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Meeting started by jbryce at 20:17:14 UTC (full logs).

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    1. http://wiki.openstack.org/Governance/PPB - agenda (jbryce, 20:18:10)

  1. Foundation update (jbryce, 20:18:20)
  2. Quality for Essex (jbryce, 20:28:17)
    1. will need better lab environments to do larger scale and longer-running tests (jbryce, 20:33:55)
    2. 1) we have continuous integration testing infrastructure in place now that is able to do basic testing and gate contributions on things really functionining (jbryce, 20:53:32)
    3. 2) we are going to start including the intergration-tests in to that gating which will improve the coverage and give better testing (jbryce, 20:53:38)
    4. 3) we could use additional contributions to the integration-tests and should reach out and try to get more involvement from people. getting more tests here will be a big help in improving the quality before release time comes around (jbryce, 20:53:47)
    5. 4) there's some basic work going on to do not just functional tests (item A works) but also longer running and larger scale tests, but it doesn't sound like that effort is as defined or as far along yet (jbryce, 20:53:54)

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  4. ttx (26)
  5. jaypipes (18)
  6. westmaas (2)
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