19:09:23 <mtaylor> #startmeeting
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19:09:38 <LinuxJedi> lol, good argument to have :)
19:09:47 <soren> mtaylor: patches or it didn't happen
19:09:53 <LinuxJedi> hehe :)
19:11:26 <mtaylor> morning
19:11:29 <mtaylor> soren: sigh
19:12:24 <LinuxJedi> [17:47:35] <jeblair> i have to miss the CI team meeting today. :/
19:12:24 <LinuxJedi> [17:48:17] <jeblair> but basically, i'm planning on putting the new version of the devstack-gate scripts into production later today, when things are quiet.
19:12:34 <mtaylor> that's what jeblair has been working on
19:12:48 <mtaylor> he and I had a great meeting with adrian cole yesterday about the jclouds jenkins plugin
19:15:08 <mtaylor> we have the first steps working
19:16:21 <soren> I can't help but wonder if this should live in a separate project.
19:16:36 <mtaylor> should be feature complete in a few weeks enough to move devstack gating stuff to it
19:16:43 <mtaylor> we hope
19:16:46 <mtaylor> soren: what do you mean?
19:17:15 <soren> I.e. some external scheduling thingamajig that keeps a number of cloud instances around.
19:17:45 <soren> ...and Jenkins could ask that for a fresh instance (which it will have ready to go based on some configuration and some clever heuristics or whatever).
19:17:56 <soren> Instead of having all that logic in Jenkins.
19:18:05 <soren> It seems like something that would be more generally useful.
19:18:40 <mtaylor> yes
19:18:41 <mtaylor> so
19:18:46 <mtaylor> that's what's happening
19:18:47 <soren> Sorry, just thinking out loud. It can start its life as a Jenkins plugin just fine.
19:18:51 <soren> It's just a thought for later.
19:18:57 <mtaylor> it's not starting its life as a jenkins plugin :)
19:19:01 <soren> Ah.
19:19:03 <soren> Lovely.
19:19:11 <mtaylor> jclouds is a java library that knows how to talk to clouds
19:19:19 <soren> Right.
19:19:33 <mtaylor> all of the pooling logic and image caching logic will actually live inside of jclouds
19:19:36 <LinuxJedi> so do I if I smoke the funny stuff
19:19:40 <soren> Oh.
19:19:40 <mtaylor> and jenkins will just be able to use that
19:19:48 <soren> I thought jclouds was like libcloud, but for Java.
19:19:55 <mtaylor> yes. it's just 100x better
19:20:02 <mtaylor> :)
19:20:20 <soren> I don't think libcloud has any ambition to grow scheduling capabilities. :)
19:20:32 <mtaylor> so - let me restarte
19:20:36 <mtaylor> restate
19:20:47 <mtaylor> well, no, I think I said it right
19:21:24 <mtaylor> jclouds wants to know about pooling, because a common use case amongst folks doing multi-cloud bursting is wanting to have available nodes ready to use
19:21:35 <mtaylor> it's something that's been asked for by a bunch of their users
19:21:54 <mtaylor> also, they've got a cacheing feature that we're going to extend a little bit
19:22:59 <mtaylor> that will allow you to describe the qualities of a node you'd like, and it will transparently create taht thing, and then create image snapshots of that thing so that the next time you ask for something matching those characteristics, it can spin one up cased on the image
19:23:44 <mtaylor> both of those are things we manage right now in devstack-gate ourselves, but will be intrinsic to jclouds, so we'll get them for free on all of our cloud images
19:23:51 <mtaylor> that we spin up inside of jenkins
19:24:22 <mtaylor> which will be exciting - and should mean that we can easily spin up new types of nodes for things without having to re-engineer the caching and pooling each time
19:28:48 <mtaylor> other than that - that's all I had
19:29:17 <soren> Cool.
19:29:49 <LinuxJedi> mtaylor: want me to cover my bits?
19:30:01 <mtaylor> LinuxJedi: yes please
19:30:34 <LinuxJedi> ok, so, as most of you have probably seen, the theming of Gerrit and Jenkins is now live
19:30:51 <LinuxJedi> had a few fixes from various people too via. gerrit which is really cool
19:31:49 <LinuxJedi> in other news paste was hit with 15000 spam entires.  I've fixed the anti-spam and cleared out the spam that was there, I may have accidentally deleted one or two real entries so if anything important is missing let me know
19:32:14 <mtaylor> yay spam!
19:32:22 <LinuxJedi> I've been working on a Jenkins Jobs filler in puppet
19:32:43 <LinuxJedi> if you give it a list of projects it will automatically create all our standard Jenkins jobs
19:32:57 <LinuxJedi> it is based on blocks of XML so should be very easy to modify
19:33:11 <mtaylor> ++
19:33:15 <LinuxJedi> it is in puppet now and the first project to use it should be up soon
19:33:42 <LinuxJedi> (that being RedDwarf on StackForge)
19:34:40 <LinuxJedi> I also did some other things like update docs, start a template for a new Stackforge site, redesign the Stackforge logo (not live yet), etc... but none of that is really important
19:34:50 <LinuxJedi> I think that is about all I have
19:35:04 <mtaylor> swet. I will review all of your stuff soon
19:35:18 <LinuxJedi> mtaylor: one thing I wanted to ask you about is monitoring.  CI are getting a lot of servers on our hands now and something (Nagios or something?) would be nice
19:35:26 <LinuxJedi> especially in light of the build6 failure
19:35:56 <mtaylor> LinuxJedi: funny story - we set one up a while ago but haven't really done much with it
19:36:12 <mtaylor> LinuxJedi: ping jeblair about that when he gets back online
19:36:17 <LinuxJedi> mtaylor: ah, I noticed there was SNMP stuff going on and did wonder
19:36:21 <LinuxJedi> will do
19:36:36 <mtaylor> LinuxJedi: there are a bunch more of us now - that should probably be something that we do more with
19:36:54 <LinuxJedi> oh yea, we have 2 new guys joining the CI team very soon
19:37:17 <mtaylor> w00hoo!
19:37:27 <mtaylor> (possibly three)
19:37:39 <LinuxJedi> even better :)
19:37:43 <mtaylor> by ODS, we should havea  bunch of people working on this bad boy
19:37:56 <LinuxJedi> and mtaylor will be a very busy manager ;)
19:38:04 * mtaylor already doesn't do anything useful
19:38:20 <LinuxJedi> sure you do, you break stuff so we have work to do ;)
19:38:52 * mtaylor tries to spread the live
19:38:53 <mtaylor> love
19:38:55 <mtaylor> bah
19:38:58 <LinuxJedi> hehe :)
19:39:30 <LinuxJedi> so, yea.  I don't think I have much else
19:39:37 <mtaylor> ok - I'd like to run if nobody else has anything
19:39:43 <carlp> mtaylor: when you have a moment, I have a question for you
19:40:09 <mtaylor> carlp: cool - I'll ping you in 10?
19:40:20 <carlp> mtaylor: perfect
19:40:30 <carlp> thanks!
19:40:48 <mtaylor> #endmeeting