21:00:08 <soren> #startmeeting
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21:00:13 <soren> Greetings, everyone.
21:00:16 <vishy> o/
21:00:21 <soren> I'm filling in for ttx who's on the road.
21:00:26 <soren> Please bear with me.
21:00:42 <soren> I'll try to type in a French accent.
21:00:45 <dendrobates> soren: I know ttx and you are a very poor ttx
21:00:53 <soren> Indeed!
21:00:55 <soren> Today's agenda:
21:01:03 <soren> dendrobates: And vice versa, to be fair.
21:01:07 <soren> #link http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings
21:01:25 <soren> #topic Actions from previous meeting
21:01:35 <soren> * jaypipes to try to send review focus email before ttx sends the BMPFreeze focus email on Friday
21:01:44 <soren> ttx sent one on Friday, listing the 18 Nova branches that should get review priority
21:01:55 <soren> * soren to fix his review day reminder
21:02:01 <soren> I believe I did.
21:02:16 <soren> dendrobates: Did you get an e-mail today, for instance?
21:02:48 <soren> aaaanyway..
21:02:56 <soren> Any missing action items from last week?
21:03:09 <soren> Yay.
21:03:14 <soren> #topic Current release stage: Development
21:03:25 <soren> We are 2 days from FeatureFreeze, which will happen late on March 24.
21:03:32 <soren> Feature branches need to be reviewed, fixed and merged by then.
21:03:47 <soren> #info Feature branches that are not merged in time should either be deferred to the next merge window (Diablo, opening April 14), or follow the FeatureFreeze exception process to try to sneak in Cactus.
21:03:56 <johnpur> soren: when is the exact time on the 24th?
21:04:07 <soren> johnpur: iz secret.
21:04:08 <johnpur> for those that cut it close...
21:04:15 <jaypipes> johnpur: 4:20pm EST.
21:04:31 <creiht> Eastern Secret?
21:04:34 <soren> jaypipes: Probably somewhere around there, yes.
21:04:41 <jaypipes> that was a joke...
21:04:42 <johnpur> jaypipes: i thoughwe wuz all about the UTC here
21:04:45 <dendrobates> soren: I did.  I will be doing my reviews this evening
21:04:51 <soren> dendrobates: Cool beans.
21:04:55 <ewanmellor> hypervisor-vmware-vsphere-support is approved by Jay Pipes.  If Rick Harris or Ed Leafe or someone else from -core could review and approve, that would be awesome.
21:04:57 <westmaas> the BMP freeze was midnight Pacific
21:05:14 <westmaas> and we used all that time :x
21:05:31 <soren> westmaas: It happens when it happens. :)
21:06:04 <pvo> ewanmellor: are you looking for just code comments or integration test confirmation?
21:06:07 <soren> See exception process at:
21:06:08 <soren> #link http://wiki.openstack.org/FeatureFreeze
21:06:29 <soren> Anything else for this topic?
21:06:31 <westmaas> also see the deadline on the first line :)
21:06:47 <ewanmellor> pvo: Citrix and Jay have reviewed, so I'm just looking for a green light to get it merged.
21:07:10 <_cerberus_> xs_resize could also use some love pretty plz
21:07:21 <soren> Moving on (apparently)
21:07:26 <soren> #topic Cactus Release status
21:07:31 <soren> Please check:
21:07:32 <soren> #link http://wiki.openstack.org/releasestatus/
21:07:39 <soren> Review effort should go in priority on the 18 planned feature branches mentioned in:
21:07:42 <soren> #link https://lists.launchpad.net/openstack/msg01377.html
21:07:47 <soren> So far only 1 of those 18 have been merged.
21:08:10 <soren> In particular those 3 (essential or prerequisites to other) need attention:
21:08:13 <soren> https://code.launchpad.net/~ntt-pf-lab/nova/flatmanager-ipv6/+merge/53064
21:08:16 <soren> https://code.launchpad.net/~rackspace-titan/nova/openstack-api-versioned-controllers/+merge/53748
21:08:19 <soren> https://code.launchpad.net/~sandy-walsh/nova/zones3/+merge/52565
21:08:29 <soren> Man, cut-and-pasting stuff from ttx is easy. I could do this all day.
21:08:32 <ewanmellor> soren: Sorry, didn't realise "Development" was separate from "Release status" ;-)
21:08:45 <sandywalsh> hoping to take zones4 out of WIP tomorrow
21:08:59 <soren> ewanmellor: Yeah, I should have just skipped through it faster :)
21:09:33 <tr3buchet> sandywalsh: awesome!
21:09:50 <soren> On the Nova stabilization effort:
21:09:50 <soren> Last week we had 35 bugs opened and 29 fixes committed
21:09:52 <soren> This week we had 31 bugs opened and 29 fixes committed
21:10:08 <soren> These numbers are current as of this morning. I think they're still accurate.
21:10:54 <soren> Anything else for this topic?
21:11:13 <soren> Moving on.
21:11:17 <soren> #topic Open discussion
21:11:31 <jcookeman> Hi folks. Im sorry Im late.
21:11:50 <soren> o/
21:11:55 <letterj> Where do we stand on test environments?
