22:00:09 <danwent> #startmeeting
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22:00:12 <salv-orlando> hiQ
22:00:13 <salv-orlando> hi!
22:00:19 <danwent> hiQ :)
22:00:41 <danwent> #link  Agenda: http://wiki.openstack.org/Network/Meetings
22:00:58 <danwent> is it just salvatore here?
22:01:09 <danwent> not that having salvatore here isn't great :P
22:01:11 <mestery> Hey Dan and Salvatore!
22:01:16 <salv-orlando> hi mestery
22:01:24 <mestery> Small audience today?
22:01:51 <danwent> this is what I get for trying to start on time
22:02:01 <carlp> nobodyy here but us chickens
22:02:05 <bhall> sorry, thought we were going to start 7 minutes late like normal
22:02:06 <somik> we are living in Quantum time :)
22:02:11 <davlaps> o/
22:02:13 <salv-orlando> they're all still reading your emails :)
22:02:28 <danwent> salv: haha, fair enough
22:02:42 <debo-os> me there :)
22:02:42 <mestery> salv: Ha!
22:02:44 <danwent> that thread happened while I was on jury duty, so I had some catchup
22:02:55 <danwent> ok, let's first talk about Essex RC, then summit
22:03:02 <edgarmagana> hello all!
22:03:18 <danwent> so Essex RC1 bugs have been pretty minimal so far: https://bugs.launchpad.net/quantum/+bugs?field.tag=essex-rc-potential
22:03:39 <danwent> two of those bugs are just some files missing from tarballs, should be easy fixes if someone wants to pick them off
22:03:45 <danwent> the other two are in review.
22:03:51 <danwent> https://review.openstack.org/#change,5753
22:03:52 <debo-os> Dan, I also noticed that last week there many more greetings being exchanged .... wonder why :)
22:04:07 <danwent> :)
22:04:13 <danwent> https://review.openstack.org/#change,5755
22:04:29 <danwent> the quantum server review needs one more core review
22:05:02 <danwent> quantum client has been reviewed and i'm going to post a new version
22:05:25 <danwent> the key question is whether anyone has other bugs that they think might be critical for the RC
22:05:51 <danwent> One question is around: https://answers.launchpad.net/quantum/+question/190861
22:06:16 <danwent> I've asked them to try and see if this same issue exists with Nova and the standard linux bridge (i.e., no quantum)
22:06:31 <danwent> as we use just the standard nova L3
22:06:57 <danwent> should I take slience to mean that there are no other RC critical issues so far?
22:07:29 <danwent> sounds like quantum is rock solid :)
22:07:46 <danwent> As far as distros, you all saw the email to the ML about Ubuntu packaging
22:07:51 <mestery> danwent: People reading all your emails to netstack. :)
22:07:57 <salv-orlando> Silenece is assent for me...
22:08:16 <danwent> mestery: sigh, yes, sorry :)
22:08:49 <danwent> the most important email is the last one, and is also on the agenda, once we get past the RC stuff :)
22:08:57 <danwent> is ghe here?
22:09:08 <salv-orlando> I have tried to reproduce the setup of question 190861, with no luck. My personal opinion is that some extra-Quantum and extra-Nova network configuration is interfering with the traffic.
22:09:10 <danwent> any testing on debian packaging?
22:09:33 <danwent> salv-orlando: oh, I didn't realize you had tried to repro it.  that's great.
22:10:01 <danwent> salv-orlando: i must have missed that in the thread
22:10:31 <salv-orlando> danwent: that's not in the thread :) My laptop crashed when I was posting and then I forgot to...
22:10:41 <danwent> :)
22:11:05 <danwent> Ok, so it sounds like outside of the four filed issues, we don't know of any likely blockers.  That's great.
22:11:10 <danwent> anything else on the RC?
22:11:30 <danwent> assuming we get good help reviewing from the core devs, I think we should have an RC2 in the next few days.
22:11:35 <danwent> definitely by end of week.
22:11:59 <danwent> debo-os, here?
22:12:52 <debo-os> yes
22:12:53 <danwent> ok, well, i know debo has been making progress on the reviews for excercise script in devstack
22:12:56 <edgarmagana> he is online
22:13:01 <debo-os> I uploaded my patch
22:13:13 <danwent> main hang-up is trouble parsing CLI output?
