16:02:11 <odyssey4me> #startmeeting OpenStack-Ansible
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16:02:19 <odyssey4me> #topic Agenda & Rollcall
16:02:21 <prometheanfire> o/
16:02:22 <automagically> o/
16:02:38 <evrardjp> o?
16:03:06 <serverascode> o/
16:03:13 <palendae> hi
16:03:19 <mattt> o/
16:03:21 <andymccr> o/
16:03:21 <jmccrory_> o/
16:03:22 <spotz> \o/
16:05:09 <cloudnull> o/
16:06:14 <odyssey4me> #topic Review action items from last week
16:06:35 <odyssey4me> done: odyssey4me to submit patches to OpenStack-CI to activate release notes jobs for all IRR's
16:06:43 <odyssey4me> release notes are now active in all IRR's
16:07:00 <odyssey4me> done: odyssey4me to submit a patch to increase the job timeout for selected roles
16:07:08 <odyssey4me> all role jobs now have a 60 min timeout
16:07:16 <evrardjp> \o/
16:07:22 <odyssey4me> done: odyssey4me to submit a patch to infra to mirror the mariadb repo to help reduce role job execution times, and reduce the risk of failure
16:07:54 <odyssey4me> I've submitted https://review.openstack.org/307831 - infra has informed me that they want to get the CentOS mirrors done before that one, so this will take a while to go in.
16:08:12 <palendae> Think it'll be within the Newton cycle?
16:08:26 <odyssey4me> oh yes, very likely
16:08:30 <palendae> Ok
16:08:42 <odyssey4me> not yet done: odyssey4me to add review for the collection of IRR job logs
16:09:07 <odyssey4me> I'll look into that after the summit.
16:09:22 <odyssey4me> #action carried item: odyssey4me to add review for the collection of IRR job logs
16:09:40 <odyssey4me> moving on
16:09:42 <odyssey4me> #topic Release notes in IRRs
16:10:12 <odyssey4me> So FYI I realised yesterday that we have a very simple way of doing the release note consolidation that works very well with our current workflow.
16:10:35 <palendae> Yeah, your proposed solution yesterday sounded way cleaner
16:10:51 <odyssey4me> Basically I'll update the sha updater to copy the release notes from the roles into the main repo - so the release notes will be included in the main repo at the right time.
16:11:03 <odyssey4me> I'll be working on this later.
16:11:36 <odyssey4me> So this will mean that release notes are implemented wherever the patch is, and they'll automagically be copied into the main repo once the role is updated.
16:11:50 <odyssey4me> any concerns around that approach?
16:12:03 <automagically> Sounds like a good plan
16:12:06 <automagically> And simple
16:12:30 <stevelle> I like it
16:12:31 <odyssey4me> #action odyssey4me to update source-branch-updater to copy release notes from the roles into the integrated build when updating the role SHA's
16:12:51 <palendae> I'm in favor of it
16:13:02 <palendae> Plugs into existing workflow and doesn't burden people with extra reviews
16:13:16 <odyssey4me> :) yep
16:13:27 <odyssey4me> happy to move on?
16:13:30 <evrardjp> good
16:13:36 <evrardjp> yes please go on
16:13:40 <odyssey4me> #topic Release Planning and Decisions
16:13:40 <palendae> Yes
16:13:43 <evrardjp> no one complained
16:13:51 <odyssey4me> jumping forward quickly - we'll come back to summit chat
16:14:14 <odyssey4me> we're schedule to request releases today for Mitaka, Liberty and Kilo
16:14:38 <odyssey4me> For Kilo/Liberty are there any reviews we should wait for, or are we happy to tag?
