21:00:48 <vishy> #startmeeting
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21:00:52 <pvo> keep going?
21:01:00 * vishy is channeling ttx
21:01:10 <pvo> I'm not sure we reached any kind of consensus there
21:01:11 <jmckenty> agenda?
21:01:11 <vishy> welcome to the release meeting
21:01:15 <vishy> :)
21:01:16 <jmckenty> there's no consensus
21:01:28 <carlp> ooh, exciting
21:01:41 <pvo> where then, does this get resolved?
21:01:43 <jbryce> pvo, jmckenty: there was concensus on a couple of points. we can work on the rest later
21:01:45 <vishy> notmyname, still here?
21:01:52 <notmyname> yes
21:02:14 <vishy> #topic swift status
21:02:22 <vishy> any updates?
21:02:25 <pvo> jbryce: I'm not sure we want to drag this out longer.
21:02:43 <notmyname> we're finishing up our next release
21:02:49 <notmyname> swift 1.4.3 will be the diablo release
21:03:06 <notmyname> if you want something in it, make your merge proposal soon
21:03:13 <notmyname> as in tonight, if possible
21:03:47 <notmyname> I'll be in SF next week for a meetup. http://www.meetup.com/openstack/events/30605231/
21:03:51 <notmyname> I think that's about it
21:04:02 <vishy> questions for the swift PTL?
21:04:43 <vishy> i'll take that as a no
21:04:51 <vishy> #topic Glance Status
21:04:55 <vishy> jaypipes: ping
21:05:16 <jaypipes> vishy: https://launchpad.net/glance/+milestone/diablo-rbp
21:05:34 <jaypipes> vishy: we got D4 out the door with most of the targeted BPs and bugs...
21:05:59 <jaypipes> vishy: currently have a few reviews going on, so if anyone has a few cycles, please go to https://review.openstack.org/#q,status:open+project:openstack/glance,n,z
21:06:23 <jaypipes> vishy: other than that, working with a number of folks on QA/testing efforts, but no Glance-specific updates.
21:07:31 <vishy> good deal
21:07:40 <vishy> questions for the glance ptl?
21:07:42 <glenc> o/
21:07:48 <jaypipes> glenc: shoot
21:07:51 <glenc> jaypipes, what is blocking the protected-properties BP?
21:08:15 <glenc> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/glance/+spec/protected-properties
21:08:20 <jaypipes> glenc: the functional tests for keystone and client integration:
21:08:22 <jaypipes> https://review.openstack.org/333
21:08:30 <jaypipes> https://review.openstack.org/350
21:08:38 <glenc> gotcha - once that's done, we (or someone else) can begin work on that?
21:08:42 <jaypipes> if folks can hop on to those reviews, that would unblock it.
21:08:47 <jaypipes> glenc: yes sir!
21:08:51 <glenc> thank you
21:08:54 <jaypipes> np
21:09:13 <vishy> any more questions for jaypipes
21:09:14 <vishy> ?
21:09:32 <vishy> ok, moving on
21:09:38 <jaypipes> glenc: also, if you could get me a highball glass, rocks, and scotch, that might help.
21:09:38 <vishy> #topic Nova Status
21:09:46 * vishy switches hats
21:09:58 <glenc> Laphroaig or Lagavulin?
21:10:03 <jaypipes> glenc: anything.
21:10:10 <vishy> We got a lot of features into D4, but we now have a huge buglist
21:10:18 <vishy> and a lot of stuff under review
21:10:34 <vishy> I've started targeting bugs to rbp
21:10:43 <vishy> https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/diablo-rbp
21:11:20 <vishy> I know that all of the developers have plenty of internal team milestones, but we all need to band together to make diablo a success
21:11:41 <vishy> There are two critical bugs that need to be addressed.  I would really like a volunteer for each of these:
21:11:56 <vishy> https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/833552
21:11:57 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 833552 in nova "No easy migration from old auth to keystone" [Critical,Triaged]
21:12:08 <vishy> https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/834189
21:12:10 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 834189 in nova "XenServer and KVM handle local storage differently" [Critical,Triaged]
21:12:36 <pvo> vishy: re 833, difficulty? We need this too.
21:12:36 <vishy> the second one will probably require some discussion, but I need someone to be in charge of making sure that it gets fixed in time for Diablo
21:12:53 <vishy> as far as i'm concerned, we can't ship diablo without these solved
21:12:59 <pvo> "not easy" from the bug, but how long would you guess if you were working it?
21:13:16 <vishy> pvo: I don't think it is hard, i think it is a script using auth manager that talks to keystone-manage
21:13:35 <jaypipes> vishy: could you elaborate why the inconsistency b/w the disk setup is a critical bug?
21:13:39 <vishy> the trick is making sure it works and updating it since keystone is changing a lot
21:13:42 <jaypipes> vishy: I'm just curious, is all...
