16:03:44 <jd___> #startmeeting
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16:04:21 <jd___> #link https://lists.launchpad.net/openstack/msg14876.html
16:04:48 <jd___> #topic Last week action review
16:05:05 <jd___> #action jd to setup opa voting system to start on 26th and end on Aug 3rd
16:05:16 <jd___> nijaba had to post roadmap to mailing list, asking for feeback and volunteers
16:05:43 <jd___> #info nijaba asked for feedback on roadmap at http://www.mail-archive.com/openstack@lists.launchpad.net/msg14398.html
16:06:01 <jd___> I had to add the type of meters in ceilometer meter code
16:06:22 <jd___> #info jd did it in https://review.openstack.org/#/c/10016/
16:06:42 <jd___> #info nijaba added a table showing the state of integration for each OpenStack project http://wiki.openstack.org/Governance/Proposed/Ceilometer
16:06:55 <jd___> #info nijaba adjusted the proposal to reflect a longer incubation period http://wiki.openstack.org/Governance/Proposed/Ceilometer
16:07:18 <jd___> no info from dhellmann so I'll reput action for next meeting
16:07:24 <jd___> #action dhellmann to get some feedback now about the sorts of meters users want from the mailing list
16:07:25 <jd___> 
16:07:29 <jd___> #action dhellmann to open a bug and work on devstack integration
16:07:33 <jd___> #action dhellmann create a diagram of ceilometer architecture
16:07:39 <jd___> #action dhellmann write a walk-through of setting up ceilometer and collecting data
16:07:53 <jd___> anything else?
16:08:15 <jd___> yeah, I though so, haha!
16:08:20 <dricco> I'd like to discuss - https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/volume-usage-metering
16:08:25 <jd___> ok
16:08:26 <dricco> if the floor is open?
16:08:37 <jd___> #topic discuss https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/volume-usage-metering
16:08:46 <jd___> sure let's go :)
16:08:46 <dricco> We(hp) have a requirement in folsom to gather volume stats
16:08:56 <dricco> just wanted to tie in with ye guys
16:09:07 <jd___> let me read it :)
16:09:11 <dricco> thx
16:09:29 <jd___> I think that's in our scope, indeed
16:09:33 <jd___> that's great you come to see us
16:09:52 <dricco> :-)
16:09:53 <jd___> we don't have any code to support nova-volume or cinder right now, but we plan to
16:09:58 <jd___> the architecture is in place to do so
16:10:15 <jd___> so the good answer is probably to contribute to ceilometer! ;)
16:10:21 <dricco> ceilometer is post folsom, correct?
16:10:28 <jd___> yes
16:10:45 <jd___> we're trying to get into incubation for G, but it may even be later, we don't know yet
16:10:49 <dricco> so I could do both :-)
16:11:00 <jd___> probably :)
16:11:50 <jd___> how do you think you'll do this? I know we already plan to support nova volume using the notification system
16:11:53 <dricco> i think there is some code already in ceilometer for polling disk io
16:11:59 <jd___> would it be the same in your opinion?
16:12:03 <dricco> but i think it ignores volumes
16:12:13 <jd___> yes there is, but tight to libvirt for now
16:12:19 <jd___> indeed
16:12:27 <jd___> it ignores because we don't know how to request that information actually
16:12:30 <jd___> at least I don't :)
16:13:00 <dricco> it's the same libvirt domblkstat call
16:13:49 <dricco> we're more concerned with what I/O the user sees rather then our backend I/O
16:13:55 <jd___> ok I see
16:14:05 <jd___> so it's polling on attached volume
16:14:21 <dricco> yup, can then one final poll on detach
16:14:34 <dricco> can/and
16:14:37 <lzyeval> so currently there is only diskio? do you have blueprints to implement volume usage info?
16:14:43 <jd___> yes, we probably miss an event to do the final poll indeed
16:15:10 <lzyeval> for instance parsing the qcow2 allocation table to see how much space is left in a volume.
16:15:14 <jd___> dricco: do you now why the current code ignores nova-volume? because it's not something we wanted to do
16:15:42 <jd___> lzyeval: there's no blueprint/bug on our side for this so far, but we would create one for sure
16:16:36 <lzyeval> jd___: great!
16:16:42 <dricco> I'm working on the code for nova folsom at the moment : blueprint - https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/volume-usage-metering
16:16:56 <jd___> lzyeval: do you want to take the action or would you like me to do it?
16:17:04 <dricco> I could use this as a proof of concept for ceilometer?
16:17:16 <jd___> dricco: sure
16:17:25 <dricco> :-)
16:17:27 <lzyeval> jd___: Well Intel is very interested in cinder and its notification
16:17:29 <dricco> dricco3766
16:17:32 <jd___> dricco: I don't know why the current code ignores volumes
16:17:51 <lzyeval> jd___: I'll discuss it with my team and maybe create a blueprint
16:18:01 <jd___> ok lzyeval
16:18:08 <dricco> jd___: great thanks
16:18:18 <jd___> #action lzyeval create a blueprint to add counter for nova-volume disk usage retrieval
16:19:30 <jd___> so dricco do you have a timeframe, or something so we could follow up on your work?
16:19:53 <dricco> jd___: hopefully have some code out next week
16:20:29 <dricco> a lot of the design is done, so hopefully no got-yas
16:20:34 <jd___> dricco: ok, nice, so we can rediscuss this during the next meeting if everything's fine :)
16:20:40 <jd___> hehe
16:21:11 <dricco> jd___: perfect, I'll try to have something by then
16:22:06 <jd___> #action dricco work and reprt about nova-volume metering notification https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/volume-usage-metering
16:22:17 <jd___> so we won't forget that way
16:22:32 <jd___> is there anything else about this or any other topic ?
16:24:56 <jd___> well
16:25:26 <jd___> thanks for joining us dricco and lzyeval
16:25:36 <dricco> thanks
16:25:37 <jd___> thanks for lurking gmb :)
16:25:41 <jd___> #endmeeting