21:40:28 <vishy> #startmeeting
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21:40:35 <russellb> i guess we should jump on both reviews this week, and then sync up again next week on how it looks
21:40:51 <russellb> see what things people are finding
21:40:53 <jog0> vishy: if cells or baremetal lands is it possible to get integration tests for them as well?
21:41:04 <vishy> #info late start: first part of the meeting is in:     http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/openstack-meeting/2012/openstack-meeting.2012-08-02-17.00.log.html
21:41:19 <vishy> #topic Blueprints and Reviews
21:41:32 <markmc> #action jk0, sdague and nati_ueno to help vishy with disabling server create extensions
21:41:32 <vishy> #info please help with reviews on baremetal and cells
21:41:47 <mikal> One other big review is the storwize stuff
21:41:48 <markmc> #action lzyeval to help with XML support in extensions
21:41:57 <mikal> I want to check how people feel about the paramiko dependancy
21:42:06 <markmc> #action mikal to help smoser with config-drive blueprint
21:42:16 <vishy> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/10707/
21:42:22 <russellb> #action russellb to help ewindisch with trusted-messaging blueprint
21:42:28 <markmc> #action general-host-aggregates needs review
21:42:34 <vishy> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/10726/
21:42:53 <markmc> #action cells and baremetal patches need review
21:43:01 <jog0> mikal:  I have had trouble with paramiko and eventlet in the recent past
21:43:05 <vishy> well those links are going to be out of order considering the actions but oh well :)
21:43:23 <markmc> mikal, it's already a dependency, no?
21:43:28 <mikal> jog0: the san driver already uses paramiko
21:43:31 <vishy> #topic Release Quality
21:43:37 <mikal> But I want to make sure packagers know about it
21:43:46 <russellb> quality: we should have some of that
21:43:47 <vishy> this is a more general topic which i expect to revisit later
21:44:05 <vishy> i think most of the concerns will happen post f-3
21:44:23 <markmc> mikal, looks fine for fedora anyway, already a dep of our openstack-nova package
21:44:31 <Ravikumar_hp> Vishy: Folsom - for Nova when is feature freeze day ? Is it at end of Folsom-3 ?
21:44:43 <vishy> #help we need help with bugs and documentation
21:44:50 <vishy> Ravikumar_hp: yes no features after f-3
21:44:52 <markmc> vishy, if only we were on top of our bug triaging
21:44:56 <russellb> yes, folsom-3 is the freeze, and it's august 16th
21:45:10 <markmc> vishy, I suspect folks would love to help if we had a properly prioritize list of issues
21:45:10 * russellb plans to switch focus to bugs as much as possible after f-3
21:45:32 <vishy> russellb: I hope the rest of nova-core follows suit
21:45:44 <russellb> same
21:45:51 <vishy> so the main gap aside from bugs and docs is upgrading
21:46:12 <vishy> I've recruited dtroyer to help create an upgrade test, so we should have something pretty soon
21:46:28 <vishy> once we get the code bootstrapped, we will be looking for help to make it awesome
21:46:33 * comstud is here now
21:46:43 <markmc> upgrade test would be coolness
21:46:51 <vishy> the first version is going to be a simple upgrade script so that we at least know what an upgrade looks like
21:46:57 <markmc> this is a shut everything down, upgrade and restart upgrade right?
21:47:08 <vishy> and that we can throw into jenkins
21:47:10 <vishy> yes
21:47:18 <vishy> live upgrades is way out of scope right now
21:47:24 <markmc> yep
21:47:25 <russellb> someday!
21:47:27 <sdague> vishy: is this going to be something in devstack, or a new thing?
21:47:42 <vishy> but I'd like to get a framework in place to test it so that we can see how far away we are from folsom -> grizzly
21:47:52 <vishy> sdague: separate, but the first version will use devstack
21:48:06 <comstud> vishy: if we need to circle back around to cells quickly, I'm available for questions!
21:48:13 <markmc> vishy, any particular things you think we may have broken? DB migrations, config migration, ... ?
