22:02:41 <dendrobates> #startmeeting
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22:02:42 <somikbehera> dendrobates: it would be good to have meeting minutes
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22:03:00 <dendrobates> #topic LP project placement
22:03:24 <dendrobates> Ok, as most of you know I created the Network-service project on Launchpad
22:04:00 <dendrobates> My idea was to make it a project group that all of us could own and create subprojects below it
22:04:20 <dendrobates> I thin there is value to us staying as a group during the early stages
22:04:26 <danwent> agreed
22:04:30 <salv-orlando> +1
22:04:33 <romain_lenglet> +1
22:04:36 <carlp_> +1
22:04:38 <somikbehera> +1
22:04:43 <ramd> agreed
22:04:47 <dendrobates> but there is also the option of joining futurestack
22:04:57 <dendrobates> all the incubation projects
22:05:06 <jlm^> What's futurestack?
22:05:10 <ramd> Is network-service incubation project?
22:05:13 <danwent> are they mutually exclusive?
22:05:14 <dendrobates> er, I mean pre incubation projects
22:05:22 <troytoman> I was asked if we could keep the IPAM work in Nova, any objection for that component?
22:05:26 <dendrobates> ramd: no it isn't
22:05:31 <somikbehera> Can Network-service be in futurestack?
22:05:47 <dendrobates> somikbehera: no, LP cannot do nested groups
22:05:57 <AlexNeef> I think that network will likely have a lot of touch points with other projects
22:06:11 <AlexNeef> would future stack give our work better exposure to other groups?
22:06:11 <carlp_> AlexNeef: agreed
22:06:12 <ramd> Quantuma nd Donabe is a go for Diablo, right?
22:06:22 <markvoelker> jlm^: https://launchpad.net/futurestack
22:06:40 <dendrobates> ramd: they are not official openstack projects yet
22:06:42 <salv-orlando> I think melange as well is lined up for diablo
22:06:52 <carlp_> Melange is a lined up for Diablo as well
22:07:01 <jlm^> Melange == IPAM, right?
22:07:05 <salv-orlando> yes
22:07:09 <adjohn> troytoman: wouldn't IPAM be useful as a standalone project? Or are there reasons for that being in nova?
22:07:09 <carlp_> jlm^: yes
22:07:10 <troytoman> jlm^: yes
22:07:20 <dendrobates> we need to be careful to follow the process correctly
22:07:46 <dendrobates> there has been some push back from other projects not doing it correctly and I want to avoid that
22:08:02 <troytoman> adjohn: it would still be a separate service(s) but anotherjesse wanted to see it worked on within the nova project
22:08:11 <romain_lenglet> so, what's the timeframe for the nova-related stuff: ipam and network refactoring?
22:08:13 <romain_lenglet> still diablo?
22:08:28 <dendrobates> troytoman: will it be a separate branch?
22:08:35 <danwent> dendrobates: if we were in futurestack, is the idea that we would have separate projects within futurestack for quantum and donabe that would appear at the same level as something like atlas?
22:08:52 <troytoman> dendrobates: working out that detail (repo, branch) etc.
22:08:53 <dendrobates> danwent: yes
22:09:26 <dendrobates> romain_lenglet: since Diablo was extended to 6 months,  I would hope so.
22:09:32 <troytoman> romain_lenglet: yes. we probably need to land the refactoring in an early milestone thought
22:09:41 <danwent> I probably have a slight preference for using futurestack if it makes it easier for other people to see what we are doing.
22:09:42 <troytoman> ^though
22:09:42 <uvirtbot> troytoman: Error: "though" is not a valid command.
22:09:55 <dendrobates> danwent: I am not sure that it does
22:10:18 <dendrobates> and we can share some resources between us if we use our own project group
22:10:20 <salv-orlando> if melange stays is nova, I think there is no much sense in having Network-Service as a project group
22:10:22 <danwent> dendrobates: I don't feel strongly here.
22:10:31 <salv-orlando> as melange will not be in it
22:11:04 <adjohn> It would also be a better fit for donabe, as it will include non-networking stuff eventually
22:11:07 <danwent> I see, does future stack mean we wouldn't have our own bug system, etc?
22:11:08 <AlexNeef> I would imagine melange will have a lot of interaction with quantum right?