21:12:04 <soren> Excellent question.
21:12:12 <pvo> public test environments?
21:12:24 <letterj> All types of them?
21:12:34 <soren> anotherjesse mentioned in an mp comment that he now had access to test hardware. How publically usable is that?
21:12:53 * soren glances at other ex-Anso people for info
21:13:01 <pvo> We're almost ready to begin deploying our testing cluster but it isn't going to be publicly available.
21:13:02 <tr3buchet> not i expect
21:13:07 <pvo> just need to get the packaging down
21:13:08 <johnpur> pvo: what is the state of the RAX test huddle?
21:13:26 <pvo> host machines provisioned.
21:13:36 <soren> pvo: Ok, so the test results won't even be visible outside Rackspace?
21:13:42 <pvo> I talked with mtaylor about getting our debian squeeze packages finished.
21:13:47 <pvo> we can make the results public, I think
21:13:48 <letterj> pvo: Does that include a Swift cluster?
21:14:06 <pvo> no, this was just host machines for nova
21:14:13 <johnpur> test results should be public, no matter where the tests are conducted
21:14:17 <soren> pvo: What does that mean? They'll be hooked into Jenkins or will you publish anhtml page every two weeks?
21:14:18 <tr3buchet> i wasn't aware anyone had plans for creation of a public test environment, did i miss something?
21:14:51 <johnpur> soren: i am talking with mtaylor to get the testing and results automated
21:14:53 <pvo> soren: I expect they'll be hooked into jenkins running the integration suite nightly.
21:15:06 <johnpur> pvo: right on!
21:15:21 <soren> pvo: Ok, that's "public" in my book.
21:15:23 <pvo> I plan to work with mtayor and whoever is doing the smoke tests
21:15:34 * ttx waves from dinner joint wifi
21:15:40 <pvo> soren: results public, but not the ability to hit the api
21:16:06 <soren> pvo: Sure. Baby steps.
21:16:13 <pvo> soren: : )
21:16:22 <letterj> Don't we need to get swift included with that?
21:16:38 <jlmjlm> So, testing excl post-commit, to be possible pre-commit later on?
21:16:45 <pvo> letterj: will circle with you after this
21:16:58 <letterj> pvo: ok thanks
21:17:18 <johnpur> letterj: yes
21:17:32 <pvo> jlmjlm: unsure yet.
21:17:37 <pvo> if you mean for my test rig.
21:17:58 <pvo> We plan on doing nightly stress tests with +200 host machines
21:18:01 <johnpur> we should look at other test clusters, outside of Rackspace as well
21:18:12 <pvo> just acquiring those machines has taken longer than expected
21:18:17 <pvo> johnpur: ++
21:18:21 <soren> johnpur: ++ indeed
21:18:31 <pvo> I think this is what anso and anotherjesse were looking at.
21:18:35 <letterj> johnpur: I agree
21:18:36 <pvo> but I could be wrong
21:19:42 <soren> Ok, so *something* is finally happening. Great.
21:19:42 <justinsb> If we're all done on testing... We've had some potential issues come up with our XML support.  I'd like to import the CloudServers v1.0 XSD into lp:nova as a first step, and then I'm going to create a binding that makes use of it and see where we are.
21:19:45 <westmaas> pvo: that was my impression as well
21:20:49 <soren> justinsb: What are these potential issues?
21:21:07 <justinsb> soren: We may be returning a string where we should be returning integers and vice versa
21:21:17 <justinsb> soren: And we may simply not be encoding things in the correct structure
21:21:28 <justinsb> soren: With the schema, we can easily check
21:21:43 <soren> justinsb: So you'd use the XSD in the unit tests or something?
21:22:00 <justinsb> soren: We should be using the XSD in the unit tests, yes
21:22:01 <ttx> johnpur: re: exact time -- when I get up on the next day.
21:22:13 <justinsb> soren: But initially I will do it outside the unit tests
21:22:24 <soren> justinsb: Makes sense. Are there any particular implications of this since you wanted to raise it here?
21:22:37 <justinsb> soren: Well, there's a potential copyright issue...
21:22:45 <johnpur> ttx: you are the gatekeeper, sounds good
21:22:46 <ttx> johnpur: which usually means Thursday, past 23:59 Hawaii time
21:23:16 <justinsb> soren: But other than that, just the timing wrt feature freeze.  And the general love of all things XML :-)
21:23:17 <johnpur> ttx: and you will listen to beggars who want just a few more minures?
21:23:21 <pvo> ttx: so as long as it is thursday somewhere?
21:23:27 <ttx> pvo: indeed
21:23:35 <ttx> johnpur: usually they are all alseep, but yes
21:23:44 <vishy> soren: trying to get update from jesse on test hardware
21:23:51 <vishy> soren: he's in another meeting
21:23:59 <soren> vishy: But of course. :)
21:24:15 <soren> A test rig that actually runs our reference platform would be rather nice.
21:24:23 <soren> *cogh*
21:24:28 <soren> *cough* even.
