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16:00:20 <odyssey4me> #topic Rollcall & Agenda
16:00:45 <automagically> o/
16:00:47 <spotz> \o/ - But I'm also in the diversity meeting so please tag if really needed:)
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16:01:00 <odyssey4me> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/openstack-ansible#Agenda_for_next_meeting
16:01:05 * mhayden woots
16:01:11 <evrardjp> o?
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16:01:25 <spotz> mhayden damn you're quick
16:01:43 <michaelgugino> here
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16:02:11 <mhayden> spotz: i move fast!
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16:04:05 <odyssey4me> #topic Tests Repo
16:04:10 <odyssey4me> andymccr how's that going?
16:04:15 <andymccr> so
16:04:23 <andymccr> working through it hopefully have something tangible up next week
16:04:40 <cloudnull> ++ nice!
16:04:40 <andymccr> there are some things around repo cloning/role inclusion and what we want to keep in the separate roles
16:04:52 <rromans> .
16:04:54 <andymccr> which will be up for discussion after the PoC
16:05:15 <andymccr> but got a pretty good idea of how it will look (in a rough sense) and we can clean thatup
16:06:15 <evrardjp> thanks for the work already :)
16:07:29 <andymccr> so tl;dr its progressing, will have something next week - right now nothing specific!
16:08:00 <odyssey4me> ok cool - are there any challenges you'd like some help with, or are you happy to keep going on your own for now?
16:08:53 <odyssey4me> andymccr ^ ?
16:09:26 <andymccr> happy for now . i'll be able to get a working thing going - we may need to refine a lot thought :)
16:09:29 <andymccr> *though
16:09:44 <odyssey4me> cool, thanks for working on it
16:09:50 <odyssey4me> #topic Action items from last week
16:09:54 <odyssey4me> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/openstack_ansible/2016/openstack_ansible.2016-05-12-16.01.html
16:10:12 <odyssey4me> I am due most of them, and am behind in doing them. Some of these take time, but I'll keep going.
16:10:24 <odyssey4me> #topic Mid Cycle Planning
16:10:40 <odyssey4me> We didn't get to discuss this last time around and we need to make a call.
16:10:58 <prometheanfire> where is it going to be this time?
16:11:00 <spotz> San Antonio!:)
16:11:17 <odyssey4me> Last time we tried a co-located mid cycle, along with remote access. It didn't really work - so in my view it's either we're all using video conferencing, or we're all co-locating.
16:11:35 <cloudnull> SAT would certainly make my life easier :)
16:11:37 <automagically> If its in San Antonio, I’m likely to be able to attend in-person
16:11:44 <odyssey4me> All using video conferencing means that we'll have to figure out how to facilitate a mid cycle across time zones.
16:11:51 <prometheanfire> ya, sat is easier for me
16:11:53 <odyssey4me> All co-locating excludes many of us from participating.
16:12:12 <mattt> but in person 100% more productive also
16:13:10 <odyssey4me> I was thinking that we could certainly try out a video conf mid cycle across time zones such that we work out the work items ahead of time, then do sprint groups in each major time zone and hand over to each other at the end of the work day.
16:13:32 <prometheanfire> hangouts?
16:13:33 <odyssey4me> But yes, co-locating does allow us to have very different discussions - and allows us to discuss, think about it, then discuss again.
16:13:56 <spotz> odyssey4me: I will say with use of etherpad the global bugsquash worked pretty well coordinating the groups in different timezones/locations
16:14:16 <odyssey4me> prometheanfire The tool for video conferencing isn't the issue - the issue is that working across time zones all together doesn't work, and nor does a mix of in-person and remote.