22:11:30 <dendrobates> salv-orlando: that is a good point, but I don;t want to cede IPAM without discussing it more
22:11:36 <adjohn> danwent: each repo has it's own system
22:11:38 <AlexNeef> as would donabe - we really want to keep the source close
22:11:47 <salv-orlando> dendrobates: agreed
22:11:50 <dendrobates> quantum and donabe will be tightly coupled
22:11:52 <danwent> adjohn: ok, thanks.
22:12:07 <dendrobates> anyway, we are not locked in to any decision
22:12:07 <markvoelker> danwent dendrobates: Agreed....Quantum/Donabe/etc are more inter-related than, say, Atlas and RedDwarf.  Might make sense to have them in a separate "container" rather than added in to FutureStack.  But I also don't feel strongly.
22:12:12 <carlp_> To be honest, even though Melange won't be in it I like the idea of having a rallying point for all network stuff.  This should make it easier for others to contribute ideas without everyone working in the dark.
22:12:31 <salv-orlando> carlp_: +1
22:12:40 <ramd> Having a network-service help as we add more network related services
22:12:43 <AlexNeef> carlp_: +1
22:12:44 <dendrobates> I expect the networking services to be added all the time
22:12:50 <troytoman> I think there is value in keeping a network focused project
22:12:58 <markvoelker> dendrobates: +1
22:13:09 <troytoman> there is a lot to sort out there and a focused group is important. look what we were able to do in 1 week
22:13:15 <danwent> sounds like consensus for a separate project?
22:13:15 <dendrobates> ok, it seems we have a consensus, anyone strongly disagree
22:13:21 <adjohn> +1
22:13:25 <AlexNeef> can you sumarize the consensus
22:13:26 <dendrobates> +1
22:13:30 <somikbehera> I agree on a focussed group. +1
22:13:30 <ramd> +1
22:13:39 <markvoelker> +1
22:13:55 <romain_lenglet> +1
22:13:58 <dendrobates> That we will have a project group named Network services where we can put network services
22:14:05 <danwent> proposed consensus is that we will have a separate lp 'network-service' group, as rick already created, rather than use futurestack.
22:14:06 <AlexNeef> great +1
22:14:25 <dendrobates> I created it as a project, the LP admins will have to change it to a group
22:14:42 <danwent> got it.
22:14:52 <AlexNeef> sorry if this is basic, but can you explain difference between project and group
22:14:57 <danwent> I have much to learn about launchpad, i see :)
22:15:08 <danwent> AlexNeef : +1
22:15:10 <adjohn> AlexNeef: groups can have sub projects
22:15:15 <dendrobates> #action change network services to a group and create projects under it
22:15:39 <dendrobates> #topic admin team
22:15:46 <adjohn> openstack is a group for example, nova is a project
22:15:52 <dendrobates> we need to create a basic team to own the resources
22:16:28 <dendrobates> I suggest we try to have one person from each group involved on the team
22:16:41 <danwent> "group" ?
22:16:49 <somikbehera> Are all others ready to seed a team today or we should wait till next week.
22:16:52 <dendrobates> company
22:17:18 <romain_lenglet> dendrobates: are you suggesting one team for the whole network service project?
22:17:22 <dendrobates> this is not for development, just for ownership of the LP resources
22:17:31 <ramd> I volunteer BTW what is the admin role
22:17:42 <romain_lenglet> I volunteer too
22:17:49 <dendrobates> romain_lenglet: we can have many teams
22:18:08 <romain_lenglet> ok
22:18:09 <dendrobates> this team is mostly about Launchpad maintainance
22:18:13 <danwent> can we talk more about what resources need to be owned?
22:18:18 <somikbehera> what are the responsibilities of this group?
22:18:53 <dendrobates> the admins can edit the text of the project group, add new projects, and maybe a few other things
22:19:20 <dendrobates> We will also need to create drivers
22:19:33 <danwent> "drivers"?
22:19:44 <danwent> is that a launchpad term?
22:19:48 <dendrobates> drivers are responsible for approving blueprints and setting milestones and releases
22:19:51 <somikbehera> you mean project drivers not the "drivers" ;)
22:19:51 <dendrobates> yes
22:20:10 <salv-orlando> do we need a "network-service-core" team as well?
22:20:17 <AlexNeef> i see in futurestack it's the same group
22:20:26 <dendrobates> it can be if we want
22:20:29 <AlexNeef> and the group can be as large as we want or there is a limitation?