21:48:56 <vishy> sdague: high level view: a) devstack stable/essex b) run the system c) kill services d) download devstack trunk e) run magic upgrade script d) restart services e) run exercises
21:48:59 <lzyeval> marckmc: I've witnessed DB migration problems
21:49:07 <vishy> second version do stuff before the upgrade
21:49:20 <vishy> markmc: I'm most worried about config changes in projects
21:49:28 <markmc> vishy, ok
21:49:33 <vishy> markmc: and dependency changes
21:49:36 <russellb> arbitrary config changes that breack backwards compat really bug me
21:50:00 <vishy> markmc: I'd like the script to handle converting deprecated config options as well
21:50:01 <markmc> agreed - for the config options people actually use :)
21:50:04 <russellb> hopefully there's not too much of that
21:50:09 <markmc> vishy, cool
21:50:11 <russellb> markmc: heh, fair point
21:50:13 <vishy> markmc: like switching to the new driver options from sdague
21:50:20 <markmc> yep
21:50:26 <markmc> the rootwrap_config one too
21:50:41 <markmc> andrewbogott's notification driver stuff too
21:50:42 <vishy> i willl make an announcement on the ml once we have something very basic in place so others can help
21:51:05 <russellb> i wonder if we should have a "config checker" that people can run against their configs and see if they are using deprecated stuff
21:51:12 <vishy> we can push bug and docs discussion to next meeting, after we make it through f3
21:51:32 <vishy> running out of time but quick check
21:51:45 <vishy> #topic Other Issues
21:51:59 <vishy> just wanted space for people to mention stuff that are issues for the release
21:52:05 <sdague> vishy: look forward to the upgrade testing work, will definitely help dtroyer out with that once he gets the first pass out
21:52:05 <markmc> vishy, wanted to mention http://wiki.openstack.org/APIChangeGuidelines
21:52:09 <vishy> mostly end user /operator issues that make nova painful
21:52:26 <eglynn> vishy: what's the background on the Quota Handling issue mentioned on the agenda?
21:52:26 <vishy> markmc: cool anything to say other than the link?
21:52:26 <markmc> any API changes that we approve, it would be good to add them to the examples section
21:52:30 <markmc> even subtle stuff
21:52:41 * markmc has added a bunch there already
21:52:59 <vishy> eglynn: so these are all the things that i see as pain points. Quota handling is not consistent across projects so it is not user friendly
21:53:23 <eglynn> vishy: (I've grabbed a few quota-related bugs recently, so I've got my head in that code right now ...)
21:53:24 <vishy> #info add any approved api changes as examples to http://wiki.openstack.org/APIChangeGuidelines
21:53:32 <ewindisch> vishy: if we proceed with the membership services / matchmaker blueprints, we may need to consider moving some of the database stuff into openstack-common.
21:53:47 <vishy> eglynn: it is more of a future concern. I don't think we can do anything about it before folsom
21:53:54 <eglynn> vishy: k
21:54:14 <vishy> i guess the question is: Is there anything in that list that is important enough to us that we should put effort into it before feature freeze
21:54:32 <markmc> eglynn, seen the per-user quotas patch? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/8388/
21:54:44 <vishy> so everyone think about that and get back to me
21:54:45 <eglynn> markmc: yep
21:54:57 <vishy> since we're running out of time to discuss it in detail, we can revisit on the ML
21:55:31 <vishy> #action think about end-user / deployer issues that are important enough to work on in the next couple of weeks
21:55:47 <vishy> #info examples are rbac handling, quota handling, adminness
21:55:56 <vishy> there is one issue there that i think is important
21:56:07 <vishy> our is_admin in the context is set based on a specifically named role
21:56:20 <maoy> i'd like to see Error in vm state appear less often
21:56:23 <vishy> it should be switchted to a policy check
21:56:33 <vishy> maoy: agreed
21:56:55 <vishy> I will report a bug about the hard-coded adminness if there isn't one already
21:57:08 <vishy> ok final topic
21:57:31 <vishy> #action vishy to report a bug on hard-coded admin role so it can be switched to a policy check
21:57:42 <vishy> #topic Meeting Times
21:57:51 <vishy> Question a) Weekly meetings
21:57:57 <ewindisch> +1
21:58:05 <mikal> +1
21:58:07 <vishy> #startvote Should we have a weekly Meeting? Yes, No
21:58:08 <openstack> Begin voting on: Should we have a weekly Meeting? Valid vote options are Yes, No.
21:58:09 <openstack> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
21:58:11 <russellb> i didn't like the idea but have found this one useful
21:58:20 <comstud> #vote yes
21:58:22 <mikal> #vote yes
21:58:22 <sdague> #vote Yes
21:58:23 <markmc> #vote yes
21:58:25 <russellb> #vote yes
21:58:26 <jog0> #vote yes
21:58:26 <mikal> They can be really short...
