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20:05:02 <jbryce> we can go ahead and give these updates on the record i suppose...
20:05:07 <jbryce> #topic previous action items
20:05:23 <jaypipes> o/
20:05:29 <dendrobates> o/
20:05:50 <jbryce> i am still trying to get project model thoughts together around autonomy, common tooling, process for vetting options. so i am running behind on that.
20:06:27 <jbryce> josh mckenty has formed up a group that has agreed to work on putting together some specifications for a Faithful Implementation Test Suite (FITS). if any of you want to be involved, ping me or josh
20:07:09 <jbryce> the goal is to have a spec and a testing mechanism within the next couple of months that can be run against an implementation to determine if it meets the minimum requirements to be called "openstack"
20:07:44 <jbryce> they haven't really started much work on it yet, so again...now's the time to jump in if you have an opinion on it
20:08:20 <jbryce> what comes out of that effort will almost certainly become part of the trademark use policy
20:09:07 <jbryce> jaypipes: do you want to briefly fill people in on freecloud? it would probably be good for this group to have awareness of that as well.
20:09:25 <notmyname> so does that mean that trademark stuff is in our purview or does that belong to someone else?
20:09:45 <jaypipes> jbryce: sure thing.
20:11:04 <jaypipes> The FreeCloud project has made some good progress. We've secured datacenter space, some hardware, and have a plan for an initial 2-zone implementation that will showcase two reference architectures, with more zones added in future buildouts.
20:11:15 <jaypipes> http://wiki.openstack.org/FreeCloud
20:11:19 <jbryce> notmyname: trademark policy is not but we've been asked to help define technical standards around usage
20:12:11 <jaypipes> We're working with Cisco, Dell, HP, NTT Labs and Novell/MSFT right now. Others are more than welcome to email me and I can go into further detail on what the projet is about. Think: Eucalyptus community Cloud, but for different OpenStack reference architectures.
20:12:27 <ttx> jbryce, jaypipes: could be good for PPB to formally accept to push git+gerrit in "almost accepted option" to justify pushing Glance (a core project) to using it
20:13:09 <jaypipes> ttx: I think jbryce is working on finalizing that stuff. is that correct, jbryce?
20:13:46 <jbryce> have people reviewed the git+gerrit process enough to vote on it?
20:13:47 <ttx> jaypipes: ok. because I feel a bit uncomfortable pushing a core project to use it while we said the PPB voted on vetted options.
20:14:32 <ttx> I'm ok with a derogation though.
20:14:59 <eday> well, it's a bit of a chicken/egg problem. we don't have enough feedback to make such a vote, no? which was the point of moving glance?
20:15:37 <jaypipes> eday: we've gotten feedback from keystone so far, and yes, Glance was meant as another test.
20:16:12 <mtaylor> however - I sort of should point out that when we say "test" here - we really mean "test to make sure that nothing is catastrophically wrong" not - initial toe-in-the-water test
20:16:16 <ttx> eday: we could formally decide that Glance is the last field test, and exceptionally a core project.
20:16:24 <jaypipes> mtaylor: yes, true.
20:16:59 <mtaylor> wouldn't be insane to provisionally vote on git/gerrit - or to vote on the direction with a caveat that it's possible that a technical showstopper might be encountered
20:17:13 <eday> before making a vote, I would love to see feedback from folks who were initially pushing for git, so we should encourage them to make a contribution and review on keystone or glance
20:17:15 <mtaylor> but now I'm just babbling
20:17:30 <ttx> mtaylor: we can indeed vote on "it's ok, if Glance transition works"
20:17:42 <jaypipes> I think the issue is whether the Swift team is interested in using Gerrit.
20:17:51 <eday> ttx: do we really need to vote for that? :)
20:17:54 <jaypipes> all other teams seem to have indicated they are on board with it.
20:18:24 <jaypipes> notmyname, creiht?
20:18:25 <mtaylor> notmyname: you in bro?
20:18:30 <notmyname> I agree with eday
20:18:41 <eday> would like to hear termie's feedback too
20:19:19 <jaypipes> notmyname: well, I believe you and creiht were two of the folks intiially pushing for git, so I encourage both of you to make a contribution and review on keystone or glance. :)
20:20:08 <creiht> I was mainly voicing my opinion as that seemed to be the opinion of many in the openstack community, not just those of the swift team
20:20:15 <jaypipes> otherwise, we're just going to keep spinning our wheels and revisiting this same conversation every week :)
20:20:52 <eday> how about an action item to pick 3 folks who were pushing for git, and to get a review of gh/gerrit process out of them?