16:15:12 <odyssey4me> kilo has nothing in review: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/branch:+kilo+project:%255Eopenstack/openstack-ansible.*+status:open
16:15:17 <odyssey4me> nothing ready at least
16:15:36 <cloudnull> liberty it'd be nice to get https://review.openstack.org/#/c/307802/ and potentially https://review.openstack.org/#/c/307826/ in
16:15:40 <odyssey4me> liberty has nothing I think is urgent in review: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/branch:liberty+project:%255Eopenstack/openstack-ansible.*+status:open
16:16:35 <odyssey4me> it looks like https://review.openstack.org/#/c/307802/ is near merging, assuming the current job gates successfully
16:16:54 <odyssey4me> the other one hasn't had a successful gate yet, so that'll have to wait for the next tag I think
16:17:33 * prometheanfire is waiting for sha updates for a swift fix (remove empty ring something or other)
16:18:00 <odyssey4me> I'm not entirely sure the tag will even be executed due to the summit - but I'll try and have it done today.
16:18:10 <odyssey4me> The gate delays aren't going to help with that.
16:18:34 <odyssey4me> But once I've submitted the request, it's fixed to a SHA, so the SHA bumps can happily continue.
16:19:17 <odyssey4me> #action odyssey4me to request releases for Kilo/Liberty
16:19:47 <odyssey4me> The Mitaka release of 13.0.1 will be the actual Mitaka release with final code - 13.0.0 was on RC code.
16:19:59 <odyssey4me> We have a few outstanding backports which I'd like to get in: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/branch:stable/mitaka+project:%255Eopenstack/openstack-ansible.*+status:open
16:20:42 <odyssey4me> the only really significant late inclusion is https://review.openstack.org/306328 - the others are trivial.
16:21:23 <odyssey4me> The ironic inclusion is purely opt-in, so it has no effect on anyone unless they actually configure it to be used in the environment.
16:21:50 <odyssey4me> IT's a great way to get some experimental testing out there and bring feedback in to make it more production ready.
16:21:57 <odyssey4me> Any objections to including it?
16:22:09 <automagically> No objections here
16:22:18 <evrardjp> no objections if it's correctly tagged as experimental
16:22:24 <evrardjp> in the doc
16:22:25 <stevelle> +1
16:22:35 <jmccrory> +1
16:22:35 <odyssey4me> yeah, the docs on it are very clear
16:22:42 <evrardjp> good then
16:22:47 <odyssey4me> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/306328/2/doc/source/install-guide/configure-ironic.rst
16:23:14 <cloudnull> +1
16:23:31 <d34dh0r53> +1
16:24:07 <odyssey4me> If we can get another core vote on https://review.openstack.org/308941 that's the only thing holding me back from updating the ansible-role-requirements for the final 13.0.1 release.
16:25:24 <stevelle> queued, unless someone beats me to it
16:25:32 <stevelle> also will look at backports
16:25:49 <odyssey4me> thanks
16:26:06 <odyssey4me> Any questions or comments before moving on?
16:26:58 <evrardjp> none atm
16:27:25 <odyssey4me> ok, moving on
16:27:29 <mattt> none
16:27:30 <odyssey4me> #topic Summit
16:27:44 <odyssey4me> I hope we're all ready and rearing to go. :)
16:27:51 <odyssey4me> Any questions, concerns, etc?
16:27:51 <spotz> Pack your rain gear!
16:28:08 <automagically> Rain, rain, go away!
16:28:09 <stevelle> Who has a boat?
16:28:21 <odyssey4me> I have nothing specific to say personally - I just want to make room for everyone else to raise anything.
16:28:28 <odyssey4me> spotz  has Boaty McBoatface?
16:28:46 <evrardjp> raise an umbrella?
16:28:55 <spotz> odyssey4me: doggy mcdogface?:)
16:29:05 <odyssey4me> #info next week's Bug Triage & Community Meeting will not be happening due to the summit
16:29:11 <cloudnull> helmet would be good. for the hail.