21:14:04 <vishy> jaypipes: I think it is a huge defect to have images work completely differently between our to main hypervisors
21:14:10 <vishy> * two
21:14:11 <zns> vishy: you'd need both Nova and Keystone installed on the same machine (keystone-manage doesn't use the REST API). Just fyi...
21:14:32 <vishy> zns: good point, it should probably use the rest api
21:14:41 <zns> vishy: keystone-manage shouldn't change that much...
21:14:53 <zns> it's the API that is changing mostly.
21:14:56 <vishy> zns: or you could just install nova to run the script on the keystone machine
21:15:09 <vishy> zns: anyway we need something
21:15:15 <jaypipes> vishy: k. is it a matter of the two hypervisors *expecting* to see disks set up differently, though? i.e. it is customary for the users of each hypervisor to see disks done the way they are? /me clueless on that one...
21:15:17 <zns> .., but yes. Been getting much heat on changes. Understand the pain and working on improving.
21:15:23 <pvo> vishy: ant and I will take a stab at that.
21:15:25 <pvo> we're blocked on it
21:15:30 <vishy> jaypipes: no, it is arbitrary
21:15:38 <jaypipes> vishy: k, good to know. thx
21:15:44 <vishy> pvo: nice
21:15:57 <vishy> pvo: the other one will need to include your team
21:16:04 <vishy> I will start a mailing list discussion on the other one
21:16:07 <pvo> vishy: yes, will coordinate on it.
21:16:12 <pvo> vishy: sounds good
21:16:17 <zns> pvo: if you handle the nova side, we can commit to update the script if we change keystone...
21:16:17 <vishy> and I'll assign the auth one to you
21:16:26 <pvo> zns: its a deal
21:16:27 <vishy> zns great:
21:16:40 <pvo> vishy: just assigned to myself
21:16:50 <vishy> #action vishy to email the list about the other critical bug and request help on reviews and bug fixing
21:16:51 <zns> * wondering if he should have just stayed quiet *
21:17:12 <vishy> so all teams please test/install/report bugs/fix bugs/write tests
21:17:32 <nati> gotcha
21:17:41 <vishy> lets not repeat the cactus release where we obsoleted it two weeks after the release
21:17:51 <vishy> questions for the nova ptl?
21:18:00 <hisaharu> other bugs can not be merged in diablo-rdp?
21:18:01 <zns> pvo: cool. Lemme know when you have it (and where) and I'll follow the changes dolphm is doing.
21:18:14 <comstud> vishy: i've come to agreement with zedas for this rpc stuff that implements kombu fixing 2 bugs, and keeps carrot as a depricated option.  opinion on it making diablo?
21:18:22 <vishy> hisaharu: any bug can be fixed.
21:18:31 <hisaharu> vishy: ok
21:18:55 <comstud> vishy: (merge prop about to go back into 'needs review')
21:18:58 <vishy> comstud: I like it for the bug fixing, can we merge it with carrot as the primary option, get some people testing kombu and decide whether we can default to kombu at release point?
21:19:21 <comstud> vishy: sounds good
21:19:27 <vishy> in other words I have no problem with it going in as a second option, but primary option sounds scary
21:19:27 <nati> could you add bug 835919 for RBP? we are working
21:19:28 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 835919 in nova "Single default gateway should be offered to VM on multi-NICs environment." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/835919
21:19:54 <comstud> vishy: agree.  i did have to make a couple of minor mods to carrot to support the interfaces zedas needs, but... i think they are safe.
21:20:01 <comstud> vishy: safer than kombu as primary for now..i agree
21:20:02 <vishy> nati: done
21:20:10 <nati> thanks!
21:20:10 <vishy> comstud: cool get that merge in
21:20:16 <comstud> vishy: will do
21:20:28 <comstud> having a flags issue right now :-/
21:20:34 <vishy> in general, I don't mind extensions going in as well as long as they don't tmess with underlying code too much
21:20:42 <comstud> seems to not be obeying rpc_backend in all cases
21:20:45 <comstud> and always loading default
21:20:47 <vishy> any more questions?
21:20:58 <vishy> comstud: hehe, uh oh :)
21:21:01 <comstud> yeah
21:21:07 <comstud> might need to use LazyPluggable like db code
21:21:13 <vishy> comstud ping me offline if you need another set of eyes.
21:21:16 <comstud> we'll see.  anyway.. :)  carry on
21:21:19 <comstud> will do
21:21:47 <vishy> #topic Incubated Project Status
21:21:56 <vishy> zns: updates?
21:22:18 <vishy> devcamcar_: are you still here?
21:22:19 <zns> Accepted to core (no longer incubated?)
21:22:27 <danwent> quantum:  we dropped D4, are working on bug fixes for diablo-rbp
21:22:27 <devcamcar_> vishy: yep yep
21:22:44 <danwent> quantum: main focus moving forward will be stabilization and documentation :)
21:22:51 <annegentle> yay docs!