22:20:54 <dendrobates> we can also decide if we want separate or combined dev teams
22:21:06 <dendrobates> it can be as large as we want
22:21:13 <danwent> What I want to avoid is putting together some kind of structure just based on people volunteering vs. people contributing code :)
22:21:33 <dendrobates> we can also just let openstack-admins own our project group
22:21:57 <danwent> I think we have a rough outline of the blueprints we want to do from the summit and hopefully we can work together to refine the details.
22:22:07 <dendrobates> danwent: I agree
22:22:33 <dendrobates> we do have some things to setup, that have to have owners and maintainers
22:22:50 <dendrobates> I want it to be owned by the group and not a single individual
22:23:05 <ramd> dendrobates: agree
22:23:07 <dendrobates> we can always add and subtract from the group later
22:23:50 <dendrobates> I probably have the most LP knowledge because  isetup a lot of the openstack groups and process.
22:24:01 <danwent> Ok.  I prefer to keep things as "flat" as possible for now.  I think as people contribute real time and energy, work with each other and gain respect, etc. leadership will naturally emerge.
22:24:10 <salv-orlando> and in your knowledge we trust :-)
22:24:33 <danwent> I'm fine with rick running things for LP for now.... he's a good guy :)
22:24:46 <somikbehera> +1 ;)
22:24:48 <troytoman> +1
22:24:50 <ramd> salv-orlando: +1
22:25:13 <dendrobates> I would in the least like to create an admin team and add myself and Dan.
22:25:36 <danwent> Or not me...  I don't want this to look like anyone is "grabbing" anything.
22:25:44 <dendrobates> Just in case I get hit by a bus
22:25:47 <danwent> Rick at least has a history in the community.
22:26:04 <AlexNeef> I think you should add dan and others that are leading the sub-projects
22:26:05 <troytoman> danwent: more like volunteering you for more work ;)
22:26:12 <somikbehera> we do need Fault tolerance
22:26:26 <danwent> I'm fine either way.
22:26:35 <dendrobates> it is both fault tolerance and volunteering. :)
22:26:51 <salv-orlando> somikbehera: for that we would need an admin in each continent to have 24/7 presence!
22:27:02 <danwent> ok.  i need to run to another meeting soon.  other topics?
22:27:21 <dendrobates> #topic next meeting
22:27:21 <danwent> just want to give people a heads up that I have started adding blueprints along the lines of what we outlined on friday.
22:27:53 <dendrobates> i think we should come to the next meeting prepared to discuss dev process and assignments
22:27:54 <danwent> my goal is to have drafts up in advance of the next meeting so people can voice concerns and talk about what they want to work on.
22:28:01 <dendrobates> ditto
22:28:09 <carlp_> sounds good
22:28:15 <danwent> definitely want to keep the momentum going
22:28:17 <somikbehera> agreed.
22:28:29 <dendrobates> has everyone seen the wiki page I created?
22:28:44 <dendrobates> http://wiki.openstack.org/Network/
22:28:49 <troytoman> I have also started creating blueprints for melange and updating the the wiki with links
22:28:55 <ramd> Adding few more BP palceholders as we speak
22:29:06 <dendrobates> we can start adding info to the wiki
22:29:30 <dendrobates> and there is a header with a link to a meeting agenda that we can all modify
22:29:38 <danwent> great.
22:30:00 <dendrobates> I will start all the LP magic.
22:30:16 <dendrobates> Please use the wiki as much as possible
22:30:19 <somikbehera> thanks dendrobates - the wiki is a good start to get everything ready for next week.
22:30:34 <salv-orlando> dan, which are the names for the blueprints you have registered? I can find the melange ones, but not the quantum blueprints
22:30:38 <dendrobates> We can let danwent get to his meeting now.
22:30:59 <dendrobates> Thanks for coming everyone, I am very excited to get to work.
22:31:10 <danwent> do you guys see blueprints here: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/network-service
22:31:13 <somikbehera> likewise!
22:31:22 <danwent> perhaps its a permissions thing?  Or i am putting them in the wrong place?
22:31:29 <carlp_> danwent: yep
22:31:31 <danwent> quantum-api
22:31:33 <dendrobates> I see them
22:31:35 <danwent> is an example name
22:31:50 <danwent> not done yet.... was just creating some during the main OS meeting :)
22:31:53 <dendrobates> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/network-service/+addspec
22:32:01 <ramd> I see them
22:32:07 <dendrobates> that is the link to add a blueprint to network-service
22:32:19 <danwent> ok.  thanks guys.  need to run.  talk to you next week.
22:32:29 <dendrobates> #endmeeting