21:58:26 <eglynn> #vote yes
21:58:27 <ewindisch> I think it is a good idea toward the end of the cycle, at any rate.
21:58:27 <dprince> #vote yes
21:58:29 <ewindisch> #vote yes
21:58:36 <vishy> i wonder if the Yes vs. yes matters
21:58:41 <comstud> #vote Yes
21:58:42 <comstud> :)
21:58:43 <markmc> #vote YES
21:58:49 <russellb> #vote yEs
21:58:51 <sdague> :)
21:58:53 <vishy> #endvote
21:58:54 <openstack> Voted on "Should we have a weekly Meeting?" Results are
21:58:55 <openstack> Yes (9): markmc, jog0, eglynn, russellb, sdague, comstud, mikal, dprince, ewindisch
21:58:55 <maoy> #vote LIKE
21:58:58 <sdague> unit testing in progress!
21:59:09 <vishy> ok next vote
21:59:27 <vishy> #vote Same time every week? same, alternate
21:59:39 <anniec> #vote yes
21:59:41 <russellb> i think the people that don't like the time the most probably aren't here :)
21:59:42 <maoy> #vote same
21:59:43 <andrewbogott> #vote same
21:59:44 <ewindisch> #vote alternative
21:59:49 <vishy> #startvote Same time every week? same, alternate
21:59:50 <openstack> Begin voting on: Same time every week? Valid vote options are same, alternate.
21:59:51 <openstack> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
21:59:51 <dprince> #vote alternate
21:59:52 <maoy> good pt russellb
21:59:54 <mikal> #vote same
21:59:57 <markmc> russellb, good point
21:59:58 <jk0> #vote same
21:59:59 <comstud> #vote same
22:00:01 <jog0> #vote same
22:00:02 <ewindisch> #vote alternative
22:00:02 <openstack> ewindisch: alternative is not a valid option. Valid options are same, alternate.
22:00:03 <markmc> #vote alternate
22:00:05 <andrewbogott> #vote same
22:00:06 <eglynn> #vote alternative
22:00:06 <openstack> eglynn: alternative is not a valid option. Valid options are same, alternate.
22:00:08 <vishy> alternate means alternating between two different times
22:00:10 <eglynn> #vote alternate
22:00:11 <russellb> #vote move vote to ML
22:00:12 <openstack> russellb: move vote to ML is not a valid option. Valid options are same, alternate.
22:00:12 <ewindisch> #vote alternate
22:00:20 <anniec> #vote same
22:00:20 <russellb> lol.
22:00:21 <comstud> haha
22:00:23 <comstud> d9d
22:00:28 <sdague> :)
22:00:34 <vishy> russellb: I don't know how we will ever reach a decision on the ml I guess with a poll
22:00:37 <russellb> #vote alternate
22:00:45 <vishy> ?
22:00:46 * russellb nods
22:01:03 <vishy> #endvote
22:01:04 <openstack> Voted on "Same time every week?" Results are
22:01:05 <openstack> alternate (5): dprince, markmc, eglynn, russellb, ewindisch
22:01:06 <openstack> same (6): jog0, jk0, comstud, mikal, andrewbogott, anniec
22:01:11 <russellb> those that couldn't make it proxy vote alternate
22:01:12 <vishy> so it is roughly split
22:01:13 <markmc> ooh, closely run
22:01:13 <mikal> Same clearly wins
22:01:23 <vishy> who wants to send a poll to the ml?
22:01:23 <markmc> heh
22:01:32 <markmc> mikal, it's 7am for you, right?
22:01:39 <vishy> lets pick a single time and an alternate and send to the ml
22:01:41 <ewindisch> How many of same are on the east coast ? ;-)
22:01:49 <mikal> markmc: yep
22:02:08 <vishy> eu people, when is a better UTC time for you?
22:02:22 <eglynn> slightly earlier timeslot would be good for GMT
22:02:29 <vishy> would 1400 work better?
22:02:38 <mikal> Ewww, that's midnight my time
22:02:49 <markmc> right
22:03:00 <russellb> mikal: can't win 'em all
22:03:03 <mikal> :(
22:03:03 <vishy> 1400 is 7am here
22:03:04 <eglynn> how about 20:00 UTC?