16:29:36 <odyssey4me> #action odyssey4me to send reminder about meeting cancellations next week
16:29:38 <palendae> Is Austin as bad as San Antonio? I heard Austin was more on the edge of the rain
16:29:54 <spotz> I live in the middle we didn't get hail
16:30:11 <prometheanfire> checking forcast now
16:30:45 <prometheanfire> probably going to rain wed-fri
16:30:52 <prometheanfire> and sunday
16:31:16 <odyssey4me> what's the general temp like, preferably in degrees C
16:31:30 <spotz> odyssey4me: We've been in the upper 70s?
16:31:44 <odyssey4me> eish, if that's in degrees C then we'll all melt
16:31:52 <stevelle> upper 20s iirc
16:31:59 <palendae> odyssey4me: This is America, no Celsius
16:32:12 <odyssey4me> 70F is around 21C
16:32:12 <palendae> Or Centigrade
16:32:21 <odyssey4me> I can live with that.
16:32:32 * odyssey4me packs only a rain jacket
16:32:38 <palendae> Please pack pants too
16:32:42 <odyssey4me> and slip slops of course :p
16:32:53 <stevelle> not wellies?
16:33:08 <stevelle> maybe even hip waders
16:33:09 <prometheanfire> ya, you from the uk should be used to rain :P
16:33:11 <odyssey4me> haha palendae
16:33:21 <odyssey4me> not just rain - that's warm rain
16:33:41 * odyssey4me packs swimming trunks
16:33:57 <spotz> stevelle: I'm bringing my wellies:)
16:34:22 <evrardjp> is there anything relevant for openstack-ansible in this conversation?
16:34:25 <spotz> And my waterproof hiking shoes and my dock diving sandals and just in case it's nice my cowboy boots:)
16:34:32 * stevelle is wondering about fly fishing from the steps of the convention center
16:34:36 <spotz> evrardjp: bah!:)
16:34:40 <odyssey4me> yeah ok evrardjp - killjoy :p
16:34:51 <odyssey4me> #topic Open Discussion
16:34:57 <evrardjp> I want to leave on my boat now
16:35:04 <odyssey4me> moving along, is there anything else anyone wants to raise?
16:35:32 <stevelle> Anyone want to take a look at https://review.openstack.org/304887, either cores or not I'm not particular. Looking for feedback on patch size and scope. Been working on it too long to be able to judge it fairly myself. It should finally pass gate now.
16:36:00 <automagically> Just wanted to put this out there for review and contributions ahead of the IRR work session: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/openstack-ansible-newton-irr-cleanup
16:36:14 <automagically> Please take a look and add your ideas ahead of Austin so we all come prepared to get stuff done
16:36:32 <automagically> stevelle Happy to review it
16:36:48 <palendae> Yeah, pre-work on the etherpads for summit will be helpful
16:38:22 <odyssey4me> stevelle starred to show up in the dashboard, assuming anyone is using the core reviewer dashboard - https://goo.gl/03qZPi
16:38:26 <prometheanfire> well, since it's open...
16:38:52 <prometheanfire> I've been getting closer to getting the gentoo DIB stuff working enough for adding it to multi-os :D
16:38:59 <prometheanfire> also, had another user (on gentoo) request it
16:39:29 <prometheanfire> p.healy@ieee.org
16:39:35 <automagically> Great to know there is interest and progress. I know I’ve been hearing desires for CentOS support
16:39:58 <prometheanfire> ya, I might try to convience one of them to help me, that'd be nice :P
16:40:23 <odyssey4me> prometheanfire the initial work has just been around apt/yum abstraction, eg: https://review.openstack.org/304209
16:40:39 <odyssey4me> there are still opportunities to jump in and do patches in that pattern for all the roles
16:40:46 <prometheanfire> odyssey4me: ya, that's the plan
16:41:03 <odyssey4me> it's easy to do them, and all we need passing right now for that work is trusty in the gate
16:41:24 <prometheanfire> I'm waiting on reviews to bindep and project-config now
16:41:35 <prometheanfire> that seems to take forever
16:42:05 <odyssey4me> cloudnull has got the container image prep done in https://review.openstack.org/307856 which I encourage everyone to check out and provide feedback
16:42:19 <odyssey4me> it's done for CentOS7, Ubuntu Xenial and Trusty
16:43:11 <prometheanfire> nice
16:43:23 <odyssey4me> That will enable serious multi-OS implementation work in the other roles because the role tests use containers
16:43:27 <prometheanfire> can start doing multi-os for containers
16:43:53 <cloudnull> prometheanfire:  that may be of particular interest to you
16:44:17 <cloudnull> also note, that these images are currently supported
16:44:18 <cloudnull> https://images.linuxcontainers.org/
16:44:38 <odyssey4me> so yeah - please review that carefully and test it yourself if possible... it's going to shape the multi-OS support work considerably
16:44:39 <cloudnull> by the process , all that would be needed is a var file for the OS distro / release
16:44:55 <prometheanfire> cloudnull: yep, which is why that makes me happy
16:45:06 <prometheanfire> alpine would be neat, given musl
16:45:23 <cloudnull> it'd be neat. but in the after now. :)
16:45:32 <prometheanfire> when will then be now?