21:22:52 <zns> Changes were bigger than expected.
21:22:53 <zns> Latest code (not reviewed, not yet passing tests, but there just to share with others): https://review.openstack.org/#change,342
21:22:59 <vishy> zns: yeah I don't know if you get your own slot until diablo time, but I suppose it doesn't matter either way
21:23:07 <zns> APIs are published,m though:
21:23:08 <zns> Full API: https://github.com/openstack/keystone/blob/d349b349c50e0683432f5ae843bd2dc83599c1b6/keystone/content/admin/identityadminguide.pdf?raw=true
21:23:08 <zns> Service API: https://github.com/openstack/keystone/blob/master/keystone/content/service/identitydevguide.pdf?raw=true
21:23:42 <zns> That review *should* be merged in by end of week (although we had said that last week).
21:23:45 <zns> Any questions?
21:23:56 <vishy> questions for Keystone PTL?
21:23:59 <vishy> :)
21:24:28 <vishy> devcamcar_: any updates on the project formerly known as dashboard?
21:24:35 <annegentle> For Keystone API, I got the Google search sorted so that when you search on docs.openstack.org you find the Keystone Dev Guide.
21:25:14 <devcamcar_> vishy: we are locking everything down for a diablo release.  rcb folks are transitioning from openstackx to novaclient
21:25:16 <annegentle> http://docs.openstack.org/incubation/identity-dev-guide/content/
21:25:21 <zns> annegentle: thank you :-)
21:25:34 <devcamcar_> quantum support has almost landed as well
21:25:42 <danwent> woohoo :)
21:25:47 <devcamcar_> just waiting on a few units tests to get added to the branch and then we can merge it in
21:25:51 <vishy> nice
21:25:58 <markvoelker> devcamcar_ I think they're in and waiting your review?
21:26:06 <vishy> devcamcar_: any progress on packaging?
21:26:15 <devcamcar_> markvoelker: odd, i didn't get notified, i will look again
21:26:18 <markvoelker> devcamcar_: https://github.com/4P/openstack-dashboard/pull/92
21:26:29 <devcamcar_> vishy: we are able to push to pypi so you can pip install django-openstack portion at least
21:26:41 <devcamcar_> there is some debate around what it means to "package" a django site though
21:27:28 <vishy> devcamcar_: I'd love to be able to apt-get bourbon
21:27:48 <vishy> devcamcar_: have you settled on a code name?  Is it going to stay dashboard?
21:28:05 <devcamcar_> vishy: the name will change, but we haven't settled yet
21:28:13 <devcamcar_> going to be opening it up to the list for debate :)
21:28:37 * medberry would recommend "meatloaf" as a name in tribute to dashboard
21:29:16 <devcamcar_> medberry: nice :)
21:29:20 <vishy> other questions for Dash ptl?
21:29:28 <glenc> "sandwich" as in "apt-get sandwich" oops "sudo apt-get sandwich"
21:29:53 <vishy> glenc: wouldn't me-a-sandwich be better for that?
21:30:01 <glenc> :D
21:30:01 <vishy> apt-get me-a-sandwich
21:30:19 <vishy> ok danwent, anything else on quantum?
21:30:31 <danwent> sorry for jumping in before, didn't realize this was so structured :)
21:30:41 <danwent> only other thing to add is that we continue to work on nova integration
21:30:45 <vishy> danwent: ttx is much better at this than me :)
21:31:06 <danwent> if any nova core devs are available to review the quantum-manager branch, it would be much appreciated
21:31:29 <danwent> that's about it
21:31:40 <vishy> danwent: is that the last piece needed for diablo?
21:31:45 <danwent> https://code.launchpad.net/~danwent/nova/qmanager-new
21:31:48 <danwent> yup
21:31:59 <pvo> danwent: we're lining up to look at it today.
21:32:05 <pvo> we've had a few guys out.
21:32:06 <danwent> pvo: thanks!
21:32:13 <vishy> looks like rick just gave you a review
21:32:17 <vishy> as well :)
21:32:21 <pvo> jk0 and tr3buch3t have been ETO
21:32:30 <danwent> should have kept refreshing the page i guess :P
21:33:03 <devcamcar_> quantum dashboard support just landed ;)
21:33:15 <danwent> keep refreshing :)
21:33:17 <markvoelker> devcamcar_: w00t!
21:33:20 <vishy> danwent: also, some networks are created in fixtures (see nova/tests/__init__.py which might explain why you were seeing that issue with associate_pool
21:33:29 <vishy> questions for quantum ptl?
21:33:51 <danwent> vishy: thanks, yes, i tracked it down to some fixed IPs created with null networks in test_computeā€¦ should be working now
21:34:01 <vishy> ok then
21:34:09 <vishy> #topic General Discussion
21:34:21 <vishy> anyone have anything?
21:35:16 <vishy> ok then
21:35:19 <vishy> #endmeeting