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19:02:07 <mtaylor> hey everybody
19:02:19 <mtaylor> anybody here?
19:02:22 <clarkb> o/
19:02:27 <Shrews> yup
19:04:14 * mtaylor is fixing a boneheaded breakage at the moment ... Shrews, you wanna tell folks hat you've been up to?
19:04:32 <Shrews> sure
19:05:02 <Shrews> So, I've been looking at adding OpenVZ support (via libvirt) to Nova.
19:05:27 <Shrews> In the process, I've worked with Devananda to test/verify that his openvz patched kernel actually works
19:05:31 <Shrews> and it does
19:06:16 <Shrews> And it works with the libvirt utilities, too. I can create/destroy openvz containers with the command line tools
19:06:53 <Shrews> So I think I know what needs to change with the Nova configuration stuff, but I'm having difficulty actually *testing* changes, atm
19:07:05 <mtaylor> hrm. chicken and egg problem?
19:07:21 <Shrews> yeah, kinda.
19:07:44 <mtaylor> you need to be running on a system that has the openvz kernel installed ... and then you need to run devstack and have it configured to use openvz instead of qemu, yeah?
19:08:21 <LinuxJedi> damn, my alarm didn't trigger for this meeting
19:08:24 <Shrews> i'm running the kernel, i have devstack installed but it doesn't support openvz
19:08:51 <Shrews> i *think* i can just modify /etc/nova/nova.cfg and restart devstack, but that's what i'm trying now
19:09:09 <Shrews> nova docs suck
19:09:13 <Shrews> devstack docs suck
19:09:14 <mtaylor> Shrews: ah - well, adding support to devstack for openvz should also be on the list
19:09:26 <mtaylor> because we'll need to be able to test that it works as part f CI
19:09:42 <mtaylor> Shrews: see how I'm just making more work for you?
19:09:45 <Shrews> mtaylor: yeah, that's a natural thing to do
19:09:58 <Shrews> but i need nova to understand it first
19:10:20 <Shrews> so, that's where i'm at
19:10:26 <mtaylor> ++
19:10:27 <Shrews> <end communication>
19:10:33 <mtaylor> stellar
19:10:57 <mtaylor> clarkb: your week has involved much less head-bang-against-brick-wall I think
19:12:03 <clarkb> yes, however that may start again soon :)
19:12:22 * LinuxJedi gives clarkb a crash helmet
19:12:31 <clarkb> I have a working ACLed JavaMelody patch for Gerrit 2.4
19:12:57 <clarkb> basically you go gerrit.server/monitoring when you are logged in as a server administrator and you get awesomesauce
19:13:17 <mtaylor> it's teh r0xr
19:13:45 <clarkb> currently working to push the patch upstream. It was suggested that I turn the patch into a plugin, which is in theory a great idea.
19:14:09 <Shrews> clarkb: and in actuality, much more work?
19:14:23 <clarkb> the Http plugin architecture forces your plugin under /plugins/plugin_name/*
19:14:37 <mtaylor> that's groser
19:14:40 <clarkb> so I am having a hard time figuring out how I can filter /* for all of the statistical goodness
19:14:42 <mtaylor> grosser
19:15:03 <mtaylor> clarkb: it might be worthwhile responding to their suggestion with that
19:15:07 <clarkb> /plugins/melody/monitoring is working but it no longer knows about all of the http transactions happening under /plugins/melody
19:15:22 <clarkb> mtaylor: yup going to clean up the patch as suggested then comment on these issues
19:15:38 <mtaylor> you know, in this case, because of what melody does, it might not actually be suitable for the plugin architecture
19:16:00 <clarkb> I am beginning to think that is the case. Either that or the plugin architecture needs to be more flexible
19:16:18 <mtaylor> that being said - perhaps having knowledge about the http plugin architecture will end up being helpful in the future?
19:16:32 <clarkb> you can add a core plugin which in theory gives you access to all of gerrit but I haven't had luck getting that to work either
19:17:10 <clarkb> mtaylor: definitely I think the plugin stuff will be super useful. Add mod rewrite and your users don't even need to know they are accessing /plugins/foo/stuff
19:17:18 <mtaylor> ++
19:18:29 <clarkb> Upstream does seem interested in this though, so hopefully we can work something out that everyone is happy with
19:18:42 <mtaylor> I hope so. I think it's going to be superhelpful to us too
19:19:00 <mtaylor> we should be about ready to roll out a new gerrit to production soon, no?
19:19:11 <mtaylor> LinuxJedi: are your changes for the theming in trunk?
19:19:20 <clarkb> mtaylor: perhaps we should grab 2.4.2?
19:19:31 <mtaylor> clarkb: probably a good idea
19:19:34 <LinuxJedi> mtaylor: in openstack/2.4.1
19:19:41 <LinuxJedi> mtaylor: our branch I mean
19:19:44 <mtaylor> LinuxJedi: that's what I meant :)
19:19:54 <mtaylor> lemme make an openstack/2.4.2 real quick
19:19:55 <LinuxJedi> mtaylor: yes, and I just pushed up a review to put it live
19:21:07 <mtaylor> ok. openstack/2.4.2 now exists
19:21:23 <mtaylor> in case anybody wants to rebase and propose all the changes
19:22:09 <clarkb> if no one gets to it first I am sure that will be a good break from this plugin
19:22:14 <mtaylor> :)
19:22:37 <clarkb> before I forget. If I do somehow manage to get the plugin working, would we want to host that or try to get Gerrit to own it?
19:22:59 <mtaylor> I'd love it if we could get gerrit to own it ... but if we need to host it we can do that too
19:23:07 <mtaylor> I take it plugins can happily live in their own repos?
19:23:27 <clarkb> yes
19:23:49 <mtaylor> hrm. I wonder if our WIP patch could be re-written as a core plugin :)
19:23:58 * mtaylor likes torturing Shrews
19:24:02 <Shrews> NO
19:24:04 <LinuxJedi> haha :)
19:24:09 <mtaylor> so - from my end - I've just about got all of the groundwork done for uploading client libs to pypi and the patches are merging into the client lib branches
19:24:28 <mtaylor> hopefully by this week we should be able to have that working automatically on tags
19:24:37 <mtaylor> and also hopefully soon we'll have doc changes gating
19:24:58 <mtaylor> jeblair is down in Argentina telling people about all the crazy things we do
19:25:07 <mtaylor> LinuxJedi: you been doing anything useful with yourself?
19:25:15 <LinuxJedi> mtaylor: a couple of things
19:25:33 <LinuxJedi> so, first we had Jenkins break a little last week
19:25:54 <LinuxJedi> this was due to Jenkins Job filler giving a slightly incorrect but valid XML
19:26:09 <LinuxJedi> the other is Stackforge
19:26:40 <LinuxJedi> we are planning to move Stackforge Gerrit and Jenkins into Openstack Gerrit and Jenkins now that setting up Jenkins stuff is semi-automated
19:26:54 <LinuxJedi> the branches on github will still be separate though
19:27:11 <LinuxJedi> this solves many problems for us and means we have less machines to maintain
19:27:49 <LinuxJedi> it will also make things more reliable too
19:27:58 <LinuxJedi> and that is about if from me
19:28:49 <mtaylor> cool
19:28:53 <mtaylor> anybody else got anything for us?
19:30:26 <mtaylor> I'm going to call that good then. thanks folks!
19:30:30 <mtaylor> #endmeeting