20:04:21 <ttx> #startmeeting
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20:04:35 <ttx> Only one thing, should be quick
20:04:41 <ttx> http://wiki.openstack.org/Governance/Proposed/OpenStackCommonException
20:05:13 <ttx> Basically, should we bend our rules and consider openstack-common has a full-right PTL
20:05:39 <ttx> The only difference with a generic team lead is the TC reserved seat
20:05:51 * jaypipes ready to vote.
20:05:51 <ttx> and a few other goodies, like a track at the design summit :)
20:05:53 <danwent> ttx: what are other library projects that we'd have to make a similar decision for?
20:06:00 <devcamca-> o/
20:06:06 <vishy> sdague: here was old review: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/10770/
20:06:08 <ttx> danwent: the others are all client libs
20:06:14 <danwent> ttx: k, thanks.
20:06:23 <ttx> danwent: so those are obviously the case where we'd link them to the existing ptl
20:06:30 <danwent> yup
20:06:42 <ttx> but for future ones, we would decide when the library project is first accepted
20:06:51 <ttx> everyone ready to vote ?
20:07:02 <johnpur> sure
20:07:04 <anotherjesse> sure
20:07:06 <danwent> yes
20:07:23 <ttx> #startvote get openstack-common a proper PTL? Yes, No, Abstain
20:07:24 <openstack> Begin voting on: get openstack-common a proper PTL? Valid vote options are Yes, No, Abstain.
20:07:25 <openstack> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
20:07:33 <anotherjesse> #vote yes
20:07:34 <ttx> (see the link for the precise meaning of each option)
20:07:38 <vishy> #vote yes
20:07:39 <danwent> #vote yes
20:07:41 <jaypipes> #vote yes
20:07:42 <heckj> #vote yes
20:07:42 <jk0> #vote yes
20:07:47 <johnpur> #vote yes
20:07:49 <pvo> #vote yes
20:07:50 <ttx> #vote yes
20:08:07 <devcamcar> #vote yes
20:08:23 <ttx> 30 more seconds
20:08:54 <anotherjesse> until meeting over?
20:09:00 <ttx> until vote over
20:09:05 <heckj> anotherjesse: ++
20:09:07 <ttx> (and meeting) :)
20:09:08 <heckj> :_-)
20:09:27 <ttx> #endvote
20:09:27 <openstack> Voted on "get openstack-common a proper PTL?" Results are
20:09:28 <openstack> Yes (10): anotherjesse, johnpur, vishy, heckj, jaypipes, jk0, ttx, danwent, devcamcar, pvo
20:09:47 <markmc> wow, that was easy - thanks all
20:09:51 <ttx> So we'll vote on openstack-common PTL at the end of the month
20:09:56 <ttx> markmc is interim lead
20:10:04 <johnpur> sounds good
20:10:07 <anotherjesse> too late to change my vote then … (joking)
20:10:09 <heckj> word
20:10:13 <devcamcar> congrats markmc ;)
20:10:14 <anotherjesse> great work markmc
20:10:21 <markmc> thanks guys
20:10:30 * markmc better get the finger out and do a release :)
20:10:41 <danwent> oh wait, nobody told me markmc was going to be running it...
20:10:44 <danwent> j/k :)
20:10:45 <devcamcar> haw
20:10:47 <ttx> ok, meeting oover, unless someone else has something ?
20:10:53 <anotherjesse> googling "better get the finger out"
20:10:55 <devcamcar> fastest meeting ev-ar
20:10:55 <heckj> nopes
20:11:03 <devcamcar> anotherjesse: that won't end wel
20:11:21 <anotherjesse> better than googling my name with safe search turned off...
20:11:29 <anotherjesse> btw, don't do that if you are at work...
20:11:34 <markmc> devcamcar, "A way to tell a slacker to hurry up." :)
20:11:34 <johnpur> lol
20:11:35 <devcamcar> o rly?
20:11:44 <devcamcar> markmc: thanks :)
20:11:44 <ttx> Now that was easy and fast.
20:11:46 <ttx> #endmeeting