21:24:52 <johnpur> as i mentioned earlier, i am trying to recruit mtaylot to help pull togther all the test automation and deployments in some sort of coherent view
21:25:09 <pvo> soren: what is your idea of the reference platform?
21:25:10 <johnpur> *mtaylor
21:25:17 <soren> pvo: Ubuntu.
21:25:22 <pvo> with what hypervisor?
21:25:29 <pvo> and what api?
21:25:39 <soren> Whatever.
21:25:53 <pvo> shouldn't that all be defined if it is a reference?
21:25:53 <soren> KVM, probably, since our reference platform actually supports that.
21:26:04 <ttx> did anyone mention that we have an election underway ? If you didn't receive a PPB voting link, you should probably complain to Stephen
21:26:05 <soren> The API is hardly part of the reference platform.
21:26:10 <johnpur> soren|pvo: we need to discuss this
21:26:15 <pvo> heh.
21:26:17 <soren> ttx: Noone mentioned this, no. I forgot.
21:26:36 <jaypipes> soren: ++ on a test rig. been saying that for, well, quite some time now. ++ on integrating anso's Jenkins stuff into the main OpenStack Hudson platform too...
21:27:01 <pvo> no disagreement we need testing. getting enough hardware provisioned and available was a challenge.
21:27:17 <soren> Yeah.
21:27:23 <jaypipes> pvo: understood entirely. but I can still bitch. :P
21:27:24 <ttx> jaypipes: during travel I hacked up the HTML version of my review list. will post soon. Loks nice. Prepare the kissing.
21:27:28 <soren> I got fed up waiting and bought three servers myself.
21:27:34 <jaypipes> ttx: will do. cheers mate.
21:27:57 * kpepple_ also pulled a soren and bought his own set of servers
21:28:05 <johnpur> soren: i like the dedication! talk to me about HW
21:28:06 * jaypipes was also considering it..
21:28:14 <vishy> soren: update from jesse: 6 servers, ipmi works, we are working on a basic jenkins vlan kvm setup
21:28:15 <johnpur> OMG
21:28:25 <ttx> kpepple_: a "soren" is actually a hole-in-one on a par 5
21:28:33 <vishy> soren: we will need help doing a similar setup for xen etc.
21:28:35 <soren> ttx: I don't love you anymore.
21:29:11 <pvo> jaypipes: for the record, we bought small pcs to do local dev/testing
21:29:12 <soren> vishy: 6 servers sounds like a fantastic start.
21:29:21 * kpepple_ scribbles down "soren" definition for his upcoming Austin golf outing
21:29:27 <jaypipes> pvo: "we" is ozone?
21:29:35 <ttx> soren: nothing like private jokes.
21:29:48 <soren> ttx: Nothing at all.
21:29:52 <pvo> jaypipes: we = ozone, sorry
21:30:25 <jaypipes> pvo: k. cool. not being a Rack employee (contractor), I'm not sure what the steps would be to do the same... I'll chat with johnpur offline about it.
21:30:34 <vishy> soren: we will also document and publish config and setup so it is easy for people to define new reference archs and tests
21:30:59 <vishy> the initial plan is just to fire it off post trunk merge
21:31:13 <soren> vishy: Yeah. It would be great if there was a straight forward way people could volunteer hardware for testing and magic would just happen.
21:31:14 <pvo> vishy: westmaas and tr3buchet are working on tests as well. are you all cordinating?
21:31:28 <westmaas> we are not yet
21:31:36 <vishy> and have perhaps a separate ppa trunk_tested
21:31:41 <pvo> coordinating, even
21:31:45 <vishy> that only includes revs that pass all the tests
21:31:48 <jaypipes> vishy: I've been monitoring the Anso Jenkins setup for a few weeks now... haven't seen the main vagrant_smoketests job complete successfully for a couple weeks.... you guys on that?
21:31:53 <westmaas> I keep contacting names as I hear them, vishy I will work with you to make sure we aren't deuplicating
21:32:02 <westmaas> er
21:32:06 <soren> I'd be happy to talk more about testing, but perhaps we should call it a meeting?
21:32:12 <tr3buchet> a few of us coordinated on the phone yesterday, but not all
21:32:12 <vishy> jaypipes: yes we managed to break everything right before I went on vacation
21:32:20 <soren> ...and let people who care slightly less about this go?
21:32:22 <jaypipes> vishy: ah, cool. I'm good at that, too. :)
21:32:24 <vishy> jaypipes: it is currently being fixed
21:32:42 <pvo> soren: soon as this is finished?
21:32:48 <soren> pvo: Sure.
21:32:50 <pvo> sweet
21:32:51 <soren> Does anyone else have anything to talk about?
21:32:54 <soren> 5
21:32:57 <soren> 4
21:33:00 <soren> 3
21:33:02 <User859> Please review : https://code.launchpad.net/~ntt-pf-lab/nova/flatmanager-ipv6/+merge/53064 and https://code.launchpad.net/~tpatil/nova/bug704300/+merge/53333
21:33:10 <soren> 2
21:33:11 <ttx> +& ^
21:33:14 <ttx> +1 even
21:33:25 * soren blinks
21:33:26 <soren> 0
21:33:31 <soren> #endmeeting