network model also.
21:08:16 <Tushar> Should we register a new blueprint for this?
21:08:25 <ttx> also there are too many essential specs, s oconsider importance unset yet
21:08:35 <ttx> Tushar: would be good, yes
21:08:41 <ttx> I'd hate to see tat forgotten
21:08:47 <Tushar> ttx: Thank you very much
21:09:16 <ttx> ok, moving on...
21:09:17 <ttx> #topic Release status
21:09:31 <ttx> Let's have a look at the last bugs on the RC lists:
21:09:38 <ttx> Nova: https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/bexar-rc
21:10:08 <ttx> We have recently merged the last two that were good to go. Leaves us with:
21:10:15 <ttx> Bug 709355 - OSAPI can't upload to S3ImageService
21:10:28 <ttx> I think that one is too risky now, we'll document the limitation.
21:10:46 <ttx> See comments on the bug for rationale
21:10:55 <ttx> Glance: https://launchpad.net/glance/+milestone/bexar-rc
21:11:02 <ttx> No bugs left, Glance is good to go.
21:11:07 <ttx> Swift: https://bugs.launchpad.net/swift/+milestone/1.2-rc
21:11:16 <ttx> No bugs targeted anymore, so Swift should be OK, except if some kitten killer bug is found.
21:11:52 <ttx> Any last minute remark before we roll Bexar out ? Speak now :)
21:12:54 <ttx> I'll take that as a general "go ahead, it's just as perfect as it can be" :)
21:13:00 <devcamcar> woo!
21:13:07 <vishy> has anyone tested deployments on multiple boxes?
21:13:25 <xtoddx> vishy: vagrant counts, right?
21:13:49 <zul> vishy: we expect to be ramping out multiple boxes soon
21:13:53 <vishy> multinode vagrant is very broken :)
21:13:55 <ttx> vishy: I did but got blocked by missing vlam-supporting switches
21:14:12 <vishy> but I'm blaming vbox's broken networking atm
21:14:15 <ttx> vlan*
21:15:08 <ttx> jaypipes: you have lots on your plate again for cactus, does that mean we won' thave the autmated deplyment testing stuff done for cactus either ?
21:15:55 <ttx> we badly need it to build some confidence on "large" setups
21:15:59 <jaypipes> ttx: that is the only Nova blueprint I am assigned to for Cactus, AFAIK.
21:16:08 <jaypipes> ttx: and I've been coding on it.
21:16:19 <ttx> to me this area is a big unknown.
21:16:30 <jaypipes> ttx: ?
21:16:39 <jaypipes> ttx: you mean the blueprint or the testing? :)
21:16:51 <ttx> jaypipes: deployments on multiple boxes
21:17:03 <ttx> that leads us to...
21:17:10 <jaypipes> ttx: well that's why I'm working on it ;) as are vishy and termie, I think.
21:17:13 <ttx> #topic open discussion
21:17:31 <zul> i uploaded django-nova to the ubuntu archive this morning
21:17:39 <ttx> jaypipes: cool, because I don't think we can afford another release with just individual dev testing
21:17:54 <jaypipes> ttx: sorry, are you talking Glance, Nova, or both?
21:18:17 <ttx> jaypipes: Nova first, but both soon
21:18:23 <ttx> zul: cool
21:18:25 <jaypipes> ttx: b/c AFAIK, I was told not to do the continuous integration testing blueprint for Bexar. To do it in Cactus.
21:18:28 <devcamcar> zul: nice!
21:18:40 <ttx> jaypipes: I know. I regret that.
21:18:47 <jaypipes> ttx: b/c the bexar priority for me was Glance stuff.
21:19:22 <ttx> jaypipes: I know it wasn't your choice (nor mine, fwiw)
21:19:36 <ttx> 3 months go so quickly
21:19:40 <jaypipes> indeed
21:19:44 <spectorclan> OpenStack Conference/Design Summit - Call for Speakers/Topics http://www.openstack.org/blog/2011/01/call-for-speakerstopics-for-openstack-conference/
21:19:54 <johnpur> Rackspace is putting a test huddle up during this milestone, we should get a lot of deployment related bugs here
21:20:09 <spectorclan> This is for Day 1 and Day 2 and not the Design Summit
21:20:13 <ttx> johnpur: cool
21:20:45 <johnpur> a huddle is approx 200 machines, for those who don't know.
21:21:00 <jaypipes> johnpur: \o/ huddle 48. w00t.
21:21:04 <ttx> even cooler. I expect plenty of bugs :)
21:21:18 <Ryan_Lane> I'll be using this in production w/ wikimedia. a small deploy, but I'll make sure to submit bugs ;)
21:21:33 <ttx> any other good news before we close ?
21:21:51 <Ryan_Lane> s/this/this release/
21:21:59 <ttx> spectorclan: when does the CTP end for the conference part ?
21:22:10 <spectorclan> CTP ends Feb 28
21:22:17 <ttx> spectorclan: ok, thanks
21:22:33 <spectorclan> Congrats to all developers on Bexar; great accomplishment
21:22:53 <ttx> ok then, closing now !
21:22:57 <ttx> #endmeeting