21:01:13 <ttx> #startmeeting
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21:01:25 <ttx> Welcome everyone to our weekly OpenStack team meeting...
21:01:49 <ttx> Today's agenda:
21:01:54 <ttx> #link http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings
21:02:01 <ttx> #topic Current release stage: Design
21:02:14 <ttx> So Cactus was released last Friday, and now the Diablo merge window is open.
21:02:26 <ttx> We are busy preparing the design summit.
21:02:44 <ttx> We already have more sessions than we can fit in the schedule, but you can still propose new session topics until the end of today.
21:02:57 <ttx> See process at http://wiki.openstack.org/Summit
21:03:03 <ttx> Questions on that ?
21:04:14 <jaypipes> ttx: you want to go over the unconference thing?
21:04:25 <ttx> jaypipes: yes, in a few
21:04:30 <ttx> #topic Design Summit scheduling status
21:04:52 <ttx> The design summit organizers (vishy, jaypipes, notmyname and myself) are busy trying to fit 100+ requests into 72 available slots.
21:05:13 <ttx> We'll certainly have to reject a few sessions that we think are not affecting the core projects, or reduce their duration (from 55min to 25min).
21:05:39 <ttx> In order to give those peripheral discussions some room, and to accommodate last-minute informal technical gatherings, we'll be having an unconference forum in parallel to the design summit sessions.
21:05:59 <ttx> This one will be organized directly on a whiteboard in the unconference room, you don't have to submit a blueprint to get a slot there.
21:06:00 <jaypipes> "the hallway track"
21:06:19 <pvo> first come first serve?
21:06:29 <ttx> jaypipes: a bit more predictable than pure hallway track, but yes
21:06:52 <ttx> pvo: yes, but we can have multiple rooms on the Thursday
21:06:56 <vishy> I'm going to bring a portable water cooler to the summit in case any important discussions happen outside of meeting rooms.
21:07:09 <jaypipes> lol
21:07:27 <ttx> so I don't expect the unconference forum to be completely filled...
21:07:32 <ttx> but I've been wrong before.
21:08:06 <ttx> I'm still trying to find a victim^Wresponsible person for that
21:08:09 <koolhead17> Will there be recording of all the sessions of the conf?
21:08:26 <ttx> koolhead17: I don't think so. spectorclan ?
21:08:36 <koolhead17> ttx: :(
21:08:37 <jk0> thought I heard otherwise
21:08:40 <pvo> koolhead17: spectorclan told me there would be
21:08:51 <ttx> ah ? cool :)
21:09:17 <ttx> I know the conference is taped, not sure about design summit though.
21:09:18 <koolhead17> we will have all conf slides available as well :)
21:09:48 <koolhead17> ttx: it be good if a camera if just fixed to the projector and mic to the speaker :P
21:09:57 <ttx> other questions ?
21:10:31 <ttx> #topic Open discussion
21:10:50 <pvo> ttx: ah, he may have meant the design summit when I spoke to spectorclan.
21:10:59 <pvo> or the conference, not sure.
21:11:03 <pvo> I guess we should find out.
21:11:41 * koolhead17 has his fingers crossed!!
21:11:44 <ttx> I did a full session at a UDS talking to a black box. I was happy it wasn't videotaped.
21:12:18 <soren> Talking to a black box?
21:13:00 <ttx> soren: we put a phone on a upside-down cubic trashcan
21:13:10 <ttx> soren: and the session was just me and someone on the phone.
21:13:20 <soren> Oh, right. :)
21:13:25 <koolhead17> ttx: hehe
21:13:56 <ttx> ok, if there aren't other questions, we'll wrap up early...
21:14:04 <ewanmellor> ttx: What is the right way to request a summit session for something that's not new code going in to OpenStack?
21:14:09 <pvo> see everyone irl next week then.
21:14:28 <ewanmellor> I was thinking of a technical session on how the vSphere support works.  I thought people may be interested.
21:14:43 <ttx> ewanmellor: that would be a great topic for the unconference forum
21:14:46 <johnpur> ewanmellor: +1
21:15:15 <ttx> ewanmellor: so just add the session to the unconference whiteboard on site
21:15:32 <ewanmellor> ttx: Would the unconference literally just be a whiteboard, or would we have projector / network connection for demo?
21:15:36 * koolhead17 love to see someone explaining about the network modes and also the role based access control system
21:16:01 <alekibango> sorry for coming late...    will there be video/desktop feed ?
21:16:06 <pvo> ewanmellor: I'd hope for a projector and network drop.
21:16:08 <ttx> I think that room should have projector and network
21:16:10 <jaypipes> alekibango: working on it, yes.
21:16:38 <koolhead17> jaypipes: we are sitting away with eyes open :D
21:16:57 <ttx> ewanmellor: it's a normal conference room, we get it for us once the Cisco plenary is over.
21:17:05 <alekibango> reminder: its easy to make  audio conferencing using mumble...
21:17:14 <alekibango> and we can also share desktops...
21:17:23 <creiht> ttx: is there a link to see what discussions have been accepted already?
21:17:38 <soren> alekibango: There's much, much more to audio conferencing than sofftware.
21:17:39 <alekibango> imho we should start rather doing internet sessions... not everyone can travel, and not everyone loves being groped by TSA...
21:17:51 <ttx> creiht:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/sprints/ods-d
21:17:57 <alekibango> soren: i know. but its easy
21:18:07 <creiht> ttx: awesome, thx
21:18:07 <ttx> creiht: though the contents will change dramatically over the next hours
21:18:09 <koolhead17> alekibango: +1
21:18:16 <creiht> yup
21:18:18 <soren> Volunteers! Awesome.
21:18:23 <ttx> with lots of sessions added and a couple removed.
21:18:37 <alekibango> soren: yes i can help with audio conferences
21:18:44 <alekibango> even audio/desktop ones
21:19:04 <ttx> alekibango: I think it took quite a few UDses before Canonical did it right.
21:19:16 <alekibango> UDses=?
21:19:17 <soren> It's absolutely non-trivial.
21:19:34 <alekibango> well, its hard to configure mic :)
21:19:44 <ttx> Ubuntu Developer Summits. I heard the last ones were the forst ones where audio was actually usable.
21:19:52 <alekibango> you know what i mean, in linux you have so many audio services and servers and mixers
21:20:08 <koolhead17> heh
21:20:25 <soren> 21:17 < soren> alekibango: There's much, much more to audio conferencing than sofftware.
21:20:49 <soren> Seriously. You need really good equipment, otherwise it's almost pointless.
21:21:39 <alekibango> soren: it should be easy to use headset from home, when we do internet only sessions
21:21:40 <soren> 10 people sitting aroudn a table, speaking to a microphone is much simpler than 150 people with stuff on their mind.
21:21:48 <alekibango> i know, its harder in large space
21:22:15 <alekibango> just one way audio (place -> listeners)
21:22:17 <alekibango> would be nice too
21:22:27 <alekibango> we can use irc to send comments/questions
21:23:26 <xtoddx> why not get someone link confreaks to do audio/video?
21:24:11 <alekibango> i can help with audioconferences using mumble (its like irc bug with sound) if you will wanna try that one...
21:24:18 <alekibango> s/bug/but
21:24:21 <ttx> ok, let's close this, feel free to continue the audio discussion :)
21:24:27 <ttx> #endmeeting