22:01:07 <danwent> #startmeeting
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22:01:38 <danwent> is anybody here?
22:01:47 <carlp> o/
22:01:53 <danwent> salv is out today
22:02:28 <danwent> well, its going to be a short meeting anyway
22:02:37 <danwent> is troy around to talk about melange?
22:02:40 <edgarmagana> hi
22:02:46 <tr3buchet> troy is out
22:02:56 <tr3buchet> unless he's on just for this
22:03:10 <danwent> tr3buchet: you able to provide a melange update?
22:03:25 <danwent> or would that be someone else?
22:03:59 <tr3buchet> hmm
22:04:09 <tr3buchet> i'm not supre current on it
22:04:11 <danwent> ok, we'll just move to quantum
22:04:16 <tr3buchet> good plan
22:04:17 <danwent> #topic quantum status
22:04:27 <danwent> this shoudl be quick:
22:04:33 <danwent> #info essex-2 plan
22:04:34 <danwent> https://launchpad.net/quantum/+milestone/essex-2
22:04:50 <danwent> salv is out, but he wanted me to provide an update on his API work
22:05:23 <danwent> #info from salv: I am confident to be able to propose Operational Status by Nov 30th and Filters by Dec 7th.
22:05:48 <danwent> I suspec that both changes will require some enhancements to the plugins to work correctly
22:06:35 <danwent> so we're trying to figure out if we will have time to make the corresponding plugin changes in essex-2 as well, or whether we should wait until essex-3, when we can submit both the API and the plugin implementations together (would be silly to release new API code without plugin implementations)
22:07:24 <danwent> I also talked with some folks from the cisco team, and they are planning on doing some horizon work in the essex-2, essex-3 timeframe, which is great.
22:07:47 <danwent> #todo  #danwent update launchpad to reflect horizon plans
22:08:05 <danwent> Carlp: status update on jenkins environment?
22:08:29 <danwent> I'm hoping to put together some very simple integration tests just so we can get things up and running.
22:08:48 <danwent> would be great to have a jenkins environment that was constantly pulling the latest nova + quantum
22:09:00 <carlp> We can do that
22:09:02 <danwent> I can provide a simple initial set of tests.
22:09:59 <danwent> Ok, just so people know, essex-2 is Dec. 15th, which isn't all that far away considering thanksgiving
22:10:15 <carlp> Basically, jenkins just runs a series of scripts  So if we can script downloading and running anything, jenkins can do it.
22:10:45 <mtaylor> yes
22:10:56 <danwent> we probably have a bit more targeted for essex-2 than we can manage.  I'll probably be pinging a few people to make sure we nail down some blueprints or bump them to e-3
22:11:47 <danwent> carlp: ok, could you perhaps create a starter script that fetches nova, glance, novaclient, and quantum?  then I will just insert some simple tests?  I will send an email to the list with more ideas
22:12:21 <danwent> is there any other work folks were planning on targeting for e-2 that is not currently targetted for the milestone?
22:12:42 <carlp> danwent: devstack work for you?
22:13:08 <edgarmagana> dan: can we still add a bluprint for e-2?
22:13:18 <danwent> carlp: sounds like a good place to start
22:13:18 <carlp> I've been playing with it here at the office, and devstack already does all that
22:13:21 <carlp> ok!
22:13:51 <danwent> carlp: so have we.  would you be doing a clean install on "bare-metal"?  that's the only mode I've used so far, but it works well for me.
22:14:19 <carlp> danwent: Yep, that's how I would be using it.  Clean install on bare metal.
22:14:25 <danwent> edgarmagana: you can stil target items for e-2, anytime in the next week should be fine, but after that we'll want to start locking things down
22:14:36 <danwent> carlp: sounds good.
22:15:02 <edgarmagana> #dan: I am working on a network services insertion (wrapper) and I was wondering if we can added on e-2 or e-3?
22:15:32 <danwent> edgarmagana: i'd send out a BP so we can gauge the complexity + review work required.
22:16:01 <edgarmagana> da: sounds good.. will do that
22:16:02 <danwent> and potential interactions with other e-2 changes.  if there aren't any problems on that front and you can get it done well in advance of the date, it should be fine for e-2
22:16:24 <danwent> Last comment on quantum.
22:16:37 <danwent> #info some reviews are piling up: https://review.openstack.org/#q,status:open+project:openstack/quantum,n,z
22:17:10 <danwent> while you're eating turkey (or whatever) over the weekend, please take a look at a few, so we don't have a big backlog when the larger e-2 features hit
22:17:19 <danwent> other than that, any other questions/comments on quantum?
22:17:45 <danwent> #topic open discussion
22:17:55 <bhall> danwent: another good opportunity for reviews would be during commercials if you're watching football
22:18:03 <danwent> enroute to our fastest netstack meeting ever, any open discussion
22:18:27 <danwent> bhall: yes, as long as they are short reviews… otherwise keeping the contex in your head between commercials may be hard :)
22:18:33 <bhall> yaeh
22:18:42 <bhall> commercials seem to be pretty long these days though
22:18:57 <danwent> good thing salv wasn't here, otherwise we'd have to clarify that we meant "american football"
22:19:03 <danwent> ok, thanks folks!
22:19:09 <danwent> #endmeeting