16:15:02 <automagically> I like your proposal for structuring the video only odyssey4me
16:15:15 <evrardjp> +1
16:15:20 <odyssey4me> jmccrory_ cloudnull d34dh0r53 stevelle mattt hughsaunders andymccr mhayden your input especially please
16:15:20 <automagically> I’d prefer to be co-located, but understand that may not be possible
16:16:08 <cloudnull> I like a co-located midcycle
16:16:17 <stevelle> in person and remote mixed is how we work all the time
16:16:27 <prometheanfire> we could probaby semi-colocate
16:16:27 <d34dh0r53> ^
16:16:39 <cloudnull> we dont really need a midcycle to continue doing what we already do
16:16:56 <stevelle> I'd agree with cloudnull on that
16:17:04 <prometheanfire> heh, true
16:17:09 <mhayden> i'd prefer something in-person
16:17:24 <stevelle> it's nice if it can work
16:17:27 <jmccrory> +1 semi-colocate if possible
16:17:42 <odyssey4me> yeah, the focal point for the mid cycle is to continue design discussions we may not have completed at the summit, and to ensure that we can put the right people together to unblock any work that is critical to deliver this cycle
16:17:42 <mhayden> perhaps we do two in-person rooms that are linked via VC?
16:17:46 <mhayden> (as an alternative)
16:18:10 <prometheanfire> mhayden: that's what I was thinking
16:18:20 <mhayden> perhaps a north american and a european one
16:18:22 <mhayden> then link them
16:18:24 <odyssey4me> so the trouble with semi colocation, or any sort of mix where everyone isn't in the same room, is that we inevitably end up with side discussions that not everyone can hear
16:18:26 <spotz> +1 mhayden
16:18:50 <spotz> odyssey4me: I think that's always a risk
16:18:56 <odyssey4me> that's why I thought of the sprint groups - allowing localised co-location, but handovers between time zones
16:19:00 <andymccr> id love to be optimistic, but i agree with odyssey4me - the logistics of it are tough and ive genuinely never seen it work.
16:19:13 <mhayden> odyssey4me: there would just need to be ground rules for that
16:19:39 <cloudnull> for folks who cant make the mid-cycle we could do a recorded hangout so folks can watch and participate via IRC. but i agree the logistics are hard.
16:19:42 <andymccr> otherwise we need to have day 1 of midcycle be the "fix all the ridiculous issues with VC meetings" day
16:19:47 <evrardjp> summary + vote?
16:19:53 <odyssey4me> lol
16:20:28 <mhayden> evrardjp and i talked, and we should have the midcycle in belgium
16:20:32 * mhayden winks
16:20:33 <odyssey4me> basically I was thinking that we forgo the trying to work together across time zones and instead work seperately, but hand over the work in a brief discussion
16:20:35 <palendae> cloudnull, discussions aren't the same as a talk; not sure recording would be super valuable
16:20:36 <evrardjp> :D
16:20:39 <odyssey4me> (with the applicable code review)
16:22:24 <cloudnull> palendae: +1
16:22:55 <palendae> Appreciate the sentiment, just not sure enough people would view/listen to make it worth the hassle
16:22:57 <d34dh0r53> so IHMO side discussions happen just as much when we're all together as when co-located so that is sort of a non issue for me, we have to be more disciplined about sharing the results of those discussions (I myself am very guilty of not sharing)
16:22:59 <cloudnull> it makes sense to have this  next one in the US.
16:23:01 <odyssey4me> yeah, recordings are not the point
16:23:06 <cloudnull> we had the last one in the UK
16:23:25 <cloudnull> maybe philly :) -cc automagically
16:23:32 <palendae> d34dh0r53, true, but it gets more garbled with video conferencing
16:23:33 <andymccr> cloudnull: but the UK is the center of the world. so that just makes sense.
16:23:42 <spotz> automagically and I discussed and we pick Aachen
16:23:45 <d34dh0r53> time starts in the UK
16:23:46 <automagically> We could host, I’m sure
16:23:51 <automagically> ha!
16:23:54 <cloudnull> andymccr: it was once. now no longer.
16:23:55 <evrardjp> andymccr: technically brussels is
16:23:56 <andymccr> d34dh0r53: exactly.
16:24:01 <andymccr> cloudnull: GMT - its where time begins.
16:24:07 <cloudnull> and ends
16:24:09 <cloudnull> :p
16:24:19 <automagically> Sufficiently bike shedded yet?
16:24:19 <d34dh0r53> cool, let's have the mid-cycle in Brussels
16:24:27 <andymccr> +1 automagically
16:24:46 <andymccr> so vote or more ideas? or how are we gonna decide on this
16:24:49 <odyssey4me> ok, ok - we don't absolutely have to decide right now - I agree that it's fair to have it in the US if we all co-locate, but there are some other factors to discuss before we finalise that discussion.
