16:00:00 <mhayden> #startmeeting OpenStack-Ansible
16:00:02 <evrardjp> hey
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16:00:14 * mhayden woots
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16:00:26 <michaelgugino> hi
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16:01:11 <mhayden> #topic Roll Call
16:01:22 <csmart> \o
16:01:27 <mattt> \o
16:01:36 <mhayden> so i have a meeting that i need to attend in about 20 minutes -- could someone chair the meeting after i go
16:02:15 <asettle> o/
16:02:47 <evrardjp> o?
16:02:55 <stevelle> ?o?
16:03:03 <odyssey4me> o/
16:03:26 <odyssey4me> mhayden if no-one else is keen, I'll happily take over
16:03:34 <mhayden> odyssey4me: alrighty, thanks
16:03:38 <mhayden> #chair mhayden odyssey4me
16:03:40 <openstack> Current chairs: mhayden odyssey4me
16:03:57 <jmccrory> o/
16:04:43 <evrardjp> thanks odyssey4me to take this :)
16:04:56 <mhayden> okay, let's get underway
16:05:07 <mhayden> #topc Action items from last week
16:05:16 <mhayden> #topic Action items from last week
16:05:27 <mhayden> actually, it seems there are none now that i look at the correct meeting summary :P
16:05:38 <mhayden> great success
16:05:53 <asettle> hahahah
16:05:57 <evrardjp> woot
16:05:57 <mhayden> #topic Newton RC1 release
16:06:23 <mhayden> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/osa-newton-rc1
16:06:51 <mhayden> anything on this one odyssey4me ?
16:07:22 <odyssey4me> not really - just keep on trucking
16:07:34 <odyssey4me> please keep focus on doing test builds, finding bugs and squashing them
16:08:11 <mhayden> sounds good
16:08:30 <mhayden> #topic Release planning and decisions
16:08:36 <andymccr> i have a few test include prs going up btw - so reviews are appreciated :D
16:08:50 <andymccr> (more inc soon)
16:09:01 <mhayden> i have a couple of critical fixes merged and pending for the security role for liberty/mitaka
16:09:13 <evrardjp> andymccr: as usual don't hesitate to ping me for reviews
16:09:27 <odyssey4me> mhayden can you highlight them?
16:09:33 <mhayden> odyssey4me: sure -- just a moment
16:09:45 <mhayden> https://review.openstack.org/366203 <-- disabling martian logging (merged)
16:09:59 <mhayden> https://review.openstack.org/366829 <-- disable DAC auditing (awaiting reviews)
16:10:15 <mhayden> martian logging has merged in liberty/mitaka already
16:10:22 <mhayden> but DAC auditing is only in master right now
16:11:16 <stevelle> I am trying to sort out an issue with the gnocchi role using swift for storage still: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:filter-gnocchi-project -- If these changes can be included we won't need to add lots of docs notes about making swift storage for gnocchi usable.
16:11:41 <mhayden> that's it for topics -- i'll open the floor
16:11:44 <mhayden> #topic Open floor
16:12:01 <stevelle> sorry, was early on my comment. :)
16:12:30 <odyssey4me> stevelle the dep chain seems to all stand on the one patch which you have WIP
16:12:56 <stevelle> odyssey4me: actually https://review.openstack.org/#/c/366279/ is next in the chain.
16:13:22 <odyssey4me> stevelle that deps on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/366278/
16:13:59 <stevelle> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/366932 is the only thing that depends on the one which is WIP
16:14:52 <odyssey4me> ok, my bad - I was a little confused earlier
16:14:57 <stevelle> the chain isn't obvious but https://review.openstack.org/#/c/366930/ has no deps
16:18:11 <odyssey4me> stevelle so gnocchi needs swift, and swift needs gnocchi
16:18:16 <odyssey4me> fun and games
16:18:37 <stevelle> odyssey4me: that is true if the operator chooses to use swift for storage of gnocchi data
16:18:50 <stevelle> ceph comes with no such requirement
16:20:52 <stevelle> 366930 and 366931 unravel that by allowing the gnocchi playbook to run in a special lifecycle mode vaguely similar to what we use for galera and rabbit bootstrapping.
16:21:12 <mhayden> odyssey4me: leaving now -- thanks for the assist
16:21:23 <csmart> mhayden: 366829 disable DAC auditing looks good to me; should be pretty safe, especially as these are variables - any ideas on how you'd like that tested?
16:21:23 <stevelle> this mode causes the role to only create keystone entities and then stop
16:22:04 <odyssey4me> csmart it's already tested in the gate - you can just check the logs
16:22:10 <csmart> odyssey4me: kk
16:22:22 <odyssey4me> stevelle yeah, those LGTM
16:23:36 <stevelle> I am working on testing an update for the WIP patch to make linting and run behavior happy again but getting eyeballs on the idea is important still at this point.
16:26:54 <odyssey4me> alright, anyone else got anything?
16:27:56 <odyssey4me> alright, I guess that means we're done for today
16:27:58 <odyssey4me> thanks all
16:28:03 <odyssey4me> #endmeeting