18:01:37 <jgriffith> #startmeeting
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18:01:54 <jgriffith> Role call?
18:03:04 <jgriffith> Wow.. nobody?
18:03:11 <DuncanT> Present, couldn't possibly comment on being correct
18:03:43 <jgriffith> DuncanT: pheww, just go with correct
18:04:10 <jgriffith> Well I guess this might be rather short unless we get some folks late
18:04:21 <jgriffith> #topic last weeks action items
18:04:53 <jgriffith> rnirmal caught up with me this morning, and unfortunately didn't get much done last week
18:05:01 <jgriffith> vladimir: you here?
18:05:46 <jgriffith> Those were two we had, sounds like no updates
18:05:46 <Mandell> Sorry I'm late.
18:05:59 <jgriffith> Mandell: no problem, glad you're here
18:06:42 <jgriffith> So vladimir was going to work on openstack common, haven't seen anything there
18:07:03 <jgriffith> rnirmal was working on some compute tear out and api work, but didn't get to it last week
18:07:38 <jgriffith> I've pushed a change to drop the instance relationship from volumes, need review :)
18:07:46 <jgriffith> Mandell: thanks!
18:07:59 <jgriffith> Still needs approved etc
18:08:05 <DuncanT> I saw that, haven't had time to look yet but will do tomorrow if not before
18:08:21 <jgriffith> DuncanT: thanks!  much appreciated
18:08:42 <jgriffith> which brings me to the next topic...
18:08:50 <jgriffith> #topic reviews
18:09:09 <jgriffith> So there hasn't been a "ton" of activity but...
18:09:25 <vishy> o/
18:09:31 <jgriffith> There are a couple items that have been submitted and just sit
18:09:38 <jgriffith> vishy: Yo
18:09:56 <jgriffith> Just want to make sure folks that signed up for core are able to help out here
18:10:19 <jgriffith> Doesn't seem right for me to review, +1, +2 and A my own changes :)
18:10:32 <DuncanT> We have out public-beta go-live today so it has been kind of hectic... will definitely make time to keep up
18:10:47 <jgriffith> DuncanT: No worries, I understand
18:10:55 <jgriffith> Just wanted to put a reminder out
18:11:16 <jgriffith> #topic current status for cinder
18:11:30 <DuncanT> Is there a dashboard for outstanding cinder reviews?
18:11:45 <DuncanT> I've not used gerrit in anger all that much....
18:11:51 <jgriffith> DuncanT: Youre core so should be getting emails, else just look in gerrit
18:12:04 <DuncanT> ok
18:12:06 <jgriffith> Not a ton there but want to form good habbits :)
18:12:51 <jgriffith> So I've been doing some work on seperating instance relationships and working on cinderclient
18:13:04 <jgriffith> vishy: has been doing a bunch of work on the compute tear out
18:13:09 <jgriffith> vishy: updates?
18:14:03 <jgriffith> Or any updates on work other folks are doing/planning?
18:14:49 <vishy> jgriffith: haven't been working on anything yet :(
18:15:05 <DuncanT> I've only gotten as far as pulling the code and getting the unit tests working, and that was only today
18:15:10 <vishy> jgriffith: but I still have plans to do step 3 on the blueprint
18:15:16 <jgriffith> vishy: :)
18:15:39 <jgriffith> DuncanT: unit tests should have already been working?
18:16:13 <jgriffith> DuncanT: did you have an issue running them?
18:16:19 <DuncanT> jgriffith: Yeah, I was getting them working without virtual env, so I can package cinder for our test infrastructure
18:16:25 <jgriffith> Ahhh
18:16:43 <DuncanT> virtual env worked out of the box, dpkg based run didn't take long
18:17:04 <jgriffith> DuncanT: ok
18:17:16 <DuncanT> I'll put some packaging files somewhere accessible once they are working
18:17:23 <jgriffith> DuncanT: great
18:17:46 <jgriffith> Also need volunteers from core to hit mtaylors change in gerrit as well
18:18:03 <vishy> jgriffith: has anyone tried updating python-cinderclient yet?
18:18:08 <jgriffith> Mine can wait until it hits nova
18:18:11 <vishy> that should be  a chunk of work
18:18:19 <jgriffith> vishy: I started working on that about 30 minutes ago
18:18:30 <jgriffith> and yes, it seems like a good chunk
18:18:42 <vishy> nice, you probably need to pull in all of the changes from novaclient
18:18:50 <vishy> and then we can reset the repo like we did for cinder
18:18:50 <jgriffith> vishy: I'm currently putting in fakes for the delete/list/detail tests
18:19:01 <jgriffith> vishy: Ahh... repo is set
18:19:11 <jgriffith> vishy: Sorry, I should've mentioned
18:19:33 <jgriffith> mtaylor apparently had the forethought to pull your version in as the base  :)
18:20:06 <jgriffith> vishy: Oh, I think I see what you're saying now.
18:20:22 <vishy> jgriffith: i mean get rid of annoying history :)
18:20:28 <jgriffith> Rather than use the base you had set up pull in novaclient and rip appart
18:20:35 <jgriffith> Ohhh
18:20:41 <vishy> jgriffith: no that is what i did
18:20:52 <vishy> but there have been a number of fixes/changes to novaclient since i split
18:20:59 <jgriffith> vishy: I'm with ya... take three or four tries but I catch up
18:20:59 <vishy> which it would be nice to get in
18:21:51 <mtaylor> vishy, jgriffith do you guys want/need to start the cinderclient repo over like we did for cinder?