16:24:54 <mhayden> the yaks are bare
16:25:00 <odyssey4me> The next things to think about is how long it should be.
16:25:09 <cloudnull> to echo automagically im sure RAX at the castle would have no issues hosting
16:25:15 <odyssey4me> Then finally where it should be, assuming co-location.
16:25:18 <sigmavirus24> mhayden: that's the good thing about yaks, their pelts grow back very quickly
16:25:34 <automagically> Was it 3 days last time
16:25:40 <andymccr> automagically: only 1, it was not nearly enough
16:25:41 <odyssey4me> Previously we tried one day, and IMO it wasn't enough time.
16:25:49 <mattt> figure out who can go, if most people are coming from SAT then naturally SAT
16:25:51 <sigmavirus24> midcycles are typically 3 days in the rest of openstack
16:26:04 <palendae> Yeah, 1 day is too little, especially when having people travel to co-locate
16:26:05 <d34dh0r53> 3 days sounds good to me
16:26:05 <automagically> 2-3 days seems reasonable
16:26:15 <odyssey4me> I have had 3 days of time recommended - generally the first day for discussion, the next day for follow-on and starting actual sprint work, then the last day to finalise work.
16:26:17 <sigmavirus24> y'all should try to get a room with video conferencing built-in to allow remotes though
16:26:32 <odyssey4me> sigmavirus24 we tried that last time and it was terrible
16:26:47 <sigmavirus24> what was terrible about it?
16:26:50 <andymccr> sigmavirus24: yeah i mean we will do that i think - we tried last time, but yeah its quite hard. and the nature of mid-cycles doesn't really go well with vc's etc imo.
16:26:52 <sigmavirus24> it worked for the openstack security midcycle
16:26:53 <odyssey4me> in fact it was quite disruptive
16:26:55 <mhayden> i thought it was on someone's laptop last year
16:27:04 <mhayden> or last time, i mean
16:27:18 <mattt> the setup was poor, which is why it didn't work out
16:27:24 <odyssey4me> mhayden nope, it was a VC in the room with the whole big camera, mic and all
16:27:35 <mattt> but the room was crazy loud which didn't help
16:27:40 <mhayden> weird
16:28:05 <errr> try booking the room by the nda lab at the bottom of the stairs to the toy store
16:28:52 <andymccr> ok i think we should move on. we have an idea of the logistics/issues/ideas etc.
16:29:06 <mattt> +1
16:29:06 <andymccr> there are some outstanding questions we need answers to before we can decide anyway.
16:29:14 <automagically> +1
16:29:33 <cloudnull> +1
16:29:49 <evrardjp> +1
16:29:57 <odyssey4me> yeah, agreed andymccr - let's think on it and discuss it again next week - I'd like very specific feedback about who would be able to come if we colocate in the US, where we could colocate, and what dates would be suitable for that colocation (for those offering venues)
16:30:16 <automagically> ^ Makes sense
16:30:34 <odyssey4me> #action Finalise discussion about mid-cycle next week
16:30:38 <michaelgugino> what time frame are we talking about?  July?
16:32:20 <odyssey4me> michaelgugino we can choose when, and we'll have to look into other mid cycle dates and try not to clash with any other mid cycles our contributors are attending
16:32:27 <odyssey4me> #topic Release Planning and Decisions
16:33:00 <odyssey4me> We're scheduled to do releases for Liberty & Mitaka today - is there anything specific that's a blocker on any of those?
16:33:51 <odyssey4me> For Kilo note that we've done a SHA bump to the EOL tags for Kilo and will release our EOL late next week. If you have anything you need in Kilo, now's the time to get the patches done and justify why they should be included.
16:34:19 <odyssey4me> Anyone got any blockers?
16:34:58 <stevelle> I believe there is 1 change that could go into liberty but needs me to submit a known issue doc
16:35:14 <stevelle> would be nice to get it in but isn't critical
16:35:18 <automagically> I believe all the stuff I was concerned about has been merged into stable/mitaka
16:36:25 <evrardjp> stevelle: link or scope?