22:03:18 <vishy> that works for me but not for mikal :)
22:03:23 <mikal> russellb: I can't help it that I live on the bottom of the planet
22:03:32 <russellb> mikal: well, sure you can
22:03:33 <eglynn> 6am, yep that would be awkward
22:03:34 <mikal> vishy: I'll get up at 6am if I need to
22:03:46 <mikal> vishy: that's easier than midnight for me
22:04:05 <vishy> ok so one time is 20:00
22:04:16 <markmc> dunno about others, but I could do 6am utc
22:04:19 <markmc> what's that west coast?
22:04:20 <russellb> ironically a discussion about time has taken us over the meeting time.
22:04:21 <vishy> and if we alternate we go 1400 and 2100 ?
22:04:40 <dprince> +1
22:04:48 <mikal> Sure, that seems fair
22:04:52 <russellb> works for me
22:04:54 <markmc> cool
22:05:01 <mikal> You'd just have to say nice things about me when I'm not there
22:05:02 <dprince> I think alternating is good because it'll bring more people in.
22:05:04 <ewindisch> alternating would just cause confusion and kill attendance, imho
22:05:18 <vishy> markmc: 11pm here and 1am for midwest
22:05:21 <vishy> not so wonderful
22:05:33 <ewindisch> 2am for EST...
22:05:36 <sdague> markmc: and 2am est
22:05:37 <vishy> ok who knows how to make a poll?
22:05:41 <markmc> yeah, forgot about east coast :)
22:05:42 <markmc> doh
22:05:54 <vishy> can we poll between single 2000 meeting and 1400 / 2100 ?
22:05:58 <mikal> Google docs perhaps?
22:06:07 <mikal> A google spreadsheet form is quick and easy
22:06:18 <russellb> yeah gdocs works reasonably well for that
22:06:18 <vishy> mikal: can you send a poll to the ml?
22:06:21 <markmc> vishy, how about vote again now with a real alternate time
22:06:24 <mikal> (And you don't have to have an account)
22:06:31 <vishy> markmc: sure, revote
22:06:38 <mikal> vishy: I am happy to send a poll
22:07:39 <vishy> #startvote Meeting time single @ UTC 2100 or double, alternating between UTC 1400 and UTC 2100 ? single, double
22:07:40 <openstack> Begin voting on: Meeting time single @ UTC 2100 or double, alternating between UTC 1400 and UTC 2100 ? Valid vote options are single, double.
22:07:41 <openstack> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
22:07:59 <russellb> #vote double
22:08:02 <markmc> #vote double
22:08:02 <ewindisch> wait, I thought it was single @ UTC 2000 ?
22:08:03 <mikal> vishy: I want to vote "don't care"
22:08:10 <vishy> ewindisch: sorry it is
22:08:12 <ewindisch> #vote single
22:08:13 <dprince> #vote double
22:08:15 <jk0> #vote single
22:08:16 <pixelbeat> #vote double
22:08:17 <sdague> #vote single
22:08:29 <vishy> #info previous vote was actually for UTC 2000 single time
22:08:36 <markmc> mikal, but you're the one in the weird timezone :)
22:08:39 <jog0> #single
22:08:40 <eglynn> #vote single
22:08:40 <russellb> mmm, double double
22:08:45 <vishy> #vote double
22:08:56 <mikal> markmc: heh, I don't mind missing every second meeting if it means more people can come
22:09:01 <vishy> jog0: you have to use #vote
22:09:13 <jog0> #vote single
22:09:17 <vishy> #endvote
22:09:18 <openstack> Voted on "Meeting time single @ UTC 2100 or double, alternating between UTC 1400 and UTC 2100 ?" Results are
22:09:19 <openstack> double (5): dprince, markmc, russellb, pixelbeat, vishy
22:09:20 <openstack> single (5): jog0, eglynn, jk0, sdague, ewindisch
22:09:25 <vishy> totally even
22:09:25 <dansmith> heh
22:09:26 <markmc> hah
22:09:26 <vishy> to the ml!
22:09:27 <russellb> >_<
22:09:37 <mikal> vishy: I'll send you an email about the poll
22:09:41 <vishy> #action mikal to take the vote to the ml
22:09:48 <markmc> we should just alternate between double and single, then
22:09:49 <vishy> ok we're done
22:10:00 <russellb> yay
22:10:01 <pixelbeat> lol
22:10:02 <vishy> next meeting will be determined based on the poll
22:10:06 <markmc> vishy, nicely done, thanks
22:10:07 <vishy> #endmeeting