22:06:28 <dendrobates> #startmeeting
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22:06:38 <dendrobates> #topic quantum
22:06:41 <danwent> thx
22:06:55 <danwent> Ok, Salvatore is doing a great job driving the API work
22:07:05 <danwent> comments on the api on etherpad: http://etherpad.openstack.org/PbTpgXnnZZ
22:07:15 <danwent> Salvatore, do you have anything to add?
22:07:33 <salv-orlando> Just updated the etherpad. Apologies for vestigial stuff left in the API spec.
22:07:37 <salv-orlando> I'm updating it right now.
22:08:02 <salv-orlando> We might spend some time discussing Alex's proposals and comment.
22:08:05 <salv-orlando> Is Alex on the call?
22:08:08 <danwent> no
22:08:11 <danwent> he's flying right now
22:08:30 <danwent> maybe just take those to the etherpad for discussion?
22:08:49 <danwent> What were the main points?  was  "status" of a logical port one issue?
22:08:59 <salv-orlando> 1) port status
22:09:07 <salv-orlando> 2) interface URLs
22:09:13 <salv-orlando> which needed more explanation
22:09:27 <danwent> ah yes, and port "capabilities"
22:09:29 <salv-orlando> 3) Port capabilities
22:09:32 <salv-orlando> right
22:09:54 <danwent> Ok.  Given that I think we need more input from Alex on these, let's try to have that discussion on the etherpad.
22:10:03 <salv-orlando> Agreed.
22:10:13 <danwent> salv-orlando, is there anything holding you up from making progress in the mean time?
22:10:37 <salv-orlando> No, I'm currently starting work on API implementation
22:10:42 <danwent> awesome.
22:10:54 <somikbehera> salv-orlando: cant wait!
22:11:09 <danwent> Next up, Somik has been working on adapting Troy's "starter-code" for quantum.  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/network-service/+spec/quantum-project-framework
22:11:11 <salv-orlando> I think there is agreement API will just be a pass-through for our first milestone, i.e.: No quantum db.
22:11:16 <salv-orlando> Sorry Dan...
22:11:27 <danwent> I think savlatore is looking at that branch as well, right?
22:11:42 <danwent> np
22:11:54 <salv-orlando> Yes, but I'm only a "follower" at the moment
22:12:03 <danwent> Key area's we're looking for people to step are are:
22:12:08 <danwent> 1) API extensions framework
22:12:18 <danwent> 2) API auth + keystone integration.
22:12:41 <danwent> Ryu + Troy are taking a lead on the nova side of changes for the network code.
22:13:01 <dendrobates> I would like to help with that as well
22:13:13 <danwent> dendrobates:  the nova side changes?
22:13:19 <dendrobates> danwent: yes
22:13:23 <danwent> great.
22:13:34 <troytoman> dendrobates: that would be great
22:13:44 <danwent> I think we need to work on cleaning up the existing blueprints in the nova project and getting more detailed blueprints focused on dev tasks.
22:13:48 <dendrobates> troytoman: is there a branch?
22:14:19 <romain_lenglet> https://code.launchpad.net/~midokura/nova/network-service
22:14:21 <danwent> I think there is some confusion on the nova end, given the different blueprints still in nova from before the summit.
22:14:23 <troytoman> dendrobates: just the midokura branch. I think ryu is adapting it to work with multi-nic
22:14:35 <dendrobates> thanks
22:14:39 <ryu25> I've been discussing the safest way to start the Nova changes with the core devs, and will create a branch for that
22:15:06 <troytoman> we're trying to get multi-nic in, then the network-service branch and we can look at extending from that base
22:15:29 <danwent> sounds good.
22:15:34 <dendrobates> is multi-nic proposed for merge?
22:16:02 <dendrobates> nm, I'll look
22:16:04 <troytoman> we're close
22:16:19 <troytoman> but I don't think it's merge-propped yet
22:16:20 <danwent> that is all I had for quantum.  Please let me know if you're interested in API extension + API auth work.  I'd really like to get someone putting some thought into that side of things.