16:36:31 <odyssey4me> stevelle Can it wait for the next tag?
16:37:09 <stevelle> odyssey4me: it can wait, it made it this far with only one person asking in irc for the fix
16:37:36 <odyssey4me> ok, thanks
16:37:48 <odyssey4me> #action odyssey4me to request releases for Liberty, Mitaka today
16:38:07 <odyssey4me> #topic Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Support
16:38:18 <odyssey4me> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/openstack-ansible-newton-ubuntu16-04
16:38:26 <odyssey4me> I think we're doing quite well so far.
16:38:33 <odyssey4me> Thank you all for pitching in!
16:38:54 <odyssey4me> You may have noticed that all non-openstack roles now have a non-voting xenial gate check - that merged this morning.
16:39:09 <odyssey4me> I'll do the same for CentOS.
16:39:22 <cloudnull> +1 woot!
16:39:30 <automagically> Some really good progress there
16:39:44 <jmccrory> nice
16:40:04 <odyssey4me> For those that are passing both CentOS and Xenial checks, I'll promote them to voting checks next week or ASAP afterwards.
16:40:12 <mattt> i've been a bit tied up and haven't spent much time on the memcached role, if anyone is itching to take it over feel free
16:40:32 <mattt> jmccrory left some good feedback which needs addressing
16:40:37 <spotz> mine's not:(
16:40:46 <odyssey4me> One note I've been warned about is that there aren't yet wheel mirrors for CentOS/Xenial, so the gate builds will be slower.
16:41:17 <odyssey4me> There is a local pypi mirror, so it'll still be reasonably fast.
16:42:03 <michaelgugino> running into lots of fun quirks with xenial builds during gates
16:42:13 <odyssey4me> Any questions/comments/thoughts?
16:42:25 <michaelgugino> I don't feel we're getting consistent container builds
16:42:34 <automagically> How so?
16:42:52 <odyssey4me> michaelgugino after the patch merge this morning, that should be better.
16:43:01 <michaelgugino> this was passing:  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/312602/
16:43:38 <odyssey4me> https://review.openstack.org/315114 / https://review.openstack.org/318571 should have fixed up much of the container build weirdness that had been bugging us for around a week
16:43:40 <michaelgugino> well, it was technically passing because the check was running two passes; one for the actual install, and one for the upgrade steps.  The initial install was working, and it was failing on the upgrade steps
16:44:02 <michaelgugino> I removed the upgrade steps, now we can't install pip due to what looks like an ssl error.  I tweaked the test script to install ca-certificates, hopefully that helps.
16:44:29 <jmccrory> ssl errors like that seem to be cropping up randomly recently
16:44:43 <odyssey4me> the ssl error may be completely unrelated and may instead have to do with comms issues
16:44:49 <michaelgugino> that's what is making me think inconsistent containers
16:44:59 <odyssey4me> evrardjp was digging into some of that, as was mattt
16:45:14 <odyssey4me> we may have a container IP range clashing with the cloud provider ranges
16:45:29 <odyssey4me> we had that before, and it caused the same kind of random failures
16:45:31 <michaelgugino> I'm seeing u'Connection failure: unknown error (_ssl.c:2829)'}
16:45:44 <odyssey4me> I would suggest checking the cloud providers to see if there's some consistency
16:45:58 <evrardjp> michaelgugino: could you check if you have connectivity?
16:46:10 <michaelgugino> that error usually means invalid certs.  Invalid certs means outdated ca-certificates package.
16:46:14 <evrardjp> because what I started with nova is definitely not done all over
16:46:16 <michaelgugino> evrardjp: conn to what?
16:46:18 <odyssey4me> we need to know if it's all providers, or some - if it's specific to the platform (trusty/xenial/centos) or not
16:46:31 <evrardjp> +1 odyssey4me
16:46:34 <michaelgugino> looks like it's just xenial atm
16:47:03 <evrardjp> michaelgugino: I meant network connectivity working fine in the container, just to make sure
16:47:20 <evrardjp> I can only track what I can see :p
16:47:34 <odyssey4me> michaelgugino FYI https://github.com/openstack/openstack-ansible-lxc_hosts/blob/master/vars/ubuntu-16.04.yml#L61 is run on the container cache/image and therefore the containers have fully up to date package levels
16:47:43 <michaelgugino> how do I check network connectivity in the container?