16:46:34 <cloudnull> soon
16:47:11 <automagically> now < soon < then
16:47:13 <odyssey4me> well, I think we're in a good place for Mitaka
16:47:22 <prometheanfire> +1
16:47:43 <andymccr> just now.
16:47:49 <odyssey4me> It feels like our most mature release yet, especially from a docs standpoint. We're positioned well to jump into some creative work in Newton, so I'm excited about.
16:48:12 <odyssey4me> *which
16:48:21 <prometheanfire> so you have that going for you
16:48:23 <prometheanfire> which is nice
16:48:54 <odyssey4me> Well, I think we're all done here - happy to call i tdone.
16:48:59 <automagically> Yeah, Mitaka is feeling pretty awesome
16:49:11 <odyssey4me> Thank you all for joining - looking forward to seeing you at the summit for those who're making it.
16:49:28 <prometheanfire> cya
16:49:42 <evrardjp> bye
16:49:46 <evrardjp> enjoy!
16:49:54 <cloudnull> cheers
16:50:00 <odyssey4me> oh - one thing I would like to suggest is that we do turn our efforts to trying upgrades and making that work as early in the cycle as possible
16:50:13 <odyssey4me> the sooner we get it out the way, the sooner we can move on to the new and shiny things
16:50:26 <evrardjp> like bugs!
16:50:54 <odyssey4me> we'll talk more about the schedule and focal points for each milestone at the summit
16:51:42 <stevelle> +1 upgrades before most new feature work
16:52:46 <odyssey4me> ideally I'd like us to have Liberty->Mitaka upgrades done by milestone one and Mitaka->Newton upgrade work to happen between Milestone-3 and the first RC of Newton
16:53:25 <odyssey4me> so when we release Newton, it's with an upgrade capability already - maybe not a battle tested, super awesome zero down time upgrade... but something that executes to completion at least
16:56:10 <cloudnull> hard part w/ upgrades is that historically they've been broken for some projects up until they release (sometimes even after). so working on and requiring them for a pre-released cycle may be difficult.
16:56:53 <cloudnull> it'd be nice to have as something being worked on , and maybe we should start a periodic job that posts to the openstack-qa list
16:57:41 <odyssey4me> yeah, I have some thoughts on how we can make it work for us instead of being something that drags us down - we can figure it out at the summit or within the cycle
16:58:01 <odyssey4me> I might just push up a patch tomorrow if I have time to get the reviews rolling. :)
16:59:02 <odyssey4me> but yeah, if our orgs can put a little resourcing into doing automated upgrade tests regularly and then we can use that feedback to make the process more robust, then that'll be great
16:59:25 <odyssey4me> also, the earlier we work on upgrades and feedback to the service teams, the more reliable the end result will be by their release and ours
16:59:42 <odyssey4me> anyway - just something to think about while travelling :)
16:59:57 <odyssey4me> we're done for time - thanks all for attending!
17:00:02 <odyssey4me> #endmeeting