22:16:54 <dendrobates> #topic donabe
22:17:20 <dendrobates> We are trying to get our legal ducks in a row at Cisco to start pushing code
22:18:13 <dendrobates> As you can imagine we have to make sure that no one gets in trouble.  but we are spinning up a couple of dev teams and expect to push soon
22:18:29 <danwent> very cool
22:18:51 <dendrobates> in the mean time we might have some of the devs help vish with unit tests and the like
22:19:06 <dendrobates> #topic other stuff
22:19:17 <troytoman> updates on melange
22:19:28 <Tv> please skim: https://github.com/tv42/melange-discovery/blob/master/melange-discovery.rst
22:19:39 <troytoman> we've started work on the base service:
22:19:41 <troytoman> lp:~rajarammallya/network-service/melange_framework
22:19:42 <Tv> i'd like to talk to people about the IPAM protocol, what data is transported etc
22:20:23 <troytoman> I hope to be able to share a draft API later this week. we have the start of it but there are some things to clean up
22:21:00 <troytoman> As tv alludes to, I think we need some work on overall flow though.
22:21:34 <Tv> and i'd like to talk to somebody on the nova firewall side, what do they think about about MITM prevention etc
22:21:48 <troytoman> how do we associate a quantum network with an IP block? Does Nova establish both and create the link? or do it through quantum?
22:21:48 <dendrobates> Tv: I recommend soren
22:21:56 <Tv> as in, if there's egress filtering the vm only uses the addresses its allowed to use, then the dhcp component needs to inform it, etc
22:21:59 <carlp> troytoman: Did you plan on having Melange log all the uses of an IP over time to it's database.  With the recent announcements of EC2 being used for bad things, it may be useful.
22:22:36 <troytoman> carlp: we have not started logging yet. but, we can add that as a requirement.
22:23:01 <danwent> tv: what MITM attack are you referring to specifically?
22:23:20 <danwent> rogue DHCP?
22:23:30 <danwent> or more general?
22:23:30 <troytoman> should we set up an etherpad to jointly work through the flows between Nova/Quantum/Melange?
22:23:42 <danwent> yeah, probably easier than trying to use IRC :)
22:23:42 <carlp> troytoman: awesome.  I have some ideas that may help with that, but I'll wait until we have some code before throwing them at you :)
22:23:52 <Tv> danwent: rogue DHCP, ARP proxy, spoofed source, ...
22:23:54 <dendrobates> troytoman: I think so.  IRC is hard for this
22:24:08 <danwent> let's move this to etherpad
22:24:57 <dendrobates> is that all for melange?
22:25:03 <troytoman> i think so
22:25:04 <romain_lenglet> Tv: I think this is a Quantum problem, not a nova problem
22:25:05 <Tv> danwent: the part that ties in with the DHCP most is the dynamic part; your vm should not be able to send packets as outside of the time you hold a valid lease for that IP address
22:25:38 <Tv> romain_lenglet: i think parts of it are irrevokably tied to current IPAM state
22:25:38 <danwent> I see, you are talking about general spoofing filters.
22:26:09 <Tv> yeah basically two things: 1. general MITM prevention   2. enforcing address allocation
22:26:13 <danwent> a provider may or may not want to enforce such filters on a given interface.
22:26:24 <Tv> 1. is nova or quantum,   2. is also nova or quantum but requires IPAM knowledge
22:26:29 <romain_lenglet> Tv: both problems are Quantum problems
22:26:35 <romain_lenglet> not nova
22:26:42 <Tv> the github url i pasted earlier talks about having the dhcp server notify local firewall how to update rules for #2
22:26:48 <romain_lenglet> agreed that it's tied to IPAM integration
22:26:58 <Tv> romain_lenglet: i'm saying nova only because this thing is being pushed to happen faster than quantum, afaik ;)
22:27:16 <dendrobates> We need to make sure that everyone that submits code to any of these projects has signed the  openstack  CLA
22:27:23 <danwent> let's make sure the flows we discuss includes an example of a spoofing filter.
22:27:26 <dendrobates> if we want to become official projects
22:28:16 <dendrobates> I am working with the infrastructure people to setup a testing environment and we will soon be checking CLA compliance at merge
22:28:38 <danwent> great
22:29:01 <dendrobates> do we want to do this time and day every week?
22:29:12 <troytoman> works for me
22:29:17 <dendrobates> I'll update the wiki, if there are no objections
22:29:24 <salv-orlando> works for me as well
22:29:26 <somikbehera> +1
22:29:39 <danwent> still good for me
22:29:43 <dendrobates> cool.  I have a hard stop now.
22:30:06 <danwent> nothing more from me.
22:30:19 <salv-orlando> Ok, let's just circulate the etherpad link for joint melange-quantum-donabe discussion
22:30:20 <danwent> someone please send out an etherpad for the IPAM discussion
22:30:25 <danwent> :)
22:30:28 <dendrobates> feel free to carry on, but I'll stop the recording now
22:30:33 <dendrobates> #endmeeting