22:13:17 <debo-os> was uploading ... hence the silence
22:13:30 <debo-os> yeah Dean wanted that and he had changed devstack scripts a bit
22:13:58 <debo-os> so I put in those changes
22:14:04 <danwent> #info devstack excercise quantum patch is here for review: https://review.openstack.org/#change,4665
22:14:06 <debo-os> devstack is a moving target :)
22:14:15 <danwent> indeed.  really appreciate your effort here
22:14:32 <debo-os> hope Dean is ok except for the mysql reference ...
22:14:51 <debo-os> Thanks to Edgar, Shweta, DaveL and DanW for reviews
22:15:12 <danwent> Ok, now to talk about summit planning
22:15:37 <danwent> #info etherpad to cover most important topics for quantum track at summit and to identify "drivers" for the issues: http://etherpad.openstack.org/quantum-folsom
22:15:41 <carlp> debo-os: There is also a small group of us working on Chef stuff that we hope to be much more stable.  github.com/osops
22:16:04 <danwent> calrp: interesting.. does it support quantum yet?
22:16:16 <debo-os> carlp: let me catch you offline for this ... btw was going to bug you and see if you tried the script!
22:16:46 <carlp> danwent: we're getting Essex working on Precise now.  Quantum is step 2.
22:16:56 <danwent> carlp: k,thanks
22:16:58 <danwent> Ok, back to talking about summit
22:17:06 <debo-os> also Dan, before we jump to summit planning, is there a jenkins server that we can use the script to try out how it would be for commits
22:17:21 <debo-os> or maybe we could discuss CI at the summit
22:17:25 <danwent> my main goal here is that we identify all of the key issues we think we need to tackle, and have one or more people that are responsible for driving them.
22:17:37 <carlp> debo-os: Yes, I can help with that.  Let's chat in a bit
22:17:40 <danwent> debo-os: ok, pause summit discussion
22:18:17 <danwent> debo-os:  i'm in favor of moving full speed ahead with that, not waiting for the summit (though we will have a session to discuss better quantum + CI integration)
22:18:40 <danwent> ok, back to summit discussion.
22:19:03 <danwent> so please update the etherpad if something is missing
22:19:32 <danwent> the main goal is to identify the groups of people that need to coordinate here, and to prioritize key issues for the community and make sure they are all covered
22:19:42 <danwent> unfortunately the session site isn't great for that
22:19:53 <danwent> so we're back in etherpad land.
22:20:05 <carlp> eh, could be worse
22:20:18 <danwent> yeah, etherpad is actually pretty damn useful
22:20:47 <danwent> again, issues can have multiple drivers.  drivers are responsible for creating content prior to the summit, and helping drive discussion at the summit
22:20:52 <danwent> any questions/concerns?
22:21:21 <danwent> at the next IRC meeting, we can discuss if there are any important issues that still don't have a driver
22:22:19 <danwent> oh, also, notice at the bottom of the etherpad I put a couple topics to discuss that aren't really features, but things we need to sort out as a community.
22:22:35 <danwent> we may have a general "community topics" session to discuss these (hopefullfy with beer in hand)
22:23:16 <danwent> Ok, if there's not discussion here, please update the page in the next day or so, so we can start registering sessions on the official site.
22:23:27 <danwent> of course, if you want to add yourself as a driver after that, that's fine as well.
22:23:44 <danwent> #topic open discussion
22:24:42 <danwent> btw, we had a great openstack meetup in the bay area last night… lots of people there and interested in learning about quantum
22:24:48 <danwent> sumit, somik and I presented.
22:25:12 <danwent> hopefully in the future we can have an even bigger set of people for a panel
22:25:34 <edgarmagana> very good job guys!
22:25:41 <danwent> ok, nothing else?  Seems like everyone is distracted today :)
22:25:52 <edgarmagana> the room was full and plenty of questions
22:25:57 <danwent> ok, thanks folks.  please keep testing RC1, we're almost to the final release date
22:26:02 <salv-orlando> nothing from me
22:26:15 <danwent> yes, and thanks for edgar, dave lapseley, ram, and lew for coming as well
22:26:23 <carlp> I think I'm good for now.  Lots of people to talk to before next week
22:26:24 <danwent> lapsley
22:26:31 <davlaps> great presentations and discussion!
22:26:34 <danwent> great, have a good week folks!
22:26:38 <salv-orlando> bye!
22:26:40 <danwent> #endmeeting