20:21:06 <pvo> some of guys may be interested…
20:21:19 <jbryce> mtaylor: do you think you could do that?
20:21:19 <creiht> if we are switching to git just because of the swift team, then that is fail
20:21:19 <jaypipes> creiht: you and notmyname were two of the most vocal voices for git. I would hope you two would give the setup a spin? in addition, could you suggest other specific community members that would do so as weel that wanted to move so badly?
20:21:27 <eday> i nominate termie for one of them, since he led the GH discussion at the last summit
20:21:36 <jaypipes> tr3buchet: you too, right?
20:21:44 <jbryce> i think termie is a good choice
20:22:00 <jaypipes> pvo: if you, dabo and tr3buchet would give it a spin, that would be appreciated.
20:22:03 <notmyname> I would suggest that there should be someone from each of the projects
20:22:11 <creiht> jaypipes: I imagine if you ask, you will likely find people who will give you their opinion
20:22:12 <notmyname> nova, swift, glance, dashboard
20:22:31 <mtaylor> yes. I think that opionions from folks are great
20:22:39 <tr3buchet> jaypipes: i definitely +1 git if that's what you are asking
20:22:42 <pvo> jaypipes: docs on the wiki?
20:22:49 <jaypipes> tr3buchet: no, that's not what I'm asking.
20:22:57 <jaypipes> pvo: http://wiki.openstack.org/GerritWorkflow
20:22:59 <mtaylor> HOWEVER, I would caution (which is the reason we wanted to suck in people) ... you kind of actually have to use it for something real for a couple of iters
20:23:05 <pvo> jaypipes: right on. thanks.
20:23:20 <jaypipes> tr3buchet: I'm asking you to give the Gerrit/GH setup a spin by becoming a Keystone or Glance contirbutor and testing the code review proecess.
20:23:21 <termie> eday, jbryce: yeah i suppose i could deal with that
20:23:28 <jbryce> termie: grazi
20:23:35 <tr3buchet> jaypipes: oh i see. i'd love to
20:23:38 <termie> eday, jbryce: would want somebody to shoot me the existing documentation about how they think i should use it
20:23:39 <jaypipes> tr3buchet: rock.
20:23:49 <jk0> I can help too
20:23:51 <jaypipes> notmyname, creiht: please do so yourselves.
20:23:54 <jbryce> termie: http://wiki.openstack.org/GerritWorkflow
20:23:55 <pvo> termie: http://wiki.openstack.org/GerritWorkflow
20:23:55 <jaypipes> jk0: ty
20:24:01 <vishy> i just did a push to keystone using it.  We'll see how the review process goes
20:24:01 <termie> coolness
20:24:12 <jaypipes> vishy: long patch.. going through it now. :)
20:24:25 <mtaylor> there is a UI crapiness atm ... just to be aware of - but it's been fixed by nokia so we should be able to roll it out soon
20:24:54 <vishy> jaypipes: quite a bit of it is whitespace...they don't have pep8 barrier on apparently
20:25:23 <mtaylor> vishy: nope. it's coming as soon as they can get their pep8 cleaned :)
20:25:27 <jaypipes> vishy: they have a pylint barrier... not sure about pep8.
20:26:12 <creiht> jaypipes: perhaps a mailing list email to solicit feedback is in order?
20:26:28 <jaypipes> creiht: sure, I will do so.
20:26:48 <mtaylor> termie, tr3buchet, notmyname, creiht, jk0: feel free to ping jeblair or myself as you start poking if you run in to issues
20:26:58 <jeblair> o/
20:27:02 <tr3buchet> sure thing
20:27:19 <jk0> cool
20:27:44 <jaypipes> mtaylor, jeblair: I'll draft an email to th ML.
20:27:50 <jbryce> so delay a vote until we get feedback from the group of testers
20:28:01 <mtaylor> jeblair: watch out - the local git gods are about to start poking us :)
20:28:10 <jbryce> can we try to get feedback in the next week and vote at the next meeting?
20:28:19 <termie> WHO DARES SPEAK OF ME
20:28:24 <jaypipes> would be good to get past this...
20:28:29 * mtaylor cowers appropriately
20:28:32 <jbryce> jaypipes: amen
20:28:50 <jaypipes> mtaylor and jeblair have done a lot of work on this that would go to waste.
20:29:16 <jbryce> anyone have other topics?
20:30:29 <jaypipes> not from me.
20:30:57 <jbryce> ok
20:31:09 <jbryce> thanks everyone
20:31:38 <jbryce> #endmeeting