18:22:00 <jgriffith> vishy: I planned to work on that next assuming my instance ref's patch doesn't get rejected :)
18:22:16 <vishy> jgriffith: i'm reviewing it now
18:22:17 <jgriffith> mtaylor: Yes, but after I makes some changes today and tomorow
18:22:19 <vishy> looking good so far
18:22:28 * jgriffith sigh of relief
18:23:00 <jgriffith> mtaylor: BTW sorry about the "false" bug to set up the repo :(
18:23:52 <jgriffith> #action jgriffith get cinderclient up to speed and ask mtaylor to reset repo when ready
18:24:22 <jgriffith> anybody else looking for ways/places to help out?
18:24:58 <jgriffith> Just a reminder we had a goal of having base functionality at F1 I think, which is approaching very quickly
18:26:04 <jgriffith> ok, one more thing from my side no cinder...
18:26:07 <Mandell> All I can commit to for the next couple weeks is reviews, but I'll commit to one a day.
18:26:23 <jgriffith> Mandell: Reviews are a huge help so that's great
18:26:59 <jgriffith> So there was a submission for auto cleanup of orphaned volumes:
18:27:09 <jgriffith> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/7314/
18:27:26 <jgriffith> I wanted to get other volume folks opinion...
18:27:42 <jgriffith> I'd rather see this manual or configurable via conf file?
18:28:09 <jgriffith> Agree/Disagree?
18:28:27 <DuncanT> Definitely don't like it being manual
18:29:05 <DuncanT> Just reading through the patch, but I can't see it being something we want turned on
18:29:18 <jgriffith> DuncanT: You mean automatic?
18:29:39 <DuncanT> Yeah
18:29:59 <jgriffith> DucanT: Ahh ok
18:30:01 <DuncanT> Possibly at all
18:30:24 <DuncanT> If users want to keep volumes lying around, who are we to argue?
18:30:30 <jgriffith> DuncanT: yeah, but I can see the desire to go through and do cleanup but I don't like the idea of having it take place on it's own
18:30:47 <jgriffith> Providers may like that depending on how they do their billing :)
18:30:53 <DuncanT> Possibly an api to list 'orphan' volumes?
18:31:10 <DuncanT> I think that can be done purely in the client TBH
18:31:24 <jgriffith> DuncanT: Actually that's a bette approach than what i had in mind, and yes it can
18:32:01 <jgriffith> DuncanT: The needed functionality is already there, just query via the api and delete if you want
18:32:15 <vishy> jgriffith: reviewed, have three extra chunks of code that can be deleted, otherwise looks great
18:32:30 <jgriffith> vishy: awesome THANKS!!!
18:32:41 <DuncanT> jgriffith: Agreed
18:33:12 <vishy> autoclean is not good
18:33:17 <jgriffith> DuncanT: Ok, I'll update my review and put our reasoning in
18:33:29 <vishy> at least in nova.  I don't mind a deployer doing it externally
18:33:42 <jgriffith> vishy: I didn't think so... exactly, external is easy enough
18:33:49 <vishy> if a user creates a volume and doesn't use it that is fine
18:34:06 <vishy> a task to log a notification or something would make sense
18:34:07 <jgriffith> Ok, I'll update my review of it accordingly but that's where I was headed with it
18:34:13 <vishy> but deleting it seems really bad.
18:34:49 <jgriffith> I thought it seemed really dangerous personally, especially if it's not at least configurable (on/off/interval)
18:35:06 <jgriffith> but as DuncanT pointed out it's really not necessary to have in the code at all
18:35:24 <jgriffith> Just external via the api can accomplish for somebody that wants it
18:35:58 <jgriffith> rnirmal: you made it :)
18:36:22 <rnirmal> well logged in..but still in another meeting
18:36:29 <jgriffith> :)
18:36:47 <jgriffith> Anybody else have anything they want to bring up?  Questions/Concerns ?
18:37:02 <jgriffith> Is this meeting worthwhile for you?
18:38:14 <jgriffith> The nice thing about no response is I can interpret it any way I like :)
18:38:18 <DuncanT> It's good to see progress, and also means there is at most a week between kicks, so yes
18:39:05 <jgriffith> DucnanT: cool... I'll be here no matter what so just want to make sure folks don't want to see something different
18:39:19 <jgriffith> or "need" something different
18:39:49 <jgriffith> I do believe the pace will start picking up significantly with each week
18:40:11 <jgriffith> vladimir3p: Hey there
18:40:25 <vladimir3p> hey
18:40:30 <vladimir3p> sorry :-)
18:40:38 <jgriffith> vladimir3p: Any updates on openstack-common?
18:40:40 <vladimir3p> had couple customers meetings
18:40:48 <vladimir3p> nope :-)
18:40:51 <jgriffith> vladimir3p: NP
18:41:05 <jgriffith> vladimir3p: :)
18:41:25 <jgriffith> Alright, well I was going to go ahead and wrap up if nobody has anything....
18:41:46 <jgriffith> vladimir3p: if you want to catch up we can do so offline or you can grab the minutes off of eavesdrop
18:42:12 <vladimir3p> jgriffith: it will be great to talk offline - might be faster
18:42:17 <jgriffith> Oh... one other thing, I think the etherpad is probably not the place to add anything any longer
18:42:38 <jgriffith> vladimir3p: sounds good
18:42:41 <rnirmal> lets start opening blueprints and bugs to work on items
18:42:50 <jgriffith> rnirmal: +1
18:43:24 <jgriffith> the etherpad is still good reference for some stuff, but anything new anybody wants to grab we start using the formal process
18:43:41 <jgriffith> Ok... well if there's nothing else?
18:44:20 <jgriffith> Alright, thanks everyone.  Ping me if you think of anything
18:44:24 <jgriffith> #endmeeting