20:02:01 <jbryce> #startmeeting
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20:02:27 <jbryce> does anyone have anything they want to cover today?
20:04:00 <jbryce> ok
20:04:13 <jaypipes> not from me.
20:04:16 <pvo> nope
20:04:19 <ttx> nope
20:04:20 <notmyname> stuff always comes up, but it's not worth discussing if we don't have a goal
20:05:02 <jbryce> all right. does any object to adjourning early?
20:05:20 <mtaylor> o/
20:05:22 <pvo> later all
20:05:23 <mtaylor> nope
20:05:26 <mtaylor> I don't object
20:05:29 <zns> ciao.
20:05:31 <mtaylor> sorry - I was just saying I was here
20:05:41 <mtaylor> but now everyone's leaving
20:05:44 * mtaylor sniffs
20:05:53 * anotherjesse here
20:05:53 <jbryce> mtaylor: you cleared the room
20:06:04 <mtaylor> jbryce: I'm going to blame anotherjesse
20:06:14 <anotherjesse> mtaylor: it is ALWAYS MY FAULT :)
20:06:44 <mtaylor> anotherjesse: well, it's either yours or mine
20:07:20 <anotherjesse> if we are both here then we can't blame each other … maybe I should /nick anotherdeveloper and so we can blame me now
20:07:55 <notmyname> several other people have joined
20:08:03 <notmyname> do they have something that needs to be covered?
20:08:19 <jbryce> mtaylor, anotherjesse: either of you have something to cover?
20:08:34 <notmyname> I was also thinking about non-ppb people
20:08:40 <anotherjesse> jbryce: I'm good
20:09:03 <ttx> Weekly release meeting in 50min. See you there :)
20:09:11 <mtaylor> jbryce: nope
20:10:03 <jbryce> ok. last call for any topics from anyone
20:11:23 <jbryce> thanks everyone
20:11:25 <jbryce> #endmeeting