16:47:54 <odyssey4me> that's why we had issues when we switched from the ubuntu archive to the rackspace mirror
16:48:23 <odyssey4me> you'll have to implement something in the tasks to output to the console - we have no access into the instances that run the thing
16:48:56 <odyssey4me> troubleshooting this stuff in openstack-ci is a pain... that's why the integrated gate has so much diagnostic information
16:49:34 <michaelgugino> we should run apt-get update before we run apt-get upgrade
16:50:06 <odyssey4me> michaelgugino that's done in line 60
16:50:44 <michaelgugino> I see that now
16:51:24 <michaelgugino> odyssey4me: that's for the lxc_hosts.  The failures seem to be in the containers themselves
16:51:44 <odyssey4me> anyway - the point is that all you have for logs is the console, so to diagnose issues you have to put a WIP patch in which gives you the info you want on the console, then wait for the job to run
16:51:49 <evrardjp> should we continue this outside the meeting?
16:52:02 <michaelgugino> sure
16:52:11 <odyssey4me> michaelgugino yep, I was just trying to tell you that the containers are up to date when they're built
16:52:30 <odyssey4me> ok, we can continue in the channel
16:52:41 <odyssey4me> #topic Open Discussion
16:52:43 <odyssey4me> We have 5 mins available for general discussion
16:52:54 <odyssey4me> Does anyone want to raise something specific?
16:52:58 <errr> I have a question that fits here
16:53:03 <errr> I made a blueprint for cloudkitty: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/openstack-ansible/+spec/role-cloudkitty
16:53:12 <errr> and Im wondering how to proceed
16:53:37 <errr> I had to make changes to os_horizon and added a playbook to osa so I wasnt sure what to do with all this..
16:54:14 <evrardjp> do you have a role we can already check?
16:54:18 <errr> yes
16:54:23 <evrardjp> good start :D
16:54:40 <logan-> Posted in the channel yesterday but easy to miss in the scrollback.. here's updated task/gate profiling: https://gist.github.com/Logan2211/6e3160c7d28d3886ba9d212c780e1918
16:54:46 <errr> https://github.com/michaelrice/openstack-ansible-os_cloudkitty
16:55:12 <odyssey4me> errr if you're ready to import then let me know and I'll request the import, then we can work on it from there
16:55:36 <errr> odyssey4me: Im ready to import
16:55:42 <odyssey4me> errr with regards to edits on other roles, I'd suggest that you temporarily note them or include shortcut things for them in an 'extras' folder
16:56:14 <errr> odyssey4me: Im not sure I understand what you mean by that
16:56:14 <odyssey4me> you can see an example here: https://github.com/flaviodsr/os_sahara/
16:56:18 <errr> ah ok
16:56:49 <odyssey4me> from there we can setup the tests, then work towards patching things into the other roles and the integrated repo
16:56:50 <flaviodsr> about it odyssey4me any news on the sahara import?
16:57:01 <odyssey4me> I'll put in the request for the import
16:57:14 <odyssey4me> flaviodsr https://review.openstack.org/317931
16:57:28 <evrardjp> thanks logan- :D
16:57:39 <flaviodsr> good thanks odyssey4me!
16:57:40 <prometheanfire> I guess I'll just update and say that working to add a distro to nodepool is not fun and takes forever
16:57:43 <odyssey4me> thanks logan- I haven't had a chance to look at it yet
16:58:28 <logan-> yep np
16:58:34 <odyssey4me> flaviodsr I'll add a request to also have a core team for the sahara role and include you there, because you know how it works.
16:58:38 <evrardjp> repo as usual :D
16:58:43 <odyssey4me> errr I'll do the same for the cloudkitty role.
16:59:11 <errr> ok thanks
16:59:12 <flaviodsr> ok odyssey4me, I am about to finish the install-guide entry
16:59:19 <odyssey4me> We're out of time, so any further discussion can happen in #openstack-ansible.
16:59:39 <odyssey4me> Thanks all for your time and continued contributions!
16:59:39 <odyssey4